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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Hold the Train! --- "War President"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Joe Biden is the "President" of a corporation, not a country.  

He has no ability to declare war and isn't occupying the Office of Commander in Chief, so what does he do? 

He tries to create an unheard of and non-existent office for himself: "War President". 

There is no such thing.  

The only kind of "war" a corporation can engage in is a mercenary conflict, and those are illegal.  

So what-cha-gonna-do, Joe?  

We already have the Municipal Congress playing at proxy war in Ukraine and now they want to start a hot war in Israel. 

Time to back off and sit down, boys.  

We have proof and precedent demonstrating that the Draft is illegal and unlawful: it is forced conscription on land and press-ganging at sea. 

That's one of the good end results of the "Vietnam Conflict".  

The Draft was very quietly brought to an end, not because Congress wanted to end it, but because it is illegal and unlawful and has been for 200 years. 

There was certainly no public announcement telling the military and the over 100,000 grieving parents, but yes, the Draft was already illegal and unlawful during the Second World War and Korea and Vietnam and it would be illegal now, too. 

So don't even start. 

There is also nothing in the Constitutional agreements allowing any version of Congress to do anything but protect our persons from unlawful arrest and bills of attainder -- the Draft, included. 

So we don't have a "President" of this country and we don't have a Congress competent to declare war and except for Donald Trump, we don't have a Commander in Chief anywhere in sight. 

It's the USA, Inc. President who holds that title, to the extent that it exists under delegated power. 
The cretins in Parliament and in the confidence racket Congress might get it together and gin up support for a war in Israel.  Why not?  They are responsible for Israel's existence and they chose to make it one of their "States of States".  

Don't they have a moral obligation to defend it? 

Yes, they probably do. 

So let's suggest that they voluntarily donate their worldly wealth, pelf, and estates to the Cause, and all of them that are physically fit additionally volunteer to serve in the Israeli Army.  

Many of the Brown Nosers have already adopted Dual Citizenship like Nancy Pelosi and are considered Israeli citizens as much as they are United States citizens.  

Please note: none of these people are acting as Americans, and technically, legally and lawfully, what they are doing has nothing to do with us. 

Maybe Netanyahu, being a "Prime Minister" under the British System, and Israel being a British Commonwealth like Puerto Rico as well as a US State of State, will continue to be the bully and the base of operations that the British Raj created for itself in the Middle East.  

Or maybe the Brits and the Israelis will get their rumps kicked and the nature of their dog pile in the Middle East will be revealed --- not as a homeland for the Jews, but as an outpost of British Corporate Feudalism, that is, Colonialism operated under a different jurisdiction.  


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