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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Fear Not. Gather Together. Push Back.

By Anna Von Reitz

While the doom and gloom sayers are telling you to wear masks (which are NOT recommended by the Surgeon General) and to stay socially isolated (so that you feel lonely and helpless) --- we tell you to fear nothing, and to gather together your resources for the Push Back. 

The evil we deal with now is spiritual and mental, and the primary weapon of the Enemy of Mankind --- as always, is lies.  Just plain old fabrications.  

Let me remind everyone that if they could lie about the Atomic Bomb, there is no limit to the Big, Fat Whoppers these guys will tell.  We are dealing with Professional Liars and Stage Actors.  Literally.  Card-carrying.  Licensed. 

So with that as a Given, let's reason our way through the nonsense. 

Covid-19 is an "enhanced" variety of the Common Cold.  That enhancement makes it more infectious, but not more deadly on a case by case basis.  

That is, more people catch it, so more people will die from it, but, on a case by case basis, the death rate is the same or lower than the Common Cold --- about 0.02%, or one fiftieth of one percent. 

Have you ever been so afraid of the Common Cold that you would hunker down in your house like a hibernating marmot for three months, close your business, and lose your job and go bankrupt?  

Yet, that's what people have done, under the lash of a gigantic disinformation campaign.  We've been committing economic suicide for three months based on nothing but lies.  

Still not sure it's a lie?  Just look at the members of ANTIFA and BLM and all these rally-goers rubbing up against each other and shouting their lungs out.  
See any masks?  Any "social distancing"?  

If they are united and we are divided, doesn't that give them an edge?  

89 people have died in these riots thus far.  What about them?  Where are their gold coffins and kneeling crowds?  

The Push Back is in your hearts as you are reading this.  Realize that this is a spiritual battle -- and that you are in the midst of a spiritual war of good against evil, truth against lies, and fact against fiction.  

There is, attached to each one of us, a lie. 

It is so subtle that it seems to be part of us, but it is not part of us.  It is totally foreign, like an insidious parasite attached to your skin.  It has been there, attached to you, throughout your life.  But it's not you, and it never was.  

In a way, this spiritual interloper impersonates you in the same way that the Municipal PERSON has impersonated you--- and it is just as hard to perceive, and just as hard to get rid of. 

Start thinking about the darkness and fear and emptiness that lurks in you as a foreign substance, something that poisons you, and which needs to be released--- let go.  Stop clinging to it.  It's not you.  It's not true. 

This weekend is the celebration of Summer Solstice and the Luciferians are out parading around, raping and pillaging and blaming others.  Summer Solstice marks the sun's highest zenith above the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of the year.

Most normal people think of it as a celebration of the growing season, but to Luciferians, this is the day when the actual sun begins to die and the Summer Solstice is all about the triumph of death over life.  It's just the opposite of what people think it is. 

So the rest of us must stand strong and gather together in heart and spirit and push back, but how?   By affirming the value of life, by staying steady in our commitment to justice and kindness, by focusing on all the things that unite us. 

Today is also Father's Day, and an appropriate time to think about our Father in Heaven, the True Father and Creator of  All That Is, and also think about the gift of life he has given us through his life. That is a real cause to celebrate.  

Let's also appreciate all the good men everywhere who are devoted to their families and who shoulder their responsibilities in the world without whining or complaining, without blaming or threatening, without shouting and harming others.  

To these good men we all need to give our respect and support, today and every day throughout the year.  

Say a little prayer for all the good men in the world and bless them going forward.  

Let the hand of the Good Lord guide them. Let the love of the True God inspire them.  Let Truth be set before them.  Let Kindness guard their lives and souls.  
And let their wives and families loyally support them throughout the coming year.

Too often families have been broken apart by self-interested corporations bent on predation, and too often wives have been too weak and too fearful to stand in their own space and support their husbands. 

Let this be a call to America's women to remember why we fell in love in the first place and what is important in life, not just now, but forever hereafter. 

We are each writing our stories and we have the opportunity to cast the darkness out of our souls.  Let us do so with a will and a determination to forgive ourselves for our back-sliding, our disgraceful acts, and our betrayals, in exact measure to our resolve to be our best and bravest from now on, for our own sake and for each other. 

Let's make use of all the abundant bright light this day provides to look in the mirror, to see the shadow that clings to us, and cast it out. See yourself and see your country restored, whole, and full of abundant life, bathed in the pure light of Heaven, and set free to live in peace. 


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