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Monday, June 12, 2023

Take Note, Mr. Trump --- and Everyone Else: 27 USC 72.11

 By Anna Von Reitz

All crimes have been "redefined" by this section of Federal (that is, Territorial) Code, 27 USC 72.11 so that all crimes --- so far as the British Territorial Government is concerned --- are commercial in nature. 

Title 27 is a weird bit of code on a good day, governing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) and Federal regulatory and enforcement powers over these "regulated substances" and those invoked under the interstate commerce clause. 

This redefinition goes hand in hand with the prosecution of the second Municipal Corporation residing in the District of Columbia, and the "universal debtors" known as "citizens of the United States" referenced by the Fourteenth Amendment of the 1868 Corporate Constitution. 

The Federal Civil Services workers were the ones identified to pay the war reparations of the Civil War. 

We already and long ago decried the fact that this fourteenth By-law Amendment has no form or force of positive public law and was part of a foreign corporation charter deceitfully presented to the American General Public as The Constitution of the United States of America (Incorporated) without disclosure of the meaning or nature of this document --- and that it is now a relic of a long-defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that went out of business in 1907. All of this chicanery was never ratified by the States of the Union, anyway.  

In sum total, there is no viable "Fourteenth Amendment" and there is no valid and consensual Corporation Constitution, and there is no viable authority then or now for any of this --- but if you are to deal with the set up that has been left intact despite all the foregoing, you are left with the two Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia "at (commercial) war" with each other, and playing Piggy in the Middle with the General Public -- as well as Donald Trump. 

Remember: all crimes and indictments brought in Municipal Corporation Courts in the District of Columbia are brought against US PERSONS first and foremost, and these DEFENDANTS are prosecuted as Municipal Corporation franchises engaged in interstate commerce.  

This is done so that the Perpetrators can latch upon the property of the named DEFENDANT and sue them under the False Legal Presumptions provided by the Fourteenth (By-Law) Amendment of a defunct foreign corporation.  

And no, I could not possibly make this stuff up.  

Read that: if "DONALD J TRUMP" was indicted, these are charges related to commercial crimes committed by a Municipal Corporation franchise named after him.  Not Donald Trump the man.  The court will be trying those charges under the false legal presumptions allowed by the Fourteenth Amendment, which pre-judges each such named DEFENDANT.  They are all guilty until proven innocent.  That's why there is a 96-plus percent conviction rate. 

Authority for armed enforcement of this nonsense is always invoked under either: (1) Federal regulatory powers over alcohol, tobacco and firearms, or (2) the interstate commerce clause, or (3) both.  

As a result, the Perpetrators have to allege and presume the existence of a commercial corporation -- e.g., DONALD J TRUMP, and they have to convert whatever is alleged against him into a commercial crime under 27 USC 72.11, to make this web of cobwebs stick. 

If, on the other hand, "Donald J. Trump" was the "person" being indicted, these are charges against a British Territorial U.S. Citizen being brought under the Title 50 War Powers Act --- war powers that don't properly exist, because the "war" these powers are presumed upon is an illegal 160 year-old commercial conflict.

Nonetheless, this is how the so-called District and Supreme Courts have been operating and the presumptions they have been operating upon for decades --- whether it makes sense or not.  

If this second British Territorial  "person" is being addressed by the indictment, the trial is less certain to end in conviction, but it will also be a very cut-and-dried process invoked under military law.  

Trump supporters need to take this seriously.  If the Commander-in-Chief is found guilty of endangering "national security" by a military tribunal he could hang for it.  

Key to all of this is realizing: (1) which Person or PERSON is being addressed by the indictment(s); (2) which jurisdiction of the law is being invoked; (3) which law applies and why.  

Without this foundational understanding no proper defense can be mounted. To date, there is no evidence that: (A) Trump's lawyers know their butts from buttercups, or (B) that they give two cents about what happens to Trump. 

Whatever else you may say about Bill Barr, he is not incompetent and he has sounded the alarm, in public.  

Biden isn't the Commander-in-Chief and never was in that position, so is considered a foreign civilian in possession of classified documents he was given-- and, just like Hillary Clinton, proving injury as a result of his possession of those specific documents is difficult if not impossible. 

This apparent double standard exists because there are two different Municipal Corporations involved, acting in two separate jurisdictions and under two different forms of law, each with separate offices and elected officials involved. 

Keep this in mind as we go forward and watch the unfolding drama that the mainstream media will make of the Trump Indictments.  


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The Birth Certificate Fraud Revisited

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

As we have noted throughout, entire countries have been the victims of identity theft at the hands of their own public employees and Military Services and Allies. 

It may seem anti-climactic to observe that we have all had our identities stolen and our political status unlawfully converted, and yet, without this one-by-one and year-by-year erosion of our General Public, it would be impossible to continue the phony mercenary "war" upon which this corrupt system depends.  

Too many Americans and other people around the world would know the
history, and in knowing it, would fight enslavement and feudalism and unlawful conversion practiced by the incorporated Territorial and Municipal Corporation "governments".  

Now that we have the problem in view, we are prepared to deal with it. 

The birth registration is a registration of property and the Depository Trust Company, like Cede and Company, is the receiver and clearinghouse in receipt of the property: you.  The birth certificate is a warehouse/clearinghouse receipt allowing your assets to be cashiered, monetized, and traded. 

You are given a copy of the birth certificate as the one entitled to use the name appearing on the birth certificate, the Authorized Representative, but you do not own the referenced property being registered. 

When you "register" something you are giving up your ownership interest in it to whatever organization, person, or company receives the registration.  

In the case of most American babies, that entity is a foreign British Territorial State-of-State organization, like the State of New York.  

This is a sophisticated, white-collar enslavement racket operating in the 21st century right under our noses, and it has been in open operation since the 1920's. 

To say that this is illegal, unlawful, and immoral would be an understatement, but it does not appear in its true guise of unlawful conversion of political status, because the Perpetrators pretend to be still engaged in a "war" that is now 160 years old, and also pretend not to know who you are or where you came from.  

You are just a waif, found abandoned as a baby on a "battlefield" or "at sea" and turned over to the State-of-State organization by an "Informer"-- the paperwork used to say, "Mother", and pretend that the Mother was unwed, thus doing away with the nicety of securing the Father's parental consent to the theft of his child.  Now they just call the Mother an "Informer" to dispense with her parental rights, too.  

This registration paperwork is never identified as a registration.  It's carried out by private undeclared Foreign Agents and witnessed by a Medical Doctor, who conveniently outranks all the Bar Association Attorneys and Judges in the system of District and State-of-State Courts. 
They can't possibly question the testimony of a superior officer. 

So there you are.  You are given a "Title" to your own name, as if you were a British Territorial Citizen obligated to serve the British Monarch all your days --- and it is a Title in exactly the same sense as a Vehicle Title. 
You get to use it, but you don't own it --- even though you are the original naked owner and have a superior claim to the property.  

You can't exercise that claim if you don't know the situation you are in, and millions of people have been conveniently left in the dark about that. 

In order to legalize this ultimate fraud scheme and property theft the Perpetrators have to provide remedy, but they don't have to advertise it or make it generally available to the public, because --- going back to the source of this entire rot --- it's a military operation involving their "national security", that is, the national security of the British Territorial United States of America, not ours. 

We are in a position wherein we must think and speak in terms of their "United States" and our "United States", their "United States of America" and our "United States of America".  

The single hole in the wall is buried in the gobbledygook of State of Minnesota regulations, at the Office of the Registrar of Titles, under Rule 220.  Although every Territorial State of the Union is required to follow the same rules, no other State that we have investigated has a "Registrar of Titles".  

So ownership of yourself comes down to one office in one state franchise in the entire country, and you are given no instruction regarding the materials that you need to produce in order to reclaim your Good Name for your own use.

Rule 220 basically states that you must provide an Authenticated Birth Certificate and at least one Witness willing to sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury that he or she is "familiar with the facts recited" and that the party named in the birth certificate presented is the same as one of the owners named in the certificate of title, and that henceforth the Registrar of Titles shall treat the registered owner referenced herein as having attained the age of majority 18 years after the date of birth shown on the certificate.  

Simple enough, except that: (1) numerous obstacles have been set in place to prevent people from obtaining authenticated birth certificates, and (2) one State of State Office to handle claims by 320 million Americans is grossly insufficient and (3) even after one knows which office handles these titles, it's devilishly tricky to find.  

There is no address for the Office of the Registrar of Titles in Minnesota, so what small remedy is offered to the General Public is obstructed and insufficient by any standard of logic.   The secrecy surrounding the remedy offered by this one reclusive office is entirely self-interested on the part of the Perpetrators who depend on this enslavement racket for the basis of their coercive power and claims of ownership interest in the victim and their property assets. 

Even after you have hopped through all the hoops to obtain an Authenticated Birth Certificate and the Witness Affidavit and ascertained the role of the Minnesota Registrar of Titles Office, there's more to consider.  Now that you have notified the Corporations of your ownership interest in yourself and your Good Name and all derivatives thereof, you still have to perfect your superior claim.  

So, now we have to look up 28 USC 1733 which declares all authenticated records to be equal to the originals.  Now you can prove that your authenticated birth certificate is of equal weight and value as the original.  

Combine your authenticated birth certificate from the United States Department of State with the properly worded Witness affidavit required by Minnesota Rule 220 and you have a viable counter-deed that can be presented as evidence in any civil or criminal case asserting your position as the owner of your own Good Name and estate.  

This is fundamentally important in dealing with these Municipal Corporations operating "as" governments, as it leaves no doubt whatsoever as to who you are, your competency, and your preferential secured interest.  Otherwise, they and their black-robed affiliates continue to assume that you are an "infant decedent" with no interest in your own Good Name and property assets. 

The fraudulent "war" gives rise to the fraudulent registrations and the fraudulent registrations give rise to the unlawful, illegal, and immoral securitization of living flesh -- that is, enslavement and unlawful conversion of the political status of the victims. 

As Americans born in one of the nation-states of the Union, we have our own government and our own sovereignty and we are owed every jot of the Federal Constitutions and their guarantees, but once we are self-interestedly "presumed to be" waiving our birthright estates and voluntarily adopting U.S. Citizenship as a British Territorial Citizen, the British Monarch assumes ownership of us and our property assets. 

He or she then gratuitously shares the spoils from this criminal racket with the Pope by impersonating each and every victim of this scheme as a United States, Incorporated, franchise corporation doing business under the victim's name styled in all capital letters, a convention borrowed from Latin, indicating that the person is a slave. 

Those making the False Claims and False Presumptions related to our enslavement are criminals under international law and global commercial law as well as Ecclesiastical Law. 

We wish for the total discrediting of this system of things and all Legal Presumptions attached to it.  

We wish for this entire system of registering babies as property belonging to Municipal Corporation franchises to be dismantled and for all claims against the property interests of the living people who naturally belong to the General Populace of each country to be disallowed. 

We wish for any new fraudulent claims against Americans and other living people based on injecting them with undisclosed patented fragments of  mRNA to be disallowed as well; these injections were fraudulently misrepresented as vaccines to protect against an infectious disease and any other purpose was not disclosed.  

The only persons born in this country who might actually adopt British Territorial Citizenship on a limited and temporary basis are the mercenaries serving in the US Armed Forces, and the only ones who might similarly adopt the status of citizens of the United States are the Federal Civil Service Employees. 

Nobody else would receive any equitable consideration for their losses of property, guarantees, and other benefits, and would have no reason to voluntarily adopt these foreign citizenship obligations.  

We wish for the complete erasure of all False Claims in Trade and in Commerce based on these or any other schemes seeking to impersonate us or our country, especially any such ownership interest schemes invoked for purposes of unjust enrichment via the practice of fraud, identity theft, credit theft, asset seizures, deprivation of rights under color of law, evasion of contractual service obligations, kidnapping, securitization of living flesh, inland piracy, undisclosed offers of entitlement, registration, or certification,  foreign licensed privateering, impoundment and impound orders disguised as warrants, issuance of bills of attainder, use of private legal tender under force and color of law, grand larceny, racketeering, extortion, conspiracy, unlawful conversion, barratry, false claims of war powers, false claims of state immunity, illegal confiscations, breach of trust, peonage, mischaracterization, misrepresentation, counterfeiting, defective remedy, obstruction of justice, malfeasance, war for profit, genocide of civilians, obstruction of trade, human trafficking,  murder, maiming, mayhem, false claims in commerce, accounting, fiscal, and financial fraud, and crimes of state including war for profit, genocide, and invasion.  

We wish for a complete end of all of this lawless malfeasance and bad faith and also an end to all corporations that have acted as accessories and accomplices to these crimes against us and against humanity, while operating in breach of trust as government service providers and otherwise as the producers and purveyors of products which have been used for criminal purposes. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 12th 2023


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The Biggest Archeological News in My Lifetime

 By Anna Von Reitz

Most of the time I am up to my neck in current new and urgent affairs taking place right now, but as we have all learned, history --- even ancient history, has a bearing on today, and we need to pay better attention. 

Some years ago when Gobekli Tepe was unearthed from its burial place in Turkey, it completely upset our notions of the chronology of human history. Now, we have received another key to understanding and dating ancient artifacts:  

Take a minute to really notice and appreciate how this new insight revolutionizes our ability to date events and gives substance to ancient history and insight into undeciphered ancient languages.  We stand on the verge of being able to interpret both dates and symbols appearing on cave walls, petroglyphs, and stele worldwide that have defied translation for centuries. 

Will this give us a whole new view of human history? Most likely, because it already has had tremendous impact on the archeological and astronomical communities that have heard the news and began delving into the implications. 

The Cosmic Clock has been the object of study and religion since the earliest times. It should not surprise us that the more ancient our reference points become, the more varied the animal totem representations of the constellations become, too.  

How else do you explain someone who has never seen a leopard or a lion, nonetheless carving remarkable likenesses of both,  on a lonely stone stele standing in an empty field in northeastern Scotland ten millennia after Gobekli Tepe was purposefully covered over with millions of tons of dirt?  

Our appreciation for the "new" ancient dating system is just beginning. 
Like the Rosetta Stone, it will take time for academia to accept the inevitable and begin using the new information, but for the rest of us, the magic has already begun and we have our first glimpse into the very earliest signs and symbols that have built the world we know. 

Pause. Take a breath. 

Reach back to those long ago people who looked up into the sky, and traced the shapes of the constellations in the shapes of familiar animals and birds, from their different points of reference on the globe.  

Now, we can understand why the Egyptian gods were pictured as they were in hieroglyphs, how language became symbolic, and how the stars formed a universal vocabulary for early mankind.  

Go here to read more: 


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