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Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Revolving Door

By Anna Von Reitz

In the name of protecting the confessional and granting forgiveness to penitent sinners, the Church has harbored criminals.
As I have said often enough before, there is only One who can grant forgiveness, and as I will say again, in order for forgiveness to happen, our repentance must be sincere.
Repentance must cut to the bone and change our hearts, or we are just as guilty as we ever were --- maybe more so, because those who seek forgiveness without true repentance brand themselves as hypocrites, too.
This lackluster mundane chronic "forgiveness" offered by the corrupted Church leads to a revolving door syndrome.
Week One: "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have had sex with my dog twice this week...." Week Two: "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have had sex with my dog three times this week....." Week Three: "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I had sex with my dog, two donkeys and a really hot cat this week....."
You see what I mean and what this leads to.
The same thing applies to the Church's responsibility under both Ecclesiastical and Canon Law to liquidate corporations that engage in criminal activities. Witness the liquidation of the UNITED STATES, INC.
This took ten years to accomplish, was not properly administered, resulted in rewarding the criminals responsible, and then, these same criminals were allowed to form a new corporation under a new name, and allowed to sail on as if nothing had happened.
The form of justice was somewhat maintained. They went through the motions of a liquidation the same way they go through the motions of repentance and forgiveness ---- but nothing was bettered or altered, no justice was done, and the criminality fostered by this has continued unabated.
Here's another example: "Among those arrested, 36 men were charged with trying to buy sex [from children] and one man was arrested for promoting [child] prostitution. Forty-three women were arrested for selling sex — they were connected with social services aimed at rehabilitating human trafficking victims,
You notice that last kicker? The women arrested were "connected with social services aimed at rehabilitating human trafficking victims" ---- the traffickers were the ones hired to "rehabilitate" the victims.
Apparently, "rehabilitation" means being abused some more, so that the victims learn to accept it better.
Think about it --- 43 grown women, involved in sex trafficking children. What possible punishment would be appropriate or sufficient for them? Branding a big red "T" in the center of their foreheads?
Many people are surprised when they hear about child sex trafficking in places like Ohio. I selected this story out of many to bring home the point that rural America and rural Canada are the favorite hunting grounds of these depraved criminals.
My Mother, a farm girl from Wisconsin, was attacked when she was only seven years old. It scarred her for life. She carried a gun wherever she went. And if anyone had ever again offered to harm her or one of her children, that person would be dead--- with extreme prejudice. She was connected to an entire group of adult women in Wisconsin who had been abused as children, and they were all the same. They all carried guns. And they were all sworn to use them.
My Mother's brothers were also members of a similar men's group, as a result of her abduction and abuse. They and their friends, mostly WWII buddies, were similarly dedicated to protecting the community's children. If any gang of pedophiles or child traffickers ever came into Jackson County, these people were unceremoniously fed to the catfish. It was "settled law", and that was enough.
Guys who stormed Anzio and the Normandy Beaches didn't give a rat's rump. Anyone --- and I do mean anyone --- who messed with their children, was going to wind up on the short end of a long stump.
As a result, nobody had to lock the doors of their houses. Nobody had to worry about locking their cars. We kids played wherever we wanted to play, carefree as the daisies in May. We stayed out in the evenings until the streetlights came on and fire flies came out, and nobody ever had to worry, because there were adults deployed all over that county watching us all like hawks. If anyone was caught harming a child, they died, and the Jackson County Coroner signed the Death Certificate "natural causes".
You can't get more natural than a big catfish.
Now, that's the reality of it all and that's what people of a new generation have to face. It's not all sunshine and roses and butterflies. It's not all unicorns and sly snarky jokes and name-brand jeans.
It's not that these same pedophiles and sex traffickers and cannibals didn't exist in my day. It's that they didn't exist for long. They got taken out and down and off the street faster than rabid dogs.
The local policemen, all three of them, didn't do the job of policing our community and protecting our children. A bunch of grim old men and women, teamed up with a few well-fed catfish, did that job. It was "settled law" and they enforced it.
Last time I was home in Wisconsin, it was late summer, a dark and beautiful moonlit night with a yellow full moon riding high in the sky. I stopped and parked my car and listened to the whippoorwills and watched the small ripples on one of the countless lakes. Behind me, across a two-lane asphalt road was a narrow three-story court building, built of grey limestone blocks.
That court building stands mostly empty and unused now, because it belongs to the actual County and the actual People of Wisconsin. It's only when a grey-beard like me comes to town and the Justices of the Peace hold a meeting or when the County Land Surveyor brings in a new record, that it gets used at all.
One could think that there was nobody in a hundred miles. One could easily think that nobody had ever been there since the courthouse was built. It was that quiet.
But I remembered a night fifty years ago, when that same courthouse was anything but quiet.
A 42-year old man from Chicago had been caught red-handed raping a seven year old boy from Hatfield, Wisconsin.
A jury of twelve men heard the facts, heard the law, and delivered their verdict within about an hour. The Justice of the Peace pronounced the sentence. By two o'clock in the morning, everyone was home in bed, the boy was in his Mother's arms, being comforted, and our criminal visitor from Chicago was dead.
They netted and weighted and threw his hanged body into that same lake I was looking at. It was the established and published and settled law of our actual County, and they enforced it.
If Chicago wanted to gripe, they could sit on Lake Michigan and spin.
He was a big, fat, white man and he looked like a dead pig as they lowered him in, wiped their hands, and said a prayer for his immortal soul.
That's the way it was back then, and if the military and the police don't haul rump and get their heads wrapped around what we are facing in this country, it will have to be that way again, because nobody in their right mind is going to put up with having their children grabbed and raped and murdered.
I don't care if you are black, white, purple, LGBT or ET. Doesn't make a bit of difference to me. You're on our turf now. And its our law that matters.
As I started up my car to leave, I saw a shadow detach itself from the pine trees across the parking lot and saw a flash of white smile in the darkness. A Winnebago man from the Ho-Chunka Reservation out fishing for the evening. He was about my age and there was something familiar about him, but I couldn't immediately place who he was.
Ah, the younger brother of one of my classmates.
We greeted each other kindly, respectfully, and passed the time for a couple minutes, then he said, "I remember the way it used to be."
"So do I," I replied.
"We were poor," he said, "but people were honest."
I nodded.
"My own son stole my outboard motor and sold it," he told me, for no apparent reason.
People are forever telling me things they wouldn't tell their Mother.
"Did you get it back?" I asked.
"Yes, the motor I got back, but not my son," he said sadly. "He thinks that money is the important thing, not his Father's respect and love."
He was leaning against my car, looking up at the full moon. I could see the tears rolling down his face, but his voice didn't betray a thing.
What could I say? That our country has been deluded? That the whole world is led astray by con men? So that people value what is not valuable, and throw away everything that matters, even their self-respect?
"I don't think I will ever use that outboard again," he said finally. "I think I'll throw it away somewhere. Dig it a grave."
What could I say? I knew exactly what he meant and why he said it.
We've gained things, but not virtues. We have money, but not love. Whatever pleasure or utility that outboard motor once provided to him, it was nothing compared to what it cost him --- his pride and his trust in his son.
As I pulled away and out onto the road again, I tried to follow his shadow back into the trees, but he vanished back into the forest as abruptly as he came, and I knew that even if I stopped the car and cut the engine and listened hard, I wouldn't hear his moccasin boots on the soft ground covered with pine needles.
It all brought up an unexpected sense of loss. Harsh as it was, our justice was once swift and sure.
Hard as it was, to wear homemade cotton dresses and eat scrapple for breakfast all winter long, and share my portion with the dog so that he could live, too---- hard as it was, it was true. It was built out of our land and our labor, not out of cheating someone else, and not out of stealing, least of all, stealing from our family and our friends.
This, this ugly system of immorality, criminality, and greed is the "superiority" and the "sophistication" of the Europeans --- polite, white collar crime, murder carried out with a pen by clueless bureaucrats ---- and they can have it, too, I thought, as I shoved the old stick shift into third gear.
Predators of children and the elderly and our veterans, too, I thought, as I turned Old Bessie over into fourth gear and rocked on down the road. And they are going to give me a title, Esquire, so that I can work for them? And aspire to be like them?

Ha! They are on my turf now.


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  1. “Pope” Francis and the Traitors. All roads lead to Rome, Vatican and the Jesuits. Vatican, Wexner, Epstein, and others link:

    Greg Rubini‏ @GregRubini
    Who is the most devout Communist? John Brennan. even voted for a Communist Party presidential candidate, named Gus Hall.
    Wow! You have any info on Joseph Mifsud/Vatican connection?

    William Barr and John Durham were in Italy last week. Coincidence?

    Mifsud taught at Link Campus University in Rome, whose lecturers and professors include senior Western diplomats and intelligence officials from a number of NATO countries, especially Italy and the United Kingdom.
    Vincenzo Scotti, Founder/Dean of that (spy) University - Link Campus University in Rome

    Joseph Mifsud was not just a Brennan CIA asset, but also a Vatican asset (a Vatican spy) so: I would rather NOT partner with the Vatican. (which is as corrupt and satanist as the Democrats)

    2. then check which University John Brennan attended.(Fordham University – Jesuit affiliated)

    3. then check which University Peter Strzok attended (Georgetown University – Jesuit affiliated)

    Peter Strzok's uncle, (Strzok’s uncle was a Jesuit Priest)
    4.check which affiliation Bergoglio (aka 'Pope Francis') (Jesuit)

    5. then stir for 2 minutes and Connect the Dots...(and I could go on and on...)
    All roads do lead to Rome-Vatican - Pope Francis -The Jesuits
    Silence Dogood, MBA

    1/UNBELIEVABLE thread. Connects the Vatican to the Mellons to the Wexners (Epstein). Mellons connect to Heinz family. Heinz uses Rosemont Capital. Rosemont Seneca partners is run by Biden & Archer (Kerry/Heinz). Connects to Bulgers. Selling out America. Highest levels of Treason.

    2/ The Vatican receives money from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Mellon Family. The "Mellon Project" at the Vatican Library was the result of one of these donations.

    The Mellon Foundation also donates to the Wexner Center created by Les Wexner
    3/ Les Wexner of course is connected to Jeffery Epstein.

    Now the Mellon Foundation was formed by the Mellon Family in honor of Andrew W. Mellon. Other companies connected to the family are Alcoa, Gulf Oil, Westinghouse, Rockwell, and most importantly: HEINZ.

    4/ Heinz was created & prospered under the guidance and finances of the Mellon Family.

    Heinz uses Rosemont Capital as an investment vehicle for the family.

    Rosemont Capital has a sub called Rosemont Seneca Partners-current news, notoriously formed by Hunter Biden & Devon Archer.

    5/ Little do people know, #3 founding partner is a firm called Thornston Group, run by James Bulger, the nephew of notorious Boston gangster "Whitey" Bulger. Whitey Bulger's brother William Bulger was a member of the Mass State Senate, & a profound political ally of John Kerry.

    6/ The same John Kerry who married into the Heinz Family, the same Heinz family who happen to own Rosemont Capital & participate in Rosemont Seneca Partners with Biden, Archer, & Bulger.

    So there you have it. Ukraine-Epstein-Vatican all through the Mellon, Wexner, & Heinz's.

    7/ Now all these traitors went on to sell off US strategic assets through their Joint venture with the CHINESE GOVERNMENT in Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). BHR went on to partner with Aviation Industry Corporation of China, a Chinese Government owned company, to purchase......

    8/ Henniges Automotive which is the primary producer of engine vibration dampening strategic assets, RESTRICTED UNDER NATIONAL SECURITY. The only way the Chinese could buyout this auto firm was to get approved by the US administration in office, the Obamas.

    America is for sale no more.
    Trust the Plan.
    Enjoy the Show.

    1. dig it, Ready! good stuff. Adding: The so-called WHITE killer of Dayton Ohio, Conner Betts's mom, associated w Minethurn Technology, associated w DARPA & she works for Les Wexner as assistant store manager for his Bath & Bodyworks. Les Wexner was born in Dayton Ohio, 1937, to Russian JEW migrants, so a 1st born generation JEW achieves so very much is just amazing.
      Most know a ‘Connor Betts’, is said died in 2014 & both the Conner’s look alike & a sister named Megan,.
      Connor Betts also kills his sister Megan Betts in Dayton Ohio. ??
      Connor Betts, said White supremacist, is NOT WHITE, HE IS A JEW.
      Patrick Crusius, El Paso shooter, said White supremacists is NOT WHITE, HE IS A JEW.
      James Alex Fields, Charlottesville killer, said White supremacists is NOT WHITE, HE IS A JEW.

      Les Wexner Bio, Net Worth, House, Age, Height, Wiki, Married ... Currently, Wex owns brands like Victoria's Secret, Pink, Bath & Body Works, Henri Bendel, The White Bandle company, and La Senza. His other companies are Lane Bryant , Abercrombie & Fitch , Lerner New York , The Limited Too , Structure 9 , and Aura Science .
      Victoria's Secret parent company CEO designed Ohio town ... Les Wexner is the CEO of L Brands, the company behind Victoria's Secret and Pink. L Brands' headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio. Wexner and his wife, Abigail, are powerful forces in the state.

    2. Patrick Crusius: "El Paso Shooter's Father Was a Therapist Tied to John of God" 27min

      Here Stramer evidences : One El Paso shooter was a Left Wing Progressive, not a White Supremacist

      Exposed: Fields is JEW by his own insanity plea:
      ~~ Man Who Ran Over Charlottesville Protester Blames Jewish Grandfather, Asks for Mercy in Sentencing In Friday's memo, Fields' attorneys highlighted his difficult upbringing and history of mental illness, but many of the details were redacted from public viewing. He was raised by a paraplegic single mother and suffered "trauma" by growing up knowing that his Jewish grandfather had murdered his grandmother before committing suicide, his lawyers said.

      Here about jew Heather Heyer’s mom, Crisis Actor debut in Sandy Crook in which JEW parents used photos of their OWN CHILDREN at a younger age, & those SAME KIDS were in New Orleans Super Bowl halftime show 2 MONTHS AFTER THEIR DEATHS.
      2018/08/17 Mona Alexis Pressley: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – Charlottesville Crisis Actor made her Debut in Sandy Hook Susan Bro: Viki Soto’s fake mom; Heather Heyer' mom who held a fake memorial w a rent-a-crowd DAMNING WHITES & TRUMP.

    3. Folks am doing this to help awaken us. JEWS are saying to KILL WHITES repeatedly, in their own words. Where are the "good jews" against this? Yet we are damned, criticized for exposing it? Why don't complainers go to the JEWS themselves saying this? Becuz its the cowards way to accuse Whites for exposing the JEW.

      2nd time ‘Trumps admin’ aka “daughter Chabad JEW Ivanka” blames White Supremacy & damns Whites. Ivanka did the same over Charlottesville. Clincher: Charlottesville “killer” of jewess Heather Heyer, who died of obesity complications & cannot be found in any of the CGI false flag video being “killed”, well that so-called “White Supremacists Killer” is in fact a JEW, not White. JEWS changed their non-White status in 1987 to White, so JEWS could do their crimes & accuse Whites. Chabad jewess Ivanka does it again! Blaming Whites!
      ~~Ivanka Trump tweets about white supremacy after mass shootings Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump tweeted her support for the eradication of white supremacy Sunday, calling it a “form of terrorism” after two mass shootings in under 14 hours.
      “As our nation mourns the senseless loss of life in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, and prays for the victims and their loved ones, we must also raise our voices in rejection of these heinous and cowardly acts of hate, terror and violence,” she said on Twitter. “White supremacy, like all other forms of terrorism, is an evil that must be destroyed.”

      Chabad JEW Ivanka after our guns, playing the good jew role for her tribe. What in hell is that jew & her Chabad Jared doing in LYING, DECEVING, PERPETUATING ACCUSATIONS AGAINST WHITES & now to negotiate about our weapons?? True she is working for the Corporations, but the REAL LIFE HARM DONE TO WHITES FOREVER is UNACCEPTABLE & that little JEW disinfo-witch must be called out.

      ~~~ Ivanka Trump involved in congressional outreach on gun reform President Trump's daughter and senior aide Ivanka Trump is involved in the White House's outreach to members of Congress, a White House official told CBS News. Her outreach, the official said, is a part of the White House office of legislative affairs' efforts to engage members of Congress in talks about gun policy. Ivanka Trump "has trusted relationships on both sides of the aisle and she is working in concert with the White House policy and legislative teams,"

      Just to aggravate a couple folks, here Rachel Dolezal FAKED being Negro, was blamed on being WHITE, but she is a JEW. Blaming Whites for JEW crimes occurs all the time. If we see 'White' perp in the headline, the JEW msm is trying to hide the fact the perp is a JEW?

      Why Rachel Dolezal Story Hits Raw Nerve for Jews
      Read more: .. Even, it seems Dolezal herself. In a 2012 article written about her titled “A Radical Mongrel,” Dolezal included being Jewish in her racial mix

      Hoping folks are able to see whats going on here AGAINST REAL WHITE PEOPLE, innocents, blamed by JEWS for JEW CRIMES. Thanks & stay sane


  3. You can manufacture any order out of caos imaginable. The zio wood and 6 media big co all demonize whites same reason Rothschild attached the biggest country’s England and France .
    Same divide and conquer strategy . You. Can rain down ignorant fully fluoridated. Aluminum contaminated poor people but historians know you spreading propaganda.