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Friday, January 1, 2021

About Corporations

 By Anna Von Reitz

Technically, the corporations are all owned by the creators of the corporation concept --- the Roman Curia.
So, Microsoft, Inc., is "owned" by Bill Gates and the other stockholders on a day to day basis and it produces and sells its unique products to the public and trades its stock on the stock market, but ultimately, the idea of a C Corporation --- all and any C-type Corporations at all, including Microsoft, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, etc. --- belongs to the Roman Curia.
It's like using someone else's invention to create your own spin-off invention.
The structure and definition of a C-Corp is the invention provided by the Curia, and then all these other "inventors" come along and use the C-Corp definition and build upon it to create their own unique version of C-Corp.
The same thing happens with the incorporated churches, even though they are designated "Non-profit Corporations". The basic idea and definitions and structure provided by the Roman Curia is built upon by all the various denominations, like a template. Monkey see. Monkey do.
In the process, they give up their unique and independent and individual character and "conform" to the standardized cookie-cutter template defining what a "Non-profit Corporation" is; thus, over time, a dreary sameness sets in, as, underneath all the trappings of different dogmas and doctrines and traditions --- they are, structurally, the same. They all have to obey the same rules and observe the same limits, or they no longer qualify to be called a "Non-profit Corporation".
Thus, the Secular Church has been defining and labeling and creating templates and rules for organizing all sorts of business activities, and people have been thoughtlessly following along and using these templates and creating all their versions of all these different kinds of corporations, but never questioning where the concept of say, a "Foundation", came from, or who sets the limits on what a "Foundation" can do.
Now you know.
Neither do most people consider the "debt" they owe the inventors of these business templates, nor the responsibilities that these unseen partners impose on them. The Curia regulates all structured corporations worldwide and it is clearly set forth in Ecclesiastical Law that the Pope has the unobstructed right to liquidate any such corporation on Earth for any reason at all.
So, if you think you own a corporation --- perhaps you are the majority stockholder?--- think again.
The Pope has layers upon layers of middlemen and each layer does some form of duty and gets paid for it, but make no mistake, at a very fundamental level, the Pope owns every corporation on Earth.
You, Joe Public, are never told this, but it is nonetheless the truth.
No disclosure of the consequences of incorporation is provided to you or anyone else. This is all established under Roman Civil Law, so it is strictly "Buyer beware."
To be fair, the very word, "incorporate" should give people a clue and a warning that they are joining themselves and their private business to something else, something bigger that they are "incorporating" into.
Most people who sign the dotted line think that they are merely "incorporating" according the the laws of say, "the State of California", and filling out some paperwork issued by the bureaucrats. They don't realize that they and their private business are becoming franchises of "the State of California--- Incorporated" and that the State of California, Inc., is in turn a franchise of the United States of America, Inc., which is a franchise of....which is a franchise of....which is a franchise of.....
So the State of California is just one of the Pope's many Middlemen, claiming an ownership interest and regulatory authority over you and your business, and as you "voluntarily" incorporate into this system, you are giving away everything you worked for and built "in equitable exchange" for certain "privileges"----bankruptcy protection, access to the stock exchanges, tax exemptions, use of the corporate templates, etc.
You can bet that despite whatever benefits might accrue, there would be far fewer corporations if people knew ---going into it--- that they were signing over their ownership interest in their own private businesses, subjecting all their operations to foreign law, subjecting themselves as slaves to Rome, and ultimately, enriching the Pope and his Middlemen--- which includes paying off all the subject cronies and organizations that are more senior in the pyramid, including our own Federal Subcontractors, who also had the poor judgment to incorporate the US, INC. and the United States of America, Inc.
So, what to do?
It would appear on first glance that people have willingly signed away their rights to own and operate their own businesses and that all the governments in the world have foolishly done the same.
Like unwary animals enticed into a trap with bait, that as the Bible describes it, is "sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach"----they are now well and truly ensnared and enslaved and subjected to the whims of every authority from the Pope down to the State of Idaho and the Councilmen of Culver City, Utah-- Incorporated.
But wait.
You weren't given any disclosure about any of this.
In most cases, your attorney suggested it to you, ran through the list of benefits (there's a word you should always watch out for) and gave you the wink and the elbow. "Everyone's doing it." You don't want to be left behind, do you? It's so old-school to be an independent business.... and then he scares you a little.... what if your business fails? You'll lose everything without bankruptcy protection.
And then he wheedles a little more --- if you want to take your business to the next level, you have to incorporate. You can't access the stock exchange without incorporating. Can't sell shares. He gives you the "message" that incorporating your business is "the way" to protect your future, protect your family, and expedite your success. Why, incorporating your business is the Golden
Just one little problem. It's not your Golden Ticket. It's his Golden Ticket. He hasn't told you that he's an Undeclared Foreign Agent, working for the Pope and the Boyz----literally; and the only success that he is craving is delivering everything you worked for to the ownership of his Bosses and to the control of his courts.
You naturally think that your attorney is on your team, because you hired him and are paying him a princely sum for his advice, but, he works for the Crown and the Pope already, so his first loyalty is to them--- not you.
And there you are, Mr. Pigeon. No disclosure about the precipitous downsides of incorporating your business, and expert advice to do so from "professionals" who secretively benefit from your loss.
It all adds up to purposeful self-interested deceit by omission and constructive fraud.
Once you wake up and realize that you have been defrauded, the Roman Civil Law allows you to vitiate all contracts that are the result of the fraud--- including your contract to incorporate your business, while continuing to work for the new owners. You can simply write "Void for Fraud" on the front and back of all the pages of your incorporation documents, cross-through all the signatures, and serve Notice of Divesture to the issuing authority.
Poof! The phantom is gone. Your plain old-fashioned independent business is back in view, owned by you, the actual man, again. You have left the airy-fairy world of legal fictions behind and are standing on solid ground once more.
And as you aren't using the Curia's templates or claiming any other "benefits" of incorporation anymore, you aren't subject to their foreign laws, codes, statutes, and regulations. Chances are, you aren't subject to their taxes, and aren't responsible for collecting their taxes from your employees, either.
As you signed your business over with the stroke of a pen, you can do a few more strokes of a pen to correct that mistake, and for a great many people, this simple exit is proper and sufficient. Things get a lot more complex if you are a C-Corp trading on public exchanges and have shareholders to consider, but even as a company can "go public", it can "go private" again. It takes more effort to leave Babylon, but it can be done.
In the days to come, your government, The United States of America --- the actual Federation of States, will be here helping American businesses to "come home" just as it has already helped so many Americans as individuals to come home. Together, we can beat "Corporate Feudalism" and punish the evil men who have set out to corner the market on the entire world, and convert the world economy into one giant Company Store.
It's time for those who have gotten roped into this system unaware to come out of it, and for those who choose to stay in the commercial realm to be severely regulated and watch-dogged.
As one of my Mentors once said ---

"A commercial corporation is a peculiar thing. It has no natural or benign purpose. It is born as a predator, and dies as meat. Nobody on Earth should take the existence of such legal fictions for granted, and no one should underestimate the virulent combination of profit-motives and lack of accountability. Left without sufficient prohibitions, safeguards, and enforced regulation, such corporations are entirely capable of destroying the world and depriving the rest of us of both life and quality of life."


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  1. American State Nationals it is past time to consider & act for a new Fiduciary.
    This tiresome, hamster wheel Anna cannot seem to step out of is DANGEROUS TO YOUR EFFORTS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

    This is her ceiling. Anna can't move beyond it. BROKEN RECORD, wheel stuck in the mud, hamster wheel, churning churning churning.

    We think Catherine Austin Fitts is an excellent candidate to consider. Anna is not mature enough, nor knowledgeable enough, nor capable enough to move beyond her ceiling.

    This is it, folks. Same info, wash rinse repeat. Where are the reports on advancements? Whats been accomplished? All kinds of funds are sent to her, but nothing much reportedly accomplished. Is it all secret? Haven't we had enough of talmudic secrecy, deceits, betrayals, lies, inversions?

    Why isn't Anna capable of moving beyond this mud hole she keeps digging for herself?

    2021 & nothing has changed. Why hasn't Anna accessed her "credit" but says you can? Why hasn't Anna changed her community, but says you can? Why hasn't Anna gained the respect & attention of those in power, but says you can?

    Anna says your debts should be credited, yet she begs for money every week. Why can't Anna do what she says YOU can do?

    Anna fails. She's hit her rut & she is slamming the accelerator & who is getting sprayed with mud?

    Anna keeps making a fool of herself & ASN's. Why hasn't Anna moved forward all these years? She can't?? But she can write a litany of blasphemes, lies, diversions, contempt... its the same schitck almost every article.

    Catherine Austin Fitts lives in the lower 48, Tennessee, & has one hell of a check on reality & doesn't play stupid, childish blame games.

    Anna is a BROKEN RECORD, whining about the same cr*p, writing the same cr*p, blaming blaming blaming... And am telling you right now ANNA LIES, she lies to feed her little demons that she covets. THIS IS IMMATURITY, its childish, braining numbing redundant. Its the same baalcr*p almost every article.

    Where are Anna's progress reports? Whats been accomplished in 2020? Its 2021. Could Anna have written a nice 2020 summation on accomplishments, goals for 2021, field reports, something POSITIVE?

    NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE blaming, churning, same ole shoes, same old hat trick, stuck up in Alaska, calling you her 'children', insulting you...
    She can't rebuild the bridges she has purposefully burned & continues to reignite. But somehow, YOU can use that bridge??

    NO. Becuz Anna is not capable of upping her game. BLAME BLAME BLAME how many more times must you read the same cr*p over & over & over again?

    And a jewdaizer, a devout Multi-cultist, knows Christs real name & you don't, wants immigrants to have your America, makes up her own laws based upon her beliefs, anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, anti-European, says she's talking to bankers & they feel bad & want to help, her big inside scoop that 'Obama was arrested' ...

    Its so bad we're calling her 'believer cult' Anna Bananaists.

    Well, Happy New Year to all.

    1. Thank you for your opinion of Anna. It is not shared. We use our credit with Sign In America and that is from Anna. The steps to correct your political status is from Anna.
      Thank you for your insult of those of us who o believe Anna has one wonders. Amen

    2. Well Wink Wink, you are so indoctrinated you cannot see the simplicity of true life. Under common natural law, Do No Harm! The world of finance you are caught up in is the basis from which you spew and miss the whole point.

      If you find what Anna teaches so offensive, why do you still visit here? Catherine Austin Fitts is catering to the masses of the banking industry and they have no respect for the real people in any way shape or form. She continues to try to bend the rules of finance in the corporate world and every one caught in the net. The system is broken beyond repair and it is a waste of bandaids to keep trying to fix it.

    3. Mike Davis - You're welcome. I do appreciate your post. Now - as 'believers', critical thought ceases. How many times has Anna insulted, blasphemed, blamed innocents for the crimes by others?

      We're familiar with Sign in America. Thus far, no one we know has had their debts credited. It would be good to have information as to how you are able to use credit with Sign in America. Please elucidate, share. This is the kind of information that would help ASN's.

      What fantastic purpose, intent Sign In America seeks to accomplish! In reading the site, nothing suspicious clouds its message, in other words, its intent seems from the best source possible.

      What we've also found is that credit access is accomplished by those who have not changed their political status. We don't know their specific avenue of access. It seems they're accessing it from UCC, or commercial, or language on 'bills'/presentments mailed in... dunno. Some method is available to them, or did they pay someone to align access?

      From our perspective, when Anna writes so many negative, blasphemous articles, it attracts those of like-mind, which SEEMINGLY tend to be 'believers', needing someone to believe in, without further thought.

      Hey, most thinking folks are too busy thinking to bother posting, & I appreciate this very much. These folks tend to be more thoughtful, preferring to research for themselves topics of interest. And we do not have time to do all this research, much less time to form a thoughtful post.

      Its most unfortunate that the only degree of 'shaking awake' has resulted in using very strong, expressive language in my posts. Have tried, repeatedly, to alert folks to very relevant questions, but it didn't seem to work. So, kicked it up a notch, & again, & again. Now, its this degree of language that seems to have garnered attention >>>> unfortunately, the focus is on me, rather than the points made.

      I don't like it, don't like doing that, its distasteful. What Anna writes & says is far more distasteful, insulting, dangerous. On videos she launches into diatribe wrongfully blaspheming, misdirecting, culpability for massive crimes, essentially blaming innocents.

      And its also important that we realize 'opinions' don't mean credibility. But we're so brainwashed into 'believing' opinions are relevant, that opinions mean substantiation >>>> NO opinions do not.
      Opinion means: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
      thanks & stay sane

    4. Dan Carpenter - define fiduciary: involving trust, especially with regard to the relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary.

      A fiduciary who expresses such bias cannot be trusted, period. Anna appointed herself fiduciary, which means she is telling us she will control America's financial interests.

      No. America must have someone who is experienced, proven responsible for such job. IT IS A JOB, not an heirship.

      Catherine Austin Fitts is vastly more qualified than Anna. Anna hasn't shown any qualifications for this massive & very important position, especially in dealing with America's vast wealth, investment, future, distribution, & in defending, guarding against its most fervent enemies.

      Anna has appointed herself, as an heirship, with ZERO QUALIFICATIONS. She's even talking about needing money to get green cards >>>> WHAT??

      Why does Anna need to get green cards, for whom & to do what? Why are immigrants needing green cards to do what for America's best interest??

      Is this not worthy of question? And look, its hard to follow every post on every article, ok, but this is the realm of questioning I & others have brought forth.

      Fiduciary = wealth control. I do not trust Anna based upon her own words & actions she herself has stated. Unfortunately, the info provided by Anna on her seemingly also self-appointed immigration tsar just lofts on by like butterflies on a breeze & no one questions it???

      Based upon what law? Now, lets say ASN's facilitate immigrants ((- not even immigrants who have gone through the immigration process, but just those who show up in America, go unnoticed for 7 yrs, don't receive any benefits, aren't 'charged' with Federal crimes, are said by Anna to qualify to be made American State Nationals)) - based upon Anna's directives & something serious happens as a result of these innocent ASN's following Anna's directives on immigrants. CAN YOU IMAGINE the degree of trouble that could result?

      Think about it. What could happen to those people who followed Anna's orders making immigrants, from wherever, no security checks, no criminal checks, no identity checks... all based upon their word & some papers... they qualify, according to Anna???
      ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME? Any criminal will lie, have papers made, fake BC's made, fake passports, ... & somehow Anna qualifies them as able to usurp on America, upon America's assets, let alone making OUR CHILDREN susceptible to this criminal element just becuz Anna says so?? There is no screening, no questioning, its open borders, OPEN FOR ANYONE who passes Anna's claims. ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME?

      We're supposed to accept this sh*t? And by the way, jews are notorious for having multiple passports, so 'turning in' a US Passport somehow qualifies them to be ASN?? What about the jews 'right of return'? Is that even addressed in Anna's immigration process?

      THIS IS DANGEROUS. Well, maybe you don't think so, or maybe you don't think, period. thanks & stay sane

    5. MR SIR winkwink ESQUIRE and company...
      You blew it,,, ..
      You just outed yourself in every paragraph,, as an undeclared Foreign Agent,,, and I quote your reply..

      "We're familiar with Sign in America. Thus far, no one we know has had their debts credited.

      Ummm... "We,re? ?,, we,,, ??.. Would that be YOU,, and about 5 of your UFA's (undeclared foreign agents), that have been vigorusly using your 'abuse, accuse, denegrat, marginalize, but give not proof or suggestion of a better way' template ? ?

      I know of 3 people in a group of 11 who have recieved compensation thru the Sign in Amrica method,, and have reports of several dozen recorded Americans who have also..

      Logic would indicate that when Nations begin to REconstruct their long dormant government,, positive changes will at first be tedious and difficult and gradualy become more efficient and faster, as is the case now..

      As controlled opposition,, you and your "we" are well aware of this,, and of the progress Americans have made toward reestablishing our lawful government.. which is why you attack AVR and Americans in general.

      Thank you for showing you true intent..

      Take your load and dump it somewhere else and take goodE2boots with you..

    6. winkwink,, james pansini,,goodE2boots, goto ,.
      type in " Motu Proprio Pope July 11th 2013." and this is what you get..
      Over 160 pages of communications from AVR to the Pope, Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
      Archbishop of Chicago, The IMF and dozens of their incorporated franchizes just for starters..

      I do not expect you to understand this material as you are just hired help following the appointed template..
      This material is WAY above your paygrade..

      However others reading AVR will be amazed and thrilled to get a glimpse of the level of detail and expertieze required to address the issues facing Americans today..

      "Thank you Anna" is just not enough,, but its a start.
      get a coffee sit down and read,, you will not regret it. . . ..
      This is better than sherlock holms and agatha cristie,,
      or for the younger crowd,, grand theft auto and call of duty,,combined,,..

    7. Fred - nah. My posts are articulate, often linked resources, sound arguments & questions. As for credited accounts, its always somebody who knows somebody else. IF these are true cases, why not post here what they were able to accomplish & how? In a recent Zoom, Anna suggested pursuing yet another gov entity that might work for Sign In America. I think it was the Lieutenant Gov of a State of ___, but could be mistaken, it was a few weeks ago.

      If this is the case, as in still searching for actual results, why are folks still looking? I do think its going to take a lot of tries, as they most certainly do not want us credited. Even going back to ones previously tried.
      We've followed Anna for years, so we're not newbies. Anna has said & done some very stupid things. Very stupid. Notice that Anna has No Contract for her Fiduciary position, which gives her a whole lot of leeway to interpret what she deems so, NOT what is true, lawful, good for America, Americans.
      Read my posts. If you're not a jew, then quit acting like one. thanks & stay sane

  2. I told you Anna, that you would do more good if you went to Yale or Harvard, or even just an undergraduate school( AA degree) , and take a lower criminal law class where you can really make a difference not only with the students but the teacher would like it more than you think and get the respect you deserve because you would be teaching something you truely love along with people who are truely looking for the truth instead of making money...!!
    Students would like to hear the truth for a change instead of this artificial world they have created..
    The only thing i ask is give us a report on what you are doing from time to time..!!
    You would be teaching something you love to people who really give a damn.
    You cant help the whole world Anna. Start where you can really make a difference.

    1. I like your take James. Always....


      Not easy to rid of these NARCISSISTS.

    2. I now see the best strategy to deal with the Giant thieves. The Narcissists, the Illuminati and the Chinese.

      That is to Let them kill each other is best. I know who will win. Even if this world is destroyed, I will still live. I will enjoy my life I would not let them get a penny out from me any longer from now on. Never ask the truth, from the liars. Or from the quick-jump-to-conclusion. Who? The fast talkers, the imaginators.

      They are the twisters, the claimers of people property's deceptively. Yes they preclaim the galaxy ahead of time. To tax our future children. They don't know how to get there yet without me/us. Well, let them play their mind games with each other, to run out of time.....

    3. Civil service exam tailored to weed out narcissism.

  3. Pope Francis makes a Law.. destroys every Corporation in the World.
    Releasing all the Trust Funds to Humanity.
    Refer to the Document--Motu Proprio signed by the Pope on July 11th 2013.
    This Doc recognises the supremacy of the Golden Rule.
    For more refer to decree.

    1. Derrick Crowe - YES! Thanks for the reminder. Motu Proprio - it was quite the internet banter a few years ago. Ya know, i forgot all about that.
      Folks this page isn't that long a read:

      Keep in mind the 'Vatican City State' 1929 by Mussolini, then Club of Rome took over. Just like they did to DC City State. All occurred about the same time in both America & at the Vatican (which became Vatican City State, does not mean the Catholic Church, anymore than DC means America).

      ~~ The Lateran Treaty of 1929 creating political city-state Vatican City w Holy See full ownership, dominion & sovereign authority & jurisdiction & for Catholics, Christians to separate from Rome to find another unity
      ~~ 1942 Vatican Bank The Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR) was founded on 27 June 1942 by Pope Pius XII.
      ~~ 1962 Vatican II Swiss Octogon-jew-coup.
      ~~ Club of Rome - Conspiracy Wiki Dec 15, 2018 - In April, 1968, the Club of Rome was founded by members of the original Morgenthau group during a meeting at Rockefeller's private house in Bellagio, Italy. The meeting was organized by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist who had close relations to the Olivetti Corporation and Fiat. ~~ Another group representative at the December 1980 Washington meetings with "observer status" was John Graham, also known as "Irwin Suall," head of the fact-finding committee of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL is an outright British intelligence operation run by all three branches of British intelligence, that is, M16 and the JIO. Suall's extensive bag of dirty tricks was garnered from the sewers of the East End of London. Suall is still a member of the super-secret SIS, an elite James Bond type of operation. Let nobody underestimate the power of the ADL, nor its long reach.
      ~~ Club of Rome The Club of Rome describes itself as "an organisation of individuals who share a common concern for the future of humanity and strive to make a difference. Wikipedia Type: Non-profit, NGO ~ Location: Winterthur, Canton Zurich, Switzerland ~ Fields: Global warming, Well-being, Humanitarian challenges

      >>>> Good Folks, also remember that Anna worked with Pope Benedict to REMEDY THESE WRONGS >>> This was quite an accomplishment >>> I really mean this!
      Benedict was removed a few months later, Bergoglio/Francis a jesuit, no jesuits can be pope, was put in place, a false pope.

      What happened to all this great accomplishment by Anna with Pope Benedict? This is a great bridge burned by Anna >>> Why do this? Why blaspheme the Vatican, the Catholic Church, who asked for Anna to help the pope rectify the wrongs & she did ?? This was a powerful thing!

      Do ya see what I mean about burning bridges. Now we see huge shifts in the Catholic Church MAY be happening, as Francis rumored resignation (but replaced with whom??), the removal of the Holy See from access to coffers & investigative raids by the church itself upon its own departments. This would be like the DoJ raiding the Fed Reserve, crashing Congress - & that ain't happening here.

      If in America we still haven't accomplished this much, isn't it worth noticing what the Catholic Church may be accomplishing?

      thanks & stay sane

  4. Of mixed opinions, yes done a lot to digest this multilayered onion of corporations, government contracts called constitutions.and finally broke out of the land registration office monopoly.
    On the other side the attacks on peopl and groups that should be allied with .
    And to much procrastination on monitizing leans .
    Starting a dejour bank so we could stop the cartel.
    Our true power will come when we can get honest common law courts and charge the suckers with trespassing our rights.

  5. Wink It saddens me to know YOU have such a NEGATIVE SPIRIT.Why dont you GO take the TRIPE you profess and crawl back under the DECIEPT HOLE YOU CRAWLED OUT FROM UNDER=SES pool of NEGITIVITY..............

    1. Charles Robert Walker - read my posts. This isn't about bashing for bashings sake === >>> it is about having to escalate to this degree to get folks attention on what we see occurring.
      BE SAD... i don't care. I don't care about your opinion. Give me a thoughtful, even researched response.

      Its the values placed upon 'opinions', 'feelings', as if any of that is relevant. Is it not, in great part, that which has caused & continues to facilitate the destruction of America?

      Well, welcome to American State Bananaists 2021, wash rinse repeat.

    2. agree with wink wink. the endless "manifest your own reality" is just more UN and mastery learning feel-good bs.
      sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach
      this is what anna has been pushing for years -- 2nd coming
      this is all america has ever done, its novus ordo seclorum
      this is what vatican II is doing, novus ordo mass
      this is what the UN is doing, the millenium

      what is amazing is these are adults who, if anyone has any information that doesnt fit their imaginary reality, tells everyone they are being "negative" for not sharing their delusions.

      for snowflake millenial children this is to be expected, its how they are programmed 24/7 -- it is troubling to see adults though.
      christ is truth. came with a sword. the sword of truth.

      feel-good bs is new age hippie "you are your own god" garbage.

      agree with wink wink 1000x.

      all i see is illuminism/2nd coming goes on and on. not seeing one iota of change. sorry, if we all just click our heels and pretend lucifer is god is the only answer people have, then its best that the giant of america go back to sleep; better to sleep with the fishes than have 328 million zombies walking around, undead, thinking they are alive.

      the truth is america is a religion. there is no possible solution here, as that is how freedom of religion goes, but the feel-good bs is part of the problem.

      all it shows is the "churches" are infected with secular humanists, and hiding behind their "bibles"

      that is not a crime, but it is a waste of time to expect anything from such people. they certainly cannot save america or anything else. they aren't qualified to talk about religion because they know nothing.

      revelation 13:1

      and yet, we still have people going on and on about "the pope"

    3. so what, anna and some of the other deceived people here finally changed their mind about "revelation"?

      now its no longer heaven on earth, instead it is sweet to the taste, bitter in their stomachs?


      cant make up their mind. christ or satan christ or satan how about both?

      make up your minds already. you still doing "heaven on earth" "2nd coming" "revelation" or not? thats how it starts.

      are we back at matthew 24 now? as i have been saying for years.

    4. so now that "sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach" is back in effect FINALLY, how much 2nd coming bs needs undone?

      we gonna roll back to "my kingdom is not of this world" finally?

      or are we still doing luciferian/satanism/marxism "my kingdom is of this world" novus ordo seclorum/un millenium/novus ordo mass aka illuminism?

  6. I find the comment sections of Anna's work quite tiresome, personally. It is the same 2 or 3 vocal critics who seem to take over each discussion thread, and the irony is that the very things they ridicule Anna for is evident in their own b.s. I don't know what to make of things all in all most days because, as we are all very aware, the signal soup is confusing and the number of illiterate, inconsiderate, and logically incompetent would-be chefs is entirely too large. Part of me is mostly convinced these 2 or 3 offensive/offended "commentators" are nothing more than disinformation agents of some sort. The real problem at the Tower of Babel wasn't the diversity in languages, but rather the confusion that ensued. But think for a moment, if you would, about what might have been another outcome in that instance. What if confusion wasn't the norm? What if we all spoke in positive and affirmative ideas and symbols, rather than as a pack of sick and hungry animals?

    1. What if what if cute but sorry same agents Talmudic belief and many more fellow vermin piled on (kazars) and (Moore’s) and servants like Sabbos goy biden and 90%of APAC controld congress.
      Seem oblivious to the real insurrection and that’s fine probably think 19 Muslims was behind 9/11 too so not interested in a conversation you guy have chosen sides.

  7. Do like the remedy because they have lured practically every one into this trap so divest void line out good stuff Anna.