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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Dear Mr. Trump, You'd Better Move Now

By Anna Von Reitz

There are many reasons why continued delays are not in the public interest.  

First, the closer to the elections, the harder it is for you to make sense of it all for people. Many Americans are still asleep.   They may make the mistake of thinking that you and the Generals are at fault, especially given the ownership of the media conglomerates purporting to provide us with so-called news.  Instead of thanking you, they may react in fear and think that some kind of illegal takeover is happening. 

Yes, I know that is entirely ironic, but the point is that you have to have time to explain it and clear the air BEFORE the election cycle kicks in, in earnest. 

The alternatives --- to shut down the elections or convert the nature of the elections back to being public elections --- would have mammoth repercussions of their own.   If you shut down the corporate elections, you have foreign governments howling and causing trouble and accusing you of a military take over.  If you convert the elections without sufficient public education and time for people to declare their proper political status, you have a flawed election process. 

This is far from ideal timing in any respect, but continuing the status quo and leaving the rats in place and in power isn't an answer, either. 

The longer this investigation process goes on, the more time they have to stage False Flags and kill people for the sake of their agendas.  These are, after all, criminals that we are dealing with.  They do what criminals do.  Giving the investigators time also means giving the criminals time to commit more atrocities.  

Any vain hopes of carrying these investigations out to capture all the vermin involved are doomed from the start.  These evils took decades to develop and ultimately involve over two million people in the US alone;  no matter how much effort is applied, correction will not happen overnight.  The web will continue to expand and corrective action will take continued long term effort.  The most you can do is make a good start, focus public attention on the problem, and garner support sufficient to keep the effort rolling.  

Whatever firestorm of media malignancy your opponents can come up with, the facts will speak for themselves and putting the perpetrators in jail will make it considerably harder for them to cover up the facts and orchestrate distractions.  Round them up and let it all flow downhill.  

Dealing with the criminals will encourage not only your supporters-- it will encourage the whole world and bolster the economy, once the initial shock and uncertainty is set aside.  Put the rats in jail.  Show us that nobody is above the law.  Make the words have meaning again.  

The media has been under gag orders since the First World War and is even now having every story vetted by subcontractors of the Defense Department  and the British Reuters News Services and Associated Press.  This presents a monolithic threat both to our political process and the Freedom of Speech.  This has gone hand in hand with consolidation of media conglomerates.  You would be doing us all a favor to set aside the DOD/CIA censorship machinery and bust up the media monopolies, just like Reagan busted Ma Bell.  It's time. 

It's also time to expose the names and addresses of the people running these specious corporations like the "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT" and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES".  Don't take the heat for them any longer.  

Let the people know what has been going on and the people will take care of the problem.  Guaranteed. 


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  1. AGREE! Absolutely round them up now! What am seeing, with eyes open, right here on our streets, between our homes, childrens schools, etc is THE CAPITUALTION OF LOCAL LIFE as we've come to know it, diminished as it is.
    FURTHER, MR. TRUMP, if you don't do it, WE SHALL HOLD YOU THE LIVING MAN, ACCOUNTABLE, especially for the DEGREDATION OF WHITES including by your own CHABAD JEW DAUGHTER & CHABAD JEW HUSBAND for starters.
    WE SHALL NOT TOLERATE THIS MUCH LONGER. I see whats going on in our streets, neighborhoods. As well as MASSIVE NUMBERS OF IMMIGRANTS HAVING TAKEN OUR JOBS, as utility companies, municipal contractors, as per JEW AGENDA.
    YOUR DELAY KILLS. Got that, Mr. Trump?

    1. I am sorry to tell you but the immigrants do not take anybody's job, if you are not willing to do the work, there will always be someone who will.
      If you really want to work just get the job that is offered, if you do not want to work, just get the hell out the way and let the people who wants to do, and get to work.
      Just do not complain, JUST WORK!!!!!

    2. Your comment is from the mind of a child that has no idea what is happening and why.

    3. I think, on a certain level Bodhi, there is truth to what czarapolinario is conveying, or rather, the mind-set that is being alluded to.

      We probably all know of that particular person who, even in the best of economic conditions, never seems to be able to hold onto steady work, or conversely, know of that particular person who, in spite of the worst of economic conditions, always seems to be able to find work.

      Law of Mind, yes? If we believe our current external conditions to be the cause and not the effect, well then, that is how it shall come to be. Easier said than done however, but certainly attainable. Blessings.

    4. That's why we got the edjucation that we did - no thinkers only WORKERS
      The family behind the board of edjucation and public school system
      It's called slave labor they moving in their impoverished, non educated workers to tend to their estate which by the way they believe is the entire world
      The new communist core education
      And your new local fema region, human animal settlements planned for you

    5. - Beg your pardon as missed your comment. WE are self-employed. We create our own work. Am addressing the immigrants placed in & under the employment of contractors which have always been filled by locals. 5 Mexicans, none of whom spoke English, hired by utility company working electric lines around our properties. The utility company contracted w non-local contractors who hired them. How many layers are WE paying, all wages, insurances, benefits AND welfare as food stamps, housing, transportation etc? How much of our wealth remains here in our community? Very little, as its siphoned off, most of the wealth earned by immigrants goes back to their country to support their families as we pay for everything else.
      Now very poorly speaking Latinos are working on another energy utility out-sourced contracting jobs, again how many layers are paid? Going around neighborhoods seeing the workers, some are all immigrants w local overseers. More advanced work done by locals contracted by contractors hired by utility companies.
      How stupid do you think we are? If you think as you spout, then you know nothing about whats truly going on. Your ignorance is extremely harmful to all of us. Its your choice to educate yourself, take responsibility or don't. But... get the hell out of our way. Got that?

    6. Wink Wink I agree
      Dont complain just work as the commentor stated
      Well I have been working since I was 15 and am very intelligent and been in the information technology electronic data communications for 20 years and I cannot find work
      Why because they outsourcing all those jobs to H1B visa holders or plain shipping them in whole communities at a time to take our jobs
      That's the plan
      To be honest now that I know what I know about the data I was working with and what the were using it for and how they are using it, I actually helped get them to their data collection objectives
      To say just work shows how little people really see what is happening

  2. Imagine the truth from a Politician? Nope.

    If it could be that simple to just tell the truth.

    IT would be nice not to feel so alone if some of sleeping people would just start asking questions.

    Today, i spoke to an employee of the "JUSTICE OF THE PEACE COURT" here and she admitted it is a private business.

    We are still looking for this Guy named "You" who is the defendant! They are almost caught if people would just comprehend what they are reading that these Private businesses are sending in the Mail.

    The people are the biggest problem, they don't want to hear the truth, because really, it's hard to accept that they are running these scams.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware

    1. Annie, I like your observation. From year 1978-79 many things went wrong. Now, there is nothing good left,AFTER America Strength in Political and Professional Image/career. See below why:
      World History 1978- 1979

      Wal-mart Shootings:
      The actual spelling and Reversed pronunciation & meaning of Wal-mart is “Wart-mal(ice)”. In Asia people swap the first Character, and word position, to get the real meaning, of any dreams. Usually our dreams are opposite of what we see in life. This is very true, I verified my recent strange dream, I use a Scientific-Asto to verify what’s happening. Then I get a matched pair of meanings. The dreams warn us.

      Only westerners mistranslate the dreams literally, erroneously, sorry. Ie. a dream of snake, means you’ll be involved with handsome money.
      Now translate the reversed meaning of Wal-mart, as in “Wart-mal(ice)”, by a Scientific Astrological tools.
      THINGS Started to go wrong for America, genetically (irreversibly, unless you force the change for America future):

      From (1902–1907), to NOW and forward: – 1-notch of Disrespect, for one another in America, to/from foreign countries as well House #7 Down. Meaning, America is being mean to others, and/or others being mean to America.

      1911, to NOW and forward: - 2-notches of Military, Banking secrecies, started to conspire on America (by foreign powers, sympathizers).
      1978, to NOW and forward: - Politically and professionally, America’s Pluto, power going down. It is either mischaracterized, not as strong as in the past. 5-extra notches of Military, Banking down. The world started to hate America increasingly.

      She’s down, to year 2148 if you/we do nothing, to rescue America. She is being used, and profited by corrupt power, at her and the world’s expenses.

  3. Not that this will be new info, but concerning the media consolidation, a good breakdown and visual representation:

    The illusion of choice:


  4. This is what I have been wanting to hear not TDA' with the devil.when have been at war in the courts and loosing badly because nothing matters once you waiver your rights to trial by jury.judges are ultra corrupt
    And we win in suburbs the win in big cities.

    1. I just lost another comment.

      ..they are just being disappeared as I'm typing them.

    2. I was saying I think there are GOOD GUYS IN WHITE HATS way, way above what we will ever know about... That the "players" were looking at don't have much to do with what is actually going on.

      That this has been planned out over decades, the good guys figuring out how to do the take down without turning every nation into present-day Venezuela.

      I don't think DJT is making the decisions. I doubt that he or anyone else actually knows what they will be told next either, probably partly to keep them safe.

      I do not "follow *Q*".

      I do not think it is anyone we see... Or will ever see.
      I suspect that there are maybe just a relative few
      Honorable, Brave, Super Smart, Principled men who are just letting other people take the glory for what they are doing and they will go to their graves with the secret of what they have done for all of us just between themselves and creator.
      They don't need to be seen to do what they are doing or be recognized... They are doing it because it is right. That is what keeps them strong. Just like some of us.

      Go ahead and laugh at me!!! Roll your eyes :):). Call me a sleeping sheeple. I don't care!!! :):):):):)

      I want to publicly put it on the line that I know everybody ISN'T bad and that there are more good people than bad and that I believe we are being allowed to see what was *PLANNED* for us, so we wake up and never let it happen again.

      And the GOOD GUYS IN WHITE HATS aren't from another planet or solar system either. They may just be the man living down the street from one of us.

      If I'm wrong, I don't care!!:):)

    3. goodboots
      if you hit the "insert" key it can cause your words to dissapear.
      Just hit it again...happens on accident sometimes

    4. I'll try that next time it happens, doostr.

    5. I looked.

      Oo, creepy.

      Our, the original USofA, uninc. flag is actually the Betsy Ross flag, isn't it?

      Anyone out there know for sure? Im pretty sure, but would like confirmation from someone who actually knows.

    6. Goodboots, You are not wrong! Though, I do know that more benevolent beings are involved than the human know of.

  5. I cannot stress enough that people in california and everywhere needs to take heed
    UN Map
    See the article below

    1. Look at the flags behind their pictures

  6. The enormity of the child trafficking, by Private Membership Associations, Moot Courts, acting lawlessly, under the Color of Law, in their public offices, at war with peaceful law abiding people, is genicide.

    The kidnapping, drugging, raping, and murdering of our children at every turn, by way of absolute ludicrous, De facto allegations, and criminality, by those who claim to offer services to the people, services the people object to, and never voted for, is a Disgrace to our Country, and to our Humanity.

    Where is the Justice, the People, and their innocent children, were promised, and are owed?

  7. Replies
    1. Diana, I sense that how you have just "labeled" the allegations as DE FACTO ALLEGATIONS will soon become very important.

      I just jumped over to look up the dictionary definition of de facto and Wikipedia came up, ugh.
      I looked anyway, and it was, surprisingly, a really good definition imo, so here it is, almost verbatim:

      A [govt/other/whatever] where:
      • All the attributes of SOVEREIGNTY
      • have, by USURPATION
      • been TRANSFERRED!!!!
      • from those who had/[have] been *LAWFULLY* INVESTED with them
      • TO OTHERS, who,
      • *ABOVE. THE. FORMS. OF. LAW.*
      • *CLAIM* to act
      • and *DO* act
      • *IN. THEIR. STEAD.*

      Well just pick me up off the floor, 'cause that is *exactly* what these freeloading, vagrant, roving, dam shekel-shaking GRIFTERS have been shoving down our throats.

      This is their whole schmeer:
      de facto government, de facto authority, de facto claims, and now for the ever-lovin' love of Pete, DE FACTO DAM ALLEGATIONS.

      If that isn't the living end I don't know what the hell ever would be.


      Oh my GOSH it is truly sinking into my poor flouridated, mercurized, 5G'd, smartmetered, glycophsated, wifi'd, indoctrinated, vaccinated living gray brain tissue the enormity of the intentional, contrived, plotted out, evil-slobbering, brain-damaged, shaking-my-head-in-disbelief horror show that these "things" put on every DAMNED (John 3:18) day of their worthless, dark, crooked, soulless lives.

      Is there NOTHING these filthbags don't pervert?

  8. And, I apologize to the true Hebrew people that they get lumped in with these IMPOSTERS who have apparently taken on the cultural and national and probably private "id-entities" of the Hebrew people in much the same, or the same, way that the American peoples' heritage and life and recognition have been so violently AND mercilessly ripped from us without conscience.

  9. Continuing on in the same vain is simply doing more harm than good.

  10. I found this video and thought it spot on and this guy made this video 2014