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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Hope Porn 101

By Anna Von Reitz

Lots of people are attracted to Hope Porn and believe all sorts of weird things that absolve them from responsibility for taking action and doing a lot of hard work.  It's a Learned Laziness Syndrome that comes from being a Dependent --- someone who isn't self--motivated and who naturally waits for instructions and solutions provided by someone else or some organization (like the Government or the Church) outside of themselves and their own efforts.  

Yet we all have plenty of experience that should tell us that the world doesn't really work that way, that there is no "free lunch" and that sitting around waiting for help to arrive --- especially when you are depending on "the" US Congress to deliver it --- is a vain exercise.  

Take NESARA for example.  The Nesara legislation hasn't moved a quarter of an inch in a quarter of a century, and it's not going to, either, at the rate things are going.  Just go look it up on  Prove it to yourselves.  You are being fed nonsense. There's nothing to wait for.  It was a well-intended effort back in the day.  And so what? 

Today I read another completely ridiculous article on the NESARA NEWS website, this one being promoted by the Michigan General Jural Assembly, which must have been hijacked by idiots.  They went off-track when they lost sight of what a "State" is and failed to establish the standing of their members to assemble an actual State of the Union, and have since then compounded their errors. 

Now we are told, rather gratuitously, that all the publicly traded corporations on Wall Street have been "nationalized" and oh, rejoice, rejoice.  


What has happened is that the UNITED STATES, INC., which entered involuntary bankruptcy in 2015, is being liquidated, and any corporation merely "presumed" to be a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC. is being seized upon as chattel to pay back their debts.  

Hello, hello, are you the Party to whom I am speaking?  

That includes JOHN MICHAEL DOE, folks, and JOHN M. DOE and JOHN DOE.... and all those "derivative" public trusts, public transmitting utilities, and public charitable trusts named after you, too.  This means your property and your assets are under attack so long as you are accepting these Municipal PERSONS as being anything related to you.  

You, your home, your bank accounts --- everything you think you own--- is being misidentified as Public Property owned by the Municipal United States Government.  If you don't exempt yourself from the MUNI COURTS, their Trustees will come in and take everything.  If you don't further defend against the British Territorial Courts, the Queen will turn you over to the Pope's Inquisition. 

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place?  

The same, of course, goes for all the "Publicly Traded" Corporations that aren't under private ownership.  Millions of American businesses misidentified as Municipal Franchises or as belonging to Municipal Franchisees like MARK D. CLEMSON, will be under attack in Municipal DISTRICT COURTS.  

The franchises and their assets are forfeit to the creditors, and yes, if we are standing in our proper political status, we are creditors. We are the Priority Creditors in fact.   

How many of you are in your proper political status?  Let's see a show of hands..... won't be anyone from the Michigan General Jural Assembly in proper status and that's for sure, because they missed the boat and the whole point of the exercise.   So now they are out there crowing about this great "victory" and still don't understand that they've shot themselves in the foot.

So long as they do this, they get all of the heat and none of the fun.  "Dead" Territorial US Citizens can't profit from this liquidation nor act as Creditors. They will be attacked along with everyone else and they won't know what to say or do to protect their assets.  So they will go on losing their homes and their bank accounts and being the goats, when they could exercise their option to be Priority Creditors, instead.  

The American States Assembly is the only organization that is properly organized and standing in the way of this outcome.  It's the only group that has vetted its membership and required the mandatory political status correction to be able to act in the Priority Creditor role.  As American Nationals and American State Citizens, we can demand that the IRS settle any such debts by offsetting them against the American National Credit, which has been sequestered from the bankruptcy.

Naturally, only Americans can access the American National Credit. 

Americans misidentified as British Territorial United States Citizens (that have been declared legally dead on top of everything else) can't access the National Credit they are owed.  Americans misidentified as Municipal United States Citizens or as citizens of the United States are, if possible, even more S.O.L. 

Only those who claim their exemptions and who reclaim their birthright political status as Americans will be able to pass through the eye of this needle.  

Naturally, too, as time goes on, your motivations for reclaiming your birthright political status will be questioned.  People will look at you and think -- "Ah, well, you are acting in a self-interested fashion.  You went to the party and drank the wine, and now you don't want to pay the cover charge."   

It's hard to prove on a case-by-case basis that you were never told anything about all these claims being made about you and about your property, even though there are millions of Americans in the same boat who can honestly claim the same thing.  

And that is the reason why it is absolutely necessary for us to form our State Assemblies and to vet our membership to be sure that everyone is functioning as an American and nothing else at all ---- so that we aren't picked off one-by-one and left standing all alone with a doo-dad in our hair and a lame uncorroborated story about how nobody told us what was going on and what was being alleged about us and our political status. 

So, judge for yourselves what comes around.  The current leadership of the MGJA is crowing happily about the demise of corporate America, not realizing that their own dogs are still in that fight.   

Meanwhile, The American States Assembly is working overtime in every State of the Union to educate and enable people to save themselves and their country from this foreign economic warfare.  We aren't selling any Hope Porn and we aren't making any mistakes; if you do the work and learn the facts, you will have help and you will have knowledge to protect yourselves and your assets. 

If not.... well, you can go bankrupt just like the parent corporation.  You get to keep a home (mortgaged to the hilt in most cases) and a car and $8000 of personal property.  


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Dear Mr. Trump, You'd Better Move Now

By Anna Von Reitz

There are many reasons why continued delays are not in the public interest.  

First, the closer to the elections, the harder it is for you to make sense of it all for people. Many Americans are still asleep.   They may make the mistake of thinking that you and the Generals are at fault, especially given the ownership of the media conglomerates purporting to provide us with so-called news.  Instead of thanking you, they may react in fear and think that some kind of illegal takeover is happening. 

Yes, I know that is entirely ironic, but the point is that you have to have time to explain it and clear the air BEFORE the election cycle kicks in, in earnest. 

The alternatives --- to shut down the elections or convert the nature of the elections back to being public elections --- would have mammoth repercussions of their own.   If you shut down the corporate elections, you have foreign governments howling and causing trouble and accusing you of a military take over.  If you convert the elections without sufficient public education and time for people to declare their proper political status, you have a flawed election process. 

This is far from ideal timing in any respect, but continuing the status quo and leaving the rats in place and in power isn't an answer, either. 

The longer this investigation process goes on, the more time they have to stage False Flags and kill people for the sake of their agendas.  These are, after all, criminals that we are dealing with.  They do what criminals do.  Giving the investigators time also means giving the criminals time to commit more atrocities.  

Any vain hopes of carrying these investigations out to capture all the vermin involved are doomed from the start.  These evils took decades to develop and ultimately involve over two million people in the US alone;  no matter how much effort is applied, correction will not happen overnight.  The web will continue to expand and corrective action will take continued long term effort.  The most you can do is make a good start, focus public attention on the problem, and garner support sufficient to keep the effort rolling.  

Whatever firestorm of media malignancy your opponents can come up with, the facts will speak for themselves and putting the perpetrators in jail will make it considerably harder for them to cover up the facts and orchestrate distractions.  Round them up and let it all flow downhill.  

Dealing with the criminals will encourage not only your supporters-- it will encourage the whole world and bolster the economy, once the initial shock and uncertainty is set aside.  Put the rats in jail.  Show us that nobody is above the law.  Make the words have meaning again.  

The media has been under gag orders since the First World War and is even now having every story vetted by subcontractors of the Defense Department  and the British Reuters News Services and Associated Press.  This presents a monolithic threat both to our political process and the Freedom of Speech.  This has gone hand in hand with consolidation of media conglomerates.  You would be doing us all a favor to set aside the DOD/CIA censorship machinery and bust up the media monopolies, just like Reagan busted Ma Bell.  It's time. 

It's also time to expose the names and addresses of the people running these specious corporations like the "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT" and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES".  Don't take the heat for them any longer.  

Let the people know what has been going on and the people will take care of the problem.  Guaranteed. 


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Something really stinks about these two shootings.

This was forwarded to me by one of our readers. What you see is what you get. It sure raises lots of unanswered questions for me. Before It's News is not my favorite news site, but this is really making me angry about the mainstream media including Fox. Can anyone verify any of this?
Watch the videos on this page. Please comment.

Paul Stramer

Dayton Shooter Died in 2014! Panic Scrubbing of Web! We Caught Them!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 21:56 

Here’s the obituary on the “Dayton Shooter” – only problem is it’s from 2014!   And now the deep state just got caught with their pants down and is busy scrubbing all proof but we got them patriots!  We got the evidence before they could delete it all and now their deleting it PROVES it’s all real and this shooting stinks!    
 Send this story viral and tweet it to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell him NO NEW GUN CONTROL.  Red Flag laws are just another way of a deep state rat to LIE about you and then take your guns first and Trump should know this!   You don’t take guns first unless there is EVIDENCE not some mentally demonRat neighbor that hates you and wants to disarm you.
Our fake news, FBI, DOJ and police are all completely corrupt and Trump is falling for the gun control garbage every time.  Tell him we’re tired of the lies.  It’s time for Trump to get off his butt and fire Strozk and Wray and fire 5 levels deep in the DOJ and FBI and get patriots in there and prosecute somebody!    Nothing good is happening.  Qanon is a fraud because they told me to “Trust Sessions” who got fired for being a deep state cockroach!

Here’s the evidence – somebody got sloppy!   Make them pay for it patriots and tell everybody about this!  Why is the deep state taking down the funeral notices and obituaries if there is nothing here!    LIES!

Beto laughing about El Paso - psycho?

Meanwhile, here is footage of Beto O'Rourke unable to control his psychopathic laughter in the wake of the El Paso shooting, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Robby Parker, the father of a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting, who exhibited exactly the same behavior.

Found on Forbidden Knowledge TV here: