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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Red Alert from Grandma

 By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago, the Chinese Government seized all savings accounts in the country, by "redefining" the life savings of hundreds of millions of Chinese people as "investment products" belonging to the government.
This is what happens when the government rules you, instead of you ruling the government.
Then, the Vatican announced that it was ending all foreign investments and returning the assets to the Vatican Bank.
What do they know (or suspect) that you don't know?
They know that the present Bull Market is a Pit Bull Market instead. The Vermin are "running up" the stock markets of the world by "self-investing".
In other words, the corporations listed on the various exchanges, and the hedge funds, and even more importantly, all the pension and investments slush funds, are propping up the stock market by buying their own stocks, thus generating what appears to be demand for their shares and ever- increasing stock prices. This apparent profit-making opportunity lures naive and unwary investors into the market.
At a certain pre-arranged moment, the big banks and other major players will pull the plug and exit stage left, leaving the corporation shareholders and smaller investors and insurance companies to pick up the gargantuan losses.
Then, they, the ones that planned the disaster with malice aforethought, will come back in and buy up everything for nothing.
This is what they did in 1929, so it's not exactly rocket science to see what they are doing again.
I wish it weren't so, but.... there is no other reason in this world that already grossly overvalued stocks would be selling like hot cakes.
My guess is that the Chinese Government is bulking up its cash assets position to be ready to swoop in and buy everything in sight for pennies on the dollar after the crash. And the Vatican is simply taking its bat and ball and going home to sit out the extra innings.
If I had any stock market investments I would be pulling out now, taking my chits and going home just like the Vatican. And if I had a long term investment strategy, I would be paying off debts and bulking up my cash position with both gold and credit, just like China.
So what can you do? If you are in the stock market --- get out. If you are a producer and have firm futures contracts you have to stay in and pray. And if you are like me, shaking your head, sit back and watch the show.
This is only possible because people don't pay attention to history, don't know about institutional investors, and don't realize that Central Banks were created to manipulate commodities --- including world currencies, which are commodities, too.
My guess for the Pull the Plug date is toward the end of the harvest cycle, so that all those food commodity futures contracts are exercised BEFORE the market goes kafluey. There's a reason the 1929 Crash came in late October.
The Monsters pay off the Farmers in grossly inflated dollars and get to keep what's important -- the actual food commodities, which will predictably skyrocket in price.
You may have been wondering about the USDA's policy of paying farmers not to produce crops and even actively going out and demanding after the fact that the farmers destroy their crops already planted (???) --- well, wonder no more.
Food shortages mean guaranteed profits for the Rats. Thanks to this, food will be scarce and in many places, it will simply disappear into black markets. You will have to wear a trench coat and talk to Julio if you want to buy anything.
Water shortages planned for the Western United States means the same thing.
I think we should just cut to the chase and start paying visits to the CEO's of all the banks and corporations right now, since the Secretary of the Army, Christopher Miller, isn't doing his job and preventing this from happening.
What can we "little people" do to defend ourselves from this hideous evil on high?
You can't go wrong stashing cartons of booze and cigarettes, though those can be seized by the government corporations using their "regulatory powers" over alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.
But there are a surprising number of other things that become big ticket items in a crash. BIC lighters, sacks of charcoal, salt, spices, coffee, sterno, toothpaste, baking soda, soap, vinegar, MREs.,ammo, tools, tampons, packets of yeast, dry milk, all the little things of life that vanish in a crisis and which "your" government has done nothing to stockpile for you.
In fact, your actual "government" --- which has been a foreign military junta in place since 1860, has done nothing but make it worse, deliberately, according to plan --- to kill off as many Preferential Creditors as possible.
First, they deployed their "Uniformed Officers" ---- all the doctors and nurses and dentists who have been illegally conscripted under Title 37 of the Federal Code --- and yes, these medical professionals have been used to kill millions of innocent, trusting people who came to their hospitals for help, bought their "patent medicines", and who took their vaccinations in good faith.
Now, they are going to crash the stock market and profit from all the death, destruction and chaos that entails.
Maybe it's our own fault. That's all we've trained these men to do --- create death and destruction in order to make money off of it, both going and coming. I suppose it's inevitable that they'd come back around full circle and trash us, too.
They are going to stand there in their uniforms dripping with medals, turn both palms upward to the sky, pretend that they, the U.S. Military, had nothing to do with this debacle (even though they have been in charge of it since 1863) and they are here to help....
Help themselves, that is.
While we are the topic of U.S. Military betrayals and lies, here's another good one. Australia just announced that the Australian Defense Force will be merging with and will be under the command of the U.S. Military. They are just getting around to announcing what has been self-evident since 1902, if you look at the money going out of our pockets to pay the Australian Military to do the horrific things that have been done to the people of Australia. Expect the rest of the former Commonwealth and occupied nations of Europe and Japan to follow.
Why? Because we've been paying all their Defense Forces, too. For many decades. Which means that the U.S. Military has been de facto occupying all those countries, too.
And why are they creating this genocide in Australia? Because they already sold the mining resources and land mass to China. They have to make room for the new tenants.
LOL. And you wonder why there is any threat of attacks and reprisals and bad feelings overall? You are falling for all the Hope Porn about White Hats and Alliances?
No, no, no, children, the current events tell a far different tale, a tale in which the guilty U.S. Military is attempting to avoid detection of its role and paper over its responsibility for 95% of all the bad things that have happened in the past 161 years. The only truthful statement coming out of their mouths is that, yes, everything is under the control of the U.S. Military.
As you can see, that's not exactly good news.
Increasingly, the storefront of politicians is wearing thin and we see our own dear Generals and Admirals --- Americans all working for the Queen, not us, and being paid with our money by SERCO, INC., a British Quartermaster ---- doing all this outrageous crap to tear the guts out of Australia and America and everywhere else, under color of law and authority that was never granted to them.
And their excuse? Ah, they are teaching us a lesson, rubbing our noses in it, so that these same mistakes can never be made again? Well, the actual mistake was when their corporation's "President" Abraham Lincoln was elected under conditions of deceit, and it's all been downhill since then.
Prepare for impact. Expect no help from the military and pray for no further harm. Now that their role as the puppet master and enforcer is fully exposed, it's harder for them to pull their crap, but who knows? Maybe they will just come out of the closet, fangs bared, and admit that they -- and the Brits, of course --- have been at the bottom of every dog pile since 1860.
Batten the hatches, kids, and send what help you can to help us bring forward your cause and bring you relief. We are at least telling the truth and trying hard to introduce some shreds of honor and sanity into the worldwide discussion.
Anna Maria Riezinger
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

P.S. Amschel Rothschild got it wrong. It's not who rules the gold, it's who rules the guns that counts. Hang onto yours.

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