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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Simon Bean --- Super Urgent

By Anna Von Reitz

I received this message today and am forwarding it on to everyone on my email lists and FB page.  

Essentially, the information shared by Lord James in Parliament about the take over of British military and security services has now been corroborated by British military officials.  

If not stopped, on November 1, 2019, the entire British military will be taken over and placed under the administration of Brussels --- the HQ of Evil responsible for the operations of the Vichy French UN Corp.  

This is the result of "the UK" ---not the Queen, not the United Kingdom and not Great Britain---   signing treaties to this effect some years ago in Lisbon, but as we all know, the "UNITED KINGDOM" is bankrupt and we are the actual Priority Creditors--- not Germany, not Brussels.  

This thus represents a matter of grave concern to the American Government as it attempts to usurp upon our fiscal position and also attempts to allow Secondaries to bring false claims in commerce against the UK "in our names".  

None of these Secondary Creditors have any credible position and are not enabled to speak for us.  That goes double for the IMF.  

We hereby serve and publish Notice to Donald Trump in his Office as President of the United States, that we do not consent to this misrepresentation by Brussels and do not advise nor desire a foreclosure on the British military.  

Once again, the Pope is on the wrong side of the issues, and is attempting to set up another fraud scheme in which the United Nations organization would be used as a storefront covering for the UN Corp, and the Vichy French and Swiss Nazi collaborators responsible for most of this Mess, in much the same way that the Roman Catholic Church has been used and abused as a storefront for these same crooks and flim-flam artists.  . 

It is more than past time that we all woke up and weighed in.  

We have less than a month to save Britain, and though its sins be as scarlet, this is not the fault of the British People and should not be allowed to endanger or compromise their National Security. 


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The Revolving Door

By Anna Von Reitz

In the name of protecting the confessional and granting forgiveness to penitent sinners, the Church has harbored criminals.
As I have said often enough before, there is only One who can grant forgiveness, and as I will say again, in order for forgiveness to happen, our repentance must be sincere.
Repentance must cut to the bone and change our hearts, or we are just as guilty as we ever were --- maybe more so, because those who seek forgiveness without true repentance brand themselves as hypocrites, too.
This lackluster mundane chronic "forgiveness" offered by the corrupted Church leads to a revolving door syndrome.
Week One: "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have had sex with my dog twice this week...." Week Two: "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have had sex with my dog three times this week....." Week Three: "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I had sex with my dog, two donkeys and a really hot cat this week....."
You see what I mean and what this leads to.
The same thing applies to the Church's responsibility under both Ecclesiastical and Canon Law to liquidate corporations that engage in criminal activities. Witness the liquidation of the UNITED STATES, INC.
This took ten years to accomplish, was not properly administered, resulted in rewarding the criminals responsible, and then, these same criminals were allowed to form a new corporation under a new name, and allowed to sail on as if nothing had happened.
The form of justice was somewhat maintained. They went through the motions of a liquidation the same way they go through the motions of repentance and forgiveness ---- but nothing was bettered or altered, no justice was done, and the criminality fostered by this has continued unabated.
Here's another example: "Among those arrested, 36 men were charged with trying to buy sex [from children] and one man was arrested for promoting [child] prostitution. Forty-three women were arrested for selling sex — they were connected with social services aimed at rehabilitating human trafficking victims,
You notice that last kicker? The women arrested were "connected with social services aimed at rehabilitating human trafficking victims" ---- the traffickers were the ones hired to "rehabilitate" the victims.
Apparently, "rehabilitation" means being abused some more, so that the victims learn to accept it better.
Think about it --- 43 grown women, involved in sex trafficking children. What possible punishment would be appropriate or sufficient for them? Branding a big red "T" in the center of their foreheads?
Many people are surprised when they hear about child sex trafficking in places like Ohio. I selected this story out of many to bring home the point that rural America and rural Canada are the favorite hunting grounds of these depraved criminals.
My Mother, a farm girl from Wisconsin, was attacked when she was only seven years old. It scarred her for life. She carried a gun wherever she went. And if anyone had ever again offered to harm her or one of her children, that person would be dead--- with extreme prejudice. She was connected to an entire group of adult women in Wisconsin who had been abused as children, and they were all the same. They all carried guns. And they were all sworn to use them.
My Mother's brothers were also members of a similar men's group, as a result of her abduction and abuse. They and their friends, mostly WWII buddies, were similarly dedicated to protecting the community's children. If any gang of pedophiles or child traffickers ever came into Jackson County, these people were unceremoniously fed to the catfish. It was "settled law", and that was enough.
Guys who stormed Anzio and the Normandy Beaches didn't give a rat's rump. Anyone --- and I do mean anyone --- who messed with their children, was going to wind up on the short end of a long stump.
As a result, nobody had to lock the doors of their houses. Nobody had to worry about locking their cars. We kids played wherever we wanted to play, carefree as the daisies in May. We stayed out in the evenings until the streetlights came on and fire flies came out, and nobody ever had to worry, because there were adults deployed all over that county watching us all like hawks. If anyone was caught harming a child, they died, and the Jackson County Coroner signed the Death Certificate "natural causes".
You can't get more natural than a big catfish.
Now, that's the reality of it all and that's what people of a new generation have to face. It's not all sunshine and roses and butterflies. It's not all unicorns and sly snarky jokes and name-brand jeans.
It's not that these same pedophiles and sex traffickers and cannibals didn't exist in my day. It's that they didn't exist for long. They got taken out and down and off the street faster than rabid dogs.
The local policemen, all three of them, didn't do the job of policing our community and protecting our children. A bunch of grim old men and women, teamed up with a few well-fed catfish, did that job. It was "settled law" and they enforced it.
Last time I was home in Wisconsin, it was late summer, a dark and beautiful moonlit night with a yellow full moon riding high in the sky. I stopped and parked my car and listened to the whippoorwills and watched the small ripples on one of the countless lakes. Behind me, across a two-lane asphalt road was a narrow three-story court building, built of grey limestone blocks.
That court building stands mostly empty and unused now, because it belongs to the actual County and the actual People of Wisconsin. It's only when a grey-beard like me comes to town and the Justices of the Peace hold a meeting or when the County Land Surveyor brings in a new record, that it gets used at all.
One could think that there was nobody in a hundred miles. One could easily think that nobody had ever been there since the courthouse was built. It was that quiet.
But I remembered a night fifty years ago, when that same courthouse was anything but quiet.
A 42-year old man from Chicago had been caught red-handed raping a seven year old boy from Hatfield, Wisconsin.
A jury of twelve men heard the facts, heard the law, and delivered their verdict within about an hour. The Justice of the Peace pronounced the sentence. By two o'clock in the morning, everyone was home in bed, the boy was in his Mother's arms, being comforted, and our criminal visitor from Chicago was dead.
They netted and weighted and threw his hanged body into that same lake I was looking at. It was the established and published and settled law of our actual County, and they enforced it.
If Chicago wanted to gripe, they could sit on Lake Michigan and spin.
He was a big, fat, white man and he looked like a dead pig as they lowered him in, wiped their hands, and said a prayer for his immortal soul.
That's the way it was back then, and if the military and the police don't haul rump and get their heads wrapped around what we are facing in this country, it will have to be that way again, because nobody in their right mind is going to put up with having their children grabbed and raped and murdered.
I don't care if you are black, white, purple, LGBT or ET. Doesn't make a bit of difference to me. You're on our turf now. And its our law that matters.
As I started up my car to leave, I saw a shadow detach itself from the pine trees across the parking lot and saw a flash of white smile in the darkness. A Winnebago man from the Ho-Chunka Reservation out fishing for the evening. He was about my age and there was something familiar about him, but I couldn't immediately place who he was.
Ah, the younger brother of one of my classmates.
We greeted each other kindly, respectfully, and passed the time for a couple minutes, then he said, "I remember the way it used to be."
"So do I," I replied.
"We were poor," he said, "but people were honest."
I nodded.
"My own son stole my outboard motor and sold it," he told me, for no apparent reason.
People are forever telling me things they wouldn't tell their Mother.
"Did you get it back?" I asked.
"Yes, the motor I got back, but not my son," he said sadly. "He thinks that money is the important thing, not his Father's respect and love."
He was leaning against my car, looking up at the full moon. I could see the tears rolling down his face, but his voice didn't betray a thing.
What could I say? That our country has been deluded? That the whole world is led astray by con men? So that people value what is not valuable, and throw away everything that matters, even their self-respect?
"I don't think I will ever use that outboard again," he said finally. "I think I'll throw it away somewhere. Dig it a grave."
What could I say? I knew exactly what he meant and why he said it.
We've gained things, but not virtues. We have money, but not love. Whatever pleasure or utility that outboard motor once provided to him, it was nothing compared to what it cost him --- his pride and his trust in his son.
As I pulled away and out onto the road again, I tried to follow his shadow back into the trees, but he vanished back into the forest as abruptly as he came, and I knew that even if I stopped the car and cut the engine and listened hard, I wouldn't hear his moccasin boots on the soft ground covered with pine needles.
It all brought up an unexpected sense of loss. Harsh as it was, our justice was once swift and sure.
Hard as it was, to wear homemade cotton dresses and eat scrapple for breakfast all winter long, and share my portion with the dog so that he could live, too---- hard as it was, it was true. It was built out of our land and our labor, not out of cheating someone else, and not out of stealing, least of all, stealing from our family and our friends.
This, this ugly system of immorality, criminality, and greed is the "superiority" and the "sophistication" of the Europeans --- polite, white collar crime, murder carried out with a pen by clueless bureaucrats ---- and they can have it, too, I thought, as I shoved the old stick shift into third gear.
Predators of children and the elderly and our veterans, too, I thought, as I turned Old Bessie over into fourth gear and rocked on down the road. And they are going to give me a title, Esquire, so that I can work for them? And aspire to be like them?

Ha! They are on my turf now.


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Notice to Pope: Babylon is Fallen, is Fallen

By Anna Von Reitz

Now, fully armed, locked and loaded, with the ---to many people explosive knowledge --- that there are three governments active in this country, and always have been, we must also realize that "President of the United States" refers explicitly to the CEO of the Municipal United States Government.
Anything done by "the United States" that is not specifically a "delegated power" entrusted to it, does not in any way apply to Americans.
So the USMCA Treaty is just about them, not about us ---- however, we need to impress them and everyone else with these facts, so that we are not presumed to agree with nor to condone the USMCA Treaty as anything undertaken for us and certainly nothing we are taking responsibility for, either.
We consider it nothing but a gross extension of criminality and fraud, destined for destruction.
The reason that the "Federal Reserve" has ever been considered "legal" is that it is a religious institution.
Yes, you heard that right.
In order to make their scheme work, the Federal Reservists -- members of a pagan religious order protected under the Roman Pontificate --- asserted their right to contract and their right to religious freedom.
They thereupon created the "reserve" defined as their blood and bodies, put a price upon these precious resources and upon their labor and upon all their interest in private and public property ---- and donated it all to their religious institution --- The Federal Reserve.
They also trademarked and created the "Federal Reserve System", which they bankrupted in 2009, ending any pretense that they would be responsible for their debts, including the "Federal Reserve Notes" that their Federal Reserve System issued as Promissory Notes from 1913 to 2009.
Since then, we've all been passing their vacated debts around as if there was anything at all backing them, and as if there was any hope of them ever being honored by the banks issuing them.
But, you say, ----I am not a member of this weird religion! I never even heard of it before! I most certainly never "pledged" my blood and body, my labor, my private property, my public lands, my children, or anything else to the Federal Reserve....
But guess, what?
By a process of deceit and purposeful non-disclosure and even physical duress and coercion, they got your Mother to "donate" your name to them when you were only a few days old.
This resulted in an "Unconscionable Contract" --- literally a contract that you were never aware of, and could not be aware of, being established "in your name" and granting your body and blood, your labor, your private property, your interest in the public property of this nation, your children, your marriage, and everything else including the copyright and trademark of your Given Name --- to the perpetrators of this Gross Fraud Scheme and Breach of Trust.
We are in the process of repudiating all such Presumptions, one by one, as millions of Americans return to and claim their birthright political status and deny any such obligation or religious connection.
Meantime, those who actually, knowingly, and willfully engaged in this grotesque self-immolation and religious idolatry, have continued on and retained their character as "citizens of the United States" ---- the Pope's Municipal Government.
That failed theocracy, which is not Christian, and which worships Mammon, is now ducking and running and collaborating with its sister organization, the International Monetary Fund, which is the bank behind the criminal UN Corp founded during the Second World War by Vichy French and Swiss Nazi Collaborators.
They propose to replace "UNITED STATES DOLLARS" with "SPECIAL DRAWING RIGHTS" also known as "SDR"s, all predicated on the idea that they have obtained some legitimate commercial right to "draw upon" ---- like vampires --- your blood, your body, your DNA, your private property, your public property, your progeny and your labor ---- all functioning as collateral backing for all their debts.
Shall we all stand up right now and tell President Trump and all the Politicos that we never accepted any such contract? Are not members of this religious cult? And neither were any of our ancestors?
Shall we tell the Federal Reserve and the IMF and the Pope and the perpetrators of this horrific enslavement scheme to Go to Hell?
Shall we demand the return of all right, title, and interest, all patents, and all labor resources that they have fraudulently conveyed and assumed an "ownership interest" in?
And shall we make sure that President Trump knows of our objections to his signature permitting "the" United States to participate in the IMF/UN Corp scheme "in our names"----- all based upon the Presumption of our "donation" of ourselves to their god, Mammon?
Yes, I think it is most appropriate, and I think that it is necessary for all Roman Catholics to come squarely to terms with what has been done "in their names" too.
Worship of Mammon is idolatry. Worship of Ashtoreth -- aka, "The Statue of Liberty" is blasphemy and is worship of "The Great Abomination", which is indeed standing "where it should not stand".
Worship of Nimrod-Satan-Poseidon is worship of a False God, known appropriately, as "The Father of All Lies". His emblem, the snake, is prominently displayed as an integral part of the Pope's Auditorium design, and also entwines itself around the Pope's throne in the Auditorium Chamber.
Roman Catholics, this cult is what has been using your Church as a storefront for generations, just as it has been using our country as a storefront, and just as it proposes to use the United Nations organization as a storefront for global enslavement of mind, body, and soul.
This is what we are all up against, and it must be destroyed, from within and from without.
Mr. Trump has made the error of agreeing to let "the" United States participate in the IMF/UN Corp scheme. Perhaps he has been swayed by their arguments of freedom to contract and freedom of religion --- without looking deeper and fully understanding that criminality cannot be excused as a "religion".
Before we all start bashing in skulls and slitting throats and chasing down Catholic priests and dismembering them in the streets and hanging nuns like grotesque black and white Christmas ornaments---- which is merely our Public Law and the Geneva Conventions for dealing with capital level felons ---- we need to take pause.
Most of these people had no clue what their church was getting into, just as most Americans had no idea what was being alleged and falsified about them and their country, either.
This evil cannot stand the light of day, and its intention, to enslave and suck dry the people of the entire world under the same False Presumption of contract ----can't either.
Pope Francis needs to deeply consider not only his own future, but the future of the Roman Catholic Church under his direction, and the likely outcome of continuing this drive to attain world domination via fraud and coercion "in the name of" Jesus, or 'in the name of" The United States, or "in the name of" the United Nations, either.
If he and his pagan cohorts want to do all this evil, they can attempt it without any reference to us and without any pretense of representing us.
The rest of us must confront the fact that none of this has anything to do with Jesus. Quite the opposite. It has to do with "cells" of Satanists embedded within the Church, within the "US" Municipal Government, within our military, and within many governments worldwide.
This is an ancient, venal, fecund evil which has been repeatedly suppressed ever since it first arose and led to the downfall of Ancient Babylon. It's time to not only suppress it, but to utterly destroy it.
If anyone is so mentally disturbed or stupid as to support a "religion" based on crime against oneself and one's fellow man, a "religion" that promotes the destruction of mankind and of all moral fiber, a "religion" that advocates worship of idols including Molloch and Mammon and Baal, a "religion" that practices infanticide, pedophilia, and cannibalism ---- then let them go to a mental hospital, where they belong.
As for the rest of us, it's time to stand up and put Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic Church in the cross-hairs and keep them there until they curl up and purge themselves of this Great Evil, and ditto-ditto the "Federal Reserve", the "IMF", the "UN Corp", the United Nations organization, the bankers en masse, and anyone, anywhere who dares to support their agenda.
Mr. Trump, kindly withdraw from the USMCA Treaty, and put these arrogant criminals back in their places --- a very dark box where they all belong. Do not venture to further sully our names with these acts and practices.
We'll put the two hundred or so Americans who knowingly, willingly, supported this to death in effigy, as the original perpetrators are all physically dead. We will provide safe mental institutions for those who are intractably and incurably addicted to these practices and delusions.
We will happily liquidate their corporations and put an end to this macabre bid for world domination using the Roman Catholic Church, our country, and the United Nations organization as storefronts for this profound Evil.
We will restructure the banks and the credit system--- which is actually an easy, quick thing to do --- and get the world back on track with no further adieu.
And everyone kindly remember that none of this has anything to do with America or Americans in general. The epicenter of this evil and this fraud lies with the Pope's Municipal United States Government----- "the" United States, not The United States.
It remains for the Roman Catholics and the United Nations organization members to do the same thing for themselves ---they need to declare their repudiation of all these fraudulent claims and falsified documents being held against innocent people worldwide.

They need to "come out of Babylon" or suffer Babylon's fate.


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Again, About the Arbitration by Phil Hudok and Others

By Anna Von Reitz

The following is a snippet from a conversation with one of those advocating and all excited about Phil Hudok's Arbitration.  It starts abruptly by answering the notion that the Queen or I or anyone else has the ability to determine someone else's political status.... 

Pardon me, but neither I nor the Queen have a word to say about your political status choices.   

You [those advocating Hudok's solution] are the ones claiming to be subjects of the Queen by continuing to (1) espouse "US Citizenship" without declaring which "US" you belong to; (2) by standing voluntarily under the King's Law, and (3) by accepting the relief offered by his courts (as in "welfare relief").  

By these acts, you voluntarily subject yourself to the King (or Queen), and you look ridiculous if you then claim otherwise. 

What you and others, too,  fail to comprehend ---even though I place it before you almost daily---- is that there are multiple governments at work here in America.  Not just one.   

The American Government of, for, and by the people does exist, but so does the Queen's British Territorial Government, and the Pope's Municipal Government.    All three.  

That circumstance, of having three different governments actively employed here at the Federal level,  is the result of the "Power Sharing Agreements" that are in front of your faces--- The Definitive Treaty of Paris, 1783, the implementing Constitutions, and if you were to dig further, you would find the related Treaties of Versailles and of Westminster dating 1778-1784.   

Each one of these separate governments --- American, British Territorial, and Papal --- has specific jobs to do by contractual agreement.  In performing those jobs, the subcontractors exercise our own "Delegated Powers" and operate "in our names".  This adds to the confusion.

So here you are, claiming the leniency and mercy of the King on one hand, championing his law and subjecting yourself to it, and on the other hand, claiming to be an American Patriot.   Pardon me, again, but I am not the one who is confused.   

You can be counted as an American, and claim your birthright as a State National, or you can go a step further and claim to be a State Citizen.  See the Definitions in 8 USC 1101 (a) 21 and 8 USC 1101 (a) 22 (B).  

You can also voluntarily choose to be considered a British Territorial United States Citizen (which is what you and Phil Hudok are doing, whether you realize it or not) or, you can choose to act as a Papal Municipal "citizen of the United States".  These citizenship statuses were created by the Constitutions implementing The Definitive Treaty of Paris 1783 --- Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2, and Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3.   

Both these foreign citizenship statuses cited directly above, were created by the Constitutions and without the Constitutions, they cease to exist.  

This is why preserving the Constitutions is of primal importance to all those who claim their political status based upon the Constitutions.  

We, Americans, don't base our nationality nor our citizenship status on the Constitutions.  Our political status pre-dates the Constitutions by a decade. 

So, if you want to style yourself as a British Territorial Citizen and wish to subject yourself to the Queen, who am I to criticize or say differently?  The Constitutions give you that right, just as they preserve my rights and guarantees.  


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Remembering Where We Are In Time

By Anna Von Reitz

Today was memorable for many reasons, not the least of which was an extraordinary conversation I had with a man who actually thought that The Treaty of Paris, 1783, was the Founding Document of our country.  

I had to tell him that no, The Treaty of Paris, 1783, is not our Founding Document. 

Our Founding Document is The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, published in July of 1776.  

The Treaty of Paris barely mentions us for the same reason that the Constitutions barely mention us.  

Neither the Treaty of Paris nor the Constitutions are about us -- they are instead Power Sharing Agreements between European Principals, sorting out what they will do and what their responsibilities are going forward.  

Look at this circumstance again--- there are four separate entities operating under confusingly similar names. 

The United States --- the proper name of our soil jurisdiction states acting as a Union of republican States. 

"the" United States -- the name of the Pope's Municipal United States Government.  

The United States of America -- the proper name of our land jurisdiction unincorporated Federation of States.  

"the" United States of America -- the name of the British Territorial United States of America.  

As you read The Treaty of Paris, 1783, you will note that the bulk of whole thing is about "the United States" --- that is, the Pope's Municipal Government, and "the United States of America" --- that is, the British Territorial United States. 

Both these entities were to receive specific "Delegated Powers" from us as a result of the peace treaty;  they were to exercise these delegated powers for us and in our behalf, so they were both allowed to operate "under our names". 

So, from 1783 onward, when you see references to "the United States" you have to read the context of the document in these early years to know whether they are talking about The United States or "the" United States.  

Past about 1790 when all this got consolidated, you can reliably assume that any reference to The United States is about our soil jurisdiction Union of republican states, and any reference to "the" United States is about the Pope's Municipal United States Government. 

The same process applies to the use of The United States of America. When you see it presented as The United States of America without the word "Incorporated" you may assume that our Federation of States is being discussed unless there is a specific agreement otherwise defined by the text.  When you see "the" United States of America it refers to the British Territorial United States Government.  

The Treaty of Paris of 1783 set up and defined what was being agreed to between the British King and the Pope, and who was responsible for what in the new Power Sharing Agreement coming into effect; the Constitutions then implemented these agreements.    

From 1781 to 1787, our own States of America Confederation provided all the Services and exercised all the Delegated Powers.  

After the original Constitution was adopted in 1787, specific "powers" that had been exercised by the States of America, were split off and exercised by the British Monarch and the Pope, instead.  

The States of America continued to exist and function as our American Federal Service Provider until 1860, when the Civil War resulted in splitting the original Confederacy in half --- what remained were the Northern members of the States of America, and the Southern members now functioning as the Confederate States of America.  

See the similar names now?  

The bunko artists have tried to obscure these facts and prevent them from coming to public knowledge, but praise God, we now know.  

When the Constitution of 1787 was adopted, the State of America confederacy lost many vital powers which it had hitherto exercised for us; it was obliged to turn these enumerated powers over to the British King of the Commonwealth (King John's heirs) and the Municipal Government of the Pope, respectively, according to the agreements reached as part of The Treaty of Paris, 1783. 

The States of America continued to function in this lessened capacity until 1860, and was never reconstructed after the so-called American Civil War, mainly because the two foreign subcontractors secretively usurped upon their employers--- the American States and People and our unincorporated Federation of States, dba, The United States of America. 

So the States of America has been awaiting "Reconstruction" all these years, and generations of clueless Americans have been left unaware that this job has yet to be done.  

It is important to understand that our Government "of the people, for the people, and by the people' is a living government operating in an independent and sovereign capacity.  It is summoned into being when necessity demands, and it is being summoned now to assemble the State Citizens who are the "People" who are Party to the Constitutions and who are enabled to enforce them. 

Thanks to General Ignorance and various actions undertaken by our Federal Subcontractors in Breach of Trust  we have had a long journey home and have been forced to remember exactly how we got here and who we are.  


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Why No Excitement Here Over Arbitration Awards

By Anna Von Reitz

In a word, I am not excited about Arbitration Awards as a means of relief because I am not British.  

I don't stand under the King's Law.  

I am not a British Territorial United States Citizen.  

So why would I get all excited about the Brits getting relief from their own courts?  Why would I even comment on this? 

Phil Hudok and all the other people pursuing these arbitration awards are U.S. Citizens, complaining about Municipal Citizens.  

So, whoopee-ding-dong.  There's nothing new here.  

The Brits have been claiming against the Municipal CITIZENS since the Civil War, and awarding themselves whatever they want to award themselves under the False Presumption that everyone in this country is a Municipal Citizen and fair game for their predatory actions. 

The Brits claim against the Municipal Citizens and the Municipal Citizens go along with this, because both sides are colluding to involve us in their cold mercenary war, and defraud us of our rights and property under False Pretenses. The Brits are motivated by desire to access our credit and resources.  The Municipals are motivated by desire to force us to pay their war reparations debts. 

Both ends against the middle. 

The whole take home message for you as an American is that you are NOT a British Territorial U.S. Citizen nor are you a Papist Municipal Citizen, either. 

Neither one.      

Repeat after me---- unless you actually are a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, these Arbitration Awards pursued under the King's Law, have nothing to do with you--- and if you claim to be a British Territorial U.S. Citizen because you think that this is the way to get justice out of the System, guess what?   

You automatically give up your freedoms, your claims to the land, and your political status as an American.  You give up your birthright for a bowl of porridge, dishonor the men who fought the Revolutionary War, and settle for whatever fiat restitution you can get. 

The Queen will be glad to promote these Arbitration Awards, because printing paper money is a cheap way to dispense with your claim to be an American State National, someone owed all your Natural and Unalienable rights, owed the land and its resources, and owed the Good Faith Service of the Queen.   

The Arbitration Awards are another squabble between Brits and Municipal Citizens --- our two foreign Subcontractors --- and not something for Americans at all, so long as you have sense enough to declare your status as Americans.  

The whole point of reclaiming one's political status is to be free of any foreign feudal system of government.  That is why we fought The War of Independence.   

So why would I, an avowed American State Citizen, ever go back and "plead" for justice from a British Monarch?  I would have to admit to being a British Subject to do that, and so would you.  

That is what Phil Hudok has done, for whatever reasons. 

It isn't my place to comment on his choices.  Tories have always lived here among us.  Killing them just because they are British-sympathizers and willing to bend their knees to the Queen and be considered paupers in their own country---- doesn't make sense to me.  

They may be poor desperate ignorant people who really believe that Monarchy is a good form of government and that Feudalism is a desirable social system.  

I have recently heard grown women propose to eat babies as a means to stop the Earth from wobbling on its axis.  Compared to that, Phil Hudok's deal with the Queen seems pale by comparison. 

As for me, the British Monarch admittedly owes me justice already, with no concessions owed on my part, and now it's just a matter of skewering the Queen and the Pope on the prongs of worldwide public opinion to make sure that justice is served.  


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