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Friday, March 12, 2021

Public Corrective Notice and Demand

 This Corrective Notice and Demand is served on behalf of Alaska and The United States of America, but the same circumstance or very similar pertains to many States and Nations worldwide. 

This is why concerted international action is necessary. 


Public Corrective Notice and Demand


 The International Court of Justice – RE 162 265 907 US

Governor Michael Dunleavy – RE 162 265 915 US

The Alaska Judicial Council – RE 162 265 924 US

The Alaska State Troopers – RE162 265 938 US



“Alaska” defined as a State Trust was brought into a Union of similarly constructed State Trusts administered by foreign Territorial Confederate “States” – which are States-of-States business organizations, doing business as the State of Alaska, State of Ohio, and so forth.


This form of “Alaska” was conceived as an inchoate “State” and it was established under the authority of The Constitution of the United States of America, Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2, which deals with ---Withholding of Lands - Disposal of Lands, not under the authority of The Constitution of the United States of America, Article IV, Section 3, Clause 1 which provides for the creation of actual physically-defined states and States of the Union.


In this way, via the use of deceptive terms of art, the People of Alaska were deluded and defrauded and encouraged to think that they were in possession of their lawful State of the Union, Alaska, which everyone understood to be the physically defined state, when in fact a bait and switch fraud was involved.


According to the Alaska Statehood Act all land in this version of “Alaska” was transferred via Land Patents from the United States, Inc. to "Alaska" that is, the trust structure incorporated by the U.S. Congress and administered by their very own foreign State of Alaska business organization.


Most Alaskans were never told that land is an international jurisdiction and refers to the subsoil, minerals and aquifers that exist below the top six inches of soil, and thus, they never actually received the land and soil that is owed to them.  It was commandeered by foreign commercial corporations and attorneys acting in Breach of Trust.


So now you can see that Alaska defined as a trust is not an actual state with any sovereign powers of Nations; it exists without any actual possession of the land and soil by the Alaskan people--- and is a “State” in a completely different sense and existing in a completely different jurisdiction than the original thirteen (13) states of the Union, and it was never constructed to be, nor enabled to be, a true State of the Union.  


Those who passed off this State Trust as a State of the Union, and who artificially contrived to keep control and ownership of the land of Alaska--- only played lip-service to the ownership interests of the people who live here.


They did this purposefully and with malice aforethought as a complex constructive fraud which preyed upon the natural assumptions and popular language conventions of the average people, who signed on to this scheme without benefit of full disclosure and without realizing that they were being used as both the victims and the accessories of a crime.  


The courts of this version of “Alaska” are corporate tribunals operating in international jurisdiction.  The so-called Constitution of the State of Alaska is merely a debt agreement and service contract between the Alaska State Trust and the foreign privately- owned Territorial business corporation administering it.


These courts are, by definition, incompetent to address people standing under the Public Law and the actual Federal Constitution, so they have deliberately falsified our identities and registered us as foreign “Persons” --- both Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States.  They have unlawfully, illegally, and immorally subjected us to the sea-going Constitution of the State of Alaska under conditions of deliberate constructive fraud, and they have subjected average Alaskans to the private legislative statutes of the incorporated State of Alaska, Inc.---under force, and fraud and all in Breach of Trust. 


The mandate of the Constitution of the State of Alaska and the Statutes of the State of Alaska say that all Judges and Attorneys are required to obtain a State issued license to practice law before they may be admitted to the Alaska BAR Association ---that is, the Alaska franchise of the Municipal United States BAR Association.  


The Alaska Legislature has further mandated by State of Alaska Statute that all who are licensed to Practice Law are required to become Members of the Alaska BAR Association---including all Judges.  So it is a double-ended demand.  You have to have the license, and then, if you have the license, you have to have the card.


This Public Policy rendered as a “State” Statute, requires undefined persons to acquire licenses to pursue and engage in an otherwise undefined profession of common right, and then goes on to mandate that such persons also join a foreign Municipal guild, a European professional guild, and then proceeds to enforce a closed Union Shop policy in defiance of the Smith Act, the Taft-Hartley Act, and other well-known Federal Law.


No member of the Alaska Judicial Council, no member or Board Member of the Alaska BAR Association, no Judge in any Court operated by the State of Alaska, and no lawyer we have ever queried has ever been able to produce any such State license or membership card to validate their compliance.


So while we agree that the legislation is pure bunk and unenforceable it is also apparent that these individuals are not in compliance with their own Public Policies.  They are, in effect, lawless.


Nobody has ever been able to produce any U.S. Statute-at-Large tendered by any iteration of the United States Congress serving to create a United States District Court or any Judicial District in Alaska. 


There’s no reference for establishment of any such judicial units or offices in the Alaska Statehood Act, either.   There’s a Termination of Jurisdiction of District Court for the Territory of Alaska. Pub. L. 85–508, § 18, July 7, 1958, 72 Stat. 350, Pub. L. 85–508, but no continuance “unless the President, by Executive order, shall sooner proclaim that the United States District Court for the District of Alaska, established in accordance with the provisions of this Act, is prepared to assume the functions imposed upon it.  During such period of three years or until such Executive order is issued, the United States District Court for the Territory of Alaska shall continue to function as heretofore. The tenure of the judges, the United States attorneys, marshals, and other officers of the United States District Court for the Territory of Alaska shall terminate at such time as that court shall cease to function as provided in this section.” 


The present day so-called United States District Court in Alaska was created and established by Executive Order 10867 under the authority of the military powers of Dwight D. Eisenhower acting as Commander in Chief. 


As we all know, the Executive Branch has no ability to establish any true civilian court or related judicial authority or offices.


This places the “Alaska” version of the “U.S. District Court” and the “Judicial District of Alaska” firmly in the tradition of quasi-military carpetbagger courts imposed in the South after the Civil War:


March 2, 1867 (14 Stat. 428), divided the ten Southern states into five military districts, each to be commanded by an officer not below the rank of brigadier general. Under the act the primary duties of these commanders were "to protect all persons in their rights of person and property, to suppress insurrection, disorder, and violence, and to punish, or cause to be punished, all disturbers of the public peace and criminals." 


The “United States District Court” in “Alaska” is thus shown to be a military tribunal established under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 9 of The Constitution of the United States of America, established under the False Presumption that there are no competent civilian courts here, and subject to the provisions of Ex Parte Milligan, too.


There is a reason and a logic for all this chicanery and deceit and the connection to the carpetbagger courts, too. 


The plain fact is that our actual government has been---at least according to our detractors--- “missing” since the 1860’s, “presumed to be in interregnum” and “absent”, because our actual States of the Union were not called back into Session after the Civil War. 


As a result, there was no government in Session on the land and soil jurisdiction, and no way to enroll any of the western states as actual States of the Union. 


The details of this deplorable dereliction of duty on the part of our British Territorial (U.S. Military) and Municipal Government (Federal Civil Service) Employees have finally been fully extracted and appropriate action has been taken to summon the States into Session.


To remove the obstacles presented by false registration of Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and/or Municipal citizens of the United States, Americans from all over this country have declared and recorded their birthright political status and exercised their prerogative to assemble their State Assemblies. 


There are now fifty (50) State Assemblies in every State of the Union, properly declared, operational, and moving forward. 


On October 1, 2020, the State Assemblies that were formed prior to the onset of the Civil War returned a unanimous Roll Call Vote, enrolling the States that have entered Territorial Statehood during and after the Civil War as fully formed states and States of the Union, and making this enrollment retroactive to the date they entered Territorial Statehood.


With this action the State Trusts have been dissolved and the presumed Donors of the assets contained in these trusts have exercised their prerogative to receive back those assets, including the United States Land Patents they are owed, as fully functional nation-states and the people thereof.


Public Notice of these actions and the knowledgeable authority exercised in their accomplishment has been published worldwide for over ninety-five (95) days and has cured and has been permanently recorded.


Any coercive custodial interest or claim on abandonment proposed by the State of Alaska or Municipal STATE OF ALASKA based on their prior Bad Faith and misadministration of our assets as trust properties must be set aside.


There is also a valid known reason why the so-called United States District Court in Alaska is actually operated as a Territorial United States Court and Military Tribunal more than sixty years after “Statehood” was purportedly achieved in Alaska.


The United States Statutes-at-Large were created by the American Federal Republic Government, an instrumentality of the original Confederation formed in 1781.  After 1860, the Confederation could no longer function, and neither could the Federal Republic sponsored by the Confederation.


Thus, the United States District Courts formed prior to the Civil War were formed under the authority of the Statutes-at-Large, but there was no answering authority to establish new United States District Courts after the mercenary conflict ended.   


So, once again, our inventive but dishonest British Territorial federal subcontractors “made something up” and benefited themselves in the process, by establishing phony courts that appear to be the United States District Courts, but which are in fact Territorial United States Courts operated as quasi-military tribunals on our land and soil.


These courts enforce foreign statutory laws and Federal Codes on Alaskans in contravention of all three Federal Constitutions. They impersonate Alaskans and Americans in general as foreign “persons” voluntarily and knowingly operating as U.S. Citizens and/or citizens of the United States, when this is self-evidently not true, not disclosed, and based on criminal dereliction of duty and fraud in pursuit of coercive power and unjust enrichment.


The carpetbagger courts created in the Southern States within the new Military Judicial Districts enacted in 1867 were designed to collect war reparations from the helpless Southerners and Municipal citizens of the United States who were punished for their support of the Southern Confederacy by being defined as Fourteenth Amendment citizens--- prejudged as guilty until proven innocent, and as criminals, therefore also slaves, belonging to the surviving Federation of States and the British Territorial United States interests that fought with the North.


This was all done via misapplication of military power and executed under color of law, without lawful consent, without granted authority, without disclosure to the General Public, and has continued this quiet reign of terror and injustice, plundering and pillaging, ever since. 


This has all been done to us by our very own misdirected public employees, many of whom have been kept as woefully ignorant as the members of the General Public. 


We have awakened to find everything is disarray, as the perpetrators are trying to escape to China.  The officers of these “courts” are facing court martials and international tribunals.   An immediate cessation of all these unlawful, illegal, and immoral activities on our shores is required as a condition of amnesty. 


Let every judge and attorney consider their options and consider them well.  


The most recent outrage is an attempt by so-called corporation President Joe Biden to bond land and soil assets belonging to us, the American States and People, for the benefit of his corporation and the Chinese Government.  This is part of the cozy arrangement that the Offenders are trying to parley into continued predation against American assets and their illegal removal to China, together with associated money-laundering and securitization fraud by the HSBC organization and certain Malaysian banks.


The unincorporated Federation of States has been functional since 1776 and is the lawful government of this country in international jurisdiction.  It is not our habit or tradition to be constantly in Session, but we are in Session now.


We exercise the contracts and treaties we hold with the Principals responsible for this unholy and wicked injustice: the Pope, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of London.  We do not recognize any of their copyrighted, patented, or incorporated service providers and have no contract with Joe Biden or Russell J:Gould, et alia.  We consider these people – whether elected by our Employees or acting as wannabe Successors to contract – to be operating in the guise of privateers and/or inland pirates, in possession of some portion of some part of our government apparatus under conditions of deceit and usurpation.


We are the Employers, and we are not pleased with the service we’ve received.  This is business and a matter of flagrant criminal Breach of Trust. It is past time to come to terms.


All Americans are advised to declare their proper birthright political status to forestall any continuing false legal presumptions against them. They are advised to contact and populate their State Assembly and to do so immediately and in an orderly fashion.  Everyone is urged to act responsibly and to assist in keeping the peace. 


The International Court of Justice is asked to notify all Member States and Nations and to compel investigation and discovery related to these crimes of fraud and misrepresentation and to proceed with prosecution of those Principals and their instrumentalities and Officers responsible for this grotesque Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract. 


                 By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary, The United States of America

“Election fraud needs to be our number one priority.”


Dr. Judy Mikovtis was assaulted with excessive force and suffered injuries to her ribs and arm for NOT wearing the “proper” face mask on a flight

 Forwarded from Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

OAMF President Stephanie Stock received a text just 30 minutes ago from Dr. Judy Mikovits who has been featured in multiple documentaries showcasing fraud in the pharmaceutical industry and Dr. Fauci’s research, and was most recently featured in “PlanDemic ”…. 

“I’m ok, but, I was arrested yesterday for refusing to wear toxic paper mask on a plane. I was targeted as I had flown in silver masks 3 other times.”

“Officer used excessive force injuring my left elbow, arm, and ribs.”

“I’m going back to doc tomorrow.
My arm is very bad.”

“We will go to COURT and WE WILL WIN so that this never happens again!”

-Dr. Judy Mikovits

Rumor Mills

BREAKING: 9 European Nations Suspend Experimental AstraZeneca COVID Vaccines Due to Fatal Blood Clots

508 Dead 297,274 Reported Injuries following COVID19 Experimental Vaccines Reported in the U.K.

A Fundamental Understanding -- How to Change the Courts

 By Anna Von Reitz

Every day of my life I am assaulted with a flood of complaints and horror stories about the "justice" system in America, because quite plainly, it is not a justice system. It is an injustice system.
There are reasons for this and once you know the reasons, it is easy to grasp the reasons why.
This system was set up in the wake of the Civil War by the triumphant Union Army and their British Allies as a means to collect war reparations from the Southerners.
What you are dealing with are the infamous "Carpetbagger Courts", so-named because Hired Jurists from the North and overseas arrived carrying their belongings in "carpet bags" --- bringing with them their foreign law, known as the King's Equity Law, in which the King owned all Equity.
The way this "law" works is that all the victims of it are pre-judged and defined as criminals, so that when you walk into one of these courts there are no actual court proceedings or evidence. You are already condemned simply on the presumption that you are a rebel and owe the King money.
Read the infamous Fourteenth Amendment of the Scottish Interloper's Articles of Incorporation masquerading as "The Constitution of the United States of America" published in 1868 with new eyes.
All Municipal "citizens of the United States" --- the Federal Civil Service workers who sided with the South, are criminals and debtors by definition, as well as all the hapless black plantation workers who had this citizenship status "conferred" on them the year prior.
This allowed the King's Hired Jurists to come in and set up private debt collection agencies in the form of courts; these Hired Jurists are instructed to provide "an appearance" of justice ---- that is, to act under color of law, and to appear to go through a court procedure, when in fact, that isn't what is happening at all.
What their actual job is, is to seize upon assets belonging to you for the King's benefit, and they get a fat cut of the proceeds for doing so. Examine the CRIS system, which is a pension system based on rigged betting on court cases.
With a 96% conviction rate, betting on the results of American court cases is a pastime akin to shooting fish in a barrel, which is why it is so popular with sleazy investors. It's a "sure thing" because everyone is guilty by definition.
This proved so highly lucrative for the King and his Hired Jurists that nearly all the courts employ these same means and modes of operation. They are not in the business of providing justice --- they come right out and tell you that their courts don't consider the Law or the facts.
And now, doesn't it all begin to make a lot more sense that Bar Attorneys are Shipping Clerks in the British Merchant Marine Service?
It's their job to ship your assets (minus a healthy cut for their services) back to the Pope and the King.
So, about now, you are outraged, stunned, realizing that these filthy pikers have been sitting in your courthouses, pulling this racketeering scam for decades, and have gotten away with it and have only become more brazen about their racketeering over time.
And you are beginning to realize that these are not your courts at all.
They are literally foreign courts, and they are enforcing foreign law on you, in direct violation of our Public Law, Amendment XI of all three Constitutions: Americans are not subject to any foreign law ---- so how'd you wind up in their docket?
By being misidentified.
The British Territorial United States Government has pretended (and falsified records to the effect) that you are a Municipal citizen of the United States, while in return, the Municipal United States Government has presumed that you are a British Territorial Citizen, like someone born in Puerto Rico.
Neither one of these foreign political statuses can rationally be applied to you, an American --- but until and unless you object and take action to repudiate these cozy "legal presumptions" --- they stand.
So far as the registrations of your name show, you are a Municipal citizen of the United States, subject to Territorial (British Commonwealth) Law ---- the King's Equity Law. You are guilty by definition.
And if you object, they will be happy to consider you a Territorial U.S. Citizen subject to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition in their Municipal COURT, which they run in tandem with the Pope's Hired Jurists.
So you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't, and neither "side" of this "double-ended impersonation scheme" is willing to give it up. There's too much easy money involved, and they are afraid that they will be gibbeted as inland pirates if they ever admit to what they've done here.
Thus, they put on their best poker face and try to bluff their way out of a situation that is too blatant and now too well-proven.
The question remains--- what do you do to change this situation?
These are foreign courts on our shores, practicing foreign "law" which is essentially extortion in the name of their King (or Pope, if it is a Municipal Court). Clearly, you have no direct control over foreign courts --- and they should have no control over you.
This is how the Colorado Nine got into trouble, mistaking these foreign courts for American Courts, and unwittingly transgressing against them.
It would be like mistaking a guy who looks like your Cousin Waldo, talks and walks like your Cousin Waldo, for your Cousin Waldo ----and so you walk up to him, slap him on the arm, and say, "Where's that ten bucks you owe me?" And in return, the guy looks at you like you are nuts, charges you with assault and battery, and defamation of character, and questions your sanity.
These courts have impersonated our courts to promote their activities under color of law. Of course, they look like "Cousin Waldo" --- they appear to be American Courts, but they aren't --- a fact that I tried to get through to Bruce Doucette and the others involved in the Colorado Nine Debacle.
There's no point in addressing them as if they are American Courts when they aren't, even if they are staffed by Americans hired to act as Jurists, even if they are protected by armed private security forces composed of other Americans hired to act as Law Enforcement Officers. It's like a stage play with a cast of characters.
It turns out that you cannot change them, but you can change you.
You can reclaim your birthright political status as an American, you can join your State Assembly, you can help organize your Assembly Jury Pool, elect your Justices and other Court Officers, and operate your own courts again.
When you do, these other foreign courts are obligated to step down and no longer address you and yours. See Ex Parte Milligan, 71 US 2.
After all, you are just as foreign to them as they are foreign to you. And you have a well-established right and provenance to self-govern. All you have to do, is to get off your rump and do it.
You can't change their courts, but you can restore your own, and force them to stop addressing you and other Americans who have better things to do than be harassed by criminals.

Please see the new Anna's Chart published today on my website(s) as "How to Change the Courts" which gives you a step by step path forward. Go to: and to


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