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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Old News Alerts

 By Anna Von Reitz

1. We don't live in a democracy.  Safe-guarding democracy is not our job. 

2. Americans aren't born as citizens of anything and don't owe any obligation to serve their government or any subcontractors of our government. 

3. If Americans do agree to serve any part of their government, they get a paycheck for it.

Any claim that Americans are government employees, officials, or dependents must be backed up with pay stubs and other validated proof.  See Bey AFROYIM v. Dean RUSK, a federal split jurisdiction case that demonstrates this nicely. The same requirements apply to split jurisdiction cases between the people inhabiting actual States and the Federal Subcontractors occupying international and global jurisdictions. Proof and pay stubs required. 

4. The Federal corporations and the franchises they operate using your name without your knowledge or permission are in debt to you and have amassed an awesome amount of "national debt" which they are attempting to discharge off onto your shoulders via bankruptcy fraud.  We are in fact their preferential creditors and have claimed their debt, placing us at the head of the creditor line instead of being presumed to be debtors. Our American Fiduciary set it up so that this can't be changed, no matter what happens to her. 

5. The Municipal FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM went bankrupt and its assets were liquidated in 2009-11.  As a result, Chase Bank and JPMorgan gained control of these names and trademarks.  Whatever "FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM" once meant and whoever controlled it, is long gone. 

6. The Territorial Federal Reserve which has existed as a private banking cartel nearly as long as the Constitutions is technically bankrupt. It is carrying $1.3 T in "unrealized losses" on its portfolio (meaning the debts haven't been called in) and a $80 billion operating loss this year --- the first such loss since 1915.  It's an actual $38 Billion in the hole. Thanks to Biden's spending, and the failure of members of the Territorial Congress to act responsibly, it's clear that the old blood money system is being collapsed. 

7. This means that both the Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia are either dead, gone, insolvent, under foreign Successors hoping to assume contracts (which has already been denied) and a veritable perfect storm is brewing that can only be answered by our actual American Government rearing its head and taking over the direction of the situation.  Which it has. 

8. Certain members of the global banking community and some members of the military and intelligence agencies need to be convinced of these simple facts.  

Carry on as necessary, America.  Come home to the land and soil of your birth and take up the reins.
You are the only ones with the right and the provenance to do what must be done and provide the direction needed. 

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