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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Something really stinks about these two shootings.

This was forwarded to me by one of our readers. What you see is what you get. It sure raises lots of unanswered questions for me. Before It's News is not my favorite news site, but this is really making me angry about the mainstream media including Fox. Can anyone verify any of this?
Watch the videos on this page. Please comment.

Paul Stramer

Dayton Shooter Died in 2014! Panic Scrubbing of Web! We Caught Them!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 21:56 

Here’s the obituary on the “Dayton Shooter” – only problem is it’s from 2014!   And now the deep state just got caught with their pants down and is busy scrubbing all proof but we got them patriots!  We got the evidence before they could delete it all and now their deleting it PROVES it’s all real and this shooting stinks!    
 Send this story viral and tweet it to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell him NO NEW GUN CONTROL.  Red Flag laws are just another way of a deep state rat to LIE about you and then take your guns first and Trump should know this!   You don’t take guns first unless there is EVIDENCE not some mentally demonRat neighbor that hates you and wants to disarm you.
Our fake news, FBI, DOJ and police are all completely corrupt and Trump is falling for the gun control garbage every time.  Tell him we’re tired of the lies.  It’s time for Trump to get off his butt and fire Strozk and Wray and fire 5 levels deep in the DOJ and FBI and get patriots in there and prosecute somebody!    Nothing good is happening.  Qanon is a fraud because they told me to “Trust Sessions” who got fired for being a deep state cockroach!

Here’s the evidence – somebody got sloppy!   Make them pay for it patriots and tell everybody about this!  Why is the deep state taking down the funeral notices and obituaries if there is nothing here!    LIES!


  1. I am now seeing the shooter identified as Connor Stephan Betts of Bellbrook Ohio, not the one above in this article, so once again confirming that Before It's News is pedaling a sensationalist narrative.
    Has anyone found any different?
    The videos are still worth watching on the website.

    1. It has been clear to me Paul for some time now that we've been, and are being lied to about most everything by the media and our corporate government. I urge you to watch and share the following link with your readers. We are being bombarded with more nonsense about the 50th anniversary of the alleged moon landings. The following video proves beyond a reasonable doubt that we simply did not go. Put on your critical thinking cap to digest this one, but again it is more proof of the deception occurring at every level.

    2. I could not believe Xer & Bohi saying agreeing that “Satan is their living god, come join us…they said”. NOW, you can see why there are differences, between the “Holy Astrology” and the Devil exoteric Astrology. Bohi not only promotes his eastern astrology with flaw, the Illuminati also use/d the same system for a long time.

      Under scientific or “Holy Astrology”, I see the Energies of the Living God in people every day, and Satan/Devil Energies in people everyday, before they arrive, and after. So the living God is alive and well, NOT natural god as Xer portrayed. Bohi called Xer as Christ, wow… I don’t believe what I’ve heard.

      For me, I don’t agree or disagree with the Bible totally, I strongly believe our Bibles are tampered, like our Legal and Financial systems.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am not lumping all Astrology sign together as evil, I am saying FIRST, GEO or Area is so Important. I only lump the people BORN in US, especially in the WA D.C. and NY regions.

      Why? Bc God and the Devil didn’t have any court of settlement, I believe they use human influx, to do good and bad. If more people doing good, then God gets more score, and the Devil will lose, in their battle and original dispute.

    3. Well lookie here.....
      the second-highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer has this to say:

    4. Got the NY POST today has same guy pictured looks about the same and also has a sister named Megan, No mention of middle name and has comments from his girl friend who he was supposedly dating for couples months, she commented on their first date he tried to impress her with his knowledge on mass-shootings???...Seems pretty sketchy like she's an agent making it all seem credible.
      Hope can see the total psy-op here 2 mass-shootings at same time and they are painting the shooters as being on opposite political sides of the spectrum, the psy-op is that it is not a single party political agenda but a total bi-partisan agenda now to get the guns under total control and they can paint the narrative any which way they want to and apply political pressure to either side.
      Trumps not gonna to protect anything they are going full bore now especially into vaccines and harder into gun control, red flagging mental disorders LOL everything now is being categorized as a mental disorder the Psychiatric manuals expand every year ??? Every returning Vet will be on the PTSD spectrum so no guns and every gun license/permit will require a psych evaluation eventually until America is a gun free zone, and why Texas saw some comments because you target the hot zones for gun rights, just like they have vital outbreaks and scares in areas that have loose vaccine requirements and religious exemptions. The only mass killers everyone needs to watch for are the ones in white coats carrying a stethoscope the #1 death dealers in the country the chemical death cult of MD's.

    5. Oo, thanks doonstr.

    6. "The only mass killers everyone needs to watch for are the ones in white coats carrying a stethoscope the #1 death dealers in the country the chemical death cult of MD's."

      I trust at least some will be all too happy to cooperate by giving their testimony of, perhaps, "forced compliance?"...plausibly, under threat?

  2. yep something stinks alright. Seems the use of deceased is part of their ops. Even both have a sister named Meghan. So now we're told the family of the '2014 deceased' has been harassed, which is wrong, as he may in truth have nothing to do with the use of his name.
    On the other hand, keeping aware, its most usual, common for jews to use their children, photos, names for psy ops, as exemplified w Sandy Crook, Anne Franks Diary, Parkland, etc.
    In Sandy Crook the same 'murdered children' appeared 2 months later, having risen from the dead, older than their younger photos, at New Orleans Super Bowl half time show. Now those children are college age & its said by an investigator, they're worried they'll be found out. Well, since jews control universities to such a large extent, am sure those children will be allowed haven.
    Am not at all whatsoever encouraging any bothering of the 2014 deceased family. Leave them alone. We can do this w/o bothering them.
    Whats important is that we recognize the extent to which psy-ops are pulled, availing ourselves of possibilities, rather than shutting it down.
    Much has been exposed in the El Paso op, as the father of the said White supremacist, in a video seated before a large Star of Ramphan/David & that Crusius is Sephardi jew according to research, not White. But of course its all blamed on jew-op White supremacy.

    1. "Seems the use of deceased is part of their ops."

      Eeeeeewwwww. Uuuugh. Ick. Dear God, what *ARE* these "things"?

      They're not people.

    2. Xerces believes satan is god????

      Xerces, do you mind?... Do you believe satan is god? (I never took your comments to say that). Thank you xerces!

    3. goodboots - they're humanoids, not like us. After all, they're claiming we're their chattle, so they slaughter a few, a hundred, thousands, millions, collect Corporate Owned Life Insurance Shekels & sleep well. And if its not enough shekels to their liking, just ask '911-Silverstein' to have a chat w the insurance company, he knows the ropes.

    4. Neither does the Corporation pretending to be "our government".

      They passed HR 3166 subsection2b in 1996 saying they can lie to their "Courts", their "Congress" and to us, the living people,...; and in 2003, repealed the Smith-Mundt Act that had made it illegal to propagandize us.

      I know I keep repeating these things, but they are a HUGE part of our proof of their fraud and of their *intentional* fraud against us.

    5. Winkwink, I'm not trying to be silly:
      Are they *born*?
      A humanoid is a: hybrid?

      Again, I'm not trying to be comical, I just really don't know what they are now.

      It had stuck with me that you said they are the carriers of 153? Genetic Diseases...
      I had heard things like that years ago, then got into the evangelical church where, as I've said before, "jews" are to be revered for some reason.

    6. This is mindboggling its so evil.

      I read "the.poisoners". (Could not even get on any of the other websites you shared.)

      omgosh, it reminded me of when I was really young.

      I couldn't figure it out... How I "knew" all this about "the jews"... I think it is from the fairy tales, like Grimms. I think it used to be known that these things were going on and by whom and the way to teach children to be careful of people they didn't know was through the fairy tales...
      Because I'm reading what you're writing and it all sounds very very familiar, from my earliest memories, but I know I was not *taught* it and it sounds exactly like what was in those fairy tales.

      Anyway, I know that I know this stuff that you are sharing winkwink, but its from long long ago.
      You bringing it up is kind of making me feel a little bit sick in a way. But its passing... Just a phase of the processing of such gruesome, horrid, vile people carrying out such unimaginable, soulless evil right in our midst.

      Oh, God, and pretending to be our superiors.

  3. Same modus operandi Sandy hook created out of whole cloth,Las Vegas the bodies brought in from funeral homes around the country . Crisis actor's email end same ones used previous Robby Williams , the FBI.agent at Sandy hook double dipping as daddy if supposed shot child.

    1. How do they think they can get away with it...!! Arrogant as hell...!! And buying into the LIE that is being presented as the truth....!!

      If people didn't put up with it they would never do it..!!

      But, unfortunately , do to early deaths and the Constitutions being widely misrepresented, anything is believeable now...!!

      Trump is showing his weakness or he is just going along for the ride....he has to many enemies to win a normal election. ..!!

      Back and forth it goes until a system is reached by all that will satisfy both genders and their derivative...!!!

    2. And another think is , why is the military the greatest force on earth....!!
      You know what a disadvantage it is to know that...!!
      They get anything they need or want and charge it to the people if they can....!!

    3. That father's name was Robby Parker.

  4. has a great story on this subject. I looked at the pictures. Anybody who thinks the 2014 dead guy is the same as the shooter is crazy .

  5. Its not the photo as the use of deceased, which is what they do. Sisters named Meghan. While HeadlinesWithAVoice chastises whats said to be harassment of the deceased family, its also quite likely jews are doing that too, to shut-it-down. So am not impressed w Headlines plea & accusatory attitude. thanks

  6. This site is also being sensored - I just posted lengthy comment and it disappeared???? Paul did it go to spam again?

    1. Yes I know, they won't let me post for 4-8 months, now they let me. Yes they're up to something NO-GOOD.

    2. Yehbut it's Paul's blog guys and he's responsible for it. He has to monitor it. He doesn't charge anyone. Hes paying for it and were using it for free.

      I'm just saying that in the same circumstances, i would *for sure* claim my right to limit the content to the topics i wanted to host!! Wouldn't you?

      Actually, he really doesn't have to publish anything. Or even offer the blog at all. He's generous and a great host so far as I've ever been witness to.

      Thank you Paul!!!!! for providing this forum for us!!:):)

    3. Shelby I found one of your comments in spam again and told it to post it. I don't know what is causing some of your comments to end up in spam. I have been gone from the office all morning and didn't put anything from you in spam myself.

  7. Thank you, there is always 2-sided story. So, never believe everything so quickly.

    Free Energy Scamming, by Mike Pompeo' sidekick, happening now;
    SCAMMING THE SAME PEOPLE THE UK-FR-USA.INC used to SCAM in the past 164 years ago:
    Assistant Secretary Fannon Travel to Vietnam and Thailand ...
    Jun 17, 2019 • Washington, DC – Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Francis R. Fannon will travel to Hanoi, Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand from June 14 – 21, 2019.
    Assistant Secretary Fannon Travel to Vietnam and Thailand ...
    Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Francis R. Fannon will travel to Hanoi, Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand from June 14 – 21, 2019. During his trip, Assistant Secretary Fannon will meet with government officials and private sector representatives to discuss energy security and regional cooperation on energy issues. His trip will also highlight Asia […]
    Oil Executive Francis R. Fannon to be Asst Secretary For ...
    Francis R. Fannon of Virginia, to be an Assistant Secretary of State (Energy Resources).
    Vietnam, US vow to deepen cooperation in energy security

    Vietnam and the US reiterated their commitments to deepening cooperation in energy security during their second energy security dialogue in Washington D.C on April 12. The Vietnamese and US delegations emphasized the centrality of energy security to sustained economic development in light of rising energy demands.

    Wind Energy or Solar are weak energies, including the Youtube Loopback Gen's scams. They break easily. The REAL Strong Free energy existed, but the inventor(s) won't give it to the Dp-State, until they return our Debts.

  8. They are keeping people from seeing what they really doing
    Texas is considered hostile territory
    Rex 84 and the gorbachev foundation
    Million foreign troops in military bases across the country being trained for the take over
    Bottom right of the article below
    Planned long ago and have been carrying out the plans in plain sight for decades

    Agenda 21 is to round everyone up in to FEMA regions for targeted and wholesale depopulation
    This is what 5G and or 6G is for - designed in I s r a e l
    I s r a e l

    In this video handy sook lines up with other things

    1. The planning

      Depopulation rate for 4 nations before 2023

      This book is relevant


      No accident people

      UN agenda 21 is a planned round everyone up into regions for mass genocide using 5G and or 6G

      The real culprits are up in Greenland (Antarctica) hiding out in heaven on earth and when they done killing off the masses in the underworld they will have the earth all to themselves
      As above in Greenland so below for the rest of the world
      They will own it all, have it all, resources and all

      Read this book

      I can tell you they working at break neck speed here in North Texas to relocate a shit load of people here

      The Lone Star state - hmmm

    2. Shelby - YES! Switzerland = jew state = Swiss Octogon = Pharisee jews = jew world order... for their top Pharisee jew bloodlines.

  9. Jim Stone has found the same thing. Go to "" or "".

  10. I do beleive WTC 7 was a controlled demolition.....but these theories on what happened this week are a little crazy if you ask me. Is the news controlled and corrupt? Yes but we are jumping to way too many conclusions here. I am not biased just want to see real evidence. Word-slippage by a TV news anchor does not mean deep state is running the entire operation. And yes 9/11 was an inside job/false flag event.

  11. I believe the stories are all coded, Sutherland Springs = SS
    All the news is controlled by the same organizations

  12. Empty seat number 666

  13. The disney bloodline

  14. From Marilyn.

    Paul, for some reason I am not able to post in this article so thought I’d write to you.

    I live 35 miles from El Paso & this entire narrative isn’t making sense. One witness came out & said she saw 3 or 4 men dressed in black come in the Walmart with guns & the our local news also reported multiple arrested??? I also saw there was an ad for ‘crisis actors’ in the Dayton Ohio paper, which seems to go hand in hand with many of these shootings. A doctor at the El Paso hospital also said on camera they had just had a drill recently to know what to do if there was a shooting? El Paso funeral homes are saying they will not charge anyone killed for the funerals of 22 people? The manifesto supposedly written by Patrick Crusius does not look like something a 21 year old would write. Robert David Steele says both are false flags, which does not mean no one was killed. My husband is retired law enforcement & we both feel like the El Paso shooting is a typical false flag. Q had posted to be vigilant on August 30 & we heard before it happened that there was going to be a shooting in El Paso. Very suspicious!


  15. More connections - Bank of America that used to be called Bank of Italy - connections to Disney, B’nai B’rith and ADL

    I'm not trying to smear anyone just putting information here so people can be informed

  16. I don't think it is coincidence either that we have a BB over in the middle east either
    Not his real name either

  17. FACT: Any news media source brought to you by corporate sponsorship is ENTERTAINMENT, they have no legal responsibility or contract with you or the general public to report actual Facts or the Truth...this is case Law decided in court regarding a FOX News lawsuit case! An independent news crew that was bringing the facts about Monsanto was censored by FOX News and manipulated to change the final program, they sued FOX News and lost. FOX or any other news source has Zero legal obligation to report the Truth.

  18. White privilege – the ability to suffer life’s universal indignities without blaming another ethnic group. Mike Rilling

  19. Anyone in california

  20. These are must reads
    Just one link from the list above
    You know the movies Rocky???
    Can you say Rockefeller

    Hell they even gave us a game and taught us how to accept that the bank would get it all
    The houses, the hotels, the utilities, the rail roads
    B & O Railroad - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm initials

  22. Shelby - the Bibi Nut-n-yahoo's real name Mileikowsky.
    Who and what is the real Bibi Netanyahu? - Veterans Today ...
    FINKS BAR Benjamin Netanyahu was meeting in at Finks bar in Jerusalem, a well-known Mossad watering-hole. Here is what he said as taken directly from the transcript of the recording which was witnessed and has been 100% fully authenticated:
    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”
    This is exactly what the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (KM) has been doing to America since it successfully infiltrated and hijacked America in 1913. Knowledge of what Bibi said on behalf of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (KM) should make us all furious and get motivated to drive these evil creatures out of America and take our great Republic back.

    Any assessment of who and what the real Bibi Netanyahu is must consider what he may have inherited from his Polish-born father Benzion who changed the family name from Mileikowsky to Netanyahu. Benzion Mileikowsky/Netanyahu was an historian and writer who always believed in a Greater Israel.

    "My opinion of Christian Zionists? They're scum, but don't tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now." ~ Bibi Netanyahu
    Bibi Nut-n-yahoo’s dad is a Khazar Hun AshkeNazi jew – Look at him! He has a brachycephalic skull, long ears, slit eyes & small stature – a friggin Khazar Hun AshkeNazi jew sociopath inbred.
    ~~ Anyone for jew-coddling? The jew is very pleased with its accomplishments.

  23. Betts: What a jew-con-job we're being fed. Dad Steven Betts> Altimaria > $375 Million from NSA> DARPA etc. Betts mom Moira Betts> Minethurn Tech> Asst Mngr at Bath & Bodyworks owned by Russian jew family Wexner born in "DAYTON OHIO" fancy that> tied to Victorias Secret > Epstein & more. JEWS ALL OVER IT. How many times must JEWS BE ALL OVER before we wake up?
    Times Are 8Chan-ging - IPOT Presents - 8.8.19
    Great vid info drop. thanks & stay sane

    1. Epstein is John Perkins
      Fancy that they just killed him off?
      And this Rusty Shackleford doing flybys over epstein island? Yea like they would allow drones in that air space?
      Guess who shackleford also plays - John McAfee the software dude who was out at sea because the CIA was after him
      Telling you people tell lie vision and all media is owned by the same groups, mainly ole disney who by the way played the role of hitler
      In this blog he basically states it's all the real live truman show and the sheep who have all been fattened up for slaughter all compliments of the nazi's who are playing jews
      Switzerland is their base