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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Dear Mr. Trump --- May 29th, 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

You may consider this an Order from the Civilian Government of this country, requesting and requiring  that you impose command and control over the Internal Revenue Service and the US Treasury Department and the US Department of the Treasury and all their little private bill collectors nationwide, including something calling itself the "Tax Processing Center"  with no address at all, but the name of the town or city, for example: "Tax Processing Center, Big Lake, Alaska". 

Their practice of making up new variations of NAMES for people and attaching these "gifts" to us and our assets as a means of asserting new False Claims is nothing but fraud and harassment and it needs to be stopped. Now. Yesterday. Last week.  Last year.  Ten years ago.  Or, as in my case, over twenty years ago, when I gave the Internal Revenue Service/IRS Notice of Revocation.  

Yes, Mr. Trump, I "retired" and formally expatriated from any Territorial or Municipal Citizenship obligation, and I fully informed the State Department, returned the ACCOUNTS to Mr. Mnuchin's Fiduciary Responsibility, and wiped my hands a long time ago.  Not only that, I seized ownership interest and control of all my names, all my Names, and all my NAMES --- in all variations, permutations, styles, punctuations, and orderings whatsoever, and returned them all to their natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of Wisconsin, the Federation Compact State where I was born 

All these records are Public.  All of them have been duly recorded.  

So what do your feckless subcontractors do, but try to create yet another variation of one of my names using a tiny little change in punctuation (which, however, I have also already claimed as my property and placed on the Public Record) and use that as a means to assert False Claims in Commerce and also in International Trade against me and my assets in the world of fact. 

What is there about that little word, "No" and the fact that "No means no." are the adult members of your Administration not getting?  

All your Buddies work for me, even if the Queen or the Pope pays their wages. I am not pleased whatsoever by the continued mis-administration of the Federal Taxing Authority and the gross frauds and racketeering taking place on our shores.  

Millions of Americans are being harassed for no sane reason.  Millions, Mr. Trump.  What you need to do is admit the circumstance.  Just admit it.  Your "National Debt" is our National Credit.  As we access our credit, that will pay down your debt.  Inform your other creditors that the American People showed up at the last minute, back from oversees, hungry, foot-sore, and not at all happy with what has gone on here.   

I suggest that you pick up Charles Rettig by both ears and send him packing before I do.  We are not franchises of the Municipal Government.  We are not Paupers.  We are not Employees nor Dependents of the Federal Government. We are not Withholding Agents.  Not Warrant Officers in the Merchant Marines. We are not Voluntary Franchisees.  We are not United States Citizens.  We are not Citizens of the United States.  We are not Dependents. Not, not, not. 

It is only going to shine a much brighter light on the corruption of the corporations involved if you do not order an end to the fraudulent impersonation and racketeering committed by these private "Bureaus".  So, do what has to be done to shut these malfunctioning agencies down and re-task and retrain them to make sure that Americans have access to their National Credit.  

We are charging a trillion dollars per head as valued today and ever afterward for every American who dies or is maimed or otherwise significantly harmed in any altercation arising from any forced conscription or confiscation of land jurisdiction assets by any incorporated entity including the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service and The United States Department of the Treasury and the Department of the United States Treasury and the US Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Federal Taxation and the Tax Processing Centers and all the Municipal Government goons posing as REVENUE OFFICERS.  They all need to be re-tasked and right about now. 

We realize the consternation that this demand places upon all the other Creditors, but the fact remains that we are your Priority Creditors as well as the Priority Creditors of the United States and compared to what both the Queen and Pope owe to us, all the rest is chicken change. It's time for them and all the actual corporations --- not the "PERSONAL" corporations that have been created in Bad Faith and Fraud -- to pay for their sins and for our Credit to be redeemed. Worldwide. 

Remind the Pope of the Double Golden Jubilee and what is actually required of him, both as Pope and as Roman Pontiff.  Tell him I said so and so did Mother Mary.  Those roses I received are to be delivered.  

And as for Mr. Barr, I like him, but his Office is all messed up, too.  We are owed the return of all our land jurisdiction assets.  Mr. Barr has inherited the job of the Alien Property Custodian and that's our property he is still holding.  It all belongs to the American States and People and we are the only American States and Nations that have the provenance, standing, and treaties to inherit.  We are the only "People" left alive and in possession.  So return what is owed to The United States of America (Unincorporated) to us.  Collapse the trusts and the titles back to the States and the People.  That is the only sane and proper solution to this debacle. 

Please tell the Queen that for me, too.  

We aren't going to stand here and let Secondary Creditors prey upon us under False Pretenses.  The jig is up.  The fraud is known.  And at a trillion dollars a head, those promoting these outrages on our soil are not likely to secure any profit from their actions.  So please pass that posted charge on to the Bilderburgers, too?   All the land assets belong to us and we shall charge them all up the wazoo if they do anything but return our assets unharmed, debt free, and unencumbered. 

Most sincerely, 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


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Flag With Blue Stripes?

By Anna Von Reitz

This is what they are trying to get away with.  They want to turn our country from being a country into being a corporation existing only in the jurisdiction of the air and the sea.  So much easier for them, if they don't have to deal with flesh and blood: you can rape, murder, pillage, torture, and otherwise destroy a "corporation" because a corporation only exists on paper.  

The fact that a living man or woman is presumed to be chattel owned by a corporation in their System,  is just more of the fun from the perspective of the madmen and madwomen responsible for all this criminality.  Then the assets of living people can be salvaged or impounded or whatever else the vermin responsible for this outrage conceive of and we are all reduced to being nothing but bar-coded animals in a stockyard. 

Those who are so eagerly promoting this don't realize that what they do to others will literally also be done unto them. 

Those who are disgracing our flag in the name of Corporate Feudalism don't really understand what they are doing, either.  They think it is "revolutionary" and a political statement and that it stands for a new government--- but in fact, it's just the ongoing attempt of the nasty de facto government we've had for the past 150 years to officially entrench itself and devour what is left of human decency.  

Corporations are not competent to serve as governments, because they have only one purpose: profit.  And they will profit themselves at the cost of everyone and everything else like a giant eating machine that does nothing but consume twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

For this reason, corporations are supposed to be subservient to government, instead of "acting as" governments.  If the politicians have any sense, they will start pulling strings and plugs like mad, and liquidate these monsters before they are themselves rendered obsolete.  

Think about it.  The corporate bosses need someone to blame. They will happily sacrifice all their henchmen once they are no longer needed, and that hour is just about here. 

Put on a Big Show, trot out the 100,000 indictments, have lots of show trials, execute a lot of Third Stringers nobody ever heard of.  Blame them.  Who cares?   

Change the colors of the flag and you change the nature of the government and the world---- but not in a good way, not for the good of Mankind.  So, stand by Old Glory.  Those red stripes stand for the blood in your veins and the white stripes stand for the soul in your body.  

Blue stripes stand for Corporate Feudalism on steroids, and for you and yours, stripped naked and wearing a plastic ear-tag. 


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