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Monday, August 24, 2020

Public Notice to All National Governments


By Anna Von Reitz

At some time in the past, between 1998 and 2005, representatives of your government which were acting as franchise corporations of the UN CORP signed accords allowing for participation in a "live exercise" of world preparedness in the event of another pandemic like the Spanish Flu.  

The likelihood of such a health crisis was already known, both as a statistical fact and as a result of turning on the 5G grid system worldwide.  Increases in radio frequency and microwave transmission loads have always been accompanied by "pandemics" of illness brought about by EM Radiation Sickness---- and that has been well-documented since the early 1900's. 

So WHO had already arranged for 196 countries to participate in such a "preparedness live exercise" ---- basically a fire drill conducted to see how well prepared we all are in the event of a pandemic, and the Powers That Be already knew that they'd have a pandemic to deal with the moment they switched on the 5G Grid worldwide.  

Are we supposed to believe that this was Kismet?  After 15 years, WHO just out -of-the-blue decided to pull its "live exercise" test and unleash it on us, at precisely the moment the 5G net was being prepared to go live on a worldwide basis?  

The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, has charged-back the cost of the entire CARES relief package to the Pope and the Queen, as the Parties responsible for this Mess in America.  

You will notice that there have been no further "gifts" serving to exercise our own credit to further indebt us.  

And now, it's time to charge the UN CORP for the costs and losses associated with all these nasty shutdowns and lockdowns based on nothing but lies. 

Whether we charge the associated franchise employees with additional fines and imprisonment is an additional issue for each country to consider. We have already issued Arrest Warrants for Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and other Players who have sought to realize personal gain from this disruption.  

We strongly feel that while some parties associated with WHO were well-intentioned, both the timing and the manner in which this "live exercise" was carried out, are highly suspect and inappropriate.  

Many small businesses have been forced to shut their doors, millions of people have been unemployed and underemployed for months, factories forced to shut down, agricultural production slowed and in some cases stopped, and many other inconveniences and abuses have been perpetuated far in excess of anything that was agreed to or anticipated by the signatories authorizing this "live exercise" in 2005. These are facts that the incorporated service providers are aware of and in many cases, they have contributed to the misery and destruction instead of limiting the disruption. 

Now, therefore, it behooves the actual National Governments of each country to charge the UN CORP for the acts and omissions of its franchises worldwide, to assess the damage that this fire drill has caused to their national economy and to their people, and to send the UN CORP the bill for it.  

We anticipate that the charges will be sufficient to discourage any continuance of this fake pandemic charade and also serve as an expedient means for the people in charge of their actual governments to forestall any similar insanity in the future.  


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  1. dont need to go back to 2005 or further, Rockefeller documents are out from 2010 with their detailed economic pandemic plans, and late 2019 Event 201 run by the Gates staging the exact same scenario's that unfolded just a few months later, while he publicly lied that they had no idea about it or any way to plan ahead when the full script was already written for Opperation-Covid19.
    Was well documented from the start Wuhan had around 10,000 new 5G antennas recently installed. Now recent testing results can prove that the "Covid testing" which is totally unreliable across the board will actually detect cellular waste material caused from 5G damage to your cells as being a positive test result because the fragmented DNA particles are very similar.
    SO the 5G damage to your body will potentially trigger a positive test for Covid19! And they can just blame Covid for the increased reactions to 5G while perpetually expanding Opperation-Covid19 and making 1984 the new reality.


  2. Present tests (LOL) do not look for the virus just you cell dna which everyone has normally, thereby everyone will be positive.
    See Davie Ikes news.........

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

  3. Henry Makow Retweeted
    The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸@ColumbiaBugle
    The McCloskeys Were Awesome!

    “Make no mistake, no matter where you live your family will not be safe in the Radical Democrats America.”

  4. Could it be that Kerry Cassidy’s whistleblower`s are not so wrong ??

  5. 75 years or more the bastards been lying to everyone on the planet

    And a note about the world bank article

    The World Bank is the same crooks

  6. Check this out,it's short.

  7. The "live exercise" was ginned up to cover what is really a financial collapse last year in September. Banks don't have money so the Fed had to intervene again the the overnight repo settlements to inject liquidity. The trigger was pulled in March to collapse the velocity of money since banks are walking zombies and have been for awhile. Everyone knew it was just a matter of time, and that time has come.

  8. THE fake plannedDemic: Watch this video, this is Fouci and Gates's way to attempt to hijack and own human beings via their demonic vaccines once in your body they will be stating that we have their technology in our bodies; therefore, they own us. SLAVERY, ANYONE?

    For all these criminals: Fauci, Gates, United Nations et al., running these fraudulent murderous corporate organizations hiding under a corporate veil. I implore The State Assemblies. We The People into action we as Americans need to take their corporate charters AWAY NOW, CLOSE these corporations down NOW, and CONFISCATE ALL CORPORATE. FOUNDATION AND PERSONAL ASSETS NOW!

    All they understand is A GRAB FOR POWER, CONTROL, MURDER, AND MONEY! Since they, for now, have the money and the power to do these evil acts, they need to be STOPPED ASAP!

    Take away ALL their money, and their corporations leave them naked with nothing. Cease all assets from them and their nefarious corporations/foundations. What you will end up with is Two wanna be Dr. Mengele's wimpy worthless Fouci Gate worms with NO POWER. Simultaneously put these creeps in Jail till their day of judgment. God willing, they get the Death Sentence for committing high treason violating the constitution of our country. As well as violating the Geneva Convention this must be done NOW!

      Hell even Papa Johns has a FOUNDATION

      Their fossil free world while they hoard the worlds oil supplies under the guise of sustainable development

      Same thing with the privatization of water supplies - this category here is a 2fer, 1 - reroute water over decades at strategic points to serve as the mechanism by which to flood as this has planned for and 2, limit water to the slaves under the guise of sustainable development (Obama I believe signed shit on taking over all inland waterways)

      They've got more LLC and provate companies at the water level too assessing water usage etc

      Southern Water Management Inc
      Midwest Water Management Inc

      Hmm here are yet more INCORPORATIONS working the agenda in this sense this is the water policing??
      They don't like you, or you defined as dissident they call jack up your water bill so high you will never be able to pay them??
      Yet another racket to go with their Green New Deal which is UN AGENDA 21/2030/2050

  9. Yes 2020 Fall, all a way to first 1/2 of January 2021. They will be raping U.S. citizens.

    The Devil-workers or the sub-agents of, and agent of (Mr. Trump who said he can't be bought, who signed a Contract with) their foreign Masters >> the UK++ Vatican will be rapping us, according to the viewing tools. The tools see the same pattern of Fraud, as the Deadbeat (bankers), fake lenders or Vermin continued to Kill their priority Creditors, to avoid paying back their debts.

    Great Sin indeed. But the impending victims like to be enslaved and be killed! When I tried to warn them, they think I curse them, how stupid they are. Sorry, no offense, human brains are nearsighted.

    BTW - Why I don't use the term "Illuminati" ? It's too Abstract (hidden meaning, unknown evil-doers), I like to use common term to help people understand the truth in their daily lives.

  10. Hi Anna, I read a Cease and desist letter you wrote up lately and found it spot on. I would like to do something for canada as I'm canadian living in montreal. My question is did you lawfully send it to the u.n. and friends and was it by a lawyer sent. I would like an idea as what to do to make it count for us here. You are very appreciated. Be Blessed.