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Friday, October 7, 2022

Shoes Dropping

 By Anna Von Reitz

Political cronies of Biden in both the Air Force and Navy have been caught doing multiple deliberate harms to the enlisted men under their command and implicated in likely scheme to detonate air-borne torpedoes to destroy the Nordstream pipelines. 

The Navy and Air Force have collaborated to develop air-deployed torpedoes to deliver depth charges and other payloads to underwater targets. 

It was apparently this technology that was used to blow holes in the Soviet gas pipelines supplying Western Europe with affordable energy. 

One renegade officer is in custody and others who apparently authorized the clandestine misuse of this technology are being sought. 

There is very little doubt that this was a deliberate attack by USAF and US NAVY officers acting under orders from Joe Biden to carry out an illegal False Flag attack against the Russian and German infrastructure, precisely as threatened by Biden prior to the attack.

Subsequent convoluted attempts by the mainstream media to spin out a “Russia attacked its own pipeline” conspiracy theory are falling on deaf ears as the world connects the dots. 

At the bottom of the pile lurks NATO “concerns” about Western Europe becoming dependent on cheap Russian gas and US CORP desires to force Europe, which is already illegally occupied by U.S. Armed Forces since the Second World War, to buy much more expensive North American LNG, coal, and oil products which would have to be shipped across the Atlantic.  

These North American energy sources would be much more expensive because of the shipping costs and would also be subject to stiff European Union Climate Change taxes on carbon emissions compared to the Russian gas—- which is why there are two Nordstream gas pipelines in the first place. 

Unfortunately for Americans, this merely confirms that what is functioning as our “government” is merely a self-interested and increasingly criminal foreign commercial corporation which is under the control of a self-admitted criminal and thug.

While occupying the office of U.S. Vice-President, Joe Biden used his position to secure the firing of a Ukrainian Prosecutor who was investigating the possible criminal activities of Hunter Biden, his own son. 

Joe Biden bragged about this abuse of power and thought it was just fine to use his position as Vice-President to economically blackmail another country and subvert justice for personal gain and protection. 

Clearly, such a man lacks the moral compass we need in public office, and yes, it is entirely credible that he would act illegally to promote a secretive attack on the Nordstream pipelines— both out of personal pique and commercial greed. 

This thuggish disregard for law is part and parcel of Joe Biden and the political party that supports him. It was the Soup du Jour during the eight year-long crime spree known as the Obama Administration and it is the same now. 

Under Obama we watched our military dismantled and denigrated, our enemies given arms while our friends were killed by “friendly fire”, and our money was counterfeited offshore with the President’s personal approval. Illegal arms sales to enemy forces by the Obama State Department were at the heart of the Benghazi Massacre. 

And we still haven’t learned our lessons? 

We have just witnessed the dismemberment of the Ukraine.  Why?  Because it was being used as the base for criminal activities—- the staging ground for illegal NATO biological warfare facilities, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and arms trafficking. 

Our own country is being used in much the same way to provide the white collar support for these patently evil and illegal activities. 

As we speak, Russia is mopping up the situation in Ukraine and doubling down. 

Can there be any doubt in your mind that we are being “asked” to clean up our own mess before the rest of the world has to clean it up for us? 

Vladimir Putin doesn’t make money or gain popularity by making war, but we should have no doubt that he and the entire rest of the world are sick of the criminality and hypocrisy  of “the US” government. 

If the truth is told, we are sick of it ourselves, which is why we have taken action to summon our actual American Government into Session, so that the rest of the world knows that we are still here and taking action ourselves. 

Let’s hope and pray that there are enough loyal members in the American Armed Forces to hold the criminal elements in the US Armed Forces in check.  And let’s hope that the truth about what happened to the Nordstream pipelines is brought forward and the criminals are punished for what they have done—- the harm that they have caused millions of innocent people. 


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GOA Proudly Endorses James Brown for The Montana Supreme Court!


Join the Fight for Liberty!

James Brown is the No Compromise Candidate for The Montana Supreme Court!

Dear Paul, 

Gun grabbers have a plan to force gun confiscation in Montana using the State Supreme Court.

That’s why GOA is asking you to please vote for pro-gun champion James Brown for Montana Supreme Court. 

Please get your friends, neighbors and family to vote for James Brown for the Montana Supreme Court as well. 

I cannot stress enough the danger posed by his radical anti-gun opponent… 

…and how James Brown stood beside gun owners in a heated battle, even as other supposed conservatives backed away.

Liberal Ingrid Gustafson is a left-wing activist who’s been setting criminals free – and appears ready to start locking up peaceful gun owners instead. 

She is an anti-gun radical who is Governor Steve Bullock’s personal pick for the state supreme court. 

Attorney General Austin Knudsen calls her a “hardcore leftist” who has done “a tremendous amount of damage to the judiciary and our criminal court system.” 

Knudsen points out she’s “literally releasing criminals back on the streets” because she “truly does not believe in incarceration, she does not believe in the criminal justice system."

And she’s backed by activists who have a plan to force gun confiscation in Montana. 

They plan to pack the state supreme court with their activists, then bombard the state with lawsuits to overturn gun rights – which their hand-picked judges will rubber stamp. 

If Ingrid Gustafson wins, your guns, your gun rights and your freedoms could be stripped from you by this activist judge. 

James Brown is a native Montanan in birth and belief.   

He will stand up, without compromise, for your Second Amendment rights and Montana’s treasured traditions. 

Brown says that, “As a constitutional conservative, I am the only candidate in this race who will always follow the Constitution and the law as it is written — not make law from the bench — and I will proudly defend our constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties.”  

But James Brown doesn’t just talk. 

James Brown fights! 

When the biggest, most powerful liberals in Montana tried to personally destroy pro-gun and conservative activists, some people who promised to stand with you ran away. 

But James Brown ran TOWARD the fight and took on the liberals, toe to toe. 

I can tell you James Brown stood with Montana conservatives and gun owners when others backed down or fled the fight.  He refused to back away from us, even when powerful anti-gun radicals threatened his own career. 

He’s now on the Public Service Commission, where he’s been a strong, powerful – and never-compromising – voice for you. 

Folks, one doesn’t get any tougher than James Brown.   

He has passed the toughest test of all, standing by you and me even when the cost could have been more than just a bad headline or a lost election. 

But, as you and I have seen too often, an iron backbone and no-compromise spirit aren’t enough to win. 

James Brown needs you, your loved ones, and your friends to all get out and vote for him. 

This race will be very tight.  Powerful liberal forces want Gustafson on the Court. 

Whether Montana stays free – or becomes California – could come down to your vote. 

Please, don’t let them use the courts to sue away your gun rights. 

Get out and vote for James Brown for Montana Supreme Court

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. 

Early voting starts October 11. 


Tim Macy 

President, Gun Owners of America

P.S.  Liberals are carrying out a plan to seize control of the Montana Supreme Court and begin overturning gun rights. 

You can stop them, by getting out and voting on Tuesday, November 8 for pro-gun hero James Brown for Montana Supreme Court. 

James Brown isn’t just 100% pro-gun.  James Brown actively fights back against corrupt liberal gun grabbers.  His radical opponent, hand-picked by gun grabbers as part of their plan, is releasing criminals into the streets and is poised to strike down Montana’s pro-gun laws. 

This race will likely come down to a few votes.  Don’t let them turn Montana into California.  Get out and voting on Tuesday, November 8 for pro-gun hero James Brown for Montana Supreme Court.