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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Project Veritas Infiltrates ANTIFA

Found here:

About the State Assembly Militias

By Anna Von Reitz

The State Citizens who shoulder the responsibility to self-govern the actual State Government are the only Parties having authority and standing to enforce the Constitutional guarantees.  They are the “We, the People” who signed the Constitutions. 

And as should now be apparent, State Citizens  also make up the State Assembly Militia. 

When we talk about the Assembly Militia we are talking about the “well-regulated” Militia guaranteed to each State under the provisions of the Federal Constitution. 

This is not any unorganized “militia” of paranoids out in the weeds living in deer blinds. 

There is no more official, legitimate, or venerable civilian community self-defense force in this country and Americans need to wake up and realize what it means and who we are talking about when we say, “We, the People”.  

We, the State Citizens. 

We, the State Assembly Militia. 

Now See This!

By Anna Von Reitz

In recent weeks Robert David Steele and the White Hats have uncovered trillions of dollars worth of fraud and embezzlement by Wall Street Brokers and Bankers. 

Now they reveal that the names and crimes of all the Deep State traitors are “in the can”— meaning the film and audio tape can, ready to roll. 

All Trump has to do is unstopper his ears and listen for himself to the long laundry list of his enemies and the enemies of this country. 

Some of them are no surprise —Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie, and Joe for example, exposed and in their own words. 

But there’s so much more! 

Did you know that these riots are being funded — for sure, with the evidence in their own words—- by George Soros, Antifa, and the Jewish Anti-Defamation  League (JDL)? 

Did you know that —for sure, by their own words and recorded acts—- both George Floyd and the Officers involved in the George Floyd Affair were PAID to do this? 

(BTW— did you see the Minneapolis Coroner’s report confirming that the fingerprints of the corpse DO NOT MATCH the fingerprints of George Floyd?) 

Now, our job is to send this information to Mr. Trump so that neither he nor his Administration have any excuse for failure to take appropriate action to expose, arrest, and prosecute these traitors. 

It may seem ironic that we would even have to do this, but it actually helps President Trump. 

When Nancy Pelosi gives him the puppy dog eyes and Jared Kushner’s Grandfather expresses his displeasure with the JDL getting caught— Trump can legitimately say, “Sorry folks, I had no choice.” 


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The Beginning and the End

By Anna Von Reitz

The World Economy is suffering because both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc., are bankrupt. 

The UNITED STATES, INC. is in the final throes of Chapter 7, Involuntary Bankruptcy.  So the Municipal Corporations are kicking up a ruckus as they leave town. 

They are trying to make up their losses on insurance claims against damage caused by the riots and business closures caused by the George Floyd Affair and Covid 19. 

It’s all about money — not race, not justice, not Covid 19. 

First, there shouldn’t ever be any Municipal Corporation outside of Washington, DC. Not any.  They did all that development —185,000 Municipal Corporations— in violation of the Constitution, and they knew that when they did it, so don’t expect me to be overly sympathetic. 

Second, while they are busy causing all this damage and then cynically charging it off as insurance claims and grafting the stooges in Congress for “relief” —- we are getting our liens ready to recoup the losses Americans have suffered due to obstruction of trade and damage to our people and our infrastructure. 

And those liens go against the Principals responsible for this mess— including the existence, behavior, and bankruptcy of the “service corporations” they have employed to do their duty and then let run wild without oversight.

Sometimes it flows uphill. 

We are determined that to the extent possible, the guilty parties will receive the honor of paying their own debts.

Example: I hire Amy to make my weekly bank deposits. 

Without my approval, Amy hires Joe,Inc. to do her job for her. 

Joe runs off with my deposits. 

Amy is to blame. 

Why? Because it was her job. Her responsibility. And my contract is with her, not Joe.

The Municipal Congress is in the same basic position with respect to their abuse of our monetary system— even though they were acting in the position of “presumed” to be proxies conducting business “for” us, they never squared any of that with us.  

And they hired subcontractors — the Federal Reserve and the IMF — to do the job they volunteered to do for us. 

So let’s revamp our story a bit: 

I hire Amy to make my bank deposits every Saturday. 

Amy breaks her leg. 

Without telling me a word, Amy’s twin sister, Sue, takes over the job. 

Sue hires Joe, Inc. to make my deposits. 

Joe, Inc. steals my deposits. 

Who is at fault here? 

Get a clue— not me! 

Then Joe,Inc. goes bankrupt to avoid paying me back. 

But my contract was never with Joe anyway. 

Remember?  My deal is with Amy. Not her sister. Not Joe,Inc.

In the same way, the only contracts we Americans have are with the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor. 

They chartered and hired these corporations to do their jobs for them, and then let those corporations run wild. 

Who is at fault for this? 

They are. And their minions in the Congress, too. 

The riots are Rent-A-Riots to promote insurance fraud and reduce their corporate losses.  They also represent a “scorched Earth” policy using the very same people that these same operators have abused —to do their dirty work for them. 

The Covid 19 Scam has been used to the same ends. 

Stop being chumps and “marks”, America. 

These people knowingly evaded their constitutional obligations, bilked us all, and now they are using the discontent they fostered via their violent racketeering to promote insurance fraud. 

That’s the truth about what is going on and the motivations behind it. 

It is all going to come back and land in their laps anyway, and then maybe they will learn to honor their contracts and moral obligations instead of always trying to pass the buck and spend other people’s money. 

I am pleased to report that it is no longer just me and the other chickens in the hen house waking up. 

Robert David Steele and the White Hats are now reporting on hundreds of trillions of dollars scammed and embezzled by Wall Street Brokers and Bankers.  

We reported on trillions more siphoned off the American National Credit and the US-China Trade Deficit and $950 Trillion worth of Life Force Value Annuities belonging to Americans and Canadians, but received by Prince Philip in April of 2017. 

We also reported the mammoth counterfeiting operation that took place during the Obama Administration — Dear Barry had actual printing presses, the special papers and inks, etc., exported to other countries so that they could print their own endless supply of hundred dollar bills —- on your credit, of course. 

Wake up, wake up, wake up.....America! 

You are in the headlights as the pawns and victims of the most heinous Breach of Trust and commercial fraud and entrapment scheme in world history—- and the only way you can save yourselves or anyone else is by declaring your proper birthright political status and joining your State Assembly. 


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