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Friday, April 7, 2023

Why We Blame the Civil Service

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims, March 6th 2005 - January 19th, 2023 in seq: 

A few days ago we covered in some detail what we hold against the military subcontractor run by the British Crown Municipal Corporation Subcontractor as a Territorial Mercenary Force, the equivalent of an American Raj.  Now we turn our attention to the Federal Civil Service and its sins against their American Employers. 

The Federal Civil Service makes up the other side that has been necessary to keep the phony Mercenary Conflict and Government Substitution Fraud going for over 150 years.  

They are the inheritors of the Federal Civil Servants who fought in the so-called American Civil War with the Southern State-of-State forces known as The Confederate States of America.  

The Southerners had the good grace and honesty to admit that they were operating as "Confederate States" and not as actual "States", and thereby at least tacitly admitting that they were engaged in a Mercenary Conflict, not an actual declared War. 

The military end of this giant crime has been promoted by Britain and the Crown operating in Territorial capacity, while the civilian service end of things and especially the federal postal service, have been handled directly by the Holy See and its subcontractors from the very beginning. 

This initial role for the original Holy Roman Empire employees was very limited, but as we shall see, these positions and the use of these bureaucrats as "slaves" of the British Territorial military has had a profound and severely damaging effect for them and for us, beginning in the 1930's during the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

It was under FDR's mandate to create as many federal jobs as possible that dozens of new government departments and over 350 "Federal Agencies" were created, and an estimated 85% of these new Municipal Corporations and federal personnel had nothing to do with the military.  They were mostly civilian bureaucrats, initially operating under the direction of the Holy See and its Municipal Corporation subcontractors --- and for a while, all went well enough.

The insidious part, other than the additional and largely unnecessary burden of all these new federal employees on us, their loyal employers, came with two later innovations: (1) the use of the Federal Civil Service members to duplicate work the Territorial Government Subcontractors were already doing, and (2) selling and/or otherwise losing control of certain key "Federal Agencies" --- most especially, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Marshals Service, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States Treasury, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. 

As a result of FDR's new "federal" departments and agencies, we suddenly had a duplication of services all across the board and we were stuck paying for both.  We had the British Territorial Department of Labor and the "DOL" operated under the Federal Civil Service provider doing the same work, and for the most part, the actual service was provided by the Federal Civil Service with the Territorial counterpart taking its ease and assuming a "monitoring" position.  

Both these systems, which were either taken over in the wake of the Civil War by the Territorial military forces on an "emergency" basis, or added later under FDR, were, for the most part, never supposed to be operated by these two foreign Municipal Corporation Subcontractors at all.  

The Territorial military was supposed to be helping us out on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" and the Federal Civil Service was supposed to be running the Post Office, and virtually all the other functions were intended to be run by the American Federal Subcontractor, our own American Federal Republic. 

Instead of assisting and defending their employers, these renegade Municipal Corporations operating out of the District of Columbia, are currently engaged pretending that they are representatives of our American Federal Republic -- a property and interest that, again, belongs to their employers, not to them.  

Donald Trump and his supporters in the Territorial military have repeatedly signalled their intention to substitute their corporation "President" for our Federal Republic President, which is grossly improper, and which would amount to yet another British Territorial Substitution Fraud Scheme.  

In view of the end result of allowing a Confederation of states-of-states to exist and run the Federal Republic, our American Federal Subcontractor, which was supposed to provide the oversight and the majority of the eighteen enumerated services, we may not choose to resurrect the failed Confederation at all.  That is, as it always was, the prerogative of the states of the Union.

As the years went on and the American Public was lulled back to sleep (after all, the services were being provided and we were never explicitly told which Subcontractor was responsible for which service) the two  remaining foreign Municipal Corporation Subcontractors eagerly gobbled up all the work intended for the Federal Republic workers and never said a word.  

The Federal Civil Service bureaucrats, like their Territorial military counterparts, never once turned to their actual employers and said, "Why are we doing this service for you, when your own American Subcontractor is supposed to be doing it?"

If we could be kept asleep, these two colluding (since 1937) foreign Municipal Corporations and their "Presidents" could continue to control and pad the cost of what remained of the federal government however they liked, borrow whatever coercive powers they chose, access our credit without our authorization and we, their employers, would be none-the-wiser.  

This is, in fact, what has been practiced against us and against our interests. 

We blame the military and the civilian Federal Civil Service equally for their self-interested misrepresentation of their American employers, non-disclosure to their employers, and the many fraud schemes they have employed against their employers for their own benefit. 

American History disappeared from our public schools and only "United States" History was presented, leaving people with the idea that only "US" citizens exist and that citizenship is the only political status available to Americans.  

We were systematically and purposefully registered as foreign citizenry and stripped of our natural political status as nationals of our nation states of the Union under conditions of misrepresentation, deceit, non-disclosure, and color of law by persons employed by the same Municipal Corporations under discussion.  

More and more coercive powers were assumed by so-called "federal" personnel and both the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS were set loose like vicious dogs on the General Public of this country and we were forced to pay "federal income tax" on our private sector earnings, while never receiving a penny-worth of actual federal income.  

The Territorial military, hungry for more payola and power, became expert at generating False Flag events and propaganda, expedited by their control of our airwaves via the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and airspace (FAA) and media outlets --- with the result that the American people were deliberately misled into undertaking (and paying for) two World Wars and literally hundreds of lesser Mercenary Conflicts for their corporate benefit. 

All this fighting and destruction and bombs in the air weren't doing the other countries that were the targets and victims of this veiled, self-interested war profiteering any good, either.  Their peace and progress and happiness has been constantly disrupted by these Municipal Corporations pretending to be governments, when in fact, they are commercial organizations in the business of providing government services and have no granted authority to function in the capacities of an actual government --- and no natural right to exist.  

All the Territorial military organizations occupying Great Britain, the former Commonwealth, The United States, seventeen countries of Western Europe, South Korea and Japan had their own version of the Raj, but increasingly they were all tied together, continent by continent, and placed under a central command structure that was in turn directly tied to their political parties and foreign Municipal Corporation "Presidents".  

All of this misery and criminality was brought to our shores and we were used as both the money and the materials to produce this end result, by two foreign Municipal Corporations that were supposed to be here providing us with (1) assistance on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways and (2) postal service.  

Most recently, the Federal Civil Service has been armed to the teeth with surplus military equipment  and over 800 FEMA Camps have been built on our soil, while the employees of the FBI, CIA, BATF, IRS, DOJ and so on, which are all owned and operated by the Municipal Corporation dba DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, INC. have been fed a whole bunch of lies about criminal "insurrectionists" labeled as "sovereign citizens" ----that is,  their erstwhile long-lost, disrespected, and misrepresented American employers who have noticed that the unauthorized military district courts are not functioning as courts of justice and that their own constitutional Guarantees to such things as free speech and the right to bear arms are not being honored by their own public employees. 

Many have also noticed the open criminality of Joe Biden operating as what appears to be our American President, while in fact operating a foreign Municipal Corporation "President", allowing senseless looting and rioting throughout this country, allowing and promoting the Vaccine Genocide, and only a fool would miss the fact that he threatened to blow up the Nordstream Pipelines --- and did so, to the harm of our traditional Allies throughout Europe. 

Many Americans have also noticed that, despite his much better business acumen and apparent fondness for this country, Donald Trump has promoted the same Vaccine Genocide and done a lot of saber rattling for the Territorial military which has been trying to generate an excuse for World War III.  

What we have here, masquerading "as" our government, is not our government --- it's just two out of control, self-interested Municipal Corporation Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia -- entities that are supposed to be providing us with "essential government services" in good faith, but which are both operating under false pretenses and in Breach of Trust and service contract instead. 

All of these problems could have been solved long ago by either Municipal Corporation, but they chose to power-monger and cheat and misrepresent their employers, instead.  Either one could have been honest and asked the American People, our State Citizens, for guidance. 

We wish for these Municipal Corporation Subcontractors to be liquidated in our favor and transferred to our direct control.  We wish for an end to all presumptions of "emergencies" and "wars" and "custodial interest"  on or in our soil, removal of the foreign military districts and military district courts, an end to all military occupations by so-called territorial forces, an end to the presumptions of the Internal Revenue Service/IRS to the effect that our earnings are federal income, respect for our Constitutional Guarantees from all Municipal Corporation and state-of-state and county-of  franchise employees, an end to all the preparations for yet another illegal, unlawful, and immoral "civil war" on our soil ---when in fact, at the end of the day, all these corporations are owned and operated by the same people.  

There aren't even two sides to this purported conflict, and all concerned Municipal Corporations, both those housed in the District of Columbia and those associated organizations occupying similar enclaves throughout the world, have violated the privilege of incorporation and the basis for their own existence. They have all been heavily engaged in unlawful activities since 1840 in Britain, 1860 in The United States, 1917 in the Former Commonwealth and again in the 1960s throughout the Former Commonwealth, 1939 in Western Europe and Japan,1950 in South Korea.... the list goes on.   

We wish for all the phony "governments" promoted by these Municipal Corporations to be collapsed in favor of the actual lawful governments of each country. 

We wish for the banks to shut down the unlawful and illegal access that these renegade Municipal Corporations have had to our credit resources.  We wish for our accounts, both credit and hard asset deposits, to be restored and reopened under our own control, and for all concerned to recognize that the lawful American Government is present, is in Session, and is competent to conduct business and run its own affairs.  

We have chartered our own banks for the purpose of distributing prepaid credit back to the victims via our own commercial bank system, and for the purpose of distributing our own asset-backed money, our well-known United States Silver Dollar, our gold-backed American Federation Dollar, and certificates for the same, through our international trade banks. 

We recommend shutting down the central banks as a failed and mostly criminal experiment; their control of commodities, and especially currency commodities, has not led to the security, stability, and peaceful world economy they advertised as the result of their activities.  

Like everything else, the potentially helpful and positive functions of the central banks have been undermined and usurped by the criminal Municipal Corporations operating "as" governments, and the central bank functions have instead been used to promote political and economic agendas dictated by these commercial corporations. 

Specifically, the central banks' ability to impose so-called "economic sanctions" have been politically and economically motivated by these renegade Municipal Corporations instead of being motivated in the interest of world or even national economic security, stability, and peace.  Their control of national currencies has not overall led to an end of counterfeiting --- instead, we have suffered the worst episode of  international counterfeiting in world history orchestrated by the Obama Administration. Likewise, the central bank system has failed to control widespread inflation and deflation of currencies and currency manipulation for illicit commercial gain. 

At the very least, a transparent public understanding of the central bank system, bank leadership that is accountable to the public, and an end of self-interested manipulation of the system for the benefit of the Municipal Corporations herein under discussion, would result in far greater likelihood of success in achieving the potential benefits of central banking and would serve to curtail the abuses of it. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 7th 2023


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Paul Stramer

April 7 — Good Friday


Jesus Christ was nailed to the Cross about midday, expired thereon in the afternoon, and was taken down in the evening toward sunset, or the sixth hour. According to the language of St. Paul, thus did He, by His blood, pacify Heaven and earth. If this form of expression convey not simply the reconciliation of Heaven with the earth, it veils a mystery impenetrable to feeble reason. But this very reconciliation is in itself the greatest mystery; for man always vainly tries to explain it by recurring to comparisons and considerations of human conception merely, which are vastly insufficient from the fact of their being human. And what matters it, after all, whether we understand or not so great a mystery? Enough for us that it has produced its effect, and that we are able to adore it in gratitude and love. That philosophy should rail at what it does not fathom is sheer foolishness. Incredulity may scoff at what it does not recognize; it concerns it, however, to know whether reason be on its side. Let heresy explain, after human fashion, things divine; as for us Christians, let us fix our gaze on the Mediator between God and man, raised aloft between Heaven and earth, with arms outstretching in order to enfold the universe, with head downbent to give to the world the kiss of peace and reconciliation, after having, at the cost of His blood, purchased peace; and let us humble our whole being in heartfelt thanksgiving and love. Let us reverently imprint our lips on this Cross, the instrument of our salvation; let us bend down trembling before the just God Who take such noble revenge for our guilt. By our work let us make some return for the price we have cost; by our penitence and tears let us apply to ourselves the merit of His redemption, and henceforth life only for Heaven, since we have been made heirs to Heaven.

Reflection —The Cross, “to the Jews indeed a stumbling-block, and to the Gentiles foolishness,” is, withal, the instrument of Christ’s power and of the wisdom of God.

Taken from Father Alban Butler's "Lives of the Saints for Every Day in the Year — With Reflections"

The Credit, Bankruptcy and "Asset Offset" Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq: 

Having fully realized that what poses for our government is merely two giant foreign Municipal Corporations in the business of providing "essential government services" and that these were never anything but federal Subcontractors ----not ever our actual government,  provides the context for understanding all the malfeasance, violence, and fraud that has gone on here and abroad as a result of their racketeering and war-profiteering.  

The most halcyon service the banks could provide to humanity is to turn the accounts of these Municipal Corporations off, and turn our accounts -- which have long been kept as "off-ledger accounts" -- back on.  We can then provide the actual asset backing needed to trade in money, not credit, and the criminals will be forestalled from any more mischief, because their accounts, which are all based on our credit, will be frozen. 

Such action is justified for an entire country for the same reason it is justified when a human credit card hacker is discovered pilfering someone's account.  As we have noted, both the assets and the credit developed from those assets belong to the actual owners -- the States and people of this country, not Municipal Subcontractors. 

So that everyone understands, the federal Subcontractors, these two giant run amok Municipal "Services" Corporations operating out of the District of Columbia, are restricted to operating on credit, while our actual states are restricted to operating on gold and silver by the federal Constitutions that allow these Municipal Corporations to exist.  This is the reason that they have been so single-minded in seeking collateral to justify credit and the reason they have been dealing in debt-notes in a debt-credit system.  

When our States and people were reported "missing, presumed lost" in the aftermath of the Civil War, the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors declared a phony "state of emergency" and equally phony "Emergency Powers" never granted to them.  Operating under these presumptions of power and asserting that they were our Trustees, they seized upon every bit of collateral in sight, and even eventually (Buck Act, 1940)  "securitized" and claimed ownership of our living bodies by falsifying our political status. 

This fraud and misrepresentation then allowed them to claim an ownership interest in us and let them take out life insurance policies on us --- a practice that eventually yielded $950Trillion in April of 2017 to Prince Philip as "Life Force Value Annuities" and which has provided practical motivation for the Vaccine Genocide we are witnessing now.  Instead of having to pay for elder care and end-of-life medical costs for Baby Boomers, these criminals have decided to kill the old people and collect the life insurance (also issued in fraud) instead.  

When all this was discovered, they were forced to go to Plan B, to justify their continued securitization of living flesh (enslavement) which has resulted in another aspect of the Vaccine Genocide -- secret implantation of patented manmade DNA/mRNA which changes the genome of the victims. The Perpetrators then claim that their unsuspecting victims are reduced to being Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) by this process, are no longer human and no longer owed human rights, and are even subject to death by the owners of these patents who claim to be their creators. 

Beyond the self-evident fraud and non-disclosure of presenting these genome-changing injections as a "vaccine" to prevent a disease, there are the issues of preponderance of rights and unlawful and illegal trespass and unlawful conversion. There is also the fact that our lawful American Government passed a Public Law by Roll Call Vote of the States of the Union prohibiting such activities and claims in this country, effective January first of 2020.

We are, once again, faced with the unavoidable fact that these Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia are being operated by criminals and have been involved in unlawful and illegal activities for a very long time --- unlawful and illegal activities that have resulted in the theft of trillions of dollars-worth of credit, destruction of asset bases, and the death of millions of Americans in undisclosed mercenary conflicts and related criminal activities ----and now, we face profit-motivated genocide and ownership claims expedited via phony "vaccinations".  

Some of the most notable credit fraud occurred in the years 1933-34, when the Emergency Securitization and Emergency Banking Acts were pushed through the Territorial Congress and their pretended Municipal Congress, too.  

The Emergency Securitization Act, which could only apply to Territorial and Municipal citizenry, that is, the federal Municipal Corporation Subcontractors,  resulted in the aforementioned illegal securitization of living flesh (enslavement)  and provided the practical motivation to mischaracterize rank and file Americans as foreign citizens in their own country. 

To put it another way, the Perpetrators falsely claimed that we, their Employers, the American People, were "stateless" because of the Perpetrator's other lies to the effect that our American Government was "missing, presumed lost, and/or in interregnum" --- and that left millions of Americans mischaracterized as being of unknown provenance and subject to the Perpetrator's salvage operations.  

The Emergency Banking Act and adoption of the Federal Reserve Act Policies of these Municipal Corporation Subcontractors surreptitiously pretending to be, or to represent, our government under color of law, resulted in them unilaterally establishing an Exchange Rate that allowed them to exchange their "Federal Reserve Note" I.O.U's on a "one for one" basis with our Silver Dollars.  

This allowed them to issue credit against our actual currency and create a backdoor to access our actual silver reserves under color of law.  Our people didn't want to give up their silver and silver certificates in exchange for what appeared to be government-issued I.O.U's, but again, because the entire situation was undisclosed and because they were hoodwinked into going along with it under color of law, people complied.  

Both the Emergency Securitization Act and the Emergency Banking Act were bald-faced commercial Municipal Corporation collateral-stripping schemes executed under force and color of law. 

These unlawful acts and the injuries to our persons and our property carried out under color of law and without any granted authority by these Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, represent acts of commercial inland piracy and extortion, racketeering under color of law, and conspiracy to defraud committed by these so-called service providers against their employers.  

As the Aggrieved Parties and the Preferential Priority Creditors, we are owed the return of all our stolen and purloined assets, the credit and the profits, and the material and immaterial assets of these Municipal Corporations.

In addition to all of these injuries, these Municipal Corporations have committed liberal and cyclic bankruptcy fraud and asset offset fraud. 

Once fully structured as two Municipal Corporation entities, these colluding foreign Municipal Corporations began racking up huge debts and charging whatever they wanted to charge against our public assets and treasury.  

They charged us for their war reparations and the costs of prosecuting World War II and every other Mercenary Conflict they have engaged in, but they have not accounted for their profits or shared their profits with us, which is more circumstantial evidence that these corporations are not in fact working for us or at our direction, and are in fact criminal organizations using us and our venerable constitutional contracts merely as a storefront.  

We have seen the prices charged for Foster Care and Incarceration Services, which have been wildly and purposefully inflated to promote profiteering, and the same sorts of charges far above the "reasonable and customary charges" we authorized, have been applied across the board.  This results in a form of forced asset seizure and causes inflation against the currency. 

If the going price for housekeeping services in the economy is $12 per hour, and your governmental services corporation charges $512 per hour for the same service, and does so under color of law, it is engaged in extortionate racketeering, a grossly unlawful practice. 

This has been happening for decades because, as we have seen,  the Municipal Corporations slipped their leash under the fraudulent administration of Abraham Lincoln, the point at which they secretly went into business for themselves and began to parasitize their employers and everyone else by substituting their commercial corporations for the lawful governments ordained by the people of each nation.   

From then on, these Municipal Corporations operating out of the District of Columbia, were no longer under the control and oversight of the actual civilian government of this country. They have been charging us for whatever services they wanted to provide at whatever cost they wanted to charge, non-consensually, at the point of a British Territorial gun, and otherwise operating in gross breach of trust. 

We wish for these offending Municipal Corporations to be liquidated in our favor together with their state-of-state and agency franchises and subsidiaries.  

We wish for the banks to shut down their access to our credit and the credit of all other nations similarly harmed by these charlatans--- that includes but is not limited to assets and credit belonging to the people of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, all the former Commonwealth countries, seventeen nations of Western Europe still under illegal Territorial occupation, South Korea, and Japan.  

Defense and banking functions need to be transferred and transitioned from the offending Municipal Corporations to our control. 

At the same time, the off-ledger accounts which belong to us and these other impacted countries, need to be brought forward and activated, to expedite a safe and sure basis for ongoing trade, new currencies, and new credit arrangements.  

We have already adopted a new international currency, the gold-backed American Federation Dollar, and we fully intend to re-issue our Silver Dollars and related certificates for purposes of domestic trade.  The criminally mismanaged Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia and their Successors owe us more silver under the provisions of the Emergency Banking Act than has ever been extracted from the crust of the Earth and quite possibly more silver than what exists in the physical world.  

This foregoing observation is, in and of itself, sufficient to justify the immediate Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Foreclosure of all assets owned and controlled by these renegade Municipal Corporations and the immediate return of their administrative functions to the lawful government.  Obviously, the cost of the bankruptcy should be borne by the actual owners and operators of the offending Municipal Corporations and not by the States and People of this country who have been the victims of illegal and unlawful Territorial Occupation for over a century and a half, or any similar victims worldwide who have had their political status unlawfully converted and themselves misrepresented as the citizenry of these same offending Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia,  their franchises, agencies, and subsidiaries. 

This information should also prompt the arrest of the leadership of the World Economic Forum and members of their "Future Leaders" program and others, including various senior members of the Bar Associations, for promoting and financing this form of lawless Corporate Feudalism and trying to force it on the free people of the world via Municipal Corporation fraud exercised under color of law.

All non-essential federal personnel not needed to provide defense, banking, transportation, and postal services should be sent home; doctors, dentists, nurses and all other health service professionals need to be released from all and any presumption that they are subject to conscription as Uniformed Officers and must be fully informed about their rights and prerogatives and released from American Medical Association contracts and also released from licensure of their ability to prescribe traditional and common drugs, nutrients, and non-proprietary therapeutics. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 6th 2023


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