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Friday, January 1, 2021

Letter to Dr. Richard Cordero, Esquire:

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are delighted to be acting in support of your efforts, but with 53 million readers every week and many thousands of cases of abuse of judicial "discretion" to address, we hesitate to overwhelm your fledgling response team.
The bulk of our readers are Americans who are not part of the democracy cherished by our Territorial Employees, but they are people of this country who have been systematically and institutionally defrauded and summoned and subjected to judgment in Territorial Maritime and Admiralty Courts under known False Legal Presumptions, in direct contravention of Amendment XI of all three Federal Constitutions.
We would appreciate your consideration and instruction as to how you would like to proceed? Is it even possible, in your opinion, for Bar Attorneys (Esquires) who by definition are working for the Queen's Government on our shores, to address such abuses of the American people and such rampant pillaging of their assets under color of law? Or may there simply be a widespread and amicable recognition of the problem and a resolution concerning these abuses?
There is no doubt that the lawyers and attorneys of this country have, knowingly or unknowingly, participated in one of the greatest commercial frauds and most egregious criminal Breach of Trust events in history. The backlash that must surely come otherwise, can only be averted by prompt correction and sincere effort to not only make amends, but to restore the proper court systems and functions.
As you are all aware, the conflict of interest provisions of all the Federal Constitutions, including the prohibition against members of our government receiving titles of nobility from any foreign Monarch, coupled with the requirement that all Admiralty cases be tried by Queen's Officers, creates a necessary separation between the civilian courts of the people of this country and the special jurisdiction courts of Maritime and Admiralty.
That necessary separation has been usurped ever since May of 1865, when quasi-military tribunals and ten military Judicial Districts were established throughout the South to collect war reparations from the Municipal citizenry and those acting on behalf of the Southern Confederate States of States. These so-called "carpet bagger courts" were supposed to disappear under the provisions of Ex Parte Milligan, 2 USC 71, but owing to failure of duty to disclose and inform the Public, and general malfeasance and Breach of Trust against the people of this country who are owed "good faith and service" from Her Majesty's Government and the Lord Mayor of London, similar quasi-military Judicial Districts operated by the Territorial Government have spread across this entire country in violation of our Treaties and Constitutions.
This surreptitious invasion of the American land jurisdiction and purposeful unhinging of the American courts left the helpless civilian population at the mercy of Hired Jurists, who have acted as revenue collectors for the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor under color of law, and have subjected Americans to foreign laws and jurisdictions without mercy or honor.
This despicable and flagrant and fraudulent abuse of the Public Trust must come to an end and as we think you can appreciate, nobody and nothing is more urgently needed in this cause than those attorneys and judges who are, upon being fully instructed and informed, appalled by the part they have played in the disservice of justice throughout this country.
Without putting too sharp a point on it, it cannot be missing your attention that the abuses of "judicial discretion" --- which does not exist in American Courts --- applied against average Americans results in grievous capital-level crimes against those same Americans, and exposes the Hired Jurists running the Municipal and Territorial Courts to justifiable public outrage. In other words, your more dishonorable brethren can expect to be gibbeted as inland pirates if this flaming pile of judicial dog dung doesn't get cleaned up.
Please let us know how you would like to proceed with a joint correction effort. Our State Assemblies are already engaged and either have their civilian Jural Assemblies organized or soon will, at which point, Ex Parte Milligan will be invoked in each State, and all foreign courts on our shores will be required to strictly observe their limitations without recourse to any excuse of "emergency" powers.
With our sincere thanks for your dedication to the cause of justice and your professional honor,

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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About Corporations

 By Anna Von Reitz

Technically, the corporations are all owned by the creators of the corporation concept --- the Roman Curia.
So, Microsoft, Inc., is "owned" by Bill Gates and the other stockholders on a day to day basis and it produces and sells its unique products to the public and trades its stock on the stock market, but ultimately, the idea of a C Corporation --- all and any C-type Corporations at all, including Microsoft, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, etc. --- belongs to the Roman Curia.
It's like using someone else's invention to create your own spin-off invention.
The structure and definition of a C-Corp is the invention provided by the Curia, and then all these other "inventors" come along and use the C-Corp definition and build upon it to create their own unique version of C-Corp.
The same thing happens with the incorporated churches, even though they are designated "Non-profit Corporations". The basic idea and definitions and structure provided by the Roman Curia is built upon by all the various denominations, like a template. Monkey see. Monkey do.
In the process, they give up their unique and independent and individual character and "conform" to the standardized cookie-cutter template defining what a "Non-profit Corporation" is; thus, over time, a dreary sameness sets in, as, underneath all the trappings of different dogmas and doctrines and traditions --- they are, structurally, the same. They all have to obey the same rules and observe the same limits, or they no longer qualify to be called a "Non-profit Corporation".
Thus, the Secular Church has been defining and labeling and creating templates and rules for organizing all sorts of business activities, and people have been thoughtlessly following along and using these templates and creating all their versions of all these different kinds of corporations, but never questioning where the concept of say, a "Foundation", came from, or who sets the limits on what a "Foundation" can do.
Now you know.
Neither do most people consider the "debt" they owe the inventors of these business templates, nor the responsibilities that these unseen partners impose on them. The Curia regulates all structured corporations worldwide and it is clearly set forth in Ecclesiastical Law that the Pope has the unobstructed right to liquidate any such corporation on Earth for any reason at all.
So, if you think you own a corporation --- perhaps you are the majority stockholder?--- think again.
The Pope has layers upon layers of middlemen and each layer does some form of duty and gets paid for it, but make no mistake, at a very fundamental level, the Pope owns every corporation on Earth.
You, Joe Public, are never told this, but it is nonetheless the truth.
No disclosure of the consequences of incorporation is provided to you or anyone else. This is all established under Roman Civil Law, so it is strictly "Buyer beware."
To be fair, the very word, "incorporate" should give people a clue and a warning that they are joining themselves and their private business to something else, something bigger that they are "incorporating" into.
Most people who sign the dotted line think that they are merely "incorporating" according the the laws of say, "the State of California", and filling out some paperwork issued by the bureaucrats. They don't realize that they and their private business are becoming franchises of "the State of California--- Incorporated" and that the State of California, Inc., is in turn a franchise of the United States of America, Inc., which is a franchise of....which is a franchise of....which is a franchise of.....
So the State of California is just one of the Pope's many Middlemen, claiming an ownership interest and regulatory authority over you and your business, and as you "voluntarily" incorporate into this system, you are giving away everything you worked for and built "in equitable exchange" for certain "privileges"----bankruptcy protection, access to the stock exchanges, tax exemptions, use of the corporate templates, etc.
You can bet that despite whatever benefits might accrue, there would be far fewer corporations if people knew ---going into it--- that they were signing over their ownership interest in their own private businesses, subjecting all their operations to foreign law, subjecting themselves as slaves to Rome, and ultimately, enriching the Pope and his Middlemen--- which includes paying off all the subject cronies and organizations that are more senior in the pyramid, including our own Federal Subcontractors, who also had the poor judgment to incorporate the US, INC. and the United States of America, Inc.
So, what to do?
It would appear on first glance that people have willingly signed away their rights to own and operate their own businesses and that all the governments in the world have foolishly done the same.
Like unwary animals enticed into a trap with bait, that as the Bible describes it, is "sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach"----they are now well and truly ensnared and enslaved and subjected to the whims of every authority from the Pope down to the State of Idaho and the Councilmen of Culver City, Utah-- Incorporated.
But wait.
You weren't given any disclosure about any of this.
In most cases, your attorney suggested it to you, ran through the list of benefits (there's a word you should always watch out for) and gave you the wink and the elbow. "Everyone's doing it." You don't want to be left behind, do you? It's so old-school to be an independent business.... and then he scares you a little.... what if your business fails? You'll lose everything without bankruptcy protection.
And then he wheedles a little more --- if you want to take your business to the next level, you have to incorporate. You can't access the stock exchange without incorporating. Can't sell shares. He gives you the "message" that incorporating your business is "the way" to protect your future, protect your family, and expedite your success. Why, incorporating your business is the Golden
Just one little problem. It's not your Golden Ticket. It's his Golden Ticket. He hasn't told you that he's an Undeclared Foreign Agent, working for the Pope and the Boyz----literally; and the only success that he is craving is delivering everything you worked for to the ownership of his Bosses and to the control of his courts.
You naturally think that your attorney is on your team, because you hired him and are paying him a princely sum for his advice, but, he works for the Crown and the Pope already, so his first loyalty is to them--- not you.
And there you are, Mr. Pigeon. No disclosure about the precipitous downsides of incorporating your business, and expert advice to do so from "professionals" who secretively benefit from your loss.
It all adds up to purposeful self-interested deceit by omission and constructive fraud.
Once you wake up and realize that you have been defrauded, the Roman Civil Law allows you to vitiate all contracts that are the result of the fraud--- including your contract to incorporate your business, while continuing to work for the new owners. You can simply write "Void for Fraud" on the front and back of all the pages of your incorporation documents, cross-through all the signatures, and serve Notice of Divesture to the issuing authority.
Poof! The phantom is gone. Your plain old-fashioned independent business is back in view, owned by you, the actual man, again. You have left the airy-fairy world of legal fictions behind and are standing on solid ground once more.
And as you aren't using the Curia's templates or claiming any other "benefits" of incorporation anymore, you aren't subject to their foreign laws, codes, statutes, and regulations. Chances are, you aren't subject to their taxes, and aren't responsible for collecting their taxes from your employees, either.
As you signed your business over with the stroke of a pen, you can do a few more strokes of a pen to correct that mistake, and for a great many people, this simple exit is proper and sufficient. Things get a lot more complex if you are a C-Corp trading on public exchanges and have shareholders to consider, but even as a company can "go public", it can "go private" again. It takes more effort to leave Babylon, but it can be done.
In the days to come, your government, The United States of America --- the actual Federation of States, will be here helping American businesses to "come home" just as it has already helped so many Americans as individuals to come home. Together, we can beat "Corporate Feudalism" and punish the evil men who have set out to corner the market on the entire world, and convert the world economy into one giant Company Store.
It's time for those who have gotten roped into this system unaware to come out of it, and for those who choose to stay in the commercial realm to be severely regulated and watch-dogged.
As one of my Mentors once said ---

"A commercial corporation is a peculiar thing. It has no natural or benign purpose. It is born as a predator, and dies as meat. Nobody on Earth should take the existence of such legal fictions for granted, and no one should underestimate the virulent combination of profit-motives and lack of accountability. Left without sufficient prohibitions, safeguards, and enforced regulation, such corporations are entirely capable of destroying the world and depriving the rest of us of both life and quality of life."


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New Year's Day

 Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's

The Church's Year

Why is this day so called?

Because the secular year begins with this day, as the Church year begins with the First Sunday in Advent.

What should we do on this day?

An offering of the new year should be made to God, asking His grace that we may spend the year in a holy manner, for the welfare of the soul.

Why do we wish each other a "happy new year"?

Because to do so is an act of Christian love; but this wish should come from the heart, and not merely from worldly politeness, otherwise we would be like the heathens (Mt. 5:47), and receive no other reward than they.

What feast of the Church is celebrated today?

The Feast of the Circumcision of our Lord, Who, for love of us, voluntarily subjected Himself to the painful law of the Old Covenant, that we might be freed from the same.

What was the Circumcision?

It was an external sign of the Old Law, by which the people of that day were numbered among the chosen people of God, as now they become, by baptism, members of the Church of Christ.

What is the signification of Circumcision in the moral or spiritual sense?

It signifies the mortification of the senses, of evil desires, and inclinations. This must be practiced by Christians now, since they have promised it in baptism which would be useless to them without the practice of mortification; just as little as the Jew by exterior Circumcision is a true Jew, just so little is the baptized a true Christian without a virtuous life. Beg of Christ, therefore, today, to give you the grace of the true Circumcision of heart.

PRAYER I thank Thee, O Lord Jesus, because Thou hast shed Thy blood for me in Circumcision, and beg Thee that by Thy precious blood I may receive the grace to circumcise my heart and all my senses, so that I may lead a life of mortification in this world, and attain eternal joys in the next. Amen.

[The INTROIT of the Mass is the same as is said in the Third Mass on Christmas.]

COLLECT O God, Who, by the fruitful virginity of blessed Mary, hast bestowed upon mankind the rewards of eternal salvation; grant, we beseech Thee, that we may feel the benefit of her intercession for us, through whom we have deserved to receive the author of life, our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, who livest and reignest, etc.

[The EPSTLE is the same as is said in the First Mass on Christmas.]

GOSPEL (Lk. 2:21). At that time, after eight days were accomplished that the child should be circumcised, his name was called Jesus, which was called by the angel before he was conceived in the womb.

Why did Jesus submit to Circumcision?

That He might show His great love for us, which caused Him even at the very beginning of His life, to shed His blood to cleanse us thereby from all our sins. Furthermore to teach us obedience to the commandments of God and His Church, since He voluntarily subjected Himself to the Jewish law, although He was not in the least bound by it, which ordered that every male child should be circumcised on the eighth day after its birth (Lev. 12:3).

Why was He named Jesus?

Because Jesus means Redeemer and Savior, and He had come to redeem and save the world (Mt. 1:21). This is the holiest, most venerable, and most powerful name by which we can be saved.

What power has this name?

The greatest power, for it repels all attacks of the evil Spirit, as Jesus Himself says (Mk. 16:17)And so great is the efficacy of this most holy name that even those who are not righteous, can by it expel devils (Mt. 7:22). It has power to cure physical pains and evils, as when used by the apostles (Acts. 3:3-7)and Christ promised that the faithful by using it could do the same (Mk. 16:17)St. Bernard calls the name of Jesus a "Medicine"; and St. Chrysostom says, "This name cures all ills; it gives succor in all the ailments of the soul, in temptations, in faintheartedness, in sorrow, and in all evil desires, etc." "Let him who cannot excite contrition in his heart for the sins he has committed, think of the loving, meek, and suffering Jesus, invoke His holy name with fervor and confidence, and he will feel his heart touched and made better," says St. Lawrence Justinian. It overcomes and dispels the temptations of the enemy: "When we fight against Satan in the name of Jesus," says the martyr St. Justin, "Jesus fights for us, in us, and with us, and the enemies must flee as soon as they hear the name of Jesus." It secures us help and blessings in all corporal and spiritual necessities, because nothing is impossible to him who asks in the name of Jesus, whatever tends to his salvation will be given him (Jn. 14:13). Therefore it is useful above all things, to invoke this holy name in all dangers of body and soul, in doubts, in temptations, especially in temptations against holy chastity, and still more so when one has fallen into sin, from which he desires to be delivered; for this name is like oil (Cant. 1:2) which cures, nourishes, and illumines.

How must this name be pronounced to experience its power?

With lively faith, with steadfast, unshaken confidence, with deep­est reverence and devotion, for in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth (Phil. 2:10). What wickedness, then, is theirs who habitually pronounce this name carelessly and irreverently, upon every occasion! Such a habit is certainly diabolical; for the damned and the devils constantly abuse God and His holy name.

Why does this name so seldom manifest its power in our days?

Because Christian faith is daily becoming weaker, and confidence less, while perfect submission to the will of God is wanting. When faith grows stronger among people, and confidence greater, then will the power of this most sacred name manifest itself in more wonderful and consoling aspects.


O Jesus! Consolation of the afflicted! Thy name is indeed poured out like oil; for Thou dost illumine those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death; Thou dost disperse the blindness of the soul and dost cure its ills; Thou givest food and drink to those who hunger and thirst after justice. Be also, O Jesus! my Savior, the phy­sician of my soul, the healer of its wounds. O Jesus! Succor of those who are in need, be my protector in temptations! O Jesus! Father of the poor, do Thou nourish me! O Jesus! joy of the angels, do Thou comfort me! O Jesus! my only hope and refuge, be my helper in the hour of death, for there is given us no other name beneath the sun by which we may be saved, but Thy most blessed name Jesus!

EXHORTATION St. Paul says: All whatsoever you do in word or in work, all things do ye in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Col. 3:17). We should, therefore, follow the example of the saints, and continually say, at least in our hearts: "For love of Thee, O Jesus, I rise; for love of Thee I lie down; for love of Thee I eat, drink, and enjoy myself; for love of Thee I work, speak, or am silent." Thus we will accustom ourselves to do all in the name of Jesus, by which everything is easily or at least meritoriously accomplished.


O God, Heavenly Father of Mercy, God of all Consolation! we thank Thee that from our birth to this day, Thou hast so well pre­served us, and hast protected us in so many dangers; we beseech Thee, through the merits of Thy beloved Son, and by His sacred blood which He shed for us on this day in His circumcision, to for­give all the sins which, during the past year, we have committed against Thy commandments, by which we have aroused Thy indig­nation and wrath against ourselves. Preserve us in the coming year from all sins, and misfortunes of body and soul. Grant that from this day to the end of our lives, all our senses, thoughts, words, and works, which we here dedicate to Thee for all time, may be directed in accordance with Thy will, and that we may finally die in the true Catholic faith, and enjoy with Thee in Thy kingdom a joyful new year, that shall know no end. Amen.

Fake New Year Celebration at Times Square.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Fake Football.

Fake News.

Fake Money.

Fake Honor.

Fake Courts.

Fake Morality.

Fake Religion.

Fake Government.

Fake Calendars.

Fake Stock Markets.

Fake Weights and Measures.

Fake Education.

Fake Timelines.

Fake Jobs.

Fake History.

Fake Food.

Fake Relationships.

Fake Marriages.

Fake Sex.

Fake Music.

Fake Weather.

Fake Identities.

Fake Medicine.

Fake Law.

Fake Gods.

Fake Enemies.

Fake Wars.

Fake Terrorists.

Fake Deaths.

Fake Causes.

Fake Injuries.

Fake Benefits.

Fake Limitations.

Fake Wealth.

Fake Impoverishment.

Fake Sentiments.

Fake Intelligence.

Fake Agendas.

Fake Messiahs.

Fake Healers.

Fake Friends.

Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake.

We are living as prisoners under a spell of deep delusion, in a Kingdom of Lies,  built of deceits and omissions —-and the only way out of it is to see through it.  

This year that has just begun is yours, your blessed moment to change it all.  So realize that we are all harmed by this continuing song and dance, and it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, black or white, Catholic or Protestant.

Realize that we are part of one living, breathing Universe and anything that separates us, or seems to separate us, must be overcome.  

Seize this Truth and make it yours: you are your own answer.

Accept the Mission you were born for and don’t be afraid.  

This is our hour, our honor, and our burden.

Seize truth, love truth, live truth, be truth.

This is and has always been our destiny.

Tonight, I have received the Desperate Question— who can we believe?  

Believe the True God who lives within you. Believe the Truth in your own heart.  Know who you are with unshakeable force and know who you can be, and never, ever, give up or lose faith in yourself and your ability to change the world.

Each one of you can change the world into something free and true and good.

My children, when you look back upon this coming year,  let there be no regrets.

When you look forward, may there be no more delusions.


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