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Sunday, August 16, 2020

First, Last, Always About Kim Goguen


By Anna Von Reitz

They keep putting out information and videos about Kim Goguen, a small-time fraud artist who is making the big time in that realm of activity by working for the ersatz attempting-to-reconfigure Territorial Corporation(s).
One of the most bizarre aspects of everything that has gone on has been the repeated attempts to open the World Trust, aka, "Storehouses of the Lord" via fraud, usually by manipulation of the authorities involved by employees of the actual Principals, and usually by one person hailed as the "savior", a lone renegade philanthropist.
Remember Wolfgang Struck? The World Bank version of this phenomenon?
Remember Heather Tucci-Jareff, the well-intentioned young attorney who led the Paradigm Project and who tried to form the OPPT? She didn't know that as an attorney, she didn't have the standing to do this and is now serving five years in Federal prison for her "insubordination".
Kim Goguen is another such purported savior, and doesn't have standing either. She's the IMF candidate and a Territorial Citizen.
All these people are functioning as Legal Persons.
Not one of them is functioning as a Lawful Person.
As a result, the Storehouses of the Lord are firmly locked and closed against them. They can't get there from here, for the same reason that you can't be on the High Seas and standing on Mount Everest at the same time.
It's a matter of time-space and energy capacity.
So these imposters --- literally imposters --- chase each other around and around the mulberry bush and none of them can gain leverage or bear the truth.
They say that they represent so-and-so and are agents of this-and-that. Kim says she was "chosen" by Marduk. Great. Who made "Marduk" king? Not his Father, who wasn't appointed king, either. LOL.
The World Trust was created by men who believed in the Bible, and this is what the Bible says about this matter---- Hebrews 1:1-13 --- God makes the heir.
There is only one appointed God-created heir of an estate in their system and that heir is a living man acting in the capacity of a Lawful Person.
Lawful assets belong only to Lawful Persons, so this makes perfect sense and is logically sound throughout.
A "paper man" ---or woman --- can't possess actual gold, wheat, wine, or anything else that is actual and factual.
So as I have told everyone --- repeatedly --- Kim Goguen isn't the heir. By definition. And this is certain as water flowing downhill.
Many Christians have thought that Jesus is the Heir through whom they inherit --- but is Jesus the Heir of the World? No, Jesus is the Heir of Heaven and Earth.
There is another Heir involved ---- the Heir of Balbeck, Persia, Phoenicia, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Crete, Armaugh, Rome and so on. He is the Heir of the False God, the Idolater and the Idol.
So what you were all meant to inherit from him was death and idolatry.
Call him the Anti-Christ, if you will, because he deals in the realm of Legal Fictions. This is the realm of the World and the World Trust.
The Earth was created by the Living God and stands in eternal truth; the World was created by the Dead God and is an illusion.
But even the Dead God can serve the Living God, and become a tool in his hands, even as light is born out of darkness and roses grow from manure piles.
We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, and discernment cannot waver. What is, is, and what is not, is not.
Knowing what we know, we are in a position to rightly value and use all things for good. ALL things. Even legal fictions and Legal Persons and the Anti-Christ himself can be used to make all things new and to manifest truth from an illusion.
So remember that the Heir of Balbeck, the actual Heir of the World Trust, is not "bad" in the same way that the Heir of Heaven and Earth is good.
An illusion which is temporary is not of the same realm nor in the same league as an eternal truth; and even if to our eyes, they may appear to be of the same nature, they are not.
Through one created Heir we have inherited all that is "dead" and illusory, and through the other created Heir we have inherited all that is alive and eternal.
So the World Trust, which is an illusion, controls the Lawful Assets belonging to the Lawful Heirs, and the World Bank, which is an illusion, is accountable to them to yield both the Trust and the Assets.
The Heir of Balbeck, not Kim Goguen, holds the key to making the World Bank open up the accounts; and insomuch as he is the Anti-Christ, people are afraid of him; but we mistake the subservience of the illusion to the Living God.


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My Apologies and Your Happy Place


By Anna Von Reitz

I haven't been able to keep up with my regular articles and correspondence in recent weeks. There are many reasons for this --- too many to recount. Be assured that we are continuing the good fight and doing all that has to be done to resolve The Mess in our favor and yours.

The Basics are now all out in the open and in your court. Literally. The primary work to be done is to educate everyone, and I do mean --- everyone.

Once people see what has been "done in their names" they will be shocked, but, this painful denouement also allows them to make the necessary corrections.

Being the Bearer of Bad News is not, as I can attest, the easiest position to play, but it is necessary.

Many of us have faced opposition, ridicule, and outright animosity from friends and family, too. Spouses have left, families have been broken, estates have been lost, unjust prison sentences have been imposed and served. Americans have suffered for decades under unjustified and unjustifiable "legal presumptions".

That is now at an end. Now, the pendulum swings. Now, the long overdue correction comes. And as it does, those on the receiving end are doing everything in their power to stop the inevitable correction.

You are all called to do your bit, whatever you can do. If at all possible, join your State Assembly and get involved in supporting it. If you have skills, they are needed. If you have funds that you can donate, they are needed, too.

No matter what our age or condition, we all have a voice to raise and prayers to offer. And an education to pursue.

We all have to deal with the fact that we don't know our own history, and that we haven't been taught the nature, form, and structure of our own government. Now that the truth is known, it is up to each one of us to learn and to teach others.

Many excuses and fanciful "stories" are being spun and fabricated to explain the bizarre actions of our employees, both Territorial and Municipal, but it all comes down to this---- both of the servicing corporations are bankrupt and foreign interests are still trying to place insupportable claims and demands against American assets.

Our employees have sold assets that were not theirs to sell.

They have made claims against their employers that are not supportable and created invalid contractual obligations.

They have embraced practices which are illegal and unlawful in all jurisdictions of law.

They have run amok, and while this has unjustly enriched some foreign interests, it has impoverished and defrauded us and many other innocent people worldwide.

Our actual government, which is unincorporated and yes, sovereign, remains in the midst of the resulting maelstrom.

Be of good cheer, and while doing your best in support of our efforts and your government, find time to go to your Happy Place ---- that imaginary space in your mind and heart where you are completely happy, your own little vision of heaven on Earth.

Dwell there in peace and turn a deaf ear to all the naysayers.

Day by day, we are all making the progress that has to be made.

Donations are gratefully accepted via PayPal:, and via Snail Mail, addressed to:
Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.


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Horse Before Cart Solution


By Anna Von Reitz

Day after day I get pitiful messages of the "Oh, woe is me!" kind.  

"Can't never could do nothing." as the old saying goes.  If you take that attitude, you will never get started down the road to accomplish what has to be done, so make up your minds ---- this correction has to be made and the work has to be done and there's no help for and nobody to do it but you.  

Much of the despairing mail has to do with trespasses of "government" employees, mostly misguided "agency personnel" against Americans and against American property assets.  

The quickest way to end predation by foreign courts is to remove yourself and your Good Name from their jurisdiction.  

I won't belabor the process by which "you" were unlawfully converted into a foreign chattel property by the Pope and the Brits.  Suffice it to say that you have been unlawfully attacked and converted into such a status and it is up to you to remove yourself from it. 

We have pioneered the ways and means to overcome this fraud scheme and made this available via numerous pathways --- the 928 documents available at and the 1779 Declaration process available through the State Recording Secretaries at, and now the whole thing has been computerized via the Land Recording System (LRS) --- which will make it all much easier, faster, and more official.  

Your Lawful Person has been unlawfully converted into a Legal Person.  Until and unless you correct this, you have no constitutional guarantees.  Your cart remains in front of your horse.  Your identity has been stolen by your own employees.  It's up to you to realize this and correct their "mistake".  

The fundamental Breach of Trust occurred when your birth event was registered instead of being recorded.  

Now, go step by step: 

1. Record over their registration and correct the public records.  This can be done in numerous ways --- see above.
2. Join your State Assembly, and take up your responsibility to support it. 
3.  Set up your Court System, which will then take precedence over their Court System, per Ex Parte Milligan, 71 US 2.  
4.  Begin prosecution of the offending corporations. These corporations are of two principal kinds ---- (1) foreign corporations that have been allowed to be here by treaty or other permission; (2) corporations that have been allowed to form as franchises of State of State organizations. 
5. Your State Assembly, properly defined and organized, has the ability to liquidate, fine, or otherwise "pull the charter" of any corporation operating within your State borders.  If you don't have direct control of a misbehaving corporation's charter, you can nonetheless prohibit its activities on your soil. 

Please notice that Agencies are subcontractors of subcontractors and have no possible authority over Americans at all.  

Our contracts are directly with the Holy See and the Queen.  Not the BBC, not SERCO, not the British Crown Corp, not the UN CORP, not the USA, Inc., not the UNITED STATES, INC., not the IRS, not the Internal Revenue Service, not FEMA, not BATF, not, not, not.   

All these agencies exist to assist and control our federal and federated State of State employees, and should not be addressing us at all, unless we are actually and factually: (1) on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways; (2) actively involved in the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of tobacco, firearms, or alcohol.  

Please also note that we have only two contracts that apply: 

The Constitution of the United States of America is our contract with the Territorial Government, also known as the "District Government", because it operates out of the District of Columbia and is organized according to Districts. 

The Constitution of the United States is our contract with the Pope's Municipal Government, which operates out of the Municipality of Washington, DC.  

No other "thing" --- statute, code, legislation, rule, or procedure supersedes the limitations or obligations of these Constitutions --Article VI.  Anything not explicitly addressed and delegated remains in the jurisdiction of the States and people -- Amendment X.  No American is subject to foreign law --Amendment XI.  

So the entire issue is: are you an American, a Lawful Person standing in original jurisdiction, and operating under the Law of the Land and soil?  Owed every jot of the Constitutions? 

Or are you a Territorial U.S. Citizen or Municipal citizen of the United States here on our soil to provide "essential government services" ---- Article IV?  

Is your cart before your horse or your horse before your cart?  

It's up to you.  You are the ones responsible for leading your horse around, harnessing it up, and getting the show on the road.  


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Our Land Recording System is Live


By Anna Von Reitz

As of this past Monday, our Land Recording System (LRS) is live! 

That's about the most exciting and factual news I've heard in a long time.  

Because it actually impacts us and others around the world in a practical and good way, it's far more important than anything being reported by the Mainstream Media----even though some of you may be saying, "So what?" 

This week, our State Coordinators and Recording Secretaries began learning how to record documents using the new LRS.  As a result, you will be able to record your possession of your most precious private assets --- your Good Name, your DNA, your Declaration of Political Status, your children, your homestead claims, your land patents, your car, your business --- all your private assets, which until now, have been "mistaken" as public trust assets.   

You won't have to go through a difficult gauntlet of arguments with State of State Recording Offices or struggle to explain your political status to foreigners.  You won't have to pay exorbitant recording costs.  

No more arguing with patrolmen on the side of the road, because the Land Recording System coupled with State Assembly membership allows you to secure your State Credentials --- affirmative photo identification to replace Driver Licenses and put an end to inappropriate legal presumptions. 

Now that the importance of the Land Recording System is dawning on everyone, step back and take a moment to appreciate how many years Americans have had to suffer and struggle for lack of this service?  And, indeed, how long people throughout the world have suffered for lack of any official means to record their political status and actual identity?  

Picture me and so many others plodding to the various recording offices maintained for international purposes by the State of State organizations, paying through the nose for paperwork processes that were more or less effective, sorting through the welter of jurisdictions, and more often than not, being attacked and questioned at every step.  

Say good-bye to all of that.  We have stream-lined the process for everyone and miraculously, got it down to something simple and effective.  

You will need a birth certificate or other record confirming where you were born, two Witness Testimony forms from people who can identify you as the man or woman whose birth event is referenced by the Birth Certificate or other official record (such as Naturalization records), and a one-page Declaration of your political status.  Four pieces of paper.  Record them with your State Coordinator or State Recording Secretary.   

Welcome home! 

All the work that was done prior to this using foreign recording offices is still valid, but imagine how much easier this will be?  

This opens the door wider and makes it easier for millions of Americans to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction where they belong, to reclaim the constitutional guarantees they are owed, and to enjoy the freedom they have earned. 

It also makes our birthright political status easier for people to understand.  It's one thing to talk and explain, and another to show someone a State Credential card backed by actual State Assembly organizations and historical authorities.  

This is being made possible by a dedicated group of volunteers who have stepped forward at this critical moment in history to assist other Americans and help them make the journey home.  Thank and bless them every time you have a chance.

Even if you are not an American, thank and bless them, because this is good news for you, too. 

The concept that we have been legally high-jacked and human trafficked away from our natural political status almost at birth is finally coming home to millions of people around the world who have suffered the same fate.  

Because Land Recording is an international service, our LRS can be used by people in England and Australia, India, Canada and elsewhere around the world, to record their claims upon their Good Names, their DNA, their political status, their land, and their homes, and their businesses and children, too. 

At a time when many Land Recording Offices have been closed by the perpetrators in an effort to keep people permanently "lost at sea", the American Land Recording Office has booted back up with a vengeance.  

Soon our system will be teaching recorders from throughout the English-speaking world to use the LRS, and as the land jurisdiction government is restored from Beirut to Bangkok, from Mayfair to Muskogee, people will be able to secure appropriate credentials for themselves and be able to reclaim their private assets and assert their constitutional guarantees like never before. 

Remember always that men and women are land assets.  "From dust thou art and to dust returneth" --- our bodies and everything associated with them, exist naturally under the Law of the Land, not the Law of the Sea.  

Remember that It is up to you to declare your identity, your political status, your nature, and the law that you stand under.  It's your responsibility to run your own government and to chastise and direct your own public employees.  

The Land Recording System is one giant leap forward not only for America and Americans, but for people everywhere.  Take a moment this Sunday to realize the blessing this represents, bow your heads and give thanks for the truth and the greater glory of Nature's God, for your countrymen, your neighbors, your family, and your friends.  

This is a breakthrough moment brought to you by volunteers you will never know, working under far less than ideal conditions, to create the ways and the means for you to restore your country, to properly identify yourselves, and to claim your most precious assets. 


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