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Sunday, August 16, 2020

My Apologies and Your Happy Place


By Anna Von Reitz

I haven't been able to keep up with my regular articles and correspondence in recent weeks. There are many reasons for this --- too many to recount. Be assured that we are continuing the good fight and doing all that has to be done to resolve The Mess in our favor and yours.

The Basics are now all out in the open and in your court. Literally. The primary work to be done is to educate everyone, and I do mean --- everyone.

Once people see what has been "done in their names" they will be shocked, but, this painful denouement also allows them to make the necessary corrections.

Being the Bearer of Bad News is not, as I can attest, the easiest position to play, but it is necessary.

Many of us have faced opposition, ridicule, and outright animosity from friends and family, too. Spouses have left, families have been broken, estates have been lost, unjust prison sentences have been imposed and served. Americans have suffered for decades under unjustified and unjustifiable "legal presumptions".

That is now at an end. Now, the pendulum swings. Now, the long overdue correction comes. And as it does, those on the receiving end are doing everything in their power to stop the inevitable correction.

You are all called to do your bit, whatever you can do. If at all possible, join your State Assembly and get involved in supporting it. If you have skills, they are needed. If you have funds that you can donate, they are needed, too.

No matter what our age or condition, we all have a voice to raise and prayers to offer. And an education to pursue.

We all have to deal with the fact that we don't know our own history, and that we haven't been taught the nature, form, and structure of our own government. Now that the truth is known, it is up to each one of us to learn and to teach others.

Many excuses and fanciful "stories" are being spun and fabricated to explain the bizarre actions of our employees, both Territorial and Municipal, but it all comes down to this---- both of the servicing corporations are bankrupt and foreign interests are still trying to place insupportable claims and demands against American assets.

Our employees have sold assets that were not theirs to sell.

They have made claims against their employers that are not supportable and created invalid contractual obligations.

They have embraced practices which are illegal and unlawful in all jurisdictions of law.

They have run amok, and while this has unjustly enriched some foreign interests, it has impoverished and defrauded us and many other innocent people worldwide.

Our actual government, which is unincorporated and yes, sovereign, remains in the midst of the resulting maelstrom.

Be of good cheer, and while doing your best in support of our efforts and your government, find time to go to your Happy Place ---- that imaginary space in your mind and heart where you are completely happy, your own little vision of heaven on Earth.

Dwell there in peace and turn a deaf ear to all the naysayers.

Day by day, we are all making the progress that has to be made.

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