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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Urgent Explanation of Money and Executive Order #14067 Part 2

 By Anna Von Reitz

Finally, people are beginning to understand Swindles that happened over a hundred years ago, and we have a lot of catching up to do.  In the first article appearing under this title, we showed everyone how Lincoln and his Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, figured out a way to snooker everyone into exchanging gold for paper "Greenbacks".  

We also explained how a consortium of private banks operating as the "Federal Reserve" got involved to front Lincoln's government an initial loan to back the issuance of Greenbacks, and how once the Greenbacks were issued, Investment Bonds were used as a lure to attract outside investors who had to buy the Greenbacks with more gold before they could invest in the 10/40 Bonds.  

So, it was a Round Robin and all based on gold to gold transactions initially.  Gold was used to issue and subsequently to buy Greenbacks, given them value.  Greenbacks backed by gold and bought with gold were used to buy the infamous 10/40 Bonds.  Naturally, the expectation of the investors was that they would be paid back in gold, plus interest, when the bonds matured. 

That didn't happen.  

Instead, investors were told that they had to accept Greenbacks as payment for their investment and interest due, because that's how they paid for the investment bonds in the first place.  Then as now, there was no way to convert the Greenbacks back into gold, other than using them to buy gold at street value.  

Most investors grumbled, but accepted the Greenbacks because it beat the alternative of losing their investment value outright. 

The printing presses were in business and the Belle Epoch Era was the result.  

This was a period of wild investment spending.  The sky was the limit.  The American Robber Barons built railroads and AC power grids and invested in internal combustion engine technology, they built vast factories to produce things on assembly lines, they invested in banks and revolutionized the stock and commodity exchange markets.  The Government invested in infrastructure, too, improving old and building new bridges and roads throughout the country, postal service vastly improved, public hospitals were built, and thanks to Robber Baron Andrew Carnegie, the idea of public libraries were born.  Every little nook and cranny in America seemed destined for greatness. 

And it was all built on the Greenback Swindle, trading paper for gold ---- and corporations. Lots of corporations.  The Civil War had taught Robber Barons like Remington and Westinghouse the advantages of using corporations to shield private fortunes from business investment risks, so they proliferated like the flowers in May in the period immediately following the Civil War and most of the Greenbacks, one way or another, through the public sector or the private sector, got funneled into the growing economy by corporations.  

The summit of this time period was epitomized by the Chicago World Fair at the turn of the century.  Even today when we contemplate photos from this phantasm it is hard to imagine how an entire "city of the future" was built and electrified and equipped with a moving sidewalk in less than two years and left to wonder, why, having spent all the time and money to build it -- was it torn down just as fast? 

Probably more graft and collusion between the State of Illinois, City of Chicago, and the labor unions who got the work both coming and going, but suffice it to say that the Belle Epoch was a Boom Time for everyone, even though very few people understood how all this was suddenly happening.  And even fewer people would understand the odd collapse that followed in 1906 as a result of overspending and time delays in reaping real profits from many of the investments that were made.  

Next, we will show you how the banks began their "run up" to pull the same trick of exchanging paper for silver.  

By 1906, the Scottish Commercial Corporation that Lincoln's Generals set up in 1868 and called "The United States of America, Incorporated", was belly up.  The world was properly astonished and many thought that this meant our country was bankrupt.  The so-called "common people" didn't realize that only a corporation could go bankrupt and a panic ensued, because this particular corporation had infringed on the doing-business-as name of our Federation of States: The United States of America. 

By 1910, the Federal Reserve Bankers had hatched another precious metals for paper scheme, only this time, it would target silver and take a little longer to accomplish.  The infamous meeting on Jekyll Island occurred and by Christmas Eve of 1913, everything was in place for the Federal Reserve Banks to make another loan to another new "governmental services corporation" and provide backing for another new paper currency, the Federal Reserve Note. 

This time, as a condition of their participation, the Federal Reserve Banks demanded that they reap the face value of the new currency as credit as it came off the printing presses, additional asset backing, and insisted that they be given control of the new paper bearing their name so that they could control it as a private bank scrip.  That is, that the Federal Reserve would become the Central Bank and be able to regulate their own private bank currency as they saw fit--- in essence, giving them a license to commodity rig the Federal Reserve Note supply.  

The 1906-07 "Public Bankruptcy" of what appeared to be our country, but which was in reality a British Territorial Commercial Corporation with a deceptively similar name, caused havoc here and abroad.  It contributed greatly to the end result: World War I.  

World War I was a bonanza for the Federal Reserve and all the colluding banks and corporations that fed off the war ---- first as investors and vendors, and later, as creditors, they lost nothing and gained a great deal.  

We lost sons and daughters and were left paying the other costs of the war, and, even though, once again, this was not anything to do with the actual American States and the American General Public, we were stuck with the bill. 

There was a Boom Time after the First World War --- the so-called "Roaring Twenties".  For a while, it looked like a repeat of the Belle Epoch, but other factors were in play -- especially the Central Bank, that is, the Federal Reserve Bank(s).  

As the decade drew to a close, the colluding banks prompted a panic and a bank run that destabilized the public confidence.  Next, on pre-agreed signal, the colluding banks and their cronies pulled out of the Stock Market that they in fact controlled -- the Black Friday collapse ensued. Overnight, the value of stock investments evaporated; the banks sat back amid the panic and then swooped in and bought back all the devalued stocks at pennies on the dollar.   

It was the single largest and most devastating market manipulation by any bank group in the history of the world.  It resulted in the member Federal Reserve Banks and their crony investors gaining virtually complete control of the Fortune 500 Companies and control of vast amounts of Natural Resources via their company shares interests.  

The Fix was in.  With the Central Banks in control of the commodities market, the bulk of the Fortune 500, and holding a large portion of the gold garnered from the Greenback Bonds Scam, the Federal Reserve only needed a partner to issue bonds for them to set up a reprise of the 1040 scheme.  

That problem had been overcome in 1924, when the colluding government corporation once again doing business as "the United States of America, Incorporated"  engrossed the United States Treasury as a Department within the International Monetary Fund. 

Obviously, there has been no actual "United States Treasury" or "United States Treasury Department" or "United States Department of the Treasury" since that time, there was simply another nest of colluding international banks organized and sponsored primarily by J.D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil investors, standing by to issue "United States Treasury Bonds" in the name of our country.

They would issue the bonds in the name of our country and they would collect the money to pay for the bonds from Americans under the pretext that these Americans were voluntary "Taxpayers" submitting money collected from unknown investors buying successive issues of "1040" Bonds.  They would collect the phony non-consensual debt in silver, and pay it back with paper.  

And of course, they would never pay back anything on the bonds at all; after all, the victims didn't know that they were buying bonds and investing in foreign "service corporations" and in private bank scrip used as currency, so there was no need to repay the investment to unknown foreign investors -- the American Public --  and no need to contact those investors through the volunteer Taxpayers who were  merely collecting the "tax" to back all this bull crap.   

This is why they always have to pretend that paying "Federal Income Taxes" is voluntary. You see, it's not any kind of legitimate public tax at all.  It is a "tax" levied by private "government service corporations" on their employees as a condition of employment.  

The American General Public, millions of innocent people who were never told a word about any of this, were presumed to acquiesce to all this by their silence, and by their coerced "voluntary" participation ---- and so, millions of Americans were entrapped and fraudulently registered as collateral -- literally -- belonging to the "United States of America, Incorporated" beginning in 1921, under the guise of the Maternity Act and later, the Shepherd Townsend Act.  

In 1925, the fraudulent and private "United States Department of the Treasury" unleashed the "Internal Revenue Service", a European-based private collection agency imported as a Delaware Corporation, on the clueless masses of Americans. 

No country in the history of the world has suffered such disservice at the hands of its own public employees and foreign subcontractors, and no collection of banks have ever been more self-serving and crooked.


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