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Friday, January 1, 2021

Letter to Dr. Richard Cordero, Esquire:

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are delighted to be acting in support of your efforts, but with 53 million readers every week and many thousands of cases of abuse of judicial "discretion" to address, we hesitate to overwhelm your fledgling response team.
The bulk of our readers are Americans who are not part of the democracy cherished by our Territorial Employees, but they are people of this country who have been systematically and institutionally defrauded and summoned and subjected to judgment in Territorial Maritime and Admiralty Courts under known False Legal Presumptions, in direct contravention of Amendment XI of all three Federal Constitutions.
We would appreciate your consideration and instruction as to how you would like to proceed? Is it even possible, in your opinion, for Bar Attorneys (Esquires) who by definition are working for the Queen's Government on our shores, to address such abuses of the American people and such rampant pillaging of their assets under color of law? Or may there simply be a widespread and amicable recognition of the problem and a resolution concerning these abuses?
There is no doubt that the lawyers and attorneys of this country have, knowingly or unknowingly, participated in one of the greatest commercial frauds and most egregious criminal Breach of Trust events in history. The backlash that must surely come otherwise, can only be averted by prompt correction and sincere effort to not only make amends, but to restore the proper court systems and functions.
As you are all aware, the conflict of interest provisions of all the Federal Constitutions, including the prohibition against members of our government receiving titles of nobility from any foreign Monarch, coupled with the requirement that all Admiralty cases be tried by Queen's Officers, creates a necessary separation between the civilian courts of the people of this country and the special jurisdiction courts of Maritime and Admiralty.
That necessary separation has been usurped ever since May of 1865, when quasi-military tribunals and ten military Judicial Districts were established throughout the South to collect war reparations from the Municipal citizenry and those acting on behalf of the Southern Confederate States of States. These so-called "carpet bagger courts" were supposed to disappear under the provisions of Ex Parte Milligan, 2 USC 71, but owing to failure of duty to disclose and inform the Public, and general malfeasance and Breach of Trust against the people of this country who are owed "good faith and service" from Her Majesty's Government and the Lord Mayor of London, similar quasi-military Judicial Districts operated by the Territorial Government have spread across this entire country in violation of our Treaties and Constitutions.
This surreptitious invasion of the American land jurisdiction and purposeful unhinging of the American courts left the helpless civilian population at the mercy of Hired Jurists, who have acted as revenue collectors for the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor under color of law, and have subjected Americans to foreign laws and jurisdictions without mercy or honor.
This despicable and flagrant and fraudulent abuse of the Public Trust must come to an end and as we think you can appreciate, nobody and nothing is more urgently needed in this cause than those attorneys and judges who are, upon being fully instructed and informed, appalled by the part they have played in the disservice of justice throughout this country.
Without putting too sharp a point on it, it cannot be missing your attention that the abuses of "judicial discretion" --- which does not exist in American Courts --- applied against average Americans results in grievous capital-level crimes against those same Americans, and exposes the Hired Jurists running the Municipal and Territorial Courts to justifiable public outrage. In other words, your more dishonorable brethren can expect to be gibbeted as inland pirates if this flaming pile of judicial dog dung doesn't get cleaned up.
Please let us know how you would like to proceed with a joint correction effort. Our State Assemblies are already engaged and either have their civilian Jural Assemblies organized or soon will, at which point, Ex Parte Milligan will be invoked in each State, and all foreign courts on our shores will be required to strictly observe their limitations without recourse to any excuse of "emergency" powers.
With our sincere thanks for your dedication to the cause of justice and your professional honor,

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. Replies
    1. @Unknown That's supposed to be humorous, right?

    2. Who is: Dr. Richard Cordero, Esquire? his BIO: .... a 898 page pdf.. BUT your get the point in the first web page of the link above - posted by Unknown and repeated here--

    3. Esquire's are BAR CROOKS, they know your mind.

    4. I now see the best strategy to deal with the Giant thieves. The Narcissists, the Illuminati and the Chinese.

      That is to Let them kill each other is best. I know who will win. Even if this world is destroyed, I will still live. I will enjoy my life I would not let them get a penny out from me any longer from now on. Never ask the truth, from the liars. Or from the quick-jump-to-conclusion. Who? The fast talkers, the imaginators.

      They are the twisters, the claimers of people property's deceptively. Yes they preclaim the galaxy ahead of time. To tax our future children. They don't know how to get there yet without me/us. Well, let them play their mind games with each other, to run out of time.....

  2. Yes you should invoke the Ex-Parte Milligan act as of yesterday.

  3. Could the actions of the a fore mentioned BAR Members (Attorneys) be considered an actual Invasion and Acts of War against We The People? As That is how I view their actions collectively. And how does Ex Parte Milligan fit? I am confused.

  4. Ex parte Milligan was a Supreme Court case 1865 were amazingly they said when the common law courts stand up the defacto must sit.
    However the bar established its self shortly 1878
    And the tribunals continues and bar lawyers with power of attorney gives judge jurisdiction and accept and judgement.

  5. No attorney can practice law outside the District of Columbia, so why have contact with them, set them out to dry. Then again what is law vs. what is legal?

  6. Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq - reckon its good to have volumes of complaining accounts in one location.
    Wonder what he thinks about why nothings changed? Why complaints are ineffective?
    So its a library of complaints he's collected. But thats about it.

    Must be good for the jews for the people to think a 'complaint collection' exists, so people can continue writing in, though nothing comes of it. Its only gotten worse.
    So Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq serves its purpose, however sincere he may be, or not.
    Even the private SOTUS conferences exposed Roberts yelling, which in turn brought out a said relationship with Jeffery Epstein & Roberts circuitously adopted Irish children. IF thats true.. pretty defaming for a SCOTUS.

    How much longer can this freaking never-ending-insanity go on? FOREVER & ever.

    1. Am just going to say this, ok. When i see someone's credentials as his, i have to say, IT LOOKS WEIRD.
      Look at all the top notch cred he's got. Now look at their locations. WHO DOES THAT?
      Makes me wonder if in fact he actually factually attended at the locations, how he lived, how he was funded & if anybody recalls ever seeing him in class, or library, or whatever. Like Obastard's classmates never saw his sorry azz.

      Less impressed, much more suspicious. So was he funded the whole time, works for Reuters, a glogal jew rag, to do what? Run a Complaints Dept about jewdiciary?
      Well, i smell a sephardi, a hamster wheel, & nothing more.

      Anna's letter will go into the stack pile, into a box, & into storage.

      "Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq., is a doctor of law and researcher-writer attorney. He is a member of the New York State Bar and lives in New York City.
      He earned his doctorate of law from the University of Cambridge in England, where his thesis dealt with the integration of the banking industry in the European Union. He earned a French law degree from La Sorbonne in Paris, where he concentrated on currency stability and the abuse of dominant positions by entities in commerce, similar to American antitrust law. He also earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan, where he concentrated on the use of computers and their networks to maximize workflow efficiency and productivity.

      Dr. Cordero worked as a researcher-writer at the preeminent publisher of analytical legal commentaries, Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, a member of West/Thomson Reuters. There he wrote commentaries on the regulation of financial activities under federal law.

      Currently at Judicial Discipline Reform, he is promoting the creation of a multidisciplinary academic and business team to advocate judges’ accountability and discipline reform."

      Yeah.... not real.