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Monday, June 12, 2023

The Biggest Archeological News in My Lifetime

 By Anna Von Reitz

Most of the time I am up to my neck in current new and urgent affairs taking place right now, but as we have all learned, history --- even ancient history, has a bearing on today, and we need to pay better attention. 

Some years ago when Gobekli Tepe was unearthed from its burial place in Turkey, it completely upset our notions of the chronology of human history. Now, we have received another key to understanding and dating ancient artifacts:  

Take a minute to really notice and appreciate how this new insight revolutionizes our ability to date events and gives substance to ancient history and insight into undeciphered ancient languages.  We stand on the verge of being able to interpret both dates and symbols appearing on cave walls, petroglyphs, and stele worldwide that have defied translation for centuries. 

Will this give us a whole new view of human history? Most likely, because it already has had tremendous impact on the archeological and astronomical communities that have heard the news and began delving into the implications. 

The Cosmic Clock has been the object of study and religion since the earliest times. It should not surprise us that the more ancient our reference points become, the more varied the animal totem representations of the constellations become, too.  

How else do you explain someone who has never seen a leopard or a lion, nonetheless carving remarkable likenesses of both,  on a lonely stone stele standing in an empty field in northeastern Scotland ten millennia after Gobekli Tepe was purposefully covered over with millions of tons of dirt?  

Our appreciation for the "new" ancient dating system is just beginning. 
Like the Rosetta Stone, it will take time for academia to accept the inevitable and begin using the new information, but for the rest of us, the magic has already begun and we have our first glimpse into the very earliest signs and symbols that have built the world we know. 

Pause. Take a breath. 

Reach back to those long ago people who looked up into the sky, and traced the shapes of the constellations in the shapes of familiar animals and birds, from their different points of reference on the globe.  

Now, we can understand why the Egyptian gods were pictured as they were in hieroglyphs, how language became symbolic, and how the stars formed a universal vocabulary for early mankind.  

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    1. Errants everywhere! I love it!

    2. Kurimeo Ahau on YouTube presents the true history of the world taken from older texts, academic studies and newer books. The origin of the name of America is explained therein as well.

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  2. The criminal authority always fudges the calendar and time when they take over as it produces a break from the prior methods of Clocking time. If they look to change the calendar again, this is just further proof that they are trying to shed the last 300 years and start their 1000 year reign of asshats and elbows.

  3. ‘points of reference on the globe’?
    Is it, globular? Haven’t Anna & Paul joined others in having doubts about the form of Earth and whether we are hurtling through the Cosmos whilst orbiting the Sun?

  4. yes and those old teachings are just what is -leading most Americans; to disaster the've been lied to for so long!! I pray for America ===so smart -= its ignorant . I am born here and Love America ' it saddens me to see how crippeled it is!