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Monday, April 15, 2024

They Have Abandoned Ship

 By Anna Von Reitz

This past week, just after the Great Eclipse, and unidentifiable "anomaly" the size of Texas appeared at the northern fringe of Antarctic Islands between Antarctica and Southwestern Africa.  The seismic and weather monitor net predicted 80' waves incoming, but nobody has been able to confirm tsunami-like waves in the region.  

Instead, the phenomena's wake has simply continued to spread, as predicted, into the North Atlantic, and people have been scratching their heads wondering what kind of a "storm surge" this is. 

And what kind of anomaly has caused it? 

It's simple enough.  After 32,000 years, the refugees from Mars have abandoned (our) ship, and good riddance. 

Those of you who were watching know that I recently demanded that they leave. Posthaste. 

These unwelcome houseguests had plenty of time to find a new home for themselves, but elected to not only cause trouble for us, but to drag their steps long after their planned departure date, and even had the brass cajones to pretend that this was their planet after destroying their own.  

Our planet has suffered an unpleasant energy drain because of this departure and the extreme amount of energy it took to physically displace something the size of Texas into hyperspace; nonetheless, we can soon recover from that.  

Just take good care of yourselves, rest, eat right, drink plenty of (hopefully) clean water, and in a couple weeks things will be humming along and will be --energetically-- better than you have ever experienced in your lifetimes. 

At the same time, several other aspects of life will begin to self-correct.  Oxygen levels which have long been artificially suppressed will begin to rebound, along with improvements for all oxygen dependent forms of life.  

This will allow you to breathe easier and experience increased physical energy and clarity of your thoughts. 

The effects of subtle hypoxia -- caused by diminished atmospheric oxygen -- will fade away, and many who have suffered from respiratory ailments will get relief. 

The Carbon Cycle will also move back into relative sync, with the increases in atmospheric oxygen buffering the build up of atmospheric carbon dioxide and its natural sequestration process. 

In part because of this change, and the modulation of the existing EMF grid on the planet, you will feel more "solid" and better than you have in a long time. Many diseases will simply disappear as a result of the relief of oxidative stress and people worldwide will experience a sense of well-being and balance as the Earth's electromagnetic grid relaxes into its natural balance. 

Like the conventional electrical grid, the whole 5G craziness will be gradually dismantled, and our airwaves will no longer be choked with foreign commercial traffic and no longer causing harm to living organisms.  

Mammoth water restoration and development projects replacing dams and forming other kinds of control structures will be put in place, so that the miracle of water is appreciated and used with respect and care as it should be. 

Most importantly, people will be set free to think their own thoughts, make their own decisions, and choose what is in their own hearts. 

The new energies arising on our planet are benevolent and practical and wise; we will no longer have to shadowbox through our lives in the dark and struggle to discern our way through layers of illusion. 

What is true, will be honored.  What is false, will be set aside. 

I am happy and grateful and deeply pleased to bid farewell to the Kali Yuga and the Age of Pisces and the Saturnine Brotherhood and so much more that has been an evil influence on the Earth. 

Also pleased to see all their evil plans coming to not only a halt, but to a well-conceived repurposing, so that instead of bearing fruits of destruction, their proverbial manure pile will be used to grow roses and yields of abundance. 

We were the victims of our own virtues; now we have learned the more subtle lessons, and truly gained the perspective to not be beguiled or flattered by our own generosity, nor allow ourselves to be used by those intent on exploiting our virtue to their own ends. 

Much water has gone under the bridge in the last 32,000 years; much lost and much gained, but in the end, we have emerged ready to live and thrive and be -- each one of us, set free. 


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