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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

NEW Mike Adams (4/13/2022): Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and remdesivir — FULL SERIES HERE!

Full three part series. Listen to this very carefully.

A Tale of Two Islands and a Brief Explanation

 By Anna Von Reitz

By now anyone familiar with the so-called "Patriot Movement" --- it should be called the "American Movement" -- knows about Jekyll Island.  This is where the plot to form the Federal Reserve and issue Federal Reserve Notes, based on slave labor and indentured servitude, got its start. 

We all now know how that has played out.  Turns out that FRN's have been illegal since 1926. Turns out the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service have both been illegal this whole time. Everything they've done is criminal. Everything they've liened, everything they've stolen, all the lives they've ruined. 

Not everyone is as familiar with Jupiter Island, the HQ for what is more popularly known as "the Bush Cabal".   The Bush family has a long and varied history, some of it very good, some of it very bad, and Jupiter Island has figured in most of it. This is the nexus, the Think Tank.  

Recently, the remaining elements of the Jupiter Group have tried to figure a way of getting relief owed to U.S. Veterans delivered.  That's a worthy cause for many reasons.  Let me briefly cite a few:

Soldiers returning from WWII were supposed to receive their own stock portfolios, but those never got delivered because the soldiers were never told a word about this extra benefit.  The stocks were managed "for" them, instead, and the resulting money was Slush Funded by the War Department.  

Everyone who has served in any capacity since WWII is supposed to be getting two pensions, one from the British Territorial Government, and one from the Municipal United States Government, plus whatever additional services.  Do you know any vets who are getting both pensions? 

This has all come to light when many U.S. Veterans are struggling to survive. 

I have been one of the Principal Parties to bring this forward, so I am concerned and I do care for our veterans and their families, because whether the fight itself was wrong or right, they are owed what they are owed.  They should not be suffering and going without anything, including their freedom once their tours of duty are completed. 

The profits from the stock portfolios and the two pensions and extra perks and a good deal more are owed, but I can't negotiate that for them because I am not a U.S. Citizen.  

It takes a well-organized and connected team of people who are standing in the U.S. Citizen political status to go in and collect that debt and deploy the proceeds. Enter the Jupiter Group.  

We have asked them hard questions and we will continue to ask them hard questions --- and there is no doubt that they get their share out of the deal --- but so far, they are the only ones to step forward and claim the money and work out a plan to get the vast bulk of the funds where the funds belong ---- in the hands of U.S. Veterans and their families.

Especially for veterans who are retired, the solution being worked out by the Jupiter Group can make the difference between poverty and comfort. For those just out of the service, it can mean having a decent future and security on the way there.  

There is nothing stopping a U.S. Veteran from collecting on this, whether or not they choose to stay in U.S. Citizen political status.  It's like any other "federal retirement" --- once you retire from active duty, you are free to come home to America, declare your birthright political status, enjoy your Constitutional Guarantees, and collect your corporate pension.  If you are wise, that is exactly what you will do. 

Very soon now, the fiat dollar created by the Federal Reserve will collapse, because it's an illegal domestic currency fronted by the District of Columbia, based on the value of undisclosed contract labor: the enslavement of those merely "presumed to be" Municipal citizens/CITIZENS and the indentured servitude of British Territorial U.S. Citizens. 

That's a good thing.  It means that millions of Americans will be free again. It means that we will no longer live under the duress of the IRS or the Internal Revenue Service, either one.  We will all have lawful money instead of legal tender, and any presumption that we are paupers or wards of the state will be erased.  For everyone. 

I know that there are good reasons to hold the Jupiter Group at arm's length and to scrutinize what they do, because the heritage of the Bush Clan is a mixed bag, but so far they are the only ones organized and in the right standing to deliver relief that is owed to U.S. Veterans, and the debt is long overdue. 


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"We" Are Not at War; THEY Are

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is a lot of misinformation circulating now, especially in the patriot community.  It is of great importance to everyone that this gets set straight. 

We are not at war.  Our feckless erstwhile commercial corporation subcontractors may be at "war" --- of some kind, or by some definition, but in order for Americans to be at war, there would have to be a formal Declaration of War coming from our own legitimate Congress --- not a "Congress" of British Territorial or Municipal United States citizens. 

All Americans are owed The Law of Peace, not The Law of War, and no American can be presumed to be allied with either Territorial or Municipal citizenry.  

We have issued our International Declaration of Peace and our Peace Treaty among the States of the Union.  Any Federal Subcontractor, dependent, official or employee caught violating the peace will be recognized as a criminal engaged in an illegal commercial conflict, and also acting in breach of trust. 

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. 

                                                          by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                                           The United States of America


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The More I Think of It, The Madder I Get

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Union Generals are responsible for all of this.  All of it, since 1863.  And they still won't own up and do what is right by their own people and their own country.  They persist in their obstinate dereliction of duty, their breach of trust.  

They think that all they have to do is come up with a story, a "narrative" --- put on a big "movie" --- and we are all stupid enough to fall for it.  Well, are we that dumb?  Really? 

Look at what they are trying to sell right now. Oh, yeah, a brave new world, in which the British Territorial States-of-States take over our Federal Republic, and we, Americans, stand by like Dumb Clucks and allow it. 

They'd gain the right to print our money --- which they've been doing anyway, but not legally.   That's all that they are after.  An excuse to issue money "for" us and run us into the ground with their debts again.  

And who is Clyde J. Cleveland but another relative of Grover Cleveland, part and parcel of the real problem and reason that this country is in the mess that it is in? Gubernatorial Candidate for Iowa --- and not an American.   

Well, who needs a British Governor, anyway?  Stop "voluntarily" giving your  power away to the scum and flotsam!  

They say I am hard to work with ---- because I am an American and not a Tory. 
I won't choke down their British manure pie and pretend it's strawberry.  

The British usurpers snuck in the back door in the wake of the Civil War and replaced our American States-of-State organizations with their own.  They did it under color of law and conditions of fraud using similar name deceits.  They've been bleeding us dry ever since. 

Here's the real truth, folks, and you can look it up for yourselves --- the British Navy fronted an Armada to lay siege to our ports and take over our country in 1865---and the only thing that stopped the Rotters was the Russian Fleet that took up position between us and them.  

The Russian Navy.  Underline the word "Russian".  Take a real good look. 

The Russians  honored the American-Russian Alliance of 1858 and they have come to our aid every time we have asked for their help in all the years since, yet these foul, evil, conniving, corrupt, self-seeking LIARS contrive to wheedle public opinion against the Russians and pretend to be our friends.  

All they've done for us is destroy and murder and maim and lead us astray into paths of war and darkness, poverty, meanness, and despair.  They have bled us dry as leeches can, and when we caught them, all they could do was another song and dance. 

Our Federal Republic is not vacant.  It's ours.  It belongs to Americans. It does not belong to British Territorial U.S. Citizens.  So long as David Straight wants to work for the Brits and the Zionists, that's his choice.  Maybe he'll be the next "American" that the Queen grants a knighthood to. 

Like Abraham Lincoln and GHWB, and Colin Powell, and Norman Schwarzkopf and Henry Kissinger--- why not?  There is a long, long tradition by now of "Americans" selling out America and reaping large rewards for it from the British. 

And if it sounds like I am accusing David and all these other "great men" of treason, treason against America, then maybe you ought to listen very, very closely.  The British Tories never left here.  They stayed and they flourished and they schemed to get back in power---- and they did, too, but not by any legitimate or honest means.

It's up to the rest of us to recognize them for who and what they are when they come to us and try to convince us that we should sign a paper claiming that we are "natural persons" --- that is, corpses.  


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When I First Heard It....

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I first heard the "Big News" about viper venom being the cause of the illnesses now decimating entire countries, it came from a confused person who thought they were pouring viper venom into the Municipal water systems --- and I said, nah.... they are already poisoning the water with Chlorine and Fluoride and that is poison enough. 

Viper venom is far too costly to just dump in the city water main and hope for results.

But then, I sat down and watched Dr. Bryan Ardis' interview with Stew Peters, and a very different version of the story emerged.  They aren't dumping venom into water systems.  

They are dumping mRNA from poisonous snakes into our bodies --- if we let them --- and that scrap of snake mRNA is producing snake-based spike proteins that provoke immune responses and lock down on the same receptors as nicotine. 

They are polluting the human genome with snake genetic material. In ecclesiastical terms, they are polluting the blood and the souls of their victims. 

And they are monitoring their results by checking waste water for levels of snake proteins shed from those who were vaccinated.  That's where my friend got confused and thought they were putting snake venom into wells. 

These people--- if they can ever deserve the name--- have gone utterly, irreparably, insane.  And they have unleashed this plague on the rest of humanity without sense or pity, upon black and white, young and old, rich and poor, all alike. 

They use many excuses.  They claim that the Earth is overpopulated, yet we are facing a population collapse throughout the developed world.   They claim that human-caused increases in carbon dioxide are causing global warming, when in fact, we are losing oxygen and facing a grand solar minimum and a likely ice age.  

It's all nothing but lies, lies, and more lies, day after day, but the Truth has an odd way of asserting itself.  Try reading this article aloud and you will see for yourselves. The Truth will not be denied, because you can hear it, feel it, and sense it.  


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This Is Crime, Not Politics

 By Anna Von Reitz

Throughout history mankind has had a hard time discerning the Truth; this is in fact the root cause of our dilemma, and this central dilemma is only exacerbated by our attempts to substitute men for God. 

What we are witnessing now are crimes on a vast scale committed against the whole of humanity, a sort of undeclared illegal commercial "war" set in motion by a handful of madmen at the very pinnacle of world corruption.  

They are angry because their unilateral power is being shaken to its roots.  They think that they created the world and that it is theirs to destroy.  

Their banks are being forced to comply with regulations that expose their evil-doing.  

Their propaganda organs, the media outlets, are losing their power over the masses as more and more people wake up. 

They are being forced to "self-invest" to prop up Wall Street -- a process by which the banks give out money to corporations to buy back their own shares, and thereby create the appearance of value. 

Their casinos aren't doing so well, either.  The drug trade has slipped.  Their access to young children is being cut off.  People are kicking cigarettes. 

Worst of all, some people had the means and the gumption to accept all their debt, buy out their illegal currency, and so, nationalized all their corporations, all their trusteeships, all their patents, and all their titles, so that instead of off-loading their debts on the innocent, they are caught in their own rat trap. 

They never expected us to wake up.  They never calculated the chances that we would accept their debt ---- nor, for that matter, did they foresee that we would also accept their corporations and own them, own their patents, own their titles, own their licenses, own their entire apparatus outright. 

They've been beaten at their own game, and all that they can do is unleash nasty little murder schemes against innocent people--- like polluting the human genome with snake mRNA.  

Who worshipped snakes?  The Greeks.  Who practiced sodomy between grown men and young boys as a cultural institution?  The Greeks.   Who used drugs to induce hallucinatory trance states?  The Greeks.  Who practiced child sacrifice? The Greeks. What are all the college fraternities and sororities attached to? The Greeks. Say it again: Aristotle Onassis.  Who undermined Troy with false gifts?  The Greeks.  

Who has attempted to undermine you, using false gifts of "citizenship"?  The Romans --- but they learned everything they know from the Greeks. 

Who skewed the last Presidential election? Italian Defense Contractors working in concert with what?  Canadian MI6 computer gurus and Chinese webmasters. 
And they are all working for?  The Greeks. 

The pattern is always the same once you see it. 

Who was Prince Philip?  He was a Greek, and he was the only actual Royal in Buckingham Palace, and while we are at it, what does "Buckingham" mean?  It means rompy pompy with little boys and animals: bucking the ham.   

Where does the New Testament go violently astray?  In the Greek translation. 

Do not mistake what we are up against.  The god of the Ancient Greeks is a snake-- and it is the same snake found in the Garden of Eden.  The Father of All Lies.  

And where do we find the stronghold of the Devil they worship?  Cast down into the sea --- operating the international jurisdiction of the sea, dictating the Law of the Sea, which is nothing but a farce of oxymorons, lies, and obscenities. Did you not hear that Black's Law Dictionary is a spoof?  And that apprentice attorneys in Scotland are still called "devils" to this day? 

Exactly where on Earth do you find the Lords of the Admiralty? Britain.  What nation has been plagued with endless guile and deception?  Britain. But what nation preceded Britain and still holds the cards to this day?  Greece. 

How did the Nazis escape?  Through Greece.  How did they hide their ill-gotten gains?  In Greek-owned Swiss banks.  Where do these devils retire? The Greek Isles. 

What we are dealing with is a Greco-Roman Mafia that is over two thousand years old.  And as mind-boggling as that may be for people to face, it is nonetheless the truth which we must own. 

Who is Anthony Fauci?  A Romanized Greek.  "Fauci" means "Scythe" in Sicilian.  It all comes full circle.  

No matter what the media tells you about Russia and Ukraine, don't believe it. Don't believe the NIH, CDC, WHO, DOD, or any other Alphabet Soup Agency.  

Believe the smell coming out of your water pipes. Lift your heads. Look around. 

They always want you to believe that wars are about politics or grand causes.  It's always couched as the "Good Guys" against the "Bad Guys" --- and the simple-minded Children of God believe this --- but wars are never about politics and always about crimes. 

Listen carefully --- wars are always slugfests between opposing groups of criminals, each trying to slough off the wages of their own misdeeds.  Wars are always smokescreens behind which the criminals reshuffle everything to suit themselves. And no matter which side wins, Joe Q. Public is always the loser. 

We must all grow up and use the wit and senses the True God gave us, to discern what is true, and we must make the choice that Joshua made such a long time ago:

"Choose this day who you will serve; as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord."  


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Open Letter to Donald Trump

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last night I called you out, Mr. President. I asked the question all of us have had in mind ever since you were elected in the first place:  why didn't you fire them when you had the chance?  

You had the power of the pink slip in your hands. 

All you had to do was send them home, not eligible for rehire.  Services not required.  

And now, we hear reports that you are claiming to have restored the Federal Republic, and that doesn't square up, either. 

An American Federal Republic requires action by our States.  

Specifically, our States have to charter American States-of-States and then, those States-of-States acting as a new Confederation of States have to reboot the Federal Republic. 

Ginning up another corporation somewhere offshore and naming it "the" Federal Republic isn't going to wash.  Nobody is going to be fooled by that scheme anymore.  

Trying to use the British Territorial State-of-State organizations to put together "a" Federal Republic is just another British Substitution trick, and that isn't going to pass muster, either. 

Now it also comes before us that the CIA was responsible for orchestrating the distribution of viper mRNA via fake vaccination, causing the death by poisoning of millions of people, and polluting the human genome worldwide. 

It also comes before us that NATO was responsible for murdering the lawfully elected government of Ukraine and installing the cross-dressing Florida millionaire known as "President Zelensky" to act as their puppet to allow the NATO members to place illegal bioweapon facilities all over Ukraine. 

All we heard on the receiving end of all this evil was crickets from you and politicized nonsense from John Durham and WWG1WGA and "it's going to be a really big show!"  

Perhaps you could have told the American People that Britain was operating as your Paymaster?  Maybe you could have explained that the worst of it was coming from the Pope?  

Now that you no longer have the bully pulpit, and millions of people have been sentenced to living hell, and the Italians have gotten away with all their tricks,  --- the best answer you can come up with is to stage a fake return of the Federal Republic?  And leave the American People believing in yet another Big Lie?  

There actually is an American Government still standing --- the unincorporated Federation of States, and all the powers delegated to the Federal Republic long ago reverted to the Federation anyway.

So nothing is gained by lying about any of this, and nothing is gained by pandering to Britain yet again.  All that can happen from doing that, is to become a willing accomplice to their crimes. 

Anna Maria


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Open Letter to David Straight -- Or Astray

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has been brought forward that you, David, are misinforming people.  Specifically, it has been claimed that you are telling them that President Trump has "restored" the Federal Republic.  

That is not possible. 

The only way the Federal Republic can be restored is by reconstruction, and reconstruction requires action by our American States to create American State-of-State organizations that can then restore the Federal Republic. 

It cannot be done using substituted British Territorial State-of-State organizations, because that will only result in more fraud and more confusion. 

The British and Israeli interests you are working for need to understand that their game is over.  

The Federal Republic was never incorporated, so trying to call a corporation "the Federal Republic" and attempting to slide that by the American People at this late date isn't going to work. 

Furthermore, we have other axes to grind with your sponsors, most recently, the fake pandemic caused by poisoning half the population of the Earth with snake mRNA. 

The CIA's fingerprints are all over this one and it is not going to survive the backlash.  

You can all also stop lying about the situation in Ukraine, which NATO caused. 
The NATO Generals and Admirals have all that blood on their hands, and they won't get away with it no matter what their Mockingbird Media spews out. 

It's time to straighten out and fly right.  And if you can't do that, it's time to go home, because the only victor in this "war" is going to be the truth.  


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