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Friday, May 1, 2020

Former AIDS Scientist Exposes Dr. Fauci’s Medical Corruption

Found Here:

The Last Word on Covid 19 and Bill Gates

By Anna Von Reitz

The government of India has indicted Bill Gates for crimes against humanity, resulting from his crazy vaccination programs in their country which left almost half a million children crippled.  Numerous countries in Africa are expected to do the same, because of children crippled, sterilized, maimed, and killed by Bill Gates and his vaccination programs there.  

Now, Bill Gates is hoping to bring another such scandalous "health program" based on his vaccines home to America and the clueless idiots in Congress, bedazzled by corporate BS, think this is a good idea.  

Well, as usual, JC has the final word --- and exposure --- on exactly who is paying for all this crappola.  Thank God for our researchers.  

Those seeing this on Facebook will have to go to my website, to see the attachments, which we are sending and posting especially for the People of India, and the Peoples of Africa, who have already suffered at the hands of this monster in a suit.  

The attachments include information on the overall planning of the technological subjugation of the world population and specifics on the World Bank funding scheme that was commandeered in 2012 --- illegally, we might add.  

It's not light reading, but highly informative and will give great insight into the criminal mindset giving rise to this  reckless anti-human activity --- as well as exposing the parties principally responsible for it.  

This is a Gift Package to the International Law Team for India, with all our good wishes and fond hopes that they take care of "the problem" for the whole world and put an end to the World Bank crimes and the Bill Gates mental illness, too.

Please note that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) changed its rules to accommodate this scheme and is complicit in the financial crimes and acting in support of the repugnant political agenda --- AGAIN.  

Anything we can do to help..... 


Here are the links to the attachments: