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Monday, April 15, 2024

International Public Notice: The Brits, Again.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Last week, in passing, we told you that MI6 paid for Hamas to stage the October 2023 attack, in order to provide Israel an excuse to attack Gaza. 

This knowledge is so commonplace that a Great-Grandma in Big Lake, Alaska, knows. 

How ridiculous is it, then, for anyone to claim that this is "secret" in any sense of the word? 

We, all people, suffer continuously, because of these British rats constantly stirring the pot and profiteering from war.  They are pirates and far from deserving respect and trust, they all deserve constant observation and exposure, so that they cannot continue to pull these atrocities and get away with it.  

Unfortunately, when we refer to "the Brits" being at the bottom of every dogpile, which they are, it is not always so easy to discern their presence because they hide behind every storefront and corporate name they can dream up.  

As you will note, even such an apparently "American" brand name as Caterpillar, the heavy equipment manufacturer making billions destroying and rebuilding things in the Middle East, is in fact owned by a British Special Forces Operative.  And they, as a company, are up to their necks in illegal and immoral political, social, economic, and military manipulation whether they make good Frontend Loaders or not. 

Sometimes you have to dig to find the Brit in the woodpile, but they are always there, and it is this fact and the fact that they are profiting from these venal activities, taken together, that establishes reasonable proof that they are "the" source of the problem. 

After you have investigated a couple thousand debacles and they all have a Brit at the bottom of them, and while you continue to repeat this finding every week for years on end, it does not require us to test our "theory" beyond the point of reason.  

In science, theories become accepted based on their predictive ability, the consistency and repeatable nature of their experimental findings, and the ability of the theory to explain all the observable facts. 

Well, here you go, folks, 10 for 10.  

"The" problem in this world, "the" source of all the war-mongering, profiteering, corruption, and nastiness that have plagued the entire planet for the past 300 years, can be traced back to the British Commercial Fleets and their pals working for the Admiralty -- the British, and later, U.S. Navies.  

This is where the OSS came from and ultimately where all the spy organizations come from.  

These intelligence organizations --- provided with ample funds for payola and greasing of wheels --- are the spearheads that are used to do all the Dirty Work that the British Parliament and the Privy Council sets up and legislates. 

We can go all the way back to before The War of Independence and show the pattern: the British Government uses the British Merchant Fleet and/or the Navy and/or the Secret Service and/or the Bar Associations and/or the "Uniformed Officers" --- conscripted and licensed Medical Doctors --- to implement their predatory actions.  

They appear to breed war the way other people breed dogs, simply for fun and profit.  Not because of any high-minded moral cause or even any great political advantage -- but rather, simply for the joys of inland piracy. 

Let's talk about Prince Philip's War all the way to the infamous Pandemic and what is presently happening in Gaza with the full realization that the Agents of the British Caste System and British Crown are the ones who have been at the bottom of every single action. 

Every single one.  

This is not an accident, people. 

This is not a mistake, a fluke, a statistical aberration, or any kind of ax being ground --- this is the simple and utterly monotonous truth.  

Britain is a Rogue State, and it has used its Territorial Adjuncts operating out of the District of Columbia, "the U.S.A. Inc." and "the US, INC."  in Gross Breach of Trust to latch onto and criminally misdirect  Americans and American assets to wage wars for profit for over a hundred years. 

Nice suits and starched shirts and sexy fatigues notwithstanding, most of the men in the British Secret Service are intelligent scum, cynics with the moral sense of weasels. The same can be said for the whole family of brand names --- CIA, DIA, ONI, FBI, DHS, and so on.  

If you want peace on earth, there is only one way to do it. Nip war at its source.  Make it impossible for Britain and its "Territorial Adjuncts"  to escape attention. Watch them like a hawk on a mouse. And call them out. 

Expose them for what they have done and what they are doing, so that everyone gets a good, firm, exact picture of who the Bad Guys really are.  

Watch this and know that this story is about our daughter, an American hero and martyr of great moral courage, who was murdered and mocked by the Israeli savages on MI6's payroll: 

As the carnage in the Mideast increases, know that it is all being done at the behest of Westminster, all being engineered and bankrolled by the Lords of the Admiralty and the Bank of England, and manipulated into existence by the so-called "intelligence agencies".

And as the Israeli people suffer, as they surely will, remember that it's their own government that did this to them --- under the direction of MI6.  

We repeat -- Britain is a Rogue State and it has been a seriously Rogue State since at least the 1840's, with some strong indications that it went off-track as early as 1702.  Realize this.  Know it. Take it in. Evaluate the data.  Track it back to its roots.  

The rot and violence doesn't come from the Americans; it comes from the Brits strong-arming and influencing and controlling the Americans, other members of NATO, and the Central Banks.  

All anyone has to do is start crunching the evidence that the British started every debacle from The War of the Spanish Succession onward -- and profited from doing so.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 14th 2024


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