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Sunday, August 16, 2020

First, Last, Always About Kim Goguen


By Anna Von Reitz

They keep putting out information and videos about Kim Goguen, a small-time fraud artist who is making the big time in that realm of activity by working for the ersatz attempting-to-reconfigure Territorial Corporation(s).
One of the most bizarre aspects of everything that has gone on has been the repeated attempts to open the World Trust, aka, "Storehouses of the Lord" via fraud, usually by manipulation of the authorities involved by employees of the actual Principals, and usually by one person hailed as the "savior", a lone renegade philanthropist.
Remember Wolfgang Struck? The World Bank version of this phenomenon?
Remember Heather Tucci-Jareff, the well-intentioned young attorney who led the Paradigm Project and who tried to form the OPPT? She didn't know that as an attorney, she didn't have the standing to do this and is now serving five years in Federal prison for her "insubordination".
Kim Goguen is another such purported savior, and doesn't have standing either. She's the IMF candidate and a Territorial Citizen.
All these people are functioning as Legal Persons.
Not one of them is functioning as a Lawful Person.
As a result, the Storehouses of the Lord are firmly locked and closed against them. They can't get there from here, for the same reason that you can't be on the High Seas and standing on Mount Everest at the same time.
It's a matter of time-space and energy capacity.
So these imposters --- literally imposters --- chase each other around and around the mulberry bush and none of them can gain leverage or bear the truth.
They say that they represent so-and-so and are agents of this-and-that. Kim says she was "chosen" by Marduk. Great. Who made "Marduk" king? Not his Father, who wasn't appointed king, either. LOL.
The World Trust was created by men who believed in the Bible, and this is what the Bible says about this matter---- Hebrews 1:1-13 --- God makes the heir.
There is only one appointed God-created heir of an estate in their system and that heir is a living man acting in the capacity of a Lawful Person.
Lawful assets belong only to Lawful Persons, so this makes perfect sense and is logically sound throughout.
A "paper man" ---or woman --- can't possess actual gold, wheat, wine, or anything else that is actual and factual.
So as I have told everyone --- repeatedly --- Kim Goguen isn't the heir. By definition. And this is certain as water flowing downhill.
Many Christians have thought that Jesus is the Heir through whom they inherit --- but is Jesus the Heir of the World? No, Jesus is the Heir of Heaven and Earth.
There is another Heir involved ---- the Heir of Balbeck, Persia, Phoenicia, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Crete, Armaugh, Rome and so on. He is the Heir of the False God, the Idolater and the Idol.
So what you were all meant to inherit from him was death and idolatry.
Call him the Anti-Christ, if you will, because he deals in the realm of Legal Fictions. This is the realm of the World and the World Trust.
The Earth was created by the Living God and stands in eternal truth; the World was created by the Dead God and is an illusion.
But even the Dead God can serve the Living God, and become a tool in his hands, even as light is born out of darkness and roses grow from manure piles.
We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, and discernment cannot waver. What is, is, and what is not, is not.
Knowing what we know, we are in a position to rightly value and use all things for good. ALL things. Even legal fictions and Legal Persons and the Anti-Christ himself can be used to make all things new and to manifest truth from an illusion.
So remember that the Heir of Balbeck, the actual Heir of the World Trust, is not "bad" in the same way that the Heir of Heaven and Earth is good.
An illusion which is temporary is not of the same realm nor in the same league as an eternal truth; and even if to our eyes, they may appear to be of the same nature, they are not.
Through one created Heir we have inherited all that is "dead" and illusory, and through the other created Heir we have inherited all that is alive and eternal.
So the World Trust, which is an illusion, controls the Lawful Assets belonging to the Lawful Heirs, and the World Bank, which is an illusion, is accountable to them to yield both the Trust and the Assets.
The Heir of Balbeck, not Kim Goguen, holds the key to making the World Bank open up the accounts; and insomuch as he is the Anti-Christ, people are afraid of him; but we mistake the subservience of the illusion to the Living God.


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