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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Second Motive for the Hoax

 By Anna Von Reitz

Earlier this week we explored one major motive for the pandemic hoax centered around the Common Cold virus --- commercial patent ownership claims seeking to unlawfully convert the status of living people into that of "transhumans"-- based on the idea that recipients of the purported vaccines voluntarily accepted patented genetic materials into their genome and became Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) owned by DOD/DARPA as a result.  

The open door to this denaturing and enslavement scheme by DOD and its affiliates was provided by the United States Supreme Court in the case Pathology v Myriad Genetics which was argued in 2013.  

This enslavement scheme would provide the patent holders with literal ownership claims on the victims and would make such "transhumans" slaves devoid of any Human Rights. 

Thankfully, these claims have already been outlawed under our Public Law and counterclaimed for what they are --- repugnant unlawful conversion schemes attempting to enslave and defraud and denigrate billions of people worldwide. 

Our military subcontractors and the Boards of Directors involved in these activities are proven to be uncaring, incompetent, and suicidal criminals by their own acts and patent claims. 

That said, there is another potent and repugnant motivation for these criminals, and that is an attempt to achieve broad spectrum mind control of the Earth's population via implanting nanoscale antenna receivers and transmitters/transponders in the victims of this horrible hoax. 

We must remember one of the stated reasons for the research and for the "domestic tests" in China --- crowd control.  

It turns out that our brains are not isolated.  Our brains transmit our thoughts and feelings into the surrounding electromagnetic field.  

As a result, what we think and feel is not as private as we suppose, and our thought processes and transmissions are potentially subject to manipulation.  This is precisely what these criminals have been aiming at -- thought control. 

Without our knowledge or consent, they have implanted billions of self-assembling nanoscale antennas active at the cellular level in people who accepted the vaccines, and these nanobots are spreading throughout the population like an infectious disease as we speak. 

The only antidotes are anti-frequency devices and certain minerals that can jam the miniscule antenna transmitters and receivers that these devils have implanted as a means of controlling our thoughts and emotions without our knowledge. 

Devils and demons are sitting in our government offices, our university chairs, and our military ranks, mindlessly promoting "transhumanism" by which they mean the enslavement and mental entrainment of the entire human race, making us all subject to their idiotic megalomania. 

It's time to throw these control junkies so far under the bus that all that remains of them are tire tracks.

Time for everyone to wake up to facts that have been commonplace in fairly mainstream scientific circles for forty years: 

It's time for the rest of us to identify and put the heat on the politicians, religious leaders, techies, bankers, and military talking heads responsible for these outrages. 


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