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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Why No Excitement Here Over Arbitration Awards

By Anna Von Reitz

In a word, I am not excited about Arbitration Awards as a means of relief because I am not British.  

I don't stand under the King's Law.  

I am not a British Territorial United States Citizen.  

So why would I get all excited about the Brits getting relief from their own courts?  Why would I even comment on this? 

Phil Hudok and all the other people pursuing these arbitration awards are U.S. Citizens, complaining about Municipal Citizens.  

So, whoopee-ding-dong.  There's nothing new here.  

The Brits have been claiming against the Municipal CITIZENS since the Civil War, and awarding themselves whatever they want to award themselves under the False Presumption that everyone in this country is a Municipal Citizen and fair game for their predatory actions. 

The Brits claim against the Municipal Citizens and the Municipal Citizens go along with this, because both sides are colluding to involve us in their cold mercenary war, and defraud us of our rights and property under False Pretenses. The Brits are motivated by desire to access our credit and resources.  The Municipals are motivated by desire to force us to pay their war reparations debts. 

Both ends against the middle. 

The whole take home message for you as an American is that you are NOT a British Territorial U.S. Citizen nor are you a Papist Municipal Citizen, either. 

Neither one.      

Repeat after me---- unless you actually are a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, these Arbitration Awards pursued under the King's Law, have nothing to do with you--- and if you claim to be a British Territorial U.S. Citizen because you think that this is the way to get justice out of the System, guess what?   

You automatically give up your freedoms, your claims to the land, and your political status as an American.  You give up your birthright for a bowl of porridge, dishonor the men who fought the Revolutionary War, and settle for whatever fiat restitution you can get. 

The Queen will be glad to promote these Arbitration Awards, because printing paper money is a cheap way to dispense with your claim to be an American State National, someone owed all your Natural and Unalienable rights, owed the land and its resources, and owed the Good Faith Service of the Queen.   

The Arbitration Awards are another squabble between Brits and Municipal Citizens --- our two foreign Subcontractors --- and not something for Americans at all, so long as you have sense enough to declare your status as Americans.  

The whole point of reclaiming one's political status is to be free of any foreign feudal system of government.  That is why we fought The War of Independence.   

So why would I, an avowed American State Citizen, ever go back and "plead" for justice from a British Monarch?  I would have to admit to being a British Subject to do that, and so would you.  

That is what Phil Hudok has done, for whatever reasons. 

It isn't my place to comment on his choices.  Tories have always lived here among us.  Killing them just because they are British-sympathizers and willing to bend their knees to the Queen and be considered paupers in their own country---- doesn't make sense to me.  

They may be poor desperate ignorant people who really believe that Monarchy is a good form of government and that Feudalism is a desirable social system.  

I have recently heard grown women propose to eat babies as a means to stop the Earth from wobbling on its axis.  Compared to that, Phil Hudok's deal with the Queen seems pale by comparison. 

As for me, the British Monarch admittedly owes me justice already, with no concessions owed on my part, and now it's just a matter of skewering the Queen and the Pope on the prongs of worldwide public opinion to make sure that justice is served.  


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  1. Arbitration seem to good was for corporations. And so everyone said hay ok I’ll play a corporation if I get deals like a corporation.

  2. Can anyone in this group tell us if you all are considered Muurs? If so why is there still so much division among our people? Who does Judge Anna think is the true owners of this soil called the America which is Morocco? What is the REAL TRUTH? Let's not continue to be divided...UNITY IS KEY HERE. Is our creator pleased with how his chosen treat each other? WHY aren't we working together? Whether you have been labeled negro, colored, indian, black, africian american (which by the way have NO STANDING IN LAW) If any of us have been mislabeled, then all have the same problem. Who are the true owners of the land.

  3. I don't understand, Anna; you were recommending arbitration yourself. I don't know what you're talking about the Queen, I've read the award, I see nothing to do with the Brits. Is there some professional jealousy that arbitrators have the power of judges?

    1. Anna was recommending private arbitration as a way to settle disputes, as an alternative to using the corrupt municipal courts. Different thing entirely.

    2. From Anna:

      Arbitration using the Circuit Court to determine identity and claim damages, etc., is a different animal than Phil Hudok's award, which is pursued in the guise of a British Territorial United States Citizen. There are many kinds of arbitration and arbitration services. This one is for Brits, because it stands under the King's Law.


  5. Sure do hear that still. People going around saying we this and we that like one big nation concerning the actions of United States, President and the like. You would think he was King or Monarch like in Great Britain yet here people are the Kings and Queens.
    Like in the Declaration where it says "absolved and dissolved " concerning the old royal majesty's powers over anyone in the states or subjugation of others forcing them to submit ( or voluntarily submit) or just let them submit you at birth and pretend that is all there is left, your cool, monarch free with people owning their own land is just old stuff, outdated and besides it is easier to be ignorant especially if on one of the numerous genocide lists or final tally(s). Since people are not stupid, ignorance is used to keep the heat off and keep it off of the elite, important, special, billionaire paper printers who trade the useless paper for land, labor,fish, gold and near anything possible to trade or sell with the paper. All the while insisting the trade off, a ruined sickened poisoned wasted for cash and piles of "wealth" is worth it.

  6. I will continue to read the responses to the post above...

  7. ''you automatically give up your freedoms''. Hmm, really? We have freedoms? Oh, yeah, the UN has positioned now around a million foreign un think they are in place ''to protect our freedoms'?

    Only if you are gullible would you ignore this reality, along with the other hundreds of similar nefarious plots and plans.