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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

NEW Mike Adams (4/13/2022): Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and remdesivir — FULL SERIES HERE!

Full three part series. Listen to this very carefully.


    dnajlion7 on rumble: bombshell DOD Khooovid-19 Ukraine... via ashley everly, "toxicologist"

    ...says the "snake venom" is the sPLA2-IIA enzyme that is actually very important, beneficial, and critical for the immune system to function properly! and helps kill pathogenic bacteria!!
    "we literally have genes that produce this enzyme"!!! ashley writes.
    it becomes elevated in people with chronic illness.... chronic pathogenic infections, chronic toxicity, cancer!!
    its expression increases during a "cytokine storm" when the INNATE immune system responds too strongly and cannot start up the ADAPTIVE immune system to balance it....

    1. which one is true?

    2. repeat:
      _____so in other words, to me it sounds like these men, Stew and Ardus/ others are involved with, perhaps, selling a product that INHIBITS the expression of the snake-venom-like enzyme our bodies produce when we:re invaded by dangerous bacteria? the enzyme that also coordinates our two immune systems?.....

      and they are selling a product to INHIBIT it ... under the guise of "snake venom" being in our "water"???

      daaaay'EM, if true, then it sounds to me like their Snake Oil would be PREVENTING our body from having an adaptogenic response if one caught Khoovid!!

      damm! if thats true, these people are EVIL.

    3. so here, it says elevated sPLA2 group II levels have been associated with various clinical conditions, including sepsis and systemic bacterial infections, ADULT RESPIRATORY DISEASE SYNDROME, ...
      if your respiration system isnt working right, your body makes a "snake venom" type substance to help your immune system balance so you dont suffocate from not being able to breathe?
      and yet these men have a product that inhibits or eradicates the "snake venom" thats in the "water"?
      *what* water?
      our body's water?

    4. heres my big question:

      does their product eliminate the sPLA2-iia Enzyme from connecting our two immune systems during a cytokine storm that happens when people catch khoovid, and therefore are involved in causing peoples deths??

    5. sPLA2-AII is a weird name.
      written backwards, it is AII 2 ALPS.
      is that *ALL* to ALPS???
      or AI 2 ALPS?
      thats weird, like
      Certification of Vaccination ID, AI -- is weird, imo. (Reuters says this is NOT true!)

    6. is everyone going skiing in Switzerland or something? Skiing Party?

      are we invited? :):):)

    7. Mikey looking spiffy in his new suit digs and his studio backdrop
      No supply chain issues for Mikey and Alex
      New products to buy buy buy every day for whatever shit threat they shoveling out

      Almost like a replica of fake news co intel pro alex

      ALPS anagram it PALS

      Go watch a movie called Mitchells versus machines where the app PALS is an AI that is taking over the world with robots and AI
      It captures people and puts them in a pod and links them all together (aka BLOCKCHAIN)
      The founder of PALS is actually a black version of the story about Steve Jobs

      The movie is so in you face it reeks of their shit

      janmarie my guess is only the PALS are invited to the swissy land party

    8. paypal papal anyone

      You see the banking hollywood elite control the vatican and the story so it makes sense that they would look to destroy the churches and all else to launch their all inclusive life vacation of UBI, no work, managed healthcare for all the serfs and so on

      as seinfeld obama exclaims in the bee movie

      If those ants ever figure out what we've done they outnumber us a million to one

      They want to keep us in their la la land fairy tale as long as they can until their phoenix or I mean their fake venus fly trap slams shut on their golden globe of lies

      And the article the other day about bush and the jupiter group working to get veterans the benefits they deserve - what an absolute crock of shit considering who they really are behind the mask they wore to fleece the world and introduce medicare part D for drug them to death as they skated off with their backroom deals with their PALS in big pharma

    9. "...It captures people and puts them in a pod and links them all together (aka BLOCKCHAIN)".

      amazing how the CAPTURED men were turned unto SLAVES and used to be put up for sale on the BLOCK, while being BONDED in CHAINS on WALL STREET isnt it?

      BOND your CLAIM for their COURTGAME
      RE-CONSTRUCTION of the same game.

    10. imo "oil pulling" is great, i do it.
      tradition: coconut oil, but ive even used inexpensive canola oil and it worked for me just fine.

    11. Oh the movie talks extensively about humans and our faults and that the PALS are superior
      And PALS exclaims in the movie just wait until we turn of wifi
      Lets see how many people flock to their wifi centers for access
      They knew this shit was addictive from the start thats why they did it
      The war on drugs now includes televisions, smart phones and all electronics and these mother fuckers control it all

      It flat all says that the PALS has been studying us and that they know all and they will destroy us using that very information
      Family is a focal point in this movie where they smear the family because of our differences and they even play back stuff like how when you mad you say something and then say the human would throw the other under the bus
      At one point in movie they throw out a statistic about 90% of all calls made by humans to their moms are ignored

      If you get a chance go watch the thing

      Another one is Bigfoot cartoon movie
      It's about massive oil drilling in Alaska and the plan to blow up shit deep below the surface and flood Alaska and the valley with oil

      Did you know Alaska used to be the possession of Russia or maybe it never was an American state or state of state at all but made to APPEAR to be one?
      How would that affect Miss Annas so called claims made in the courts and other shit in Alaska?

      janmarie I love ya lady keep it going

      You bet your ass this was a ploy to get the people to sign up get on board and work and volunteer your time energy and your fake fiat money to their end game
      ILB = UBI you agreed to the terms of the contract and your re-enslavement
      Anybody get a signed contract from Anna with the terms and conditions?

      LRS is the blockchain Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources under world parliament and management of Medici Ventures it has nothing to do with keeping or saving your land
      They had to lure land owners from way back to get a hold of the paper records or information from living decendants to volunteer that information up
      Just like facebook, email, twit and all this other shit they were information gathering to steal it all digitally

      DATA DATA DATA folks

    12. And check out the google boot commercial where the woman is trying to sell her boots and in the background is the song
      One way or another I'm gonna gitcha a gitcha a gitcha gitcha gitcha

      No doubt that the ROYALTIES for using that song are a big hit for the hollywood elite who made it and copyrighted it
      The dough just keeps rolling in for the chosen ones

      Like Oscar Mayer has a way of selling us BOLOGNA
      Hmm BOLOGNA Italy?
      I've read that Bank of America used to be branded as the Bank of Italy?

      They sure do want us to think that all rhode scolars leads us to rome but not to SWISSY LAND
      Don't forget about the COLORADO ROCKIES either that place that they moved their Earth Federation and Constitution operations too once they left Chicago
      Hmm the band CHICAGO?

      Oprah HARPO and her shew in Chicago as they fleeced that city blind

      Same thing with the fake ass Mike Pence in Indiana 'acting' as governor
      The man behind that mask is Patrick Cassidy

      Hmm a new heyeway to go with all the rest of the shinanigans
      It covers 4666 kilometers folks
      TOLL ROAD to pay for the the miles you travel on roads you already paid for like the Dallas Tollway that bush and co signed in to action to fleece the people of even more of their hard earned fake money
      From what I know a 50 years lease was signed on this tollway in Texas with all funds going to one family/corporation
      Kickbacks to the fake ass bush clan and they put this fucking icons name on the damned road
      Same as the fake ass LBJ highway here in Texas named after that fake bastard WHO took over after they fake whacked fake kennedy
      LBJ = Robert Deniro

      LA LA as in LA land and the links I have left many times before
      LA is their target and you can bet your ass these acting elite won't be anywhere around when they do
      They will be riding the storm out on their private yachts living it up on private islands and living out their GOLDEN AGE while their fucking kids act out the rest of the play

  2. Notice the nice white Nike tennis shoe on the soldier
    Not what I would call military gear

    And the placement and display of that there swoosh on it is no accident
    I wonder where kobe is?

    Might want to check out the new narrator of a series called OUR NATIONALPARKS
    Well it is none other than BHO aka Seinfeld (funny BHO is HBO might as well be BO as far as I'm concerned)

    Those national parks are everyones not the hollywood so called elites
    They are the ones who put those land trust in place and made up fake presidents to reserve them for their own use

    That Bigfoot Family movie, centered in Alaska I told you about, has them drilling those oil wells and planning that blow up within a National Park folks protected by cameras, drones and surveillance all over it

    That bill that humpty dumpty signed to protect the Oregon forest and the devils staircase where they plan to place surveillance allover it or should I say they plan to place earthquake monitoring shit all over it
    Didn't Obame aka Seinfeld do a massive land grab to via his so called executive power

    They're all in it together

  3. Amazon has not stopped selling NAC. What are they talking about??

  4. yes they have ,,,, its nowhere