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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What Is Wrong With Your Heads?

By Anna Von Reitz

This is mainly addressed to the former members of the military and the Federal Civil Service, though many average Americans could stand to hear it loud and clear, too.

Why is it so hard to understand that there are State Citizens and Federal Citizens? And that the two occupy different political statuses?

You can look at any version of "Constitution" you like and you will see where the "Federal" Citizenships were created, right there in Article 1. As these Federal citizenships are being created by the Constitutional Agreements, it is a given that these people are not Parties to the Constitutions. They are subjects of the Constitutions.

We, the State Citizens, created the Constitutions, are Parties to the Constitutions, and are owed the services of the Federal Citizens. Period.

We and our States would still exist, even if the entire "Federal Government" disappeared tomorrow. That's because our existence as political entities does not depend on the existence of the Constitutions and their service contracts. We are the Creators. They are the Created. We are the Employers. They are the Employees.

And nothing created is greater than its Creator. No Employee gets to tell the Employer what to do.
Even though you have not been taught this ugly fact, there have always been two "minority" citizenships in this country --- second-class "United States" British Territorial Citizenship, and third-class "citizenship of the United States" Municipal Government. Both.

So now you have been misidentified "accidentally on purpose" as a Dual Citizen carrying the weight of both these substandard citizenships and all their obligations, and I come to you and say, "Wake to Hello up! --- You were born in Minnesota. Why are you claiming to be a US Citizen?"

And you stand there like sheep in the rain....?

United States Citizen equals someone born in the British Commonwealth Territorial 'United States', like a Puerto Rican, or a mercenary in the Territorial Armed Forces or one of their Dependents. Are you in the army right now?

There's a reason that that Drill Sergeant gets to treat you like a "thumb-sucking maggot" --- and its because, for the term and duration of your military service obligation, you are adopting the foreign "United States Citizenship" associated with the Territorial Government.

So, do you want to be "in the army" the rest of your life and on endless KP duty, or do you want to come home and enjoy the actual freedom you have earned? That's the difference -- in a nutshell--- between being a "US Citizen" and being an American State Citizen or American State National.

If you aren't in the service and weren't born offshore to foreign parents In the Territorial United States --- or for some obscure, unknown, unfathomable reason you are a masochist and just like being abused and taxed to death and not having any constitutional guarantees---- then, you aren't a United States Citizen. So why are you accepting that political status?

Am I supposed to believe that 350 million Americans like being treated like buck privates in the army, in perpetual boot camp, trampled on and taxed to death and impersonated?

At least the guys who are actually in the service get a paycheck and some other perks and bennies, but you get none of that and all the ugly parts, too.

So why in God's name are you claiming to be a "US Citizen"? Why aren't you claiming your birthright political status as an American, instead?

Same thing with Municipal "citizens of the United States" ---- doesn't have anything to do with you. If you weren't born in the District of Columbia to foreign parents or working for the Federal Civil Service or living as a Dependent of such a Person --- why on Earth would you want to be dubbed a criminal responsible for paying all the debts of the "Federal" government, and presumed guilty until proven innocent, too?

Ever wonder why the Municipal Courts have a 96-98% conviction rate? It's because Municipal CITIZENS are guilty by definition. They are pre-judged before they ever enter a courtroom. All that is up for discussion is how long you are going to be in jail and how much are you going to pay?
If you were born in one of the Fifty States, you are an American.

You are not any kind of "US" citizen at all. Both "US" citizenships are substandard and not covered by the Constitutional guarantees and that is the way it has always been since 1787.

You've been misidentified. You've been duped. You've been played. You've been used and abused and impersonated and stolen blind, yet even when someone comes and gives you this information on a silver platter, you still can't grasp it.

If you love your country, it's time to come home and re-populate it. According to the liars, this is a country of 350 million public servants and no public to serve. According to them, you are all here "providing essential government services" as unpaid "volunteers" and just "residing" here on a temporary basis.

According to them, you aren't Americans. You are "US Citizens".

The same people that misidentified you as a "US Citizen" are poised to steal everything --- your country, your States, your identity, your lawful State Citizenship --- everything. They plan to do this without firing a shot. And they plan to charge you for this "service".

They are the Enemy Within. They are the enemies both foreign and domestic. They are gunning for you and yours and their primary weapon is just your own ignorance about who you are and what you are owed and by whom.

Begin with the fact that if you were born in this country and don't work for the Federal Government or get an unearned welfare check, you are not any kind of "US Citizen". Follow up with the fact that they are your payroll.

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  1. Ending 2019 with a bang I love it! I have been almost drowning myself in this information for over a year now. I am convinced that this information is 100% legit. Today you put it in the simplest and most logical term when you said this: Nothing created is greater than its Creator! That should be your slogan Anna!! If that does not rebut their presumptions they are fools.
    1. God
    2. Man / Woman
    3. Government
    Thanks Anna I am wide awake now I just need to get myself free from my employees!


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Right on, because Clinton' Executive Order No.13037 makes human their Chattel. When any one died, the crooks get Life-Insurance on our body. They made us pay for such a Insane Insurance. Look it up, the Rats are not ashamed.

      My Radar showing the Vatican are getting Richer, from 2011 - now and forward in full swing. So Obama, and or the UK Queen's agents in America mimicking to be American idiots Govt, must be true.

      Many races had been enslaved for 154 years, others had been for 167+ years.

    3. 8 USC 1101 (a)(21). Don't be to quick to claim your status as an American National. Check out the definition of state in that statute. You are claiming permanent allegiance to a state "(36) The term “State” includes the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands." In that statute we are aliens. American"State" Nationals are different by statute than American Nationals. My how they trick us with our own words. Sucked in without knowing it. Hmmmn- How many different United States are there???

    4. From Anna:

      This is where "they" recognize the status of State National. So that is where we claim it. Doesn't limit us to their "States". Just like they use "United States" to include "The United States".

  3. Well said Anna! And to answer your question: After the lies have been repeated so many times by the lame stream media, public fool system and urban street gossip, it is hard to rewire, rewash and reverse engineer the brain. But my hat is off to you grandma! People do your status correction! You were born as free, sovereign, independent American State Nationals under 8 USC 1101 (a)(21). Some of us have already stood up to fight, corrected our status, are making progress and claiming, exercising, and defending our lawful beneficiary status of the God given estate trust. Be the change that you want to see in the world. We are here to help, but it is like the toys that come with the notice on the box that says: "Batteries not included". Come on Coppertop, and plug in, join the race and let’s win this thing. Jesus's work was finished on the cross, Donald Trump by executive order has restored the republic in 2017 that has been vacant since 1861 and Anna is now leading the charge to bring us home to the land of our ancestors by correcting our nationality status thru paperwork and it is now up to us as in ‘we the people’ to do our part and study to show ourselves approved. We the people who have been robbed in the cradle of our birthright inheritance and are the lawful government authority and power who pay the bills and energize this great nation of united States of America. I love the smell of ink on paper in the morning. It is the smell of freedom! The pen is mightier than the sword, the loaded .45 or the hydrogen bomb. 2020 shall be remembered as the year that the people ruled America again. Anna, Donald, and Jesus are all waiting for us to figure out who we really are and act like it. After the impeachment fizzled and popped, now the rumor is that they are coming for our guns? Let me tell you something people there is no greater military force on this planet than we the people of America. Not the US Marines, National Guard, state police, county deputies, or city police is going to take our guns. This may be a militarized police state at the moment, but our public servants are not going to put up with attempting to disarm we the people of America. I am going to quote Article 12 section 2 of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974: The military shall be subordinate to the civil power. Thank you Anna, Donald, and Yahshua. Isaiah 9:6 > For to us a Child shall be born, to us a Son shall be given; And the government shall be upon His shoulder, And His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Happy New Year!

    1. You are correct on all counts.....

      “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

      National Guardsman, “We will not comply” if ordered by Virginia governor to arrest police, confiscate guns

  4. This was succinct and a perfect quick overview all tied in a little bow...
    Happy New Year 🥂

  5. Anna, you looked so frazzled last night at the beginning of the call. I was sending out a a hug. I pray every day you do not get disgusted with the people who are moaning and groaning but who are also content to be deceived and not willing to admit they have been fooled.

    My youngest son is still claiming to be a US CITIZEN. Indoctrination at its best and the diploma to prove it.

    We can only help those who open their minds, eyes and ears. You are reaching masses. Your Common Sense approach has brought me clarity and enabled me to help others. My son whom I love with all my heart and is one of the focuses of my education is one of the walking DEAD. I pray every morning for an enlightenment event. He may not have an open Mind now but there are so many others now who seek the truth and if I help one I am blessed.

    I pray you stay the course despite the idiots.

    Many Blessings to you and your family. With Love from Delaware!

    I wish you a peaceable 2020 amidst the chaos.

    Annie McShane

  6. So if Anna is not "blue in the face" from repeating this message, she should be...I have read Anna's website for over 3 years and researched most all postings. So, reading the "story" for at least several hundred times, I think I hear it in my sleep.

    In my business experience of 40 years + without creating a problem, no one wants to hear the solution. The Florida coordinator said as such on the assembly call several weeks ago. This message is basically a "sales pitch". In my experience, random people are not interested in "hearing a story" and most are too dumb downed because of indoctrination and life "ain't so bad".... In summary, you can't save everybody...

    I carry a "business card" with a picture of the civil flag with message on front & website address. Several bullet points are on the back. At the local library, people ask me to sign petitions as a "U.S. Citizen" and I tell them I changed "citizenship" or I would be be glad to, if I believe in the cause.

    They always ask me, "what country did you go to".... I tell them "America"... the look on their face is confusion. I ask a few questions, where they were born and then tell them look at your birth certificate and see if "United States" is anywhere scribbled on it? Probably, Nation State at the top, but no United States. Most have never been taught each State is a Nation. I use that phrase all the time.

    Then I point to USC Title 8, Section (a) 21 and 22 as one of the bullet points and tell them to look it up... they are really an American State National but this information as been kept from them because of the benefits are greater than being a US Citizen, it is their choice. People don't like to miss out on BENEFITS.

    They usually ask questions about social security, taxation etc... I tell them, the information is on the website and people are waking up to the issues confronting them because they know something is wrong.

    Serious people will follow it up, as I said, you can't save everybody. Most people take the card and tell me, they will check out the information on the website "theamericanstates

    BTW, There are many Supreme Court Cases discussing the two pertinent different political statuses cited in Section 1101. So the authoritative information is in front of them. It's now up to them.

  7. A woman raped, police watched one of their courts said "The police work for a corporation and are not hired to protect you"
    Courts objecting saying "The constitution does not apply here" failing to tell us what is going on. We are assumed to know, to be voluntarily and with knowledge contracting yet most have no idea.
    Other courts saying "I will not have the law in my court room" I does make sense, like why would we the people go in to Walmart's corporate meetings or side talks with bad employees if we did not work there? We are to use our own courts, read Milligan vs exparte. So when we go in there courts its like meddling with their business which is to serve us. Yet if one asks loudly in a court if there are any public servants often silence follows. Phoney court room set ups like Alice in Wonderland, American children worshipping parade floats with a King and Queen at every training center or I mean school. Why not some non monarch float to honor us, why honor Kings and Queens, do they honor us? Get a clue if you don't have one. Just the facts, find em and stay on em.

  8. The main problem here, and the cause of all of this crap; is the fact that most Americans were just too busy trying to live out their lives to pay attention to a bunch of scum bags seeking to own and control everything.
    People's minds were never designed to have to deal with all of this B.S. and life was never meant to be lived this way.


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