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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Fear Not. Gather Together. Push Back.

By Anna Von Reitz

While the doom and gloom sayers are telling you to wear masks (which are NOT recommended by the Surgeon General) and to stay socially isolated (so that you feel lonely and helpless) --- we tell you to fear nothing, and to gather together your resources for the Push Back. 

The evil we deal with now is spiritual and mental, and the primary weapon of the Enemy of Mankind --- as always, is lies.  Just plain old fabrications.  

Let me remind everyone that if they could lie about the Atomic Bomb, there is no limit to the Big, Fat Whoppers these guys will tell.  We are dealing with Professional Liars and Stage Actors.  Literally.  Card-carrying.  Licensed. 

So with that as a Given, let's reason our way through the nonsense. 

Covid-19 is an "enhanced" variety of the Common Cold.  That enhancement makes it more infectious, but not more deadly on a case by case basis.  

That is, more people catch it, so more people will die from it, but, on a case by case basis, the death rate is the same or lower than the Common Cold --- about 0.02%, or one fiftieth of one percent. 

Have you ever been so afraid of the Common Cold that you would hunker down in your house like a hibernating marmot for three months, close your business, and lose your job and go bankrupt?  

Yet, that's what people have done, under the lash of a gigantic disinformation campaign.  We've been committing economic suicide for three months based on nothing but lies.  

Still not sure it's a lie?  Just look at the members of ANTIFA and BLM and all these rally-goers rubbing up against each other and shouting their lungs out.  
See any masks?  Any "social distancing"?  

If they are united and we are divided, doesn't that give them an edge?  

89 people have died in these riots thus far.  What about them?  Where are their gold coffins and kneeling crowds?  

The Push Back is in your hearts as you are reading this.  Realize that this is a spiritual battle -- and that you are in the midst of a spiritual war of good against evil, truth against lies, and fact against fiction.  

There is, attached to each one of us, a lie. 

It is so subtle that it seems to be part of us, but it is not part of us.  It is totally foreign, like an insidious parasite attached to your skin.  It has been there, attached to you, throughout your life.  But it's not you, and it never was.  

In a way, this spiritual interloper impersonates you in the same way that the Municipal PERSON has impersonated you--- and it is just as hard to perceive, and just as hard to get rid of. 

Start thinking about the darkness and fear and emptiness that lurks in you as a foreign substance, something that poisons you, and which needs to be released--- let go.  Stop clinging to it.  It's not you.  It's not true. 

This weekend is the celebration of Summer Solstice and the Luciferians are out parading around, raping and pillaging and blaming others.  Summer Solstice marks the sun's highest zenith above the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of the year.

Most normal people think of it as a celebration of the growing season, but to Luciferians, this is the day when the actual sun begins to die and the Summer Solstice is all about the triumph of death over life.  It's just the opposite of what people think it is. 

So the rest of us must stand strong and gather together in heart and spirit and push back, but how?   By affirming the value of life, by staying steady in our commitment to justice and kindness, by focusing on all the things that unite us. 

Today is also Father's Day, and an appropriate time to think about our Father in Heaven, the True Father and Creator of  All That Is, and also think about the gift of life he has given us through his life. That is a real cause to celebrate.  

Let's also appreciate all the good men everywhere who are devoted to their families and who shoulder their responsibilities in the world without whining or complaining, without blaming or threatening, without shouting and harming others.  

To these good men we all need to give our respect and support, today and every day throughout the year.  

Say a little prayer for all the good men in the world and bless them going forward.  

Let the hand of the Good Lord guide them. Let the love of the True God inspire them.  Let Truth be set before them.  Let Kindness guard their lives and souls.  
And let their wives and families loyally support them throughout the coming year.

Too often families have been broken apart by self-interested corporations bent on predation, and too often wives have been too weak and too fearful to stand in their own space and support their husbands. 

Let this be a call to America's women to remember why we fell in love in the first place and what is important in life, not just now, but forever hereafter. 

We are each writing our stories and we have the opportunity to cast the darkness out of our souls.  Let us do so with a will and a determination to forgive ourselves for our back-sliding, our disgraceful acts, and our betrayals, in exact measure to our resolve to be our best and bravest from now on, for our own sake and for each other. 

Let's make use of all the abundant bright light this day provides to look in the mirror, to see the shadow that clings to us, and cast it out. See yourself and see your country restored, whole, and full of abundant life, bathed in the pure light of Heaven, and set free to live in peace. 


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  1. I just read our local small town city council agenda coming up. There is a resolution amongst many, for CYBER SECURITY POLICY. I know our federal government already has that. WHY does our small town of 1100 citizens need wit Cyber Security policy? Stay tuned folks. Look in on your own city government. Chances are your city admin or manager is IN ON the AGENDA.

    1. It seems, it is happening all over the world. Here is something from the same policy to be used in Zimbabwe:

      On its initial conception, the Bill was titled the Computer Crimes and Cyber-crimes Bill, which gave the impression that its main focus was on outlining the scope of “crimes” relating to computers
      and the cyberspace and did not give any semblance of other purposes beyond this. The current title of the Bill however, the Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill, gives the impression of intention to provide measures to ensure cyber security which is an important aspect in criminalising cybercrime. This intention is further concretised in section 2 of the Bill which states that the objects of the Bill are to; curb cybercrime and increase cybersecurity in order to build confidence and trust in the secure use of information and communications technologies.

      The preamble to this Bill outlines the purpose of the Bill which is to among other things; provide for and to consolidate cyber-related offences with due regard to the Declaration of Rights under the Constitution and the public and national interest …

      In the previous versions of the Bill, the purpose of the Bill centred on the criminalisation of offences against computers and communications infrastructure. As also observed by stakeholders,49
      the change in purpose of the Act is positive particularly in its recognition of relevant fundamental human rights recognised in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. The emphasis on criminalising cyber offences “with due regard to the Declaration of rights under the Constitution and the public and national interest…” is a critical statement of intent which also raises the standard by which this Bill is analysed on i.e. on the extent to which they protect relevant fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. The provisions of the Bill have an impact on a number of rights and freedoms protected in the Constitution which include the following;
      • Right to privacy [s57 and s61(5)]
      • Freedom of expression- right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas [s61(1)].
      • Right of access to information [s62]
      • Right to human dignity [s51]
      • Rights of children- protection from sexual exploitation [s81(1)(e)]

      Link to article:

  2. speaking of lies:
    and also think about the gift of life he has given us through his life
    that "father" entity is just some dead jewish guy.

    and at least for gentiles and non-highranking jews, talking to the dead is prohibited:

    the other competing "father", was supposed to be the reason for christ, who had a different father. this father did supposedly come down to earth in man form.

    either christ is god, or "the lord" aka "lord god" aka elias aka dominus deus made the world.

    we know this from the nominum interpretatio. we know this because old bibles and frescoes had christ creating the world.

    we also have more information on who the "our father" is:

    there is nothing to fear: just deny this "our father" entity because it is satan.
    The Gemarah cites two opinions regarding Zelophchad
    ’s identity: Rabbi Akiva says that Zelophchad was the
    "mekoshesh," the individual who was punished for gathering wood in the public domain on Shabbas; Rabbi
    Yehu-dah ben Besaira contends that Zelophchad was a memb
    er of the "ma'apilim," the ill-fated group which tried to "go it alone" to Canaan after it was decreed that the generation would be killed in the desert. This entire group
    was killed by the Amalekim and Canaanim.

    so Zelophcha is dead. and this "father" entity is just worshipping some dead jewish guy.

    why is anna claiming everyone to be children of some dead jewish guy -- who it looks like only had 5 daughters?
    unsurprisingly, a jewish feminist site called "lilith" has some more details:
    It was my take-home lesson from this week’s parsha, too, where the daughters of Zelophchad changed Biblical law by asking to inherit their deceased father’s portion in the Land of Israel, and God gives Moses the thumbs-up.
    translated: zelophchad "our father" died. his daughters wanted some of the land, so moses asked elias if it was ok to change biblical law, and elias gave him the thumbs up.

    elias may or may not have been dead when moses consulted him, you will have to research elias and moses to find out if moses was talking to a living jew, or the spirit of a dead jew.



      "the samantan version for idiots is the basis of today's protestant versions which only speak of a monotheistic lord"
      this explains the name games. "the lord" is just a bunch of dead jewish guys, but all the goyim get a different "translation"
      on that note, we see that the goyim tell us that talking to the dead goes against the "living god":

      The Bible forbids talking to the dead, not because it is necessarily a hoax, but because it relies on supernatural guidance that comes from a source other the God. Whatever the ultimate source may be, their desire is to lead people away from the living God.
      how can "the lord" aka "our father" both be the "living god" and not be the "living god" ?

      one story for insiders, another story for the goyim. same as masonry. william bill cooper noted this in his talks about mystery babylon.

      along these lines, satan fakes his own death, then rises again.
      The beast which thou sawest, was, and is not, and shal come up out of the bottomless depth, and goe into destruction: and the inhabitants of the earth (whose names are not written in the booke of life from the making of this world) shal marvel, seeing the beast that was, and is not.
      now we know what this "book of life" is as well: elias, zelophchad, moses, all the dead jews pretending to be "the lord" -- they are in the "book of life"

      all the goyim who didn't make up bible passages with themselves as "god(s)" are not in the "book of life"

      of course, anyone nowadays can't alter or change a single word -- the timeframe to play god and pretend to be god has passed. the bible is the word of god.
      And the seventh Angel sounded with a trompet: and there were made loud voices in heaven saying, The kingdom of this world is made our Lords & his Christes, and he shal reigne for ever and ever. Amen.
      (15) "our Lords & his Christes" is more of the same heretical dynamic duo of David & his Christ- these people will not understand that Jesus Christ is God and that the Jews await their own Christ, the Jewish Jesus, son of the Lord.
      note of course this is the same as mormonism "our lord and his christ" -- they call it holy ghost but it is really 2nd coming/holy spirit/baphomet.

    2. remember when anna said she is not anyone's messiah?

      kindly stop claiming everyone else as children of your "our father" (dead jewish guy Zelophchad, and also elias, and also moses, and also ...) entity.

      barratry. press-ganging. dragooning. haven't we had enough identity theft? especially in the name of "religion".

      it is prohibited by torah to try to "trigger the apocalypse" in this manner.

    3. "the reason is because christ has made us free of the law of moses"

      (note that for people who wish to opt out of dead jewish "our father" zelphchad and "lord god" dominus deus alias and trickster moses, "holy spirit" should be "holy ghost" -- otherwise you just end up with 2nd coming baphomet / 24 dead jewish scribes again)


      "the samantan version for idiots is the basis of today's protestant versions which only speak of a monotheistic lord"
      now we know why:

      BIBLIOLATROUS, pagano-Christian, polytheist, ILLITERATE, hoodwinked, idol worshiping, idolater, functionally illiterate*&Query=bibliolatrous


  3. When was Christianity created by Constantine?


    Why did the committee of Neica remove the section [among others] in the bible - "reincarnation" on or about 550 AD and again in 1550 AD

  4. "Still not sure it's a lie? Just look at the members of ANTIFA and BLM and all these rally-goers rubbing up against each other and shouting their lungs out. See any masks? Any "social distancing"?

    No mask, no social distancing during the following crime either. But hey, black lives don't matter when it's black on black crime - which accounts for the majority of crime - see Chicago this past weekend for an example. Black Lives Matter is a money laundering fund raising vehicle for ActBlue, which funds the Demoncrat Party. See how that works?

    James Woods@RealJamesWoods
    Quick. Call a social worker...

  5. Lionel@LionelMedia
    So, America, how does it feel that your father or mother had to die alone and that you couldn’t attend their funeral except over Facebook but others can attend numerous traveling #GeorgeFloyd memorials? No graduation ceremonies either...

    COVID19 is anything you want it to be. For as long as you want it to be. It’s mode of transmission changes depending upon if, for example, you’re talking about attendees at a @realDonaldTrump rally versus a BLM protest. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Post a picture of yourself wearing a mask and you’re celebrating your own capitulation and slavery. It’s not about wearing a mask. It’s about the ordering of you to wear a mask that it’s all about. When was the last time your government gave a damn about your health? Or anyone else’s for that matter?

    Henry Makow Retweeted
    Inaya Folarin Iman@InayaFolarin

    “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.” - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  6. Watch the previous RAT - their script in action as they move their puppets (strawmen) around the earth chessboard

    …from the Catholic News Agency
    Benedict XVI to return to Rome June 22 after visit with ailing brother in Germany

    So Pope Emeritus Benedict is allowed to take a final trip to visit his brother, his family’s graves, and his former home, and now he is returning to the Vatican on the 22nd?
    I can’t decide what his trip reminds me of more:
    a final meal given to a death row inmate before his execution or a plot device that keeps a protagonist away from his house when it’s attacked.

    So what’s the plan?
    Will the returning Papa Rat get whacked by “ISIS jihadis” on a street outside the Vatican, or will the Vatican get whacked by a “space rock” before he gets back?
    Perhaps he’ll just die of “natural causes” during travel so they can gather the “Kings of the Earth” in Rome for his funeral (and their destruction).

    It is my belief that those robe and hat wearing folks of the Vatican are jews and always have been

    They know THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD is fiction, all of it.
    Medici is jews not Italian as everyone is led to believe

    1. Anna worked with this RAT in the Vatican?
      So lets see if this guy is a RAT how is it that Anna does not know the role he plays in the entire scheme
      They'll report that the RAT has died meanwhile he is sitting on a private beach somewhere drinking champagne
      The body double (strawman) they parade around the world as the now dead sitting Pope from what I understand because Popes keep office until death and this RAT didn't die but resigned and then we got the actor playing FRANCIS
      They had to do that to follow the prophecy timeline and also to sell The Last Pope and The Last President books

      Just like their UN mapping right down to the 10 kingdoms

  7. 100% agreed, as detected by our Intelligent Machines. Coronavirus setup is no different from 911- setup, 3-months before the events. Same cheating deal from the corrupt US - EU coordinated corporate Gov't.


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