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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Regarding Recovery of All Global Assets that Originate from the Avila Family Trust.

 By Anna Von Reitz

International Public Notice Issued on the Twenty-Second Day of February in the Year 2023: 

We are placing an article from Greg Mannarino ahead of our own information concerning the "roll up" and "roll over" of thousands of banks and associated institutions that is going on right now.  Bear in mind that this article by Greg Mannarino only covers the Federal Reserve part of it:  

And now, to make sense of this, a history of the world from 1851 to 2023 in six pages that leaves every pumped-up politician and dishonest banker in the world as flat as a busted balloon:  

Regarding Recovery of all Global Assets that Originate from the Avila Family Trust. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva is the legal heir to all assets that originated from the Avila Family Trust that eventually became the Trust under the Code F.L.A.T.   

This is worldwide Public and International Notice that Demitrius Julius Shiva is no longer a Territorial  "U.S. Citizen" -- he is a State National of South Carolina, one of the sovereign States of the Union, and I, Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, am his Fiduciary in all international and global jurisdictions owing to the collapse of the Confederation of States and the Federal Republic, both, in 1860-61. 

On October 5th, 2005, Francorito Miguel Cortez DE Avila the Great Grandson of SR. Don Franco Miguel DE Avila, provided Demitrius Julius Shiva an Irrevocable General Power of Attorney conferring all legal and lawful ownership of all assets that belong to the Avila Family Trust to Demitrius Julius Shiva.  Francorito had no direct heirs, so chose to leave his estate to a kinsman, Demitrius Julius Shiva.  

Demitrius Julius Shiva was chosen by his predecessors as the next branch on the Avila Family Tree, and this, it must be understood, is a private family trust and a private family matter.  The Avila Family Trust and its assets do not belong to any attorney, administrator, trustee, state, or government. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva is also the court-appointed Attorney-in-Fact acting for the Estate of Severino Garcia STA. Romana, and is acting in international jurisdiction to discover, collect, and settle the estate of Severino Garcia STA Romana, who was the Chief Metals Depositor employed by the family to distribute the assets of the Avila Family Trust.

The assets of what we shall call, for simplicity, the Avila Family Trust, never belonged to Severino Garcia STA Romana and are owed a complete set aside in favor of the lawful Inheritor, Demitrius Julius Shiva.    
Demitrius Julius Shiva was given very specific instructions by his predecessors regarding the use of trust assets and where to locate this massive wealth.  

He was told to make his way to The United States of America, but he did not immediately understand that there was a difference between the Territorial United States of America and the actual United States of America, so it was some years before he landed and established his lawful political status as a South Carolinian. 

South Carolina is an organic State of the Union.  It was never involved in the Mercenary Conflict known as The American Civil War as a Combatant; that entire conflict was engendered and fought by State-of-State business organizations. South Carolina holds a separate distinct and unfettered jurisdiction.  It is not now and never has been subject to any legitimate Territorial custody.  

Demitrius Julius Shiva, a South Carolinian, and Member of The South Carolina Assembly,  has never taken up arms against anything, and is part of the General Public of South Carolina, owed the complete protection of his property and his lawful Person under Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America. 

The incorporated government of the Territorial United States of America doing business as the USA, Inc.,  and its Allies, the International Bankers, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and others have all collaborated and conspired together to prevent Dimetrius Julius Shiva from recovering the assets belonging to his family and have actively misrepresented him, his will, and his express trust.  

This entire situation is a Gross Breach of Trust, gross violation of the tax treaties involved, gross violation of the Constitutional guarantees owed to Demitrius Julius Shiva, and gross violation of the service contracts that the British Territorial United States of America holds and which the USA, Inc. was responsible to perform. 

Together, these incorporated entities and associated legal fiction Persons,  have stolen and commandeered the assets of the Avila Family Trust, the St. Germain Family Trust, the V.K. Durham Trust and over 5,000 other private family trusts under conditions of fraud, misrepresentation and Breach of Trust in violation of International Law. 

The various militaries responsible for maintaining the peace and preserving the assets have moved to consolidate the massive physical assets represented by these over 5,000 private trusts into one gigantic public trust without the consensual agreement of the actual owners and inheritors.  

They have done this under a False Personation Scheme pretending that  the owners of the assets are dead or whereabouts unknown, and non-consensually changing the political status and standing of the victims without their knowledge and against their Will. 

Thus the Perpetrators seek to create a One World [Military] Government via illegal and unlawful confiscation of private assets. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva has chosen The United States as his permanent home, and South Carolina as his home State of the Union; as a recent immigrant, he has disavowed any association with any long-defunct rebel State-of-State organization in public, and he has moved  to settle the Global Estate of Severino Garcia STA Romana and set aside the Code F.L.A.T. assets as assets that do not rightly belong to the estate.

Demetrius Julius Shiva has properly assigned the assets to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, and he has assigned the Federation's Fiduciary to act in favor of the DE Avila Family, (also known as the D'Avila Family and De Avila Family and which we simply call the Avila Family in sum total) in the accomplishment of their Will,  that these assets shall uplift humanity and set men and women free from the chains of poverty and ignorance.   

Having done this as Attorney-in-Fact, Demitrius Julius Shiva hereby provides International Public Notice of Settlement and Jurisdiction of the Avila Family Trust, its assets, and its derivatives.    

The Avila Estate and the Avila Family Trust and its assets are covered by international tax treaties and other binding treaties that the United States has with many other countries; therefore, the countries and banks holding these assets are required by law to assist in settling this globe-spanning estate. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva has requested that all global assets that are currently deposited in the Federal Global Banking System along with assets located in hidden locations only known to him, are to be deposited within the physical continental boundaries of The United States and/or under the control of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, if an Ironclad Agreement cannot be agreed to, to  ensure all these assets remain privately held, publically protected, and safe in their present deployed locations. 

The relocation of bullion assets can be distributed or consolidated. All central banks wishing to retain their foundation deposits and credit resources are urged to contact the Department of the Federal Treasury within the Bank for International Settlements and advocate the adoption of a new Fifty-Year Agreement.  

Under direct instruction from Demitrius Julius Shiva, the assets of the Code F.L.A.T. Master Accounts  will be made available to The United States of America, meaning our unincorporated Federation of organic States of the Union, and by and through The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, shall be made available to friendly people and honest governments throughout the world.  

These massive assets will be made available through our own international trade bank and subsidiary commercial bank to support infrastructure programs and projects, make grants to clean up pollution and develop secure high quality food and clean water for each country, used to uplift humanity through education, arts, crafts, and cultural preservation, gardens and reforestation, water restoration and purification, and by funding global projects that create jobs, invest in beneficial technology, develop clean global energy resources, and improve and extend infrastructure. 

Our focus is entirely on improving the lives and health and education of everyone on Earth, on restoring the ecological health and balance of the sea, land, soil, and freshwater resources of each country, and doing all that is necessary to achieve these ends. 

Below is a brief history of events regarding all global assets that originated from the Avila Family Trust and why Demetrius Julius Shiva has full authority and why we are where we all are today---facing genocide and war for profit promoted by incorporated entities that have no natural right to exist, and no valid claim on these private assets. 

In the year 1850 the Federal Global Banking System was established by 12 banking families, seven from the United States of America, and five from Europe, and located in Zurich, Switzerland, where they established a free banking zone, similar to Free Trade Zones today.  

In the year 1851 Sr. Don Franco Miguel De Avila petitioned the Spanish Supreme Court to allow his vast fortune to be deposited into this Federal Global Banking System. The Spanish court ruled in the favor of Sr. Don Franco Miguel De Avila as the court determined these assets came from non-criminal origin and approved their deposit. 

This petition was started by Sr. Don Franco Miguel De Avila out of concern for his safety. In the year 1862 he married SRA. Dona Trinidad Asis De Villarba De Avila, however in that same year, both were brutally murdered leaving behind their infant son. This tragedy and heinous crime has echoed down the years as a tragedy for the Avila family and for the entire world. 

Both the Russian Revolution and the Spanish Civil War are outcomes of what these unscrupulous bankers and incorporated entities have fomented in the name of profit and coercive control. We are seeing more of their disposition and handiwork today in the form of pre-planned disasters and deliberate defacement of the human genome.  

Owing to the infant status of the Avila heir, an administrator was appointed to handle all assets of the Avila Family Trust, and the administrator continued to deposit all assets into the Federal Global Banking System via a total of 57 banks located in 33 different countries -- a process which took 90 years to complete. 

The last deposit was made on October 7th, 1941.  The original intention was to support government programs and infrastructure worldwide, so as to relieve the people and the world economy from tax burdens and the cost of administering taxation, but the Second World War intervened and presented other urgent needs--- the rebuilding of much of the world. 

During his lifetime, Sr. Don Franco Miguel De Avila made an agreement with the Federal Global Banking System with a condition that required all deposits of his vast fortune be invested and managed by the Federal Global Banking System for a total of 50 years from the date of the last deposit which tied up all assets until October 7th, 1991

The Federal Global Banking System agreed to pay the Avila Family Trust 4% per annum, cover all expenses, and required that all assets be free from taxation. 

In preparation for October 7th,1991, the administrator created the Avila Family Trust Under the Code F.L.A.T which stands for Francorito, Lolita, Avila, Trinidad. The Code 333 Accounts are Real Estate Holdings, Code 555 Accounts are cash holdings, Code 777 Accounts are Precious Metals--, Gold, Silver, Platinum Etc., and the Code 999 Accounts are the Corporate Holdings that include Stock ownership in banks and companies that benefited from using  Avila Trust Assets. 

All accounts under the ASBLP group of banks and companies also represent the asset-owner profits from trading these assets for 50 years  and those are currently being mismanaged by the World Bank. 

The last global deposit was made On October 7th, 1941, and at that time gold was fixed at $35.50 per ounce and the Avila Family Trust was valued at a staggering “THREE HUNDRED DODECALLION”  that is represented as $300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00. 

Today, gold is currently valued over $1800.00 per ounce so the Avila Family Trust has gained over fifty times the 1991 valuation, all gold-asset backed, and not counting any other assets in the Code F.L.A.T. Master Accounts.  The Avila Trust is, in effect, able to pay and settle all debts, forgive all debts, buy all debts, pay all debts based on its gold holdings alone.

This estimated valuation does not include the accumulated and compounded interest at 4% per annum, value of the Real Estate Holdings, Stock and Corporate holdings that would also include the ASBLP Group of Banks and Companies or the secretly hidden assets not deposited in the Federal Global Banking System. 

It does not include the value of other huge American-based trusts such as the St. Germain holdings and the V.K. Durham Trust, one of the world's largest silver asset holders, nor any of the more than 5,000 private family trusts that have been seized upon under conditions of fraud and impersonation by incorporated Territorial Governments worldwide. 

The last global deposit was made during World War II. The United States of America was going to be the strongest nation after World War II and the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 confirmed this as the United States Dollar took over from the British pound as the world’s global asset-backed currency.  The United States Dollar --meaning the Silver Dollar-- reigns as the global reserve currency because it is backed by our gold and other assets, and all other currencies that agreed to the Bretton Woods Agreement have been pegged against the United States Dollar -- the Silver Dollar, ever since. It's the silver United States Dollar that is the Reserve Currency of the world, not the Federal Reserve Note, which is legal tender based on credit owed to the actual asset owners.  

A total of 64 Central Banks operate through the Bank for International Settlements for the Global Federal Reserve System in which the United States Federal Reserve is just one of the 64-member central banks. 

The United States of America and the Allied Nations needed assets to back the Bretton Woods Agreement and finance the huge financial responsibility of rebuilding the world and global economy after two World Wars. 

The Avila Family Trust was the only option that was already distributed and available at this time, and the administrator of the D'Avila Family Trust was asked to cooperate with the restructuring of these assets to assist with the rebuilding of the World and the World Economy after World War II.

The Administrator for the Avila Family Trust was not the asset owner-- and the next heir, Francorito Miguel Cortes DE Avila was born in 1938; he was a young child,  and not able to enter into a legal binding contract that would allow these assets to be used in a Federally Sanctioned Trade Program that would be used over an extended fifty-year agreement to create the funds needed to back the Marshall Plan and other measures to rebuild the world. 

All the Avila Family Trust Assets were transferred to the custodial care of Severino Garcia STA Romana as Chief Metals Trust Depositor and legal owner (means custodian, not owner in the common sense of the word) a position that would allow him to engage with the Principals and the agencies created through the Bretton Woods Agreement. 

 All Avila Family Trust Assets were deposited in the name of Severino Garcia STA Romana in 1950 and the assets were strategically moved by the United States Navy along with assets recovered from Germany and Japan. This process took 5 years to complete so the original 50-year agreement was extended by 14 years to allow a complete 50-year use of these assets from October 7th, 1955.  The new time schedule set for the agreement to end was now October 7th , 2005. 

Ferdinand Marcos was a brilliant lawyer before he became President of the Philippines and was hired by Severino Garcia STA Romana as his attorney when he was appointed the Chief Metals Trust Depositor over the Avila Family Trust Assets ---as admitted by Imelda Marcos when interviewed by the BBC concerning these arrangements.  Unlike her husband, Imelda was not initially under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

Ferdinand Marcos used the wealth he accumulated as Severino’s attorney to become the President of the Philippines which compromised his legal obligation to Severino and also compromised the oath he made to the  people of the Philippines, as it represented a possible undisclosed conflict of interest.  To be fair, Marcos was acting under a Non-Disclosure Agreement that pre-dated his Presidency, so disclosure was not legally possible -- a fact that would ultimately be used against Marcos when he was ousted as the President of the Philippines. 

The action against Ferdinand Marcos will be further explained in this recital of history and recount of malfeasance by the Principals and Agencies involved. 

 As time went by, Severino Garcia STA Romana realized he could not trust that the agreements he had accepted with the British Territorial United States of America, its Allies, the International Bankers, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and others, would be honored. He knew he was suffering from incurable Cirrhosis of the liver, and so, his days were numbered. 

Accordingly, Severino Garcia STA. Romana made a plan to ensure that all the Avila Family Trust assets were protected and able to be recovered by Demitrius Julius Shiva ---who was chosen by his predecessors as the next branch in the Avila family tree,  if Francorito Miguel Cortes de Avila and others were not able to continue as the next heirs to the Avila Family Trust. 

Severino Garcia STA Romana contacted Demitrius Julius Shiva in 1972 to inform him of his path and destiny in life without specifically mentioning the Avila Family Trust. It was at that time that Demitrius Julius Shiva was informed that he had been chosen by his predecessors to be the Inheritor and that he would be responsible for recovering all assets that were deposited in Severino’s name while acting as Chief Metals Depositor. 

Julius Demitrius Shiva was instructed to make his way to The United States of America and wait until Ferdinand Marcos, the attorney of Severino Garcia STA Romana, was out of power in the Philippines before implementing Severino’s and his predecessors’ instructions. 

This was to protect the safety of Severino’s daughter. Severino Garcia STA Romana had a daughter that he secretly hid to protect her. Severino's plan was to intentionally die intestate -- without a written Will. He deliberately entangled the trust assets with his personal estate to protect the assets. 

Severino had taught his daughter from a very early age everything that Demitrius Julius Shiva would need to know to recover all assets that belonged to the Avila Family Trust. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva was told that everything had been put in place and that he did not need to know everything as he would be contacted by others at the appropriate time. So, he waited in faith. 

Meantime Severino told his daughter Flordeliza Tan STA. Romana that a young man from Eastern Europe would contact her at the appropriate time and she was to teach this young man everything he needed to know, and then, to follow her father's (Severino's) instructions, and sign all authority over to this young man, Demitrius Julius Shiva, via Irrevocable General Power of Attorney. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva was told by Severino Garcia STA Romana that he, Demitrius Julius Shiva, would need to prove that Flordeliza Tan STA. Romana was Severino's only daughter through the probate court in the Philippines, using the DNA Severino left in safe-keeping. All this was faithfully done and accomplished before Severino Garcia STA Romana passed away on September 30th, 1974

Ferdinand Marcos as the Attorney for Severino Garcia STA Romana took over the everyday responsibilities. He appointed his eldest son William V. Morales to manage all trustees and assets deposited under the name of Severino Garcia STA Romana or any of Severino's many aliases. 

However, pressure was mounting on Ferdinand Marcos as President of the Philippines and as the Attorney for all global assets deposited in the name of Severino Garcia STA Romana or his aliases. Ferdinand Marcos met with Ronald Reagan at the White House on September 16th,1982.

Marcos stated in his ceremonial speech that The United States of America must remain strong and stand as a world leader for freedom under the Original Constitution and Bill of Rights. During that meeting Ferdinand Marcos authorized the printing of vast amounts of uncut United States Dollars backed by the gold deposited under the name of Severino Garcia STA Romana and agreed that that gold-backed money would be made available to fund global projects and used to  uplift all of humanity. 

When the Fifty Year agreement expired on October 7th, 2005, Ferdinand Marcos was suffering tremendous pressure to step down as President of the Philippines, because he could not explain his obligations to Severino Garcia STA Romana made under an NDA cloak of secrecy. 

On December 20th,1985, Ferdinand Marcos gave in and signed over management of all the assets accumulated under the ASBLP group of banks and companies to the World Bank. The source of these ASBLP assets was another part of the D'Avila Family Trust.  The next Trustee of these assets was Anthony Santiago Martin who was only 11 years old at the time and not legally able to manage these assets. 

The agreement was that the World Bank would manage these assets until Anthony Santiago Martin turned 18 and was of legal age. These assets were the profits accumulated from the Federally Sanctioned Trade program setup to use the Avila Family Assets for 50 years to fund the obligations of the United States of America under the Bretton Woods and Marshal Plan Agreements. 

In February 1986, only two months after Ferdinand Marcos gave the World Bank management of these ASBLP Trade Assets, that far exceeded the original value of the D' Avila Family Trust Assets, Ferdinand Marcos was ousted as President of the Philippines and exiled to the Island of Hawaii.  Marcos' eldest son, William V. Morales, was left in control of the assets and followed instructions given to him by his father to turn the Avila Family Trust assets over to Demitrius Julius Shive via irrevocable General Power of Attorney and this was subsequently done.  

Ferdinand Marcos died in exile in 1989 and Demitrius Julius Shiva began to implement the instructions given to him by Severino Garcia STA Romana. Ferdinand Marcos told Demitrius Julius Shiva and others that giving the World Bank authority over the ASBLP accounts was the biggest mistake he had ever made. It set up the possibility of malfeasance on a grand scale.  

When Ferdinand Marco left the Philippines, he only had one hour to collect his belongings, so he had no choice but to leave all the documents he had in his safe-keeping in the Presidential Palace. 

All the information that Ferdinand Marcos had regarding all global assets deposited in his employer’s name “Severino Garcia STA. Romana” were lost, as the presidential palace was ransacked by hundreds of people who took these documents. 

The documents obtained in this manner were ultimately altered and used to create false claims against the Avila Family Trust assets. This is the reason the Republic of the Philippines Regional Trial Court Third Judicial Region Branch 23 of Cabanatuan City was called upon to issue a Final Ruling that there were no other claimants to Severino's estate, other than Flordeliza Tan STA. Romana, Severino's daughter.  

In the years 1999-2000 Demitrius Julius Shiva proved in the Republic of the Philippines Regional Trial Court Third Judicial Region Branch 23 of Cabanatuan City using Severino’s DNA that Flordeliza Tan STA. Romana was the only daughter of Severino Garcia STA Romana, and she was ruled the heir and administrator of his estate. The court issued this ruling and a 30 day grace period was allowed for any other claimants to come forward; none did, even though Public Legal Notices were duly published. The disposition of the estate by the probate court cured and became final in 2000. 

Flordeliza was instructed by her Father, Severino,  to sign all authority over the estate to Demitrius Julius Shiva via Irrevocable General Power of Attorney and to teach him everything that Severino taught her. 

In the same time period, while they were doing all this, Demitrius Julius Shiva obtained a Federal Court Order from the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division, Judge Charles R. Norgle, who was appointed a Federal Judge by President Ronald Reagan. 

The Federal Court appointed Demitrius Julius Shiva the Attorney-in-fact for the estate of Severino Garcia STA Romana, and ordered him to discover, collect, and settle the estate of Severino Garcia STA Romana. 

Demetrius Julius Shiva was not immediately told about Francorito Miguel Cortez De Avila as this plan required total secrecy, however, as instructed Francorito Miguel Cortez De Avila contacted Julius in 2005, approximately 2 months before the Fifty Year agreement expired, and informed him that he, Demitrius Julius Shiva, was the next branch on the Avila Family Tree. Francorito signed over all ownership and control of the assets to Demitrius Julius Shiva as heir.  

This was the final piece of the puzzle and the transfer plan implemented by Severino Garcia STA. Romana prior to his own death. 

This action took the Territorial United States of America and its Allies, the International Bankers, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and others by surprise. The remaining lesser trustees and administrators all surrendered their offices via Irrevocable General Power of Attorney ---a total of 17 documents--- freely granted to Demitrius Julius Shiva as the heir and executor.

Demitrius Julius Shiva was appointed by the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division, Judge Charles R. Norgle as the Attorney-in-fact for Flordeliza Tan Garcia STA. Romana as well as the Estate of Severino Garcia STA. Romana. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva is, therefore, legally and lawfully, the only one who has the authority and ability to settle the global estate and settle any claims. 

The Avila Family Trust is the only legitimate claimant against the estate of Severino Garcia STA Romana, and upon the completion of this plan, Demitrius Julius Shiva was the only recognized and legitimate heir to the Avila Family Trust. 

This result disturbed the Territorial  United States of America and its Allies, the International Bankers, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and others, apparently because Demitrius Julius Shiva was born and raised in Eastern Europe, and that has continued to be a point of controversy in the minds of some myopic and paranoid parties throughout. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva has lived in this country for nearly thirty years and loves it, loves its people, and loves its cherished founding ideals which envision freedom and abundance for all.  That is what he envisions for all people everywhere, without exception.  The further fact is that even if he were a raving Communist with political aspirations--- none of which is true --- it would still be his money, his assets, and his responsibility to decide what to do with this vast inherited fortune. 

It is his intention and his right to fulfill the Will of his ancestors and family, which is to use the assets to uplift humanity and set people free from poverty, ignorance, pollution, and fear of not being able to feed their families, get medical care, or have a decent place to live.

It is not the right of any nation's military, the CIA or DHS or NHS or any of the other alphabet soup agencies that purportedly work for the United States Corporation, to interfere with the deployment of these assets for these purposes.  It is not their place to say anything about what Demitrius Julius Shiva does with his money, nor is it any concern of theirs, so long as the money is used for good purposes, to help and to heal.  

They all know this.  They all know that Demitrius Julius Shiva cannot be legally stopped and that there are no lawful grounds for objection.  Yet,  they have worked tirelessly to delay settlement of the estate, while they have tried to find a way to commandeer or to outright steal these privately owned assets. 

For example, agents falsely imprisoned Demitrius Julius Shiva and held him for three months without charges, and finally released him, exposing the mockery of the "justice system" and making life difficult for him and diminishing his ability to raise the liquidity necessary to enforce his undisputed rights. 

Such agents and actions have limited, threatened, obstructed, and delayed Demitrius Julius Shiva's ability to recover these Global Assets and properly administer them. 

This is, and it continues to be, a governmental conspiracy against a private estate settlement by the Territorial United States of America and its Allies, the International Bankers, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and others, who think that they should have control of what Demitrius Julius Shiva does with his assets. 

Conspiracy against basic rights is a criminal act and it has no statute of limitations; it would be in the best interests of all those involved in these illegal and immoral activities against Demitrius Julius Shiva to work with him and his lawful Fiduciary to establish a new Fifty Year Agreement regarding the base assets and trade assets (credit) generated by the Avila Family Trust ---and finally assist Demitrius Julius Shiva with the recovery and redeployment of all these globally placed assets. 

The International Bankers  have purposely kept the left- and right-hand conspirators uninformed, and therefore, with the original people who made these agreements dead and gone, most leaders in Washington have no idea as to the actual size and value of this global trust. 

The fact is that these assets were deposited globally to safeguard these assets from any one country's political upheavals and only 1% of the assets were deposited in The United States. Self-interest by the bankers and prejudice against Eastern Europe in general have been used to promote theft and misrepresentation of this entire situation. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva long ago made his decision to move to The United States, because he is aligned with the principles of human freedom and individual free will.  He could have gone anywhere else, but he stayed, he learned English, he went to work, and ultimately, he published his choice of South Carolina as his permanent home. 

This places him squarely under the protection of this sovereign State of the Union and its Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776.  This resolves any question about his political status or the jurisdiction in which he chooses to live, and it ends any claim or supposition otherwise by the Territorial United States of America. He has assigned his assets to the care of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of organic sovereign States of the Union, and he stands as a free man without citizenship obligations of any kind in this country.

Demitrius Julius Shiva is recognized as a peaceful non-combatant by the actual government of this country and has been welcomed as a member of The South Carolina Assembly, the lawful republican State Government.   

Any and all employees, officials, agencies, or officers of any entity subject to or claiming authority deriving from any constitution or commonwealth agreement, is hereby placed on Public Notice of all the foregoing facts and held 100% personally and commercially liable for any harm, interference, or obstruction of Demitrius Julius Shiva and his efforts to settle his own private business and recoup assets that legally and lawfully belong to him.  

The United States of America, which is our unincorporated Federation of sovereign States, and the Federation Fiduciary, Anna Maria Riezinger, demand compliance from all incorporated entities worldwide, including the Bank for International Settlements and members of the Global Federal Banking System,  to produce the records and balance the Master Code F.L.A.T, accounts and the derivative ASBLP accounts without further obstruction, misrepresentation, or argument. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva, his persons and his property, stand under our protection in all international and global jurisdictions of the law. 

We have determined with full satisfaction and good reason that Demitrius Julius Shiva is not a threat to the Territorial United States of America, the Municipal United States, or any other government. The biggest threat to the Territorial United States of America remains the international bankers who are responsible for this situation since 2005. 

All the governments holding Avila Trust Assets are bound under tax treaties and other agreements to produce these records and surrender them and the control of the referenced assets to the lawful and legal heir-executor and are required to expedite settlement of the Severino Garcia STA Romana Estate without further delay or obfuscation. 

The Department of the Federal Treasury (Trust) and all those subsidiary organizations, bullion banks, and others holding physical gold belonging to The United States of America and its people are required to take similar action to account for their administration of our assets and the Code F.L.A.T. Master Accounts. 

The World Bank is responsible for accounting for the derivative ASBLP Accounts and the receipts for the 14,000 tons of gold invested "for" us in that institution and its subsidiary bank, the IBRD, in 1934 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

The world has changed over the last 100 years, but the lawful fiduciary and legal trust obligations remain the same.  

In 2009 then-President Obama sent a team of more than fifty people to inventory gold deposited in Switzerland. This team was promptly removed from Switzerland because the contracts had expired in 2005 and the Territorial United States of America no longer had authority related to the assets.

As demonstrated, The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of organic and sovereign States of the Union, is the new Assign and our Fiduciary has made this accounting of the history and this demand for compliance as a necessary step forward to settle the accounts and reboot the world economy on a solid footing.

The American States and Nations Bank and ASAN Commercial Bank will be the Receivers and the new Federation Clearinghouse and Federation Treasury will serve as the instrumentalities to complete international and global transfers.  Our chartered Global Family Bank affiliates stand ready to establish institutional and individual accounts. 

This is a separate and independent banking system apart from Swift or BRICS, enabled to complete both trade and commercial transactions. 

Our Federation of States has issued a new gold-backed currency, the American Federation Dollar (AFD) which will be available via denomination and begin trading at 1/100th of an ounce of 99% pure gold.  The United States Dollar (Silver Dollar) will continue to be issued and honored as well as other coinage on order at the United States Mint. 
With an exemption against Federal Reserve Notes printed offshore since 2009, Federal Reserve Notes will continue to be honored also.  

Demitrius Julius Shiva and The United States of America stand ready, willing, and able to assist the entire world in establishing a new Fifty Year Agreement and deploy more assets and more credit to underwrite the entire world economy, as well as funding virtually unlimited projects to clean up the environment, build infrastructure, promote peace, and help build secure communities and fulfilling lives on a planetary basis. 

Such a happy outcome can only be guaranteed by adherence to the law and customary practices established by our forefathers. We all know what is right and what is wrong.  We can only build a better world upon a truthful, firm, lawful, and legal foundation, and that can only be provided by admitting the facts and cooperating to that end. 

Demitrius Julius Shiva and his Fiduciary, Anna Maria Riezinger, can provide the legal and lawful authority needed to deploy the  global estate assets with transparency and goodwill to every country, every man, every woman, and all children everywhere.  

Together, we can put an end to war, despotism, pollution, and many, many other evils.  And so it is that we present these undisputed facts to over eight billion people, many of whom are in desperate need for no good reason at all.  

The incorporated entities that are responsible for most of the misery in this world have no natural right to exist.  It is the obligation of the Roman Catholic Church and explicitly, the duty of the Pope under Ecclesiastical Law, to liquidate any and all corporations that engage in unlawful activities.  It is the responsibility of every Municipal Government and the Government of Westminster to assist and comply with our demand to liquidate known offenders and their agencies without further adieu. 

We specifically request the liquidation of the UN Corporation which began in Vichy France in 1943 and which has generated through its franchise, WHO, aka, World Health Organization, the principle part of the current pollution of mankind's genome, the White House Office, Inc., which has participated and enforced this atrocity under color of law, Pfizer, Inc., which has been instrumental and profligate in its disregard for Law and for life, the NIH and CDC, both of which have outright lied to the Public and promoted genocide for profit.  There are numerous other corporations that similarly need to be liquidated for cause and without delay.  

The shameful, uncontrolled, and undisciplined abuse of corporate privileges has brought the world to the brink of war and endangered the lives and the genetic integrity of over half of the world's population. 

All of this has to stop and a new road must be taken.  

The assets of the Avila Family Trust must be settled in favor of the actual inheritor and executor, and the assets of our unincorporated Federation of States and our people must be returned to our control and no longer held in specious unauthorized foreign trusts organized by public employees. A responsible accounting must be made and a new Fifty Year Agreement signed without delay.  

All incorporated governments, agencies, and franchises in receipt of our largesse are under demand to perform and to cease and desist all unlawful activities ---or be liquidated. 

All banks, national and international, private and public, are hereby notified. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America  -- Unincorporated
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

                  Demitrius Julius Shiva, Heir-Executor
                  for the D'Avila family
                  5,000 similar private trusts belonging to
                  among others: Saint Germain, V.K, Durham,

                  Diane Urban, et alia. 


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