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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

You Are in School

By Anna Von Reitz

We have all been to school at some point in our lives, and we have cause to know and recognize the process.  Like our first lessons walking, we often fall down and make mistakes before our feet flatten and our center of balance stabilizes and we are suddenly able to run. 

The same thing happens with learning to talk.  We discover our voice box early and make sounds, but not words.  Then, we learn to say words, sentences, whole paragraphs.... It doesn't happen overnight and it does not happen without errors. Plenty of errors.  This process continues as we learn to write. 

I have been writing for six decades and I still make plenty of errors. 

So, if you think about it, your whole life you have been in school of one kind or another.  Before formal school, your parents and other family members were teaching you lots of things, and then all through formal schooling your teachers and instructors were teaching you things (and your friends and family members also) and after formal schooling ended, your supervisors were teaching you your job and your place in the company.... and your spouse was teaching you all sorts of things, and Lord help us all, then your own children came along and your learning curve took another uptake....

And now you are learning about law and government and the actual history of your country and about money and the media and so many other things.

If you don't like school, Earth is not the place to be, because everything you do here is about learning  ---- and making mistakes.  

It is obviously not the making of mistakes part that is a problem.  Mistakes are built into the entire matrix of our reality here, accounted for, accepted, and most especially --- unavoidable. 

The issue is what do you do, when you make a mistake?

In order to learn from a mistake, you must first realize that you made it.  Then you have to admit that you made it (confess it) at least to yourself.  Then you have to choose to do things differently in the future, if and when you have to make the same choices or do the same things again.

That is the learning part.

That is the process that counts.  It's being willing to engage that process of recognizing mistakes, admitting them, and learning to do better that matters.

Of course, some mistakes carry their own automatic punishments and other punishments are less obvious.  Gravity, for example, is a very stern teacher. Lying to your Mother may not carry such an immediate correction, but it catches up to you, one way or another. 

Learning not to fall on your butt is a lot easier and more universal lesson than learning not to lie about anything ---ever.  Nearly everyone learns to walk, but a very large portion of the population continues to knowingly tell lies.  As a species, we are "stuck" in Fifth Grade seemingly forever on that one.  Even otherwise good adult people knowingly lie all the time about all sorts of things and they lie for all sorts of reasons.

They lie to go along with the crowd and be popular.  They lie to get money or make money or keep money.  They lie to win mates and influence other people.  They lie to get sex and promotions in the workplace. They lie to cover up errors, for the sake of pride, and even to protect other people's feelings.  Some people even lie just for "fun" --- to see how long they can string someone along.

All these lies and half-truths and false assumptions result in an ocean-like cloud of disinformation and falsehood that creates delusions and false assumptions and false teachings that are blanketing the Earth like smog.

Sadly, even our own parents lie to us.  How many of you never recovered from finding out about Santa Claus?

Parents are, on average, less likely to lie to us than other people, but they often lie to us because they have been lied to themselves.  They unwittingly pick up their own blivet-load of falsehoods, half-truths, media-induced "opinion" and prejudice, which they dump on you along with perfectly good lessons about how to hold a fork.

Many people lie simply because they think they can. They think that secrets exist and that their lies won't be known --- but I have already told you, there are no secrets. .

Our existence on Earth is like being in a school run by professional con artists.

No wonder we get confused, make mistakes, and sometimes go crazy.

I have told you that your physical body is like a space-suit, a means for your consciousness to exist in this dimension and express itself. These space-suits wear out eventually or break down, and our consciousness departs from them --- either temporarily to allow a repair process to take place, or permanently, which we call "death". 

The fact is that our space-suit has always been dead --- at least as dead as anything in the entire Creation is ever dead.

Obviously, to the external world, your space-suit (or your house or your temple, however you wish to visualize this) is a representation of your consciousness and its presence here, in the same way that a shell gives evidence of the presence of an abalone.

And yet the shell is not the abalone, and your body is not you.

We are all familiar with photographs and can readily tell the difference between a photograph and a living man --- because one is two-dimensional and the other is three-dimensional, but what if I were to tell you that this is just an example of a far more generalized phenomenon? 

What we call dimensions overlap each other in surprising ways. The representations of "you" in a photograph are not that much different from representations of "you" in 3-D and other dimensions, too.  Different perceptual parameters are involved, but, like a mandala, all these representations of "you" unfold to reveal your fully expressed consciousness, which operates in all these different dimensions at the same time.

You never really leave any of the many dimensions and are present in all dimensions at all times.  Whether your consciousness is inhabiting a body in this dimension or not, you can be sure that a portion of your consciousness remains here at all times and in all dimensions forever.  There is no such thing as death, only an experience of separation from your space-suit and release from the limitations of the incarnate 3-D state of being.

So now we have you thinking, what if I were to tell you that the actual "currency" of the Universe, is love?  That love, like thought, is a living thing? And the more love you give and the more love you receive, the richer you are?

Love is the one form of currency that you can never lose, that can never be degraded or destroyed, that keeps its ultimate value regardless of time, of distance, or any circumstance at all.  Thus, store up your wealth in Heaven, where thieves cannot break in and moths cannot destroy.

All love is supremely valuable, including the love of animals and friends. We were meant to live in an environment of boundless love and to have and share this abundance without measure or concern or any fear of lack.

It is only the burden of lies and false assumptions and delusions that keeps it otherwise.

All forms of "currency" on Earth are just representations of the actual currency
like a photograph of you is a representation of you. 

If you think about idols being a representation of God, and about a photograph of you like your physical body both being representations of you, and about digits and gold coins being a representation of love (which is credit, both deserved and undeserved) and a rainbow-colored shell being a representation of an abalone --- you will better understand the invisible realm that is our actual home: The Kingdom of Heaven.

What does it mean to have "Heaven on Earth"?  Well, obviously, Heaven is here already permanently embedded in what I shall call the "Universal Multi-verse" and has never been separate or lost or forbidden.  Heaven isn't so much "coming down" from somewhere else as it is slowly revealing itself to your senses and your consciousness, like an airplane appearing from behind a cloud.

Only in our case, the "cloud" is a cloud of lies and mis-perceptions and false teachings and deceits and half-truths and delusions and false appearances and false values based on all the above. 

I get all sorts of people writing to me wanting me to direct people beyond the slings and arrows of governments and debts and credits and guilty parties and all the rest of it. 

As Fiduciary I occupy a very odd position that demands awareness of all these things in terms of fairness.  I assure you that there is far, far more than enough here on Earth to provide for you and for all generations.  There is no scarcity of anything. 

There are only misguided people and groups suffering under the delusion of greed and scarcity and superiority, who have hoarded up and stopped the flow of both the symbolic currencies and the natural energies of this planet and its people for themselves. So like madmen they have accrued far more than they can ever spend or enjoy, while others suffer and go without. The gluttons die choking on their gold and the poor die choking on their spit and nobody is served by this circumstance.

Out of their delusions and false assumptions based on lies and half-truths the Mistaken among us have created scarcity --- poverty, starvation, lack of water, lack of transportation, lack of fuel --- these are all evils created by men.  There is no reason for them to exist.

Let's get rid of the burden of lies and half-truths to the best of our ability and see what happens.

I want everyone to do two things:

(1) When you catch yourself telling a lie---- stop. Even if it is a so-called "harmless" lie, like an exaggeration, stop. Examine it.  Admit that the blister on your toe is not "as big as a house".  Train your mind and tongue to tell the truth to the best of your ability at all times.  Be open to the Truth.  Ask Our Father to show you the Truth.  Don't worry about being "right" and "not making mistakes" ---- worry about being deceived and contributing to deceiving others.  When we all become conscious of the Plague of Lies, and do our part to end it, the clouds of confusion and delusion clear away.

(2) Make the effort to examine what you are told and evaluate it carefully.  Really question and dig and search and think for yourselves.  Turn your "Shinola Sensor" on "High" and leave it there. Permanently. Few things on this Earth are what they seem to be and everyone and everything deserves questioning. You have to ask before you receive, and knock before the door is opened--- but if you will faithfully and honestly search, you will see everything with increasing clarity, and that will give you both peace and power to change all that needs to be changed.


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Monday, January 14, 2019

Living People Are the Creditors; Corporations Are the Debtors

By Anna Von Reitz

I can make this really, truly simple.  

Just study the title of this article until you fully grasp what it says and why it is true. 

Living people create and define the State.  

The "State" may be "China" or "West Virginia".   The State is defined geographically as the area within which the laws established by a group of people apply.  

The State then creates Territorial and Municipal franchises:  the Province of Szechwan, the City of Shanghai, the County of Blaine, the City of Clintwood. 

Notice that little word "of" ----these are not actual physical provinces or cities. 

These are corporations created to care-take physical assets actually owned by the people living in the State.  

Forming a corporation of any kind is privilege granted by the State that belongs to the people living in that State. 

Thus, New York grants the privilege to form The [Federal] State of New York and grants the privilege to form the [Territorial] State of New York and grants the privilege to form the [Municipal] STATE OF NEW YORK.  

The Municipal STATE OF NEW YORK then grants the privilege to form the franchise known as the CITY OF NEW YORK..... 

All these privileges can be revoked and should be revoked the instant a corporation is caught doing anything improper, much less criminal.  

At the end of the day, all these corporations belong to New York, the State belonging to the people living inside the physical borders that define "New York".  

The people who live in New York are thus the Creditors of all these corporations that owe their existence to them.  Not the other way around. 

If you are being addressed as a debtor, you are being improperly addressed as a corporation and it is up to you to know this and to "take exception" to it.  

The Great Fraud has been worked upon you because your Trade Name was deliberately mis-represented as a franchise of a bankrupt foreign corporation doing business as the United States of America [Incorporated].  

This is a crime of personage and identity theft and unlawful conversion that resulted in credit fraud against you and your family and was then assessed against your physical assets and labor, your Good Name and your Estate.  

Neither the British Monarch nor the Pope who are the Trustees responsible for protecting you from this sort of thing moved to protect you, so the fault and the Breach of Trust and the resulting debt is theirs, not yours. 

The lawful Head of State of The United States of America [Unincorporated] has Notified the Trustees of these conditions and objected to them.  

Now it is up to you to enforce correction.  

You do this by taking exception to their claims and "presumptions" and by actively posting Notice to their officers and in their public records of your action reclaiming your Good Name and returning it to the land and soil jurisdiction of your actual birth --- that is, in the example, to New York, as opposed operating as a franchise of the State of New York, Inc. 

If they attempt to continue their false claims,  you cite their fraud and non-disclosure and continue to bring your claim.  

Next, you form your State Jural Assembly  --- the "New York Jural Assembly" in the example cited---- not the "New York State", not "The State of New York", not the "State of New York", and certainly not the "STATE OF NEW YORK" ---- none of this business concerns these foreign incorporated entities that exist only via privileges granted by New York.  

This is your physically defined state known as "New York" we are talking about, and as you are a living man or woman, this is the state you live in.  You do not "inhabit" New York, you are not a "resident" in New York --- you live there or in whichever other state of the Union you live in.  

Now you are back in the Driver's Seat and enabled to elect your actual County Sheriffs and set up your actual County Courts and elect your actual Justices of the Peace to enforce the actual Constitution and the actual Public Law. 

These criminals have been usurping upon your lawful government and upon your lawful authority for a very long time, but you have the power to turn this around and bring them to justice and to force them to pay their debts to you. 

Do so.  Reclaim your lawful identity.  Reclaim control of your State.  Reclaim your country.  Kick these criminals and trust-breakers in the teeth.  Do so lawfully, peacefully, and with great prejudice. 


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A Hint to Donald J. Trump

From Anna Von Reitz

You can do away with 90% of the Stumbling Block in your way, simply by rescinding Executive Order 11310 which grants your executive power to the "Department of Justice".

The "Terms of the Gift"

By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I wrote an article called "The Big Con" in which I described the treasonous manner in which you have been conscripted, used, and abused for the benefit of foreign powers as a result of treason by FDR and others.  

I also made the apparently stunning revelation that the "income tax" is considered a "gift" tax on your ESTATE, which you and your Mother purportedly donated to the Municipal United States (as Trustee) for the benefit of the Territorial United States Government (the purported Beneficiary).  Here is the actual citation proving it: 

United States Code (USC) Title 31, Money and Finance
Subtitle I, General
Chapter 3, Department of the Treasury
Subchapter II, Administrative;
§321, General authority of the Secretary
(d)(1). The Secretary of the Treasury may accept, hold, administer, and use gifts and bequests of property, both real and personalfor the purpose of aiding or facilitating the work of the Department of the Treasury. Gifts and bequests of money and the proceeds from sales of other property received as gifts or bequests shall be deposited in the Treasury in a separate fund and shall be disbursed on order of the Secretary of the Treasury. Property accepted under this paragraph, and the proceeds thereof, shall be used as nearly as possible in accordance with the terms of the gift or bequest.
(d)(2). For purposes of the Federal income, estate, and gift taxesproperty accepted under paragraph (1) shall be considered as a gift or bequest to or for the use of the United States.

And now, that you have proof that your ESTATE was supposedly "gifted" to these venal criminals while you were still a baby in your cradle and then  mis-administered by other venal criminals "in your behalf", what are you going to do about it?  

Sit there and smile while they rape and pillage the "infant decedent's ESTATE"?   Did you or your Mother ever consciously and "voluntarily" gift your Good Name and Estate to the Territorial United States?  Ever?  No?  Well, get on your shit-kicking boots and say so. Stand up. Go after the bastards who have mis-represented you in this outrageous fashion., 

There is a lawful way to deal with this.  You form your Jural Assemblies, you elect your Land Jurisdiction Sheriff, you elect your Justice of the Peace, you set up your State Court and you arrest these undeclared foreign agents caught engaged in conspiracy against the actual Constitution and participating in extortion and racketeering on your soil. 

You then inform the Territorial Government and turn them over for prosecution. 

So what is so hard to understand about this situation?  You need to reclaim your "reversionary trust interest" in your own Good Name and ESTATE and return to the land and soil of your actual birth, see through all this legal chicanery, and start holding those responsible feet first to the fire. 

These are criminals we are dealing with, both Territorial and Municipal, but when you put your foot down and organize your own courts they have no further recourse.  That has already been decided by their own United States Supreme Court in Milligan Ex Parte.   Your courts take precedence over THEIR courts.  

So get on your feet and address this situation for yourself and for your country.  
Do it now, before its too late.  Follow the instructions posted on my website --- Article 928 --- to re-stake your claim and join your State Jural Assembly.  They can be contacted via and specific help can be accessed by contacting:


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Authority of Executive Orders is Limited to Fictional Entities

By Anna Von Reitz

Authority of Executive Orders is Limited to Fictional Entities
Again, Congress can give the President no authority it does not possess itself.
All the various Acts of either the Territorial Congress or the Municipal Congress undertaken in 1933-40 which purported to grant FDR all these sweeping (over 350 new "Powers") including the power to rule as a virtual Dictator in time of "National Emergency" pertain only to the now-bankrupt Municipal Government and its "Citizens" or to the Territorial Government and its employees and dependents, and in both cases have no authority related to us.
None of us nor our parents "volunteered" to act as "franchises" of the Municipal Government, despite the obvious lies and fraud and falsification of public records that these Vermin have indulged in.
Clearly, they have been preparing for years to use a Democratic President to do a Fascist-Style take over of our country by granting all these "Powers" to the "President of the United States" ---- note, not The President of The United States of America. The seemingly sweeping empowerment of Executive Orders is a set up as in any sting operation, serving to bamboozle the Public into accepting all this horrific usurpation under color of law.
"Color of Law" --- appearing to be "Law" but in fact being Code, Regulation, Administrative or Statutory law applying to incorporated entities, not people.
The only jurisdiction occupied by the Federal Government is international jurisdiction. International jurisdiction is populated exclusively by corporations and officers of corporations --- no people at all.
Ditto the Air Jurisdiction inhabited by the Municipal Government which inhabits global jurisdiction. The Air Jurisdiction is likewise populated by legal fictions having no substance --- patents and patent-holders, copyrights and copyright-holders, etc., ---- no people at all.
So when the Municipal United States Congress granted FDR all these additional "Emergency Powers" as exemplified by Executive Orders 10990, 10995, 10997, 10098, 10099, 11000, 11002, 11004, 11005, 11051, and especially 11310 which takes all the powers of the Presidency and hands them over to DOJ--- which is obviously a big part of The Problem --- all those "powers", including the power to issue and enforce all these Executive Orders, pertains only to the Municipal Corporations and their employees and has nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of us.
We have been the victims of this sting operation, but the plain fact is it has nothing to do with us, and anyone who tries to make it have something to do with us is engaged in racketeering and other forms of crime.
Likewise, when Abraham Lincoln issued the first "Executive Order"----- General Order 100, aka, The Lieber Code --- it was issued in his capacity as the Commander-in-Chief of the Territorial Government to his employees and subordinates --- the Generals of the Grand Army of the Republic.
Obviously, he didn't have the power to issue an Executive Order to the American People---his employers. All he could do was direct and instruct his employees and subordinates as to how they were to conduct themselves and how they were to conduct the administration of the southern [Federal] States of States after the war.
Bottom line --- you are not a Federal franchisee and your property assets do not belong to them and any assertion otherwise is fraudulent.


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"Municipal Bankruptcy" Means Municipal Bankruptcy

By Anna Von Reitz

For at least three (3) years I have been commenting on "the Municipal Bankruptcy" that Mr. Obummer created and announced and commented on in front of millions of Americans and I am still getting all sorts of people reacting in alarm and sending me this video: 

Yes, these accounting firms are bankrupting all these Municipal Franchise CITIES.  They will be bankrupting all such municipal franchises --- the DHS, the US NAVY, the STATE OF OHIO, JOHN QUINCY DOE..... and so on.  

They will be doing this to protect the assets of the guilty parties from the Creditors, which includes you and me.  

The greatest crime thus far is underway --- bankruptcy protection is being afforded to these criminals despite what they have done to their employers, and the cost of this is to be absorbed by the victims and assessed against our credit, all based on the totally false and unjustifiable legal presumption that we authorized the creation of these ENTITIES and underwrote their activities and "gifted" our assets for this purpose. 

The Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court have been fully informed.  The Queen and her counterpart in Westminster have been fully informed.  The Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court has been fully informed.  The USAG has been fully informed.  The UN Secretary-General has been fully informed.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff have been fully informed.  

They sit and they do nothing.  They propose that the debts of all these municipal ENTITIES should simply be passed on to us and that we should have to pay for all their debts as "presumed" Sureties.  

Meanwhile, $950 Trillion USD in credit owed to us and to the Canadians as "Life Force Value Annuities" --- which should be available to pay off all those bogus debts---- has been absconded with by Prince Philip.  

Wake up!  Daylight in the Swamps!  Roll out!  Get moving!  Brawwwh!  Brawwwh!  Brawwwh!  [That's the Fire Alarm going off full blast.] 

I have been telling you about this for years and now that it is push-to-shove, everyone is standing around looking confused.  This is what I have been talking about. Hello?  Hello?  Houston?  We have a problem here.... a problem with those running the bankruptcy proceedings and those submitting the bankruptcy claim, too.  

They have lied through their teeth and falsified public records and presented you and your assets as "voluntarily gifted" collateral backing their spending spree. 

Now they are seeking bankruptcy protection for themselves and leaving you on the hook as a "presumed" franchise of their operations to pay all those trillions of dollars, while Prince Philip sneaks out the backdoor with all the credit that you are owed.  

These "Municipal" Flim-Flam artists are seeking bankruptcy protection, while the British Vermin are claiming that you "abandoned" all your credit so it must belong to them. 

Unfortunately for them, none of this is true and your assets have in fact been claimed and that claim is on the record and has standing.  

Mr. Trump --- time to turn the missiles around 180 and aim at Rome and London instead of Shanghai and Minsk.  


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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Replies to World Leaders

By Anna Von Reitz

1. I hear you talking among yourselves and the chief argument against doing what I have told you to do is --- "But we won't be in power anymore!"
Please submit a brief 2-3 page letter telling me exactly what you have done that is beneficial to humanity and why you should be in control of anything --- even a cat box?
2. The "FBI" is owned and operated (along with the "BLM") by a foreign corporation merely calling itself "THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES".
Do I really have to say more?
Locate the Board Members of "THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES" and you will have the parties responsible for the murder and ambush of LaVoy Finicum and also the witch hunt "investigation" into Candidate and now -President Donald Trump.
They are obviously and unarguably criminals who need to be hunted down, arrested, and punished.
No big mysteries here.
Go get 'em.
Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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Emergency Powers?

By Anna Von Reitz

It should be perfectly obvious that our Constitution has never granted any so-called "Emergency Powers" to our President nor to any Congress authorized to act in our behalf.  Logically, a Congress can't give what it doesn't have --which is the power to declare any "Emergency" nor to create the existence of any "Emergency Powers" on our behalf. 

Any such powers claimed by the Municipal United States Congress apply only to its organization with respect to its administration of the Washington DC Municipality, which it rules as an independent international city-state.  See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.  

Out of two million "attorneys" we don't have one left that can read a simple contract verbatim?  

America as a country was born in an "emergency" and forged in fire.  We don't even describe any "emergency powers" as we simply exercise whatever powers we need to exercise whenever and however. 

Witness my comments to President Trump yesterday.  While he is wondering how he can protect America's borders and do his job without funding, I just flat-out told him.  Go ahead and declare your Territorial Emergency  ---- and coordinate with us, your actual Employers running the land jurisdiction government owed to this country.  

We're back.  We're "home again".  We have the lawful authority to deputize every man in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California if we want to, and we can authorize them to pack up their 30.30's and go make the Mexicans and Hondurans an offer they can't refuse. 

The Territorial and Municipal United States Governments are milling around like chickens with their heads off, squawking and squealing about the Border Crisis, the Border Crisis, the Border Crisis and the Wall, the Wall, the Wall.   But the reality is that we can have a million armed men on that border and backing up the Border Patrol as sworn deputies in 24 hours.  And we don't need any "Emergency Powers" to do it, either. 

Mr. Trump is justly concerned because it is his job and his business to provide for the safety and security of this country and its people.  He has limited forces and funding to do it and 20,000 Meso Americans wanting to illegally cross our border is a real threat.  To him.   Not to us.  We can squelch that nonsense like a mosquito running into a very big fly-swatter.  

The Municipal Hacks aren't at all concerned because they don't represent us, they simply took it upon themselves to claim (falsely) that they have the right to spend our money and enslave us to pay their bills when they demonstrably and definitely don't.  In fact, all those clueless numb nutz in the Municipal Congress need to be permanently ceasing and desisting any claim to represent these States and this country---- because they don't and never have since 1860. 

It's been nothing but a gigantic fraud scheme for 150 years, and thank the Lord there is no statute of limitations on fraud. 

The Municipal "Congress" has managed to mess things up so completely that their corporation has required both bankruptcy and liquidation and for ninety days they can't pass a new spending bill, so even if they wanted to, they couldn't give Trump money for a Wall.  

And they have no business making claims upon us and spending our money any way.  

They are committing blatant international fraud. They don't represent us.  They are not our fiduciary or fiscal agents.  They are running their own separate "independent, international city-state" and most of the Democrats are Dual Citizens of Israel.  All they are doing is picking our pockets in broad daylight and the worthless Papal Administration has been sitting there as our "Trustees" getting kick backs and letting them do it for 150 years.  

Just because they hold their private corporate elections in every state of the Union doesn't mean those are our elections.  Just because they open up their "franchises" like Dairy Queen franchises in every state of the Union and call them "STATE OF......" doesn't mean these are our States.  

Trump could spend existing allocations in the Defense Budget to build the wall or beef up border security in other ways--- and he should.  That's our money however it was illegally and immorally and fraudulently fleeced from us and one of the duties of the Territorial United States Government is to defend us.  We didn't give it to them to defend the members of the the treasonous Municipal Government or the Hondurans, did we?  

No.  Nobody in their right mind could defend any such assumption.  

We have our "Emergency Powers" and they don't need any declarations, legal interpretations or explanations.  Cross our borders and leave Mr. Trump unable to defend, and we will defend ourselves.  There isn't anyone anywhere who has one iota of an excuse to say anything about it. 

The Pope needs to get off his duff and arrange an airlift for all the members of  the Municipal Congress that still want to play this game.  Looks like most of the Democrats will be finding new homes in Israel.  Maybe a few decades of hard work on a Kibbutz will do them some good. 


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Judas Iscariot

By Anna Von Reitz

I recently published an article in which I observed that Judas Iscariot was the Thirteenth Disciple and said that he was "unfaithful".   Most people can see why this is so and don't need an explanation of how Judas was unfaithful and the fact that he was unfaithful: it is clearly demonstrated in the Biblical text.  

Jesus addressed Judas at the Last Supper, and clearly knew what Judas was about to do to him --- betray him to the Roman authorities in behalf of the Sanhedrin for the cost of a bribe of thirty pieces of silver. 

I would call that "unfaithful" on the part of a Disciple, wouldn't you?  

Jesus also said it would be better for Judas that he had never lived, and indeed, that also proved true, for what happened after Judas realized the results of his actions?  He threw the silver away and hung himself.  He no longer wanted to live with that guilt on his head. 

However, there is a New Age "interpretation" of the circumstance that holds that Judas HAD to betray Jesus in order for Jesus to become a martyr and "die for our sins"--- that Judas was the "necessary" betrayer and had no choice but to carry through his part in the Passion Play.   

I will take that up with anyone who wants to raise their head above the trench they are in.  I have news for everyone.  Jesus didn't die for our sins.  He died because of our sins--- our bad choices, our mistakes. 

We, living people, always have freewill.  Our Father honors our freewill, so that we learn the results of our choices, even when our choices are awful--- like Judas's choice. 

The Life of Jesus was not pre-determined.  He didn't have to die like that.  He died because Judas and the members of the Sanhedrin and the Romans and the hoity-toity Jews of Jerusalem at that time rejected him and his message of peace and love and healing. 

Remember how he wept when he saw Jerusalem and what he said?  How he would have gathered Jerusalem like a hen gathers chicks, but they "would not"?  

This was his observation at what appeared to be the moment of his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  

He already knew what was brewing.  He knew he was going to his death. He went anyway and let the chips fall, even though he clearly didn't know everything about it and continued to question it in the Garden of Gethsemane and even on the Cross.  

He walked forward in faith that some supreme good would come of it. 

No, Judas gets no "free pass" for his decisions.  Neither Our Father nor the Devil made him do it.  He did what he did of his own free will and it had the results he chose. 

Jesus also made his choices in perfect freedom.  He could have run away.  He could have refused the torture stake. 

The actual lesson of Judas Iscariot is two-fold and has nothing to do with any pre-determined script: (1) money is a worthless substitute for God, and (2) faith is a necessary condition for life. 

Peter and Judas both grossly and some would say "unforgivably" betrayed Jesus that same night.  Both fell far short.  But one condemned himself to die and one condemned himself to live ---- and the difference between them was faith. 

Peter had faith that Jesus loved him and would understand and forgive him. Judas had no such faith to sustain him through the crisis. 

Again, it all comes down to love and compassion --- whether you believe in love and trust it, or not.  Whether you keep faith with love, or not.  And whether or not you have faith enough to accept love and compassion for yourself in spite of your sins. 

If Jerusalem could have seen itself as it truly was --- sunk in sin and Mammon-worship, if it could have confessed its condition and repented --- there was Jesus, ready to forgive it and gather it.

Obviously, he made the same "offer" to Judas.  

Just as obviously, both Judas and Jerusalem rejected the offer.  Even the "faithful" Disciples scattered and ran.  His family came to the foot of the Cross, not the vast crowds who cheered one day and condemned the next.  

So here we are again, at the end of "these times"---- as in the days of Noah, men sleep with other men and with beasts and summon demons to help them in their iniquities, women kill their own babies, criminals run the government, liars tell the news, the emblem and idol of the Great Abomination stands where it should not stand in New York Harbor.  Even the prophecy of the Cedars and the Sycamores has come to pass in the wake of the destruction of the World Trade Center.  

It's all there, spelled out for all to see, just as foretold --- the arrogance of our leaders, their refusal to repent and humble themselves after all the damage they have done and all the misery they have caused. 

And not just the leaders of "the US" or New York City, the leaders of almost the whole world.  

They all just continue to go on mindlessly, invoking Business As Usual, continuing to collect taxes from people who not only don't owe any taxes, but who are owed payment, instead, continuing to allow every kind of evil, including the wholesale murder of babies, the "securitization" of living people as if they were corporations made by men, the "trading in souls" via the buying and selling of Baptismal Certificates and DNA, the poisoning of our water and our food supplies, and all the endless lies and half-truths that go with this. 

It is a stinking, horrifying pile of garbage and we have nobody to blame but ourselves, because this is all the result of choices that people have made to follow after Mammon and reject the Gospel, just like Judas, just like Peter, just like Jerusalem. 

But this time the story is going to go a different route.  

The Apocalypse has come.  The continuing ruler-ship of Satan even in the modern world and in the modern Church has been exposed.  The Watch Fires are lit.  Those who stand guard, the Watchmen, have come forward to raise the alarm and give the final warnings. 

Understand --- we are all guilty, we have all made mistakes.  Understand also that the "cut" is determined by who repents and who admits their sin and who commits to living a new and better life, like Peter.   

All the others, like Judas, will be gone. 

So when I tell you that I have offered the rulers of the banks and the governments and the armies a safe and just and easy way to make correction -- a conversion of the debt system to a credit system that would take only three days and harm nobody on Earth --- and that they still refuse to act and instead continue to go forward with their old, established evil, take note. 

Like Jerusalem, they have been given "a time" to repent and reflect and look around at the unfolding prophecy.  At every step, they have had freewill to transform their destiny.  They have no one and nothing to blame but themselves, for they have been told the Truth and given other options, and they still stubbornly continue to honor nothing but their ego and Mammon and Satan. 

So, they have to go.  It is only a question of exactly when and how this is to be accomplished, but not a question about the inevitability of this outcome. As Fiduciary, I have ordered it to be done quickly and quietly, with no big drama.    

I wish that everyone on Earth would see their condition and repent it and trust in Our Father's love and generosity --- and commit to living a far better and braver life, like Peter, instead of throwing their lives away like Judas Iscariot.    

That said, I have given everyone all the information needed to do the right thing by the Earth and its People and I have been laughed at for my trouble, physically attacked, and derided by those who should be in sack-cloth.  As I have patiently fulfilled every Notice, many millions of innocent people have suffered and died to allow these evil-doers time to repent.  

And still no true repentance comes. 

The Office of the Roman Pontiff has been ended, but the so-called "Secular Worship" of Satan has continued right on, even among members of the Church and the Priesthood of the Church.  When I have pressed for an end to it, the perpetrators have chosen to set up the "Holy Roman Empire" to take the place of the Office of the Roman Pontiff and continue conducting all their evil business as usual. 

It's like a gang of little kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar, blaming it on the dog, waiting a couple hours and going right back into the kitchen as if nobody would notice. 

Our Father honors their free will, and what they will choose for themselves, they will choose.  They will not be allowed to ruin the Earth.  They will not be allowed to disrupt and terrify and harm everyone else. They will not have their "Last Hurrah" in the way they envisioned it and most importantly, they will not win anything but their own destruction. 

Though they think they have power and that they have money and that they have the ability to mount a fight, the fight is already over.  It ended many years ago on a hill overlooking a trash heap called Golgotha.  

Now comes the time and the peace of The Lamb.  Let all on Earth be advised. 
The final warnings have been issued and those aligned with evil are running out of time. The choice of Peter, like the choice of Judas, is set before them--- and before us all. 


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Thank You SOTN and AIM

By Anna Von Reitz

Thank You SOTN and AIM 

I appreciate all the work State of the Nation and American Intelligence Media have done to research the British calumny and deceit that has ruined our country and destroyed untold millions of lives. 

SOTN and AIM are backing up what I said many months ago. 

Go back and look.  I told everyone that it wasn't Russia and that it was Britain causing the trouble. It's ALWAYS Britain at the bottom of every dog pile. 

Once the nations of the world catch on to this fact it will be a lot harder for Britain to employ its puppets in the US, in Qatar, in Hong Kong and elsewhere to cause trouble.

We all need to double-down on both "British" Governments-- Westminster and Whitehall-- and all their affiliates, especially the Government of Scotland which has been used for a lot of banking and legal chicanery. 

People also need to know that the Government of France is largely influencing --and also being used behind the scenes---by the Monarchist powers to cause trouble in a secondhand fashion. 

Britain uses the US, Scotland, and other countries as puppets for its bullying and cheating, but works with France to promote the same. 

The end result is the same-- the only difference is that the French are more aware of it, so they protest -- like the Yellow Vests. 

This is the difference between "Patsies" who are being commandeered or used unwittingly and partners in crime. Britain and France have long associations all the way back to the Dark Ages and have often been ruled by the same powers--- so they work together in ways that would astonish many people and are not the "Natural Enemies" they pretend to be. 

Just notice that for many years Jacob Rothschild controlled the Bank of France and Nathan Rothschild controlled the Bank of England and you will see how "hand and glove" they actually are. 

France has also been the Holy See's Ace in a Hole for centuries. Most of its investments outside Italy are centered in "Loyal France" and Spain is where they keep their private bank accounts. 

The Holy See uses France the same way the Brits manipulate the US.

This sets up a situation where the sanctimonious criminals--- Britain and the Holy See--- sit back and appear to be innocent, when in fact they are the ones responsible for the problems in the first place. They are invariably the source of 90% of the trouble on Earth. 

And it needs to end.  

We all need to wake up, expose their "Hidden Hand" -- the Secret Societies they have run through the Office of the Pontiff and now propose to orchestrate through the resuscitated "Holy Roman Empire"-- and keep the focus of exposure on them. 

It's like monitoring a nasty little kid who is always causing trouble. You have to watch everything they do and all the kids they influence in order to keep them all in line.

You have to identify the ringleaders before you can sit on them. 

Now we all know that it is not the Americans that are causing any of this and that the "US" is a puppet being run by Britain, it is a lot easier to make sense of what has gone on in the world. 

Britain has used "the US" as a siphon to drain America dry and supply itself with abundant cheap mercenaries. 

Now that the Americans are waking up, the Schemers are trying to move their operations to China and use the Chinese in the same way--abundant cheap mercenaries under British and Holy See control.  

Via a combination of co-option and pay-offs they intend to set up Hong Kong inside China just as they set up the District of Columbia in "the US".  

This forms a safe base of operations for them inside and associated with the country they are targeting. 

Over time they confuse the identity of Hong Kong with "China" in the same way they have confused the identity of "the US" with America. This then allows them to undermine the actual Chinese government and gain access to the labor and credit and resources of the Chinese People.  They will try to do to China what they have done here. 

And they will try to use China and it's young men to bully and rape the rest of the world, just as they have misled, used and abused the Americans. 

It behooves every thinking being on the planet to see what these Vermin are doing and expose it so that they are cheated out of their aims. 

Russia needs to play a crucial part in this exposure because no other nation can.  America is just waking up and the rest of the world is at a hopeless disadvantage. 

As more people recognize the horrors of Commercial Feudalism and the plans of Britain and the Holy See to impose this on the whole world via manipulation of China, they will be blocked by many countering forces both inside and outside China. 

Once fully awake, the American People will be outraged by the mistreatment and Breach of Trust they have suffered at the hands of these criminals--- and they will have no trouble assisting the rest of the world in putting an end to these self-interested and diabolical Monarchist crime syndicates. 

Enough is enough.  

We now know which governments are actually responsible and who the criminals are.  We have identified the source of the problem and it's not Russia. 

We have exposed the intention of the Vermin to move into the Middle East and foment trouble there via their misleading propaganda and funding of ISIS.  We have identified their parasitic tentacles seeking to "set up shop" in China and run a "US v America" style national identity theft scheme via a similar "Hong Kong v. China" set up.

It is time for the entire world to wake up and put an end to the parasites' activities--- see through them and end them. 


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