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Monday, April 15, 2024

International Public Notice: Reposting For the Military Lab Rats

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's no secret that the Evil Ones experiment on you and risk your health, and think that that is their right to do, while you are "in service" --- meaning, indentured servitude. 

After all, you have a time slot wherein you are obligated to serve called a Tour of Duty, and during that time, you have no Constitutional Guarantees or protections at all.  

But they never tell you that, do they? 

(You won't have any protections afterward, either, if you don't write to your branch commander telling them that you have returned "home" to your original birthright political status once you have your DD214.)

During that time, your Tour of Duty,  you are considered to be owned as property by your Masters and whatever they want you to do is what you have to do --- or die trying.

If they want to open your veins and contaminate your blood with experimental drugs and foreign untested biological materials, they think they have the right to order you to do it to yourself.  

Are you going to tell them that the right to experiment on you didn't come with your employment contract?  

The initial reports have come out about Excess Deaths and Disease Incidence in the American Military thanks to being subourned to take the experimental Covid shots. 

Brief Analysis of DMED Data (2021): Excess Symptoms in U.S Military Personnel Since Rollout of Covid Shots

Almost 40% have suffered neurological injuries, and 5% have been taken out with cancer or cardiac issues

Cancer ~ Excess = 74,000

Nervous ~ Excess = 780,000

Cardiovascular ~Excess = 87,943

Infertility and Reproductive Dysfunction ~Excess =12,124


Excess cancer alone affected 3.5% of the entire military population

Excess diseases of the nervous system affected 37% of the entire military population

Excess cardiac and blood disorders affected 4.1% of the entire military population

It is conservative to say that 5% of the entire military force has just been taken out by cancer and cardiac alone.

Up to 30+% have been weakened by nervous system diseases – the majority of which involve destruction of the myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers

- Craig Paardekooper

Source: hchildcovidvaccineinjuriesuk

Three-quarters of a million military service members are suffering from the degradation of the myelin sheath surrounding their nerve fibers.  That's an "excess" number.

They were, in effect, used as Lab Rats and damaged by their own excuse for a government; they will most likely live the rest of their shortened and miserable lives in horrendous pain.  

That happened on Mr. Trump's watch.  Right under his big, beaky nose and with his approval.  And it continued under Biden, too.  

They are both guilty as sin and deserve to be hung as traitors for this.  And if they were misinformed and ill-advised, as some people believe, then the men and women who lied to the politicians need to be strung up, instead.

Someone needs to pay for this.  Big time. 

Remember how the U.S. Congress gave the pharmaceutical companies carte blanche to produce "vaccines" and suffer no accountability for what went into those vaccines?  

What you might not remember is that the U.S. Congress accepted the liability for those big pharmaceutical companies.  Congress, Inc., is on the hook for it, and since they opted to descend to the level of an incorporated entity, you can sue not only the Congress, Incorporated, you can sue each and every one of their Officers.  

They have no state immunity.  They have no public oath and no public bond.  They are just shills in suits, operating two foreign, for-profit corporations in the business of providing "essential government services". 

That doesn't include messing with your health or any other aspect of your private life. 

Imagine a town of almost 75,000 people stricken with "excess" cancers?   

These numbers boggle the brain, and this is just the members of the military betrayed by these buffoons. 

It doesn't count the civilian losses. 

I just sent a letter to Ben Fulford, and I am hoping for an answer.  It basically asks: 

How is it possible that the whole world is being held hostage and abused by a handful of Old White Men? 

Given the known scope and immensity of their crimes --- IF there are really any Dragon Societies or organized White Hats out there --- why are people like Klaus Schwab and the Rothschild bankers and Justin Trudeau still walking around? 

Why aren't they simply gone? 

The Sicilian Mafia, all by itself, could do a far better job cleaning up this mess, than the entirety of our police, military, and security apparatus.  And faster, too. 

Why aren't all the law enforcement and peacekeeping forces, all the worthless "intelligence agencies" doing the job that the General Public pays for? 

At the very least, they all deserve to be fired and off our payroll, not eligible for rehire. 

Why haven't all the top CEOs of all these pharmaceutical companies and the members of the U.S. Congress responsible for this, been arrested, tried, and hung? 

This is what is called for.  This is what the Public Law requires.  

The members of these "Congresses" went into business for themselves, acted in Breach of Trust, and in violation of their Service Contracts. They have no Oaths of Public Office.  No Public Bonds.  They've committed Crimes of State, here and all over the world. 

What more are the "Good Guys" waiting for? A blessing from Father Christmas

Why aren't the managers of the SEC and DTTC who are in receipt of "securities" representing "deposits" of impersonated living flesh (inflicting both peonage and slavery on the American people) in a dungeon somewhere, awaiting execution?  

Both peonage and slavery have been outlawed worldwide since 1926.  Why in the name of God are we still dealing with these crimes against humanity and those promoting it? 

Why hasn't SERCO been taken out?  They and the phony Federal Reserve and JPMorgan and Chase Bank are the ones paying for all these "services". 

I certainly didn't authorize it.  

None of the actual owners of the actual assets on deposit with any of the central banks authorized any of this, and we didn't authorize any federal subcontractors to impersonate us or commit crimes against us, either. 

We have a million service members who are now the Walking Dead. 

It's the borders of the District of Columbia that need to be erased.  Not the borders of Texas. 

It's the District of Columbia that's the Rogue State festering in America, a Rogue State in league with the similarly criminal Government of Westminster. 

It's the Brits, again, still and always.  

British elitism.  British Caste System.  British Raj replicated like a disease.  British lies.  British meddling.  British divide and conquer schemes. British control of the media.  British eugenists. British guile and deceit.  British propaganda.  

So, let's get down to it and finish what should have been finished a long time ago.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 15th 2024


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This Time of Year

 By Anna Von Reitz

Sunday afternoon, April sunshine; for now the light so pale and clear, catches the reflection of mud puddles and rivulets, and the pale and equally transparent sky.  Birds have begun to reappear like the budded branches of the trees. 

Those newly arrived avians sit hunched up against the petty chill, like northbound Floridians taking an early trip home to see the Grandkids, mostly quiet, while those who saw the worst of the winter here twirl and chirp and wheel like acrobats in the air, dizzy with the sudden warmth and light. 

Pussy willows, clad in grey-white fur, poke their toes out into the world, tempted by the sunshine.  

Everywhere you look, there's mud.  Mud where mud should be, and where it shouldn't, on dog paws, and in window boxes, in the shadow of trees, on my front doorstep.  

For a moment anyway, I give up the constant battle.

Just take a deep breath of the cool air and breathe. 

If we are just patient for a moment, we will know what all went on, which tulip bulbs were eaten by shrews, where Tom Young, the Weasel, Esquire, spent the winter, how many bunnies have been hiding in the old wood pile, which perennials are stirring to life, and which succumbed to the snowiest winter on record. 

Thank God for the old brown and reddish brown Wellies, rubber boots the way rubber boots should be, made for long, slow steps on soft ground. They are just right to find one's way out into the woods, to look for the earliest early blooms and mushrooms, and find me a seat on a sturdy windfall, looking down at the greening moss and tiny, stubborn Twin Flowers between my feet. 

A single, fat, and enterprising Robin is staring at me, giving me a round eye without a wink; he's laying odds on whether or not there will be more snow this spring.  Not a blizzard, more like a "snow shower", I reply, on my internal telepathy channel. 

The robin won't bet against me and gives a flutter.  

Most of the country is still brown and tattered as the last days of November, dry grasses bent over, some plastered flat even after the ice is gone. 

Alone, with no guarantees, some brave seeds and roots are beginning to sprout. 

My eyes hungrily search for and find the faintest bits of green. I find some pointed shards of life in the heart of a chives plant that self-seeded in the margin of my driveway, and a chunk of black woody chaga mushroom on a birch tree.  

It's a bit early for foraging, but a month from now (I mark the spot) when the surface water has sunk away into the earth, there will be mushrooms galore, and every kind of herb.  

By then, there will be miniature dogwoods by the millions carpeting the forest floor with white, four-petaled flowers, each bearing their own stigmata.  

The birch sap is running now, like the clear rivulets of snow melt trickling and laughing in the buoyant air, seeming to say, what Fools these mortals be, that look and do not see....the miracles unfolding.   

Thirty years ago, I planted chives and rhubarb, Jacob's Ladder, rugosa roses, and by some miracle, they are all still here with me. 

It's all so glorious, it's almost painful. 

My neighbor has hauled out his cast iron barbeque grill. The wood briquettes are like incense in the air, whiffs of faint blue smoke drifting through the bare-limbed trees.

There was a time, this time of year, when we licked the sweet sap from our fingers and thought of God; a time when we remembered those we'd lost the prior year, and healed our wounds by firelight.  

It wasn't so long ago.  

I stood alone in the rocky field behind my house, surrounded by the dry skeletons of yarrow left over from last summer, just as the stars came out. A crisp wind came with the sunset and I huddled down deeper in my warm jacket, peering out into the half-light like an old tortoise. 

How did I come to be here, I wondered, across all the eons of time and space, to this one solitary moment, this one place, all by myself?  

I was just turning toward home when another neighbor loomed up in the dusk, a monstrous shadow like a bear in Carhart's overalls.  

"Brought you some eggs," he said, "just laid this morning." 

He is a newcomer to the country, a mechanic from town, returning to the Old Ways, nurturing his first flock of hens. I smiled. 

We strolled companionably enough back to the house, talking about the things neighbors talk about, the weather, the price of gasoline, his wife's new sewing machine, his gout. 

Of course, respecting the Code of the West, I hadn't asked him what drove him to come find me.

I rustled around and found a jar full of tart cherry juice leftover from my husband's most recent flare up, then rustled around some more for my supplies of Gout Tea, packed it up in a brown paper sack and gave it to him, as a gift in return. 

Centuries seemed to roll away.  

This is the way it always was, and the way it still should be, a simple matter of neighbors helping neighbors, sharing the sunshine, the stars, and the grief. Sometimes a box of fresh eggs. 

Still thoughtful and caught in the web of timelessness, I watched as he limped down the driveway and across the road, disappearing into the trees.  It was nearly dark. 

The winter, with its silence and its blanket of snow, is gone. Another season has come. 

The footpaths of the neighborhood will be bare once more, and well-worn, full of jostling kids with bicycles and backpacks, middle-aged men suffering from gout, probably a donkey or two, and a Saint Bernard, if past experience is any guide. 

All the while, hour by hour, the relentless spring returns this time of year; I shall welcome it as long as I am able, and become part of it, when I am not. The Big Dipper will find its way to the edge of the sky, and a cold wind will blow just after sunset, scattering the yarrow seeds upon the wet ground. 


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International Public Notice: The Brits, Again.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last week, in passing, we told you that MI6 paid for Hamas to stage the October 2023 attack, in order to provide Israel an excuse to attack Gaza. 

This knowledge is so commonplace that a Great-Grandma in Big Lake, Alaska, knows. 

How ridiculous is it, then, for anyone to claim that this is "secret" in any sense of the word? 

We, all people, suffer continuously, because of these British rats constantly stirring the pot and profiteering from war.  They are pirates and far from deserving respect and trust, they all deserve constant observation and exposure, so that they cannot continue to pull these atrocities and get away with it.  

Unfortunately, when we refer to "the Brits" being at the bottom of every dogpile, which they are, it is not always so easy to discern their presence because they hide behind every storefront and corporate name they can dream up.  

As you will note, even such an apparently "American" brand name as Caterpillar, the heavy equipment manufacturer making billions destroying and rebuilding things in the Middle East, is in fact owned by a British Special Forces Operative.  And they, as a company, are up to their necks in illegal and immoral political, social, economic, and military manipulation whether they make good Frontend Loaders or not. 

Sometimes you have to dig to find the Brit in the woodpile, but they are always there, and it is this fact and the fact that they are profiting from these venal activities, taken together, that establishes reasonable proof that they are "the" source of the problem. 

After you have investigated a couple thousand debacles and they all have a Brit at the bottom of them, and while you continue to repeat this finding every week for years on end, it does not require us to test our "theory" beyond the point of reason.  

In science, theories become accepted based on their predictive ability, the consistency and repeatable nature of their experimental findings, and the ability of the theory to explain all the observable facts. 

Well, here you go, folks, 10 for 10.  

"The" problem in this world, "the" source of all the war-mongering, profiteering, corruption, and nastiness that have plagued the entire planet for the past 300 years, can be traced back to the British Commercial Fleets and their pals working for the Admiralty -- the British, and later, U.S. Navies.  

This is where the OSS came from and ultimately where all the spy organizations come from.  

These intelligence organizations --- provided with ample funds for payola and greasing of wheels --- are the spearheads that are used to do all the Dirty Work that the British Parliament and the Privy Council sets up and legislates. 

We can go all the way back to before The War of Independence and show the pattern: the British Government uses the British Merchant Fleet and/or the Navy and/or the Secret Service and/or the Bar Associations and/or the "Uniformed Officers" --- conscripted and licensed Medical Doctors --- to implement their predatory actions.  

They appear to breed war the way other people breed dogs, simply for fun and profit.  Not because of any high-minded moral cause or even any great political advantage -- but rather, simply for the joys of inland piracy. 

Let's talk about Prince Philip's War all the way to the infamous Pandemic and what is presently happening in Gaza with the full realization that the Agents of the British Caste System and British Crown are the ones who have been at the bottom of every single action. 

Every single one.  

This is not an accident, people. 

This is not a mistake, a fluke, a statistical aberration, or any kind of ax being ground --- this is the simple and utterly monotonous truth.  

Britain is a Rogue State, and it has used its Territorial Adjuncts operating out of the District of Columbia, "the U.S.A. Inc." and "the US, INC."  in Gross Breach of Trust to latch onto and criminally misdirect  Americans and American assets to wage wars for profit for over a hundred years. 

Nice suits and starched shirts and sexy fatigues notwithstanding, most of the men in the British Secret Service are intelligent scum, cynics with the moral sense of weasels. The same can be said for the whole family of brand names --- CIA, DIA, ONI, FBI, DHS, and so on.  

If you want peace on earth, there is only one way to do it. Nip war at its source.  Make it impossible for Britain and its "Territorial Adjuncts"  to escape attention. Watch them like a hawk on a mouse. And call them out. 

Expose them for what they have done and what they are doing, so that everyone gets a good, firm, exact picture of who the Bad Guys really are.  

Watch this and know that this story is about our daughter, an American hero and martyr of great moral courage, who was murdered and mocked by the Israeli savages on MI6's payroll: 

As the carnage in the Mideast increases, know that it is all being done at the behest of Westminster, all being engineered and bankrolled by the Lords of the Admiralty and the Bank of England, and manipulated into existence by the so-called "intelligence agencies".

And as the Israeli people suffer, as they surely will, remember that it's their own government that did this to them --- under the direction of MI6.  

We repeat -- Britain is a Rogue State and it has been a seriously Rogue State since at least the 1840's, with some strong indications that it went off-track as early as 1702.  Realize this.  Know it. Take it in. Evaluate the data.  Track it back to its roots.  

The rot and violence doesn't come from the Americans; it comes from the Brits strong-arming and influencing and controlling the Americans, other members of NATO, and the Central Banks.  

All anyone has to do is start crunching the evidence that the British started every debacle from The War of the Spanish Succession onward -- and profited from doing so.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 14th 2024


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They Have Abandoned Ship

 By Anna Von Reitz

This past week, just after the Great Eclipse, and unidentifiable "anomaly" the size of Texas appeared at the northern fringe of Antarctic Islands between Antarctica and Southwestern Africa.  The seismic and weather monitor net predicted 80' waves incoming, but nobody has been able to confirm tsunami-like waves in the region.  

Instead, the phenomena's wake has simply continued to spread, as predicted, into the North Atlantic, and people have been scratching their heads wondering what kind of a "storm surge" this is. 

And what kind of anomaly has caused it? 

It's simple enough.  After 32,000 years, the refugees from Mars have abandoned (our) ship, and good riddance. 

Those of you who were watching know that I recently demanded that they leave. Posthaste. 

These unwelcome houseguests had plenty of time to find a new home for themselves, but elected to not only cause trouble for us, but to drag their steps long after their planned departure date, and even had the brass cajones to pretend that this was their planet after destroying their own.  

Our planet has suffered an unpleasant energy drain because of this departure and the extreme amount of energy it took to physically displace something the size of Texas into hyperspace; nonetheless, we can soon recover from that.  

Just take good care of yourselves, rest, eat right, drink plenty of (hopefully) clean water, and in a couple weeks things will be humming along and will be --energetically-- better than you have ever experienced in your lifetimes. 

At the same time, several other aspects of life will begin to self-correct.  Oxygen levels which have long been artificially suppressed will begin to rebound, along with improvements for all oxygen dependent forms of life.  

This will allow you to breathe easier and experience increased physical energy and clarity of your thoughts. 

The effects of subtle hypoxia -- caused by diminished atmospheric oxygen -- will fade away, and many who have suffered from respiratory ailments will get relief. 

The Carbon Cycle will also move back into relative sync, with the increases in atmospheric oxygen buffering the build up of atmospheric carbon dioxide and its natural sequestration process. 

In part because of this change, and the modulation of the existing EMF grid on the planet, you will feel more "solid" and better than you have in a long time. Many diseases will simply disappear as a result of the relief of oxidative stress and people worldwide will experience a sense of well-being and balance as the Earth's electromagnetic grid relaxes into its natural balance. 

Like the conventional electrical grid, the whole 5G craziness will be gradually dismantled, and our airwaves will no longer be choked with foreign commercial traffic and no longer causing harm to living organisms.  

Mammoth water restoration and development projects replacing dams and forming other kinds of control structures will be put in place, so that the miracle of water is appreciated and used with respect and care as it should be. 

Most importantly, people will be set free to think their own thoughts, make their own decisions, and choose what is in their own hearts. 

The new energies arising on our planet are benevolent and practical and wise; we will no longer have to shadowbox through our lives in the dark and struggle to discern our way through layers of illusion. 

What is true, will be honored.  What is false, will be set aside. 

I am happy and grateful and deeply pleased to bid farewell to the Kali Yuga and the Age of Pisces and the Saturnine Brotherhood and so much more that has been an evil influence on the Earth. 

Also pleased to see all their evil plans coming to not only a halt, but to a well-conceived repurposing, so that instead of bearing fruits of destruction, their proverbial manure pile will be used to grow roses and yields of abundance. 

We were the victims of our own virtues; now we have learned the more subtle lessons, and truly gained the perspective to not be beguiled or flattered by our own generosity, nor allow ourselves to be used by those intent on exploiting our virtue to their own ends. 

Much water has gone under the bridge in the last 32,000 years; much lost and much gained, but in the end, we have emerged ready to live and thrive and be -- each one of us, set free. 


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Nothing for Something

 By Anna Von Reitz

This past week, a mild-mannered Physicist, long-tenured at the University of Edinburgh, died at the age of 94.  His name was Peter Higgs, a man who asked the fundamental question -- how is it that some subatomic particles have mass? 

What is mass? 

How do we acquire it, so as to create the physical Universe out of invisible nothingness? 

By asking this question, he was inexorably drawn to a number of theoretical positions amounting to apostasy in the world of modern Physics, a rejection of the Theory of Special Relativity and its constraints, and a prediction that dumped us all back into the semi-superstitious "Aether Theory of the Eighteenth Century, which had been a theory abandoned for lack of evidence --- and not for any good proof against it. 

Thinking people, and especially mathematicians, have long decried Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity as obvious bunk. 

(I, myself, outraged my college Physics Professor by providing a three-line mathematical proof demonstrating that Special Relativity is and always was bunk; I also remember the social and academic fall-out with a cringe--- and feel a faint glow of vindication almost fifty years later.) 

Now, rather than admit that the Aether Theory was correct, the academic community has relabeled the "Aether" as the "Field".  

I suppose they all hope that nobody will notice that (a) political posturing and kow-towing to Einstein prevented meaningful progress in physics for over 100 years, and (b) the ridiculousness of The Theory of Special Relativity was obvious the whole time. 

I digress into the contemplation of a separate subject -- the immense and obvious incompetence, dishonesty, complacency, and politicization of science -- and academia in general, out of necessity. 

Just as the discovery of the Higgs Boson puts an end to The Special Theory of Relativity and just as renaming the "Aether" as the "Field" showcases the hypocrisy of the Academic Community from here to Capetown, these are not the only examples of the same "Negative Forces" of close-minded, self-interested, and ultimately self-defeating refusal to face facts coming home to roost. 

James Clerk Maxwell's Unfinished Equations rate right up there with The Special Theory of Relativity.  

Maxwell's equations and theorems have formed the basis of Electrical Engineering for the past century and a half, with nary a comment on the fact that he stopped, conveniently, in mid-stream, and never finished the job.  

It took Tom Bearden to stand up and say, well, wait a minute.... 

It's obvious in retrospect that Clerk Maxwell was being paid by the same Captains of Industry who are benefited by the ratty, unsightly, wasteful, expensive, insecure electrical grid we still live with today

The men benefiting from the Electrical Grid didn't want the equations finished, and so, they weren't. 

If Clerk Maxwell had proceeded with the next bits, it would have become obvious that Zero Point Energy exists, and that the Electrical Grid is unnecessary. 

We have all paid the consequences in ignorance, pollution, expense, and lack of progress ever since.

Such petty, self-interested "failures to engage" litter the scientific and industrial and especially, the medical science landscape, like the carcasses of abandoned cars at a junkyard. 

The "generalization" of mathematics via the use of the so-called "Identity Principle" which nobody has ever been able to justify, has similarly reduced us to an endless process of approximating everything instead of dealing in exact measures. 

It's like someone decided to introduce a totally irrational and unnecessary Fudge Factor into mathematics, for unknown reasons, and we all just followed along like ducklings (to our detriment and constant frustration) and never even questioned, "Why?". 

Well, just because it is.....and you'd better do it this way if you want the right answer on the test, even though it is the wrong answer in actuality.... 

Witness the lectures by Terrence Howard on the subject of 1 X 1 = ___. 

I invite everyone reading this to feel stupid enough to entertain taboo theories for the rest of your lives. 

Peter Higgs suffered; Tom Bearden suffered; no doubt, if we are not vigilant and outraged, the same lazy, sanctimonious, bought-and-paid-for Goblins of Academe will make Terrence Howard pay, and yet, it is always, predictably, the Tin Hats who are the heroes and saviors, the Prometheans bringing light into scientific, mathematical, and cultural darkness. 

These same Goblins will push through "Climate Change" as a Narrative and use fake science to cloak the real objective, which is two-fold: (1) blame innocent parties for the pollution caused by the Captains of Industry dumping noxious industrial process by-products and manmade chemicals into the environment, while at the same time, (2) form the justification for an entirely new system of taxation of the victims. 

If they have their way, we won't be able to fart without paying a tax, but the Aluminum Manufacturers will continue to make a tidy sum selling a noxious industrial by-product (and poison) -- Fluoride, as an additive to our drinking water. 

When you stand back far enough and squint, you can see that political and scientific corruption go hand-in-hand like peas and carrots; indeed, it's impossible to discern which comes first --- the subversion of the government or the subversion of science and honest scientific inquiry. 

Both evils have so far infested our world that together they endeavor to control our minds and our pocketbooks with equal force; they have gone so far as to secretly inject people with self-assembling nano-transmitters that allow these Vermin to insert "False Thoughts" into our minds, and if need be, to shut our bodies down like so many Ever-Ready Bunnies tipped over on our sides.  

In case you haven't noticed their tests of these kinds of weapons, notice all the reports of "mysterious" bird and marine die-offs, in which flocks of birds fall dead from the sky and schools of fish and turtles and marine mammals wash ashore for no apparent reason. 

And if you stand just a little further back and squint a little harder, you will see that all this evil and deceit is about two things, and two things only -- coercive power over others, and money. 

Once you have followed me down this rabbit track and into the warren this far, it's a no-brainer to imagine this: 

A big, brown rat is in a maze in a laboratory; you, from your perspective and height, can see the rat standing in front of a simple device that feeds him a kernel of corn every time he steps on a lever.  

That's you and me, friends.  We have been conditioned just like the rat, only what we have been conditioned to do, is to step on a lever and receive a dollar bill or a bit of social approval.   

Please observe that the kernel of corn has more intrinsic value than either a dollar bill or the ignorant approval of our peers. 

Yes, we are dumber than a rat in a maze.  And so are our social, political, and scientific institutions.  

We are rendered idiots not by Nature, but by Behaviorist Conditioning, delivered by televisions and schools and drill sergeants--- all of which reward us when we accept the narrative of whatever drivel they are "selling" today, and punishes us when we don't. 

The Vermin benefiting from this evil have glutted themselves until they have gone mad, until their lust for power and their greed have no boundaries at all. 

Those who created the State of Israel are now inconvenienced by it; it's an embarrassment and expense; so they have collaborated to destroy it. 

They no longer need oil from the Middle East, so it's just a pesky expensive nuisance to maintain Israel as a ground base there.  They never believed the Bible, so there is no "relevance" to maintaining Israel for any cultural or religious reasons.  

After decades of letting Israel run wild in the region and watching it become drunk with power, watching it abuse the "ersatz" Palestinian population in exactly the same way that Jews were abused in Poland, complete with ghettos --- the Infant Terrible is waking up to the fact that nearly all its neighbors hate its guts for good reasons, and Big Billy Goat Gruff is an illusion.  

The majority of the Arab nations are ready to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and quote, "finish the job the Nazis started" --- and the Nazis running Europe and DC are not overall inclined to come save them. 

If the Vermin responsible for all this can draw "the US"---Inc., into a war in the Middle East (again) it's just as well to get rid of it, too, by pitting it against the insurmountable numerical and technological superiority of Russia, China, and Iran, combined.  

These same characters, the British-affiliated Neo-Nazis, have been busy funneling all the good stuff from DARPA to China, and from China to Russia; and Iran, an ally of Russia and through Russia an ally of China --- it must be noted, is not a scientific slouch.  

Unlike us, they haven't been impeded by the omissions, politicizations, and self-interested "science" afflicting the western world.  

All of this is like a Grand Finale to a stage show, taking down the curtain on a vaudeville act: "Western Civilization, a Comedy of Errors in Three Acts".

The Vermin have pooped their poop on the western world like Californians leaving California, and now, they are on their way to China --- where they will start their own parasitic process all over again, using a new host for their profit and protection. 

Was anyone watching when NATO tagged Germany to occupy Lithuania?  Yes, Germany was "invited" to occupy another sovereign nation and the German Government, rightly, responded with -- "Is this a trick?"  

The Germans insisted on wet-ink signatures, piles of paper, and bloody thumbprints before they agreed to do it.  

Nobody in Lithuania was asked about it, either way. 

Just as Israel took the bait, bombed the Iranian Embassy in Iraq, and expected Big Brother to stand good for it, the Germans are suspicious of NATO giving them permission to invade Lithuania. 

Who, after all, gave NATO God's right over Lithuania?  Is this not an Act of War? 

Perhaps the Perps think that they can clog the arteries of the internet and gag the western press so effectively, that they can convince people that this is "more German aggression" instead of more gross overreach by NATO?  

Who knows?  

What we do know is that we have been fools, and that we have been deliberately conditioned to be fools, that we have suffered "behavior modification" just like Pavlov's dog, not in the service of humanity, and not in the service of science or advancement of any kind, but in the service of greedy banks and corporate interests that have no moral compass at all, and which make most of their money by promoting constant war.   

Given this, we must know that we cannot trust the media, we can't trust what appears to be the government, we can't even rely on ourselves, because we have been so dumbed down and indoctrinated for so many years that we lack the factual basis and knowledge to rightly discern much of anything --- much less act accordingly.  

About all we can do is what I have already told everyone to do: declare your birthright political status, and concentrate on what you want, what kind of world you want to live in and create -- not the world being created by these cretins and imposed on you, but your world.  Imagine it. Determine what you want. And know that you still have the power to create it. 


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