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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Old News Alerts

 By Anna Von Reitz

1. We don't live in a democracy.  Safe-guarding democracy is not our job. 

2. Americans aren't born as citizens of anything and don't owe any obligation to serve their government or any subcontractors of our government. 

3. If Americans do agree to serve any part of their government, they get a paycheck for it.

Any claim that Americans are government employees, officials, or dependents must be backed up with pay stubs and other validated proof.  See Bey AFROYIM v. Dean RUSK, a federal split jurisdiction case that demonstrates this nicely. The same requirements apply to split jurisdiction cases between the people inhabiting actual States and the Federal Subcontractors occupying international and global jurisdictions. Proof and pay stubs required. 

4. The Federal corporations and the franchises they operate using your name without your knowledge or permission are in debt to you and have amassed an awesome amount of "national debt" which they are attempting to discharge off onto your shoulders via bankruptcy fraud.  We are in fact their preferential creditors and have claimed their debt, placing us at the head of the creditor line instead of being presumed to be debtors. Our American Fiduciary set it up so that this can't be changed, no matter what happens to her. 

5. The Municipal FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM went bankrupt and its assets were liquidated in 2009-11.  As a result, Chase Bank and JPMorgan gained control of these names and trademarks.  Whatever "FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM" once meant and whoever controlled it, is long gone. 

6. The Territorial Federal Reserve which has existed as a private banking cartel nearly as long as the Constitutions is technically bankrupt. It is carrying $1.3 T in "unrealized losses" on its portfolio (meaning the debts haven't been called in) and a $80 billion operating loss this year --- the first such loss since 1915.  It's an actual $38 Billion in the hole. Thanks to Biden's spending, and the failure of members of the Territorial Congress to act responsibly, it's clear that the old blood money system is being collapsed. 

7. This means that both the Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia are either dead, gone, insolvent, under foreign Successors hoping to assume contracts (which has already been denied) and a veritable perfect storm is brewing that can only be answered by our actual American Government rearing its head and taking over the direction of the situation.  Which it has. 

8. Certain members of the global banking community and some members of the military and intelligence agencies need to be convinced of these simple facts.  

Carry on as necessary, America.  Come home to the land and soil of your birth and take up the reins.
You are the only ones with the right and the provenance to do what must be done and provide the direction needed. 

Go to and start today


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Eugenics in America

 By Anna Von Reitz

Eugenics is an outgrowth of racial prejudice. 

It is rooted in the idea that some people are better than others, based on their genetic content, and the idea we should selectively breed people like we breed dogs. 

This is an explicitly repugnant and ignorant idea, but some of the richest people in the world have subscribed to it as part of their own delusional self-importance and superiority complexes. 

Cecil Rhodes, John D. Rockefeller, Lord Pirbright, the Churchills (Lords Marlborough), Henry Wellcome, and their followers, like Theodore Roosevelt and his Cousin Franklin, Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) and, infamously, the Nazi Doctor Mengele, formed research cells and political organizations and purported philanthropic clubs to promote the whole nasty claptrap of Eugenics.  

Eugenics was the supposed scientific backing for Hitler's Ubermensch ideas and claims of German racial superiority. 

People are generally shocked to learn that Planned Parenthood comes from the same polluted rootstock and that this one organization is literally responsible for the selective abortion of millions of black babies --- far in excess of any other racial group. 

By the 1930's more than half the States of States in this country had adopted Forced Sterilization laws that led to mental patients, people suffering emotional breakdowns, people who had any kind of physical disfigurement, who were indigent, or otherwise "unsuitable" in the eyes of the self-appointed gods, were subjected to forced sterilization like unwanted pound puppies. 

Those committed to the ideas of Eugenics are firmly convinced that they have saved the world from the burden of mentally and physically unfit people, and are totally ignorant of the biodiversity and the contributions to humanity that they have destroyed by murdering millions of potential contributors. 

Eugenists, like racists, like Nazis, like any and all prejudiced, ignorant, self-deluded and self-aggrandizing individuals, think that what they are doing and what they are believing in, is good and right.  

They lack the brains and moral compass to know otherwise, and have no faith in divinity that would lead them to see others as mirrors of the Creator equal to themselves. 

A friend of mine once compared Black Magic to a pool of polluted water, and so it is with the egotistical mindset that promoted --- and still promotes ---  Eugenics. 

We are not all perfect specimens.  Indeed, we are all one-of-a-kind, with our own quirks and special capabilities and equally profound imperfections. We are not widgets pumped out of an assembly line. We are not dogs or cattle to be bred to a breed standard, either.

When you meet these odd and filthy ducks paddling about in their polluted pools of delusional superiority, please take a moment to reflect upon their big, misshapen feet, their beady eyes, their narrow noses, their jaws resembling those of a lizard, or alternatively, their fat, blocky, ugly faces with crooked teeth and red-rimmed, wrinkle-enshrouded eyes that give them the look of a failed human-rhinoceros hybrid ---- and reflect with me that these people really shouldn't be promoting eugenics. 


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Told You So

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone starts somewhere on the journey to freedom. 

Some action or idea, which proves too powerful to ignore, sets us off. 

For Matthew, it was the simple question, "What is Canada?"

For me, it was, "If they are honest, why won't IRS officials admit their own instructions in writing?" 

For Kevin Annett, it was, "What happened to all these Native children?" 

It doesn't matter which particular issue gets us started, the important part is that we start.  

It's our world and our due diligence is required, isn't it?  

Once we start this process, we inexorably unravel the spider web, and it all eventually leads to the center of the web---and the spiders spinning it. 

The "spiders" in the Western World have always inhabited certain locations: London, the Inner City of London, Rome, Geneva, and Ghent, in Belgium. 

In more recent times, they have extended their reach to Denmark, Delaware, Washington, DC, New York, Ontario, Taiwan, Shanghai, and points beyond. 

Wherever they are, the results are always the same --- endless criminality designed to control commodities, labor resources, communications, and transportation systems. 

Whether you call them "the British Raj" or the American Raj or the Shanghai Raj, they remain the same brand of British Territorial Mercenaries bullying and bothering, pillaging, plundering, and acting as parasites.  

The German Raj we mistakenly call the Nazis, were simply better organized and enjoyed more funding.

Take the time to listen to this brief overview of the history that should concern all of us:  


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Second Motive for the Hoax

 By Anna Von Reitz

Earlier this week we explored one major motive for the pandemic hoax centered around the Common Cold virus --- commercial patent ownership claims seeking to unlawfully convert the status of living people into that of "transhumans"-- based on the idea that recipients of the purported vaccines voluntarily accepted patented genetic materials into their genome and became Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) owned by DOD/DARPA as a result.  

The open door to this denaturing and enslavement scheme by DOD and its affiliates was provided by the United States Supreme Court in the case Pathology v Myriad Genetics which was argued in 2013.  

This enslavement scheme would provide the patent holders with literal ownership claims on the victims and would make such "transhumans" slaves devoid of any Human Rights. 

Thankfully, these claims have already been outlawed under our Public Law and counterclaimed for what they are --- repugnant unlawful conversion schemes attempting to enslave and defraud and denigrate billions of people worldwide. 

Our military subcontractors and the Boards of Directors involved in these activities are proven to be uncaring, incompetent, and suicidal criminals by their own acts and patent claims. 

That said, there is another potent and repugnant motivation for these criminals, and that is an attempt to achieve broad spectrum mind control of the Earth's population via implanting nanoscale antenna receivers and transmitters/transponders in the victims of this horrible hoax. 

We must remember one of the stated reasons for the research and for the "domestic tests" in China --- crowd control.  

It turns out that our brains are not isolated.  Our brains transmit our thoughts and feelings into the surrounding electromagnetic field.  

As a result, what we think and feel is not as private as we suppose, and our thought processes and transmissions are potentially subject to manipulation.  This is precisely what these criminals have been aiming at -- thought control. 

Without our knowledge or consent, they have implanted billions of self-assembling nanoscale antennas active at the cellular level in people who accepted the vaccines, and these nanobots are spreading throughout the population like an infectious disease as we speak. 

The only antidotes are anti-frequency devices and certain minerals that can jam the miniscule antenna transmitters and receivers that these devils have implanted as a means of controlling our thoughts and emotions without our knowledge. 

Devils and demons are sitting in our government offices, our university chairs, and our military ranks, mindlessly promoting "transhumanism" by which they mean the enslavement and mental entrainment of the entire human race, making us all subject to their idiotic megalomania. 

It's time to throw these control junkies so far under the bus that all that remains of them are tire tracks.

Time for everyone to wake up to facts that have been commonplace in fairly mainstream scientific circles for forty years: 

It's time for the rest of us to identify and put the heat on the politicians, religious leaders, techies, bankers, and military talking heads responsible for these outrages. 


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