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Monday, July 1, 2019

Heads Up, State Department!

By Anna Von Reitz

We aren't dead, just sleeping. 

When you say that you issue Passports for U.S. Citizens and "non-citizen U.S. Nationals" you need to be clear about which "United States" you are referencing.  

One, two, all three?  

We have a problem here, Houston.  

We have millions of actual Americans who are either citizens or nationals of The United States, but based on your verbiage, you are only issuing Passports for Territorial United States Citizens and non-citizen Territorial United States Nationals.  

If that's true, then we need to come to an agreement regarding the political status and processing of Passports for actual Americans, who are only temporarily  under the custodianship of the Queen while engaged in travel on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

We do not care to be misidentified as permanent residents of the Insular States. 

Please reply at your earliest convenience.  We are Protected Persons under international law and we are not receiving the right Passports.  

We can, of course, provide Passports of our own, but need to be told in a forthright manner that you are not providing Passports for Americans before we do so ---and some agreement and recognition of the problem must be reached between the Queen's Government and our own lawful government of The United States.  

We do not wish to cause any undue confusion or administrative dilemma, but there does need to be provision for the service and for a means to distinguish between British Territorial Citizens and Americans.  

Thank you, very much.   


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Bah, Humbug on the Democrats. And the Republicans.

By Anna Von Reitz

They are both just political lobbies. Neither one are worth spitting on.

Think about it.

All you poor black and Hispanic and immigrant people out there, "your" political lobby has been largely controlling everything that goes on in Washington, DC, for decades. Decades.

And are you any better off? Really?

No, you are not. You are more isolated, more segregated, and worse off overall, if possible, than you were prior to and right after the Civil War. Strange, but true.

Back then, it was possible for a black man or woman to earn their freedom and enter into all the rights and privileges of a free and lawful Person. Black men even served as President of the United States (Corporation) long, long before Barack Obama.

But now, all people of color and all immigrants (since 1868) are automatically deemed to be slaves upholding the public debt -- that means lifetime servitude as a "14th Amendment citizen" without any possibility (so far as the Queen and her ilk and the Pope are concerned) of ever escaping this arbitrary (and as it turns out, fictional) political status.

Who would ever want to come to this country if they knew that little fact straight up front?

Oh, hello, you poor, you teeming masses..... welcome to the world's largest slave colony....right through this Golden Door.

Despite "your" political lobby, the Democrats, being in absolute control for decades --- the process of enslavement has only gotten worse, not better. This should give you cause to pause.

If the Democrats are your Political Lobby, and they have control --- in many cases having complete control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency for years at a time --- why are you all still in slave status, still either unemployed or being taxed to death, still struggling to gain privileges "conferred" on you by Congress called "Equal Civil Rights" instead of enjoying your Natural and Unalienable rights as Free Men and Women?

Great God Almighty, it's been over 150 years since these issues and a lot more, were supposed to be settled, done, and over. And your Party, your Political Lobbyists, have been in control most of the time ever since. How is this present situation even possible?

It's simple, once you look at it.

They've been selling you all a Big Fat Bill of Goods, promising one thing and delivering another, talking the talk and then, behind your backs, walking a whole different path.

It's not what they say, it's what they do.

And what they do is to stab working people, especially poor working people, in the back. What they do is to suck dry the middle class (once you make it that far) to fund welfare programs that they control and then use those programs to control and keep down the welfare recipients --- who are unemployed and dependent on the government because of the policies of the same Democrats.

They give away your money and labor to make themselves out as real good fellows and buy votes that way, while providing a princely sum of $300 a month in food stamps to a Widow with three little kids, no husband, and no job--- and waste the rest, billions upon billions of dollars--- paying off their party hacks and the labor unions and buying war machines.

Then they conscript your sons and daughters to run those war machines and teach you all to be very patriotic while at the same time denying your Veteran's Benefits.

Well, let's all sing Yankee Doodle Dandy and spit next time we see a Democrat walk down the street. Let's mentally paint a big "L" on their foreheads. That "L" can stand equally for "Liar" and "Loser" and "Let it be so!". They deserve it.

It is a gross travesty that Political Parties have been allowed to infest Washington and take over the functions of government. It's like some horrible game show where crooks and idiots get to spend billions of dollars at someone else's expense.


It is not the American Way and this is not the way our American Government is supposed to be run, but what do you expect? Foreigners have been usurping upon and de facto running our government "for" us since 1868. They, the Foreigners, brought the Political Party System with them.

This is nothing American.

It's time we ran our government for ourselves, thank you. That's what the American States Assembly is all about. It's why you need to declare your proper political status and record it. It's the reason to ditch the Political Party System once and for all.

Candidates for public offices need to come forth from the people, not from a political lobby. And once in office, they need to act as Fiduciaries --- not "representatives". They need to be minding the Public Good and the Public Purse so that the government serves the People instead of the People serving the government.

The Democrats been lying through their teeth for the last 150 years and you don't have to argue about it or think very long. Just look at where you are and how bad things are, after decades of you all loyally voting for and putting Democrats into power.

It's all just stink, stank, and stunk. And what is your alternative?

Republicans are crooks of a slightly less hypocritical sort, there to grease the wheels for Big Business openly, while the Dems do the same for other Big Business interests behind your backs.

Either way, it's just a choice between Bad and Worse. Yucky and Mucky.

So hail and farewell to the Barbary Coast and both kinds of pirates, once and for all. Come on home to America. Come operate and restore the government you are owed. Declare your birthright political status and revoke any Voter Registration at all.

You were born to be Electors, not Voters.

So.... step to the plate, America.

Visit and get started.


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Time, Work, and Being There

By Anna Von Reitz

I spent a few days way out in the country this week, and no, it wasn't a vacation. It involved a lot of work, but from a different location. 

When I say 'way out in the country" it also implies going back in time.  Being off-grid places us automatically in the 1940's Rural America of our parents and grandparents.  

Flies, mosquitoes, and ants were still a big problem in the 1940's, and if you go far enough out in the county, they still are.  Insects are still handled in primitive ways in Bush Alaska: flies trapped on sticky paper, mosquitoes killed by putting drops of iodine and vinegar in water tanks, ant hills burned out with turpentine.  

Then there is the outhouse.  That icon of the past, is still with us today-- if you go out in the country far enough.  It takes a lot of maintenance to keep an outhouse clean and relatively odor free, but it can be done -- and still is.   About the only thing that has changed about the sanitation side of things is that we no longer have to use crinkled up sheets of the last year's Sear's Catalog for toilet paper. The bucket of Quick Lime is still the same. 

When the generator is off, there is still the silence of Nature --- which is actually raucous enough all by itself, just normally drowned out by the hum of electricity.  There's the Morning Chorus of bird songs to be heard and the rustling of leaves in the wind and the rushing sound of water.  It's a different kind of sound and a different kind of silence "Out There" where you can actually see the stars at night. 

I am, of course, used to this, grew up with it, and sink back into it as effortlessly as a duck paddling downstream. I can step out the back door and split kindling if I have to.  I can still clean a fish or pluck a chicken, use cast iron cookware, or bake a blueberry pie from scratch.  

Time is place, and mindset, too.  My son, who grew up with computers and cell phones and automobiles finds the past disconcerting.  What? There's no place to plug in my cell phone?   No USB port?  You have to do what?  How does this work?  What IS this thing?  

He holds up a "modern" hand-cranked appliance circa 1942...

For him, the actual, factual world is a surreal world, one that is disconnected from the ways and means he is used to.  It makes him nervous to be so close to the Great Beyond.  The idea of catching fish for dinner is somewhat odd. 

It's the same thing for all of us when it comes to learning the actual history of this country.  It's so different, so unexpected, and so much more colorful and complex than anything we were taught.  The whole panoply of past experience opens up and takes on life and logic of its own. 

Once you experience the past you know why you, a living man or woman, are part of the land and soil jurisdiction.  It makes sense --- your body comes from the land and soil and returns to it after death.  The ground we stand on, is the final being, home, and resting place of all our ancestors.  

There is a logic, a reason, that we are part of this country, and not just this nation.  

There is a reason that we are owed the Law of the Land. 

It is this fundamental truth, this circumstance of Being, that all the purveyors of fantasy and the con artists in the courtrooms and the Wall Street geeks and the Producers in Hollywood are trying to avoid.

I remember my younger cousin being astonished when she learned that John Wayne was dead.  "But I just saw him yesterday at the movies....."    This is the Fake World, where the man is dead, but the image lives on.  This is the world where fiction is mistaken for fact, the world where people like Henry Kissinger try to plan out the next 200 years for the rest of us. 

I sometimes get grouchy because I find myself having to explain what Thomas Jefferson deemed "self-evident"---but Thomas Jefferson lived in a different place in time.  What was self-evident to him has become obscure for us now.  We have lost our fundamental footing on the land and soil, and that precious connection with where we come from and what we ultimately are.  

We forget where we came from and then, lose track of where we are going, and after that, we get careless about how we are getting there, too.  For some, indeed, for far too many people, the ends seem to justify the means.  

The Truth is nicely hidden from us behind a wall of Plexi-glass and shiny metal, the same way that living women are hidden behind the image of a Barbie doll.  My Economics Professor used to call all these obstacles to honest perception "The Shiny Object".  He'd take us out on field trips and confront us with "issues of ultimate value".  

Do you want a drink of water or a blanket to stay warm?  

Your choices and your clarity about those choices not only  impact your comfort level, but your survival in the actual world---  the world I visited this past week, if only for a brief refresher course.  

Forget about the Shiny Objects long enough to get grounded again this summer.  Think deep thoughts about the nature of mankind and what is truly valuable.  Appreciate the men and women who make the abundance of your food possible, who sew your clothes, who forge your tools.  

Try making a blueberry pie from scratch--- maybe for the first time, or like me, remembering how to.  

Think about how that bratwurst sizzling on your grill got there.  Think about the gasoline filling your tank.  

Once you stop long enough to think about it, you will know that it all comes from the Earth, through labor, for your use and possession for a time.  It's the same story for us all.  We all come from the Earth, through labor, to have and hold our own life as a possession for a time.  

This core knowledge of what we are, where we come from, and where we are going, is part of what Jefferson deemed to be self-evident, and what we have to remember -- if we are to make sense of our own lives and to restore our lawful government.  


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This video speaks for itself. 

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