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Monday, August 24, 2020

Public Notice to All National Governments


By Anna Von Reitz

At some time in the past, between 1998 and 2005, representatives of your government which were acting as franchise corporations of the UN CORP signed accords allowing for participation in a "live exercise" of world preparedness in the event of another pandemic like the Spanish Flu.  

The likelihood of such a health crisis was already known, both as a statistical fact and as a result of turning on the 5G grid system worldwide.  Increases in radio frequency and microwave transmission loads have always been accompanied by "pandemics" of illness brought about by EM Radiation Sickness---- and that has been well-documented since the early 1900's. 

So WHO had already arranged for 196 countries to participate in such a "preparedness live exercise" ---- basically a fire drill conducted to see how well prepared we all are in the event of a pandemic, and the Powers That Be already knew that they'd have a pandemic to deal with the moment they switched on the 5G Grid worldwide.  

Are we supposed to believe that this was Kismet?  After 15 years, WHO just out -of-the-blue decided to pull its "live exercise" test and unleash it on us, at precisely the moment the 5G net was being prepared to go live on a worldwide basis?  

The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, has charged-back the cost of the entire CARES relief package to the Pope and the Queen, as the Parties responsible for this Mess in America.  

You will notice that there have been no further "gifts" serving to exercise our own credit to further indebt us.  

And now, it's time to charge the UN CORP for the costs and losses associated with all these nasty shutdowns and lockdowns based on nothing but lies. 

Whether we charge the associated franchise employees with additional fines and imprisonment is an additional issue for each country to consider. We have already issued Arrest Warrants for Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and other Players who have sought to realize personal gain from this disruption.  

We strongly feel that while some parties associated with WHO were well-intentioned, both the timing and the manner in which this "live exercise" was carried out, are highly suspect and inappropriate.  

Many small businesses have been forced to shut their doors, millions of people have been unemployed and underemployed for months, factories forced to shut down, agricultural production slowed and in some cases stopped, and many other inconveniences and abuses have been perpetuated far in excess of anything that was agreed to or anticipated by the signatories authorizing this "live exercise" in 2005. These are facts that the incorporated service providers are aware of and in many cases, they have contributed to the misery and destruction instead of limiting the disruption. 

Now, therefore, it behooves the actual National Governments of each country to charge the UN CORP for the acts and omissions of its franchises worldwide, to assess the damage that this fire drill has caused to their national economy and to their people, and to send the UN CORP the bill for it.  

We anticipate that the charges will be sufficient to discourage any continuance of this fake pandemic charade and also serve as an expedient means for the people in charge of their actual governments to forestall any similar insanity in the future.  


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The Boy Who Cried Wolf


By Anna Von Reitz

Remember in the early days when we were all taking the "viral threat" seriously and analyzing it accordingly?  

Remember when things started to fall apart and we began to smell a rat when aspects of the whole "Covid 19" story began to unravel?  

The creator of the PCR Test that they have been using since the beginning of this farce came out and said--- hey, this test doesn't work for that!  What are you doing?  

Here is a competent explanation of what THEY are doing and why the test doesn't work (and doesn't even test for viruses)---and why none of this makes any sense at all from any medical standpoint:  

And, while you are digesting that over your morning coffee, here's another gem that has been promptly buried by the mainstream news---- it turns out that WHO is no longer claiming that this farce is a pandemic at all.  

FB Friends will have to go to my website and download the MP4 video clip which should be available and posted in a few hours.  It is very "official" and explicit and comes directly from a news conference at the World Health Organization offices with WHO officials: no contagion.  No reason for masks. No reason for "quarantines".   All hoax.  All BS.  

And that is directly from the World Health Organization which planned and staged and implemented all this crap. 

No masks.  No social distancing.  No proof that there's anything air-borne or any transmission by coughing, sneezing, touching, etc. 

And all of this backs up Mike Pompeo's description of this as a "live exercise" --- basically, a fire drill.  

Plus WHO's own reports and the admissions contained in those reports that this was all nothing but a "live exercise" of worldwide preparedness for an actual pandemic, as agreed to by 196 nations in 2005.  Notice the same words?  "Live exercise"?   

So WHO called it a "live exercise" in their planning documents in 2005, and Mike Pompeo knew it was a "live exercise" in 2020.  Go figure. 

This all also corroborates and makes sense of the fact that there has been absolutely no effort to isolate and identify any virus as the cause of any illness. There are well-established scientific protocols for isolating a specific virus, and if this had been an actual pandemic, no effort would be spared. 

Again, I repeat, this whole scenario reeks of falsehood.  It reeks of being a hoax.  And it reeks of being an "inside job".  The people like Fauci and Pompeo knew it was a hoax.  And lied to the public through their teeth. 

There are a number of lessons to be learned. 

First, this isn't your government and yes, they tell lies -- big ones, all the time. 

Second, sadly, if they do ever have a real pandemic to report, people will have good reason to ignore them.  

Third, all the chaos, the job losses, the business losses, all of it -- needs to be chalked up against the UN Corporation and charged off to it, too.  


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SARS-CoV2 and the Rise of Medical Technocracy. Lee Merritt, M.D.

Masks Don't Work. Listen to this Doctor.

A Most Excellent Summation by Marlon Schroeder


By Anna Von Reitz

Every once in a while someone shames me with the simplicity and exactness and purity of their analysis- meet Marlon Schroeder and in case you missed this excerpt from the slightly longer comment he shared today---- which was really just to draw the conclusion again that just as in every other election since 1860: they select them and we elect them.

Marlon gives a nice break down, however, of more exactly how and why:

"The U.S. is a federated corporation, with a handful of owners (fed res owners). There are dozens of documents stating so, since 1868.

NEVER in the HISTORY of the world, have the workers/slaves, elected their CEO nor board of supervisors (congress).

I have known of/spoken to a couple people who were on the DNC and RNC -> they are owned by the same holdings companies -> the parties are paid to represent their corporate owners, by SELECTING THEIR representatives, JUST like a normal corporation works.

This is how it works:
1 ) Candidates (applicants) emerge (apply).

2 ) They go through a screening process both behind close doors, and in public ("debates" for a show).

3 ) The media purports who you support, through faux polling.

4 ) The party is told who will be hired, by the board of the holdings companies.

5 ) The media, once again, tells you who you voted for (who won).

6 ) The media continues to tell you what you want to hear, and what to have faux outrage over, until the next globalist owned sock puppet is hired.

7 ) You are happy to have the illusion of choice, while they tell you that your enemy is those who vote for the other party's selection."

Well, actually, Marlon, I haven't been happy with the illusion of a choice, nor with 9/10ths of the candidates on offer, ever, but otherwise your conclusions all pass the sniff test with flying colors.

This process--- what you have so succinctly described--- is how the political party system works, and, more generally how any Corporatocracy works.

As Lysander Spooner observed when all this idiocy began, being able to choose a new slave master every four years doesn't make you less of a slave.

As I will also point out, according to the Territorial Federales, it is still illegal for Municipal "citizens" to vote in Federal Elections, though millions upon millions of them do, right along with millions of deluded Americans who think that these private corporate offices and elections involve our office of "President" and these hyped-up media events must be our public elections--- when in fact they are not our elections at all.

If, Mary's Potato Chips, Incorporated, held an election today to choose a new Board of Directors and CEO, would I vote in it?

Only if I happen to be a shareholder in Mary's Potato Chips, Incorporated.

It's the same way with these foreign "governmental services corporations" that are here as our subcontractors. Their elections are all private corporate elections having nothing to do with us or with our Government or any public elections or offices.


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