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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Told You So

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone starts somewhere on the journey to freedom. 

Some action or idea, which proves too powerful to ignore, sets us off. 

For Matthew, it was the simple question, "What is Canada?"

For me, it was, "If they are honest, why won't IRS officials admit their own instructions in writing?" 

For Kevin Annett, it was, "What happened to all these Native children?" 

It doesn't matter which particular issue gets us started, the important part is that we start.  

It's our world and our due diligence is required, isn't it?  

Once we start this process, we inexorably unravel the spider web, and it all eventually leads to the center of the web---and the spiders spinning it. 

The "spiders" in the Western World have always inhabited certain locations: London, the Inner City of London, Rome, Geneva, and Ghent, in Belgium. 

In more recent times, they have extended their reach to Denmark, Delaware, Washington, DC, New York, Ontario, Taiwan, Shanghai, and points beyond. 

Wherever they are, the results are always the same --- endless criminality designed to control commodities, labor resources, communications, and transportation systems. 

Whether you call them "the British Raj" or the American Raj or the Shanghai Raj, they remain the same brand of British Territorial Mercenaries bullying and bothering, pillaging, plundering, and acting as parasites.  

The German Raj we mistakenly call the Nazis, were simply better organized and enjoyed more funding.

Take the time to listen to this brief overview of the history that should concern all of us:  


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