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Monday, April 15, 2024

International Public Notice: Modern Feudalism and Corporate Press Ganging

 By Anna Von Reitz

People need to understand that no physical change or movement was necessary to create the Legal Presumptions that now rule their lives and denigrate them, first to the foreign status of a mere "Human" and "Person", and second to the foreign status of a THING, a Corporation.  

These denigrations happen as the result of either (1) an inherited political status, or (2) an adopted political status, amounting to willing acceptance of such denigration in order to receive the benefits of joining a new body politic via enfranchisement. 

These practices began in the 1840's and spread during the 1860's to encompass most of the developed world.  This was the direct result of Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert, his gaining control of her fortune, his involvement with German investors and industrialists, and a scheme to not only fill royal coffers, but to promote a vast expansion in the use of petroleum products, and conquer the world by quietly instituting a form of Corporate Serfdom via a process of enfranchisement --- all serving to create a modern form of Feudalism. 

The caste system imposed by birth in England during the Dark and Middle Ages is exactly paralleled by its modern equivalent.  

Then, we had the king, who was set apart like a lonely god, the nobility used as extensions of the king's power as his Overlords, the free men who were used as local officials to underpin the power of the nobles, and, by far, the largest class, the serfs.  

Today, we have the "king" represented by a "president" who is in charge of running a "national corporation"; this is regarded as a "ship at sea" and run under Admiralty Law.  

Immediately under the President we have all the "Federal" officials, especially Cabinet Officers, who act as the nobles.   

Below them, we have the entire political bureaucracy represented by the lower government employees and agencies and by the CEOs of countless franchise corporations bound to the "national corporation". 

Finally, we have the workers occupying the position of serfs, simply relabeled as "taxpayers" owing "allegiance" to the king as unpaid volunteer employees of the Internal Revenue Service.  (See the Internal Revenue Code, Title 26, Section 1203 (b) (6).) 

The promoters of this system even came up with a "Pledge of Allegiance" to further cement the obligations of this so-called "Social Contract".  

The British are born into this unholy and deceitful imprisonment, but the Americans are not; this circumstance created the need to develop a surreptitious means to undermine our basic freedom from serfdom and caste systems and Admiralty Law.  

This was accomplished, both in the Middle Ages and now, by a process of enrollment and registration.  The baby's name is enrolled and registered as a British citizen, and from then on, his station in life is settled upon him with only a dim hope that he might rise through the ranks and become recognized for his service to the King.  When the baby is old enough to make a formal personal commitment, he "pledges" his "allegiance" to the King and country, and the trap is formalized with his "consent".  

Serfs retained their own tools and similar belongings as their own private property in life and were required to tithe at least 10 percent of the value of their yearly earnings to the King.  Sometimes war or other bumps in the road required special purpose taxes, but these amounted to another 2% being extracted by the local Sheriffs.  Modern serfs commonly pay up to sixty percent of the value of their labor to the "national corporation" running what appears to be their government.  

The only other substantial difference is in the way things are labeled and the fact that the serfs are now "enfranchised", which means that they have the right to vote periodically for new ship's officers, and sometimes on issues of corporate policy; in exchange for this privilege, they subject themselves to statutory law, place all their assets in a State Trust controlled by the King and his Officers, and accept all the debts of the "national corporation".  

If you were born in the British Isles or Commonwealth since the 1860's, this is the System you were born into and expected to accept and adopt without question--- indeed, you are expected to accept this pecking order and its obligations with gratitude, even though you now are less free and pay far more to government than any Medieval serf could ever imagine paying.  

In America, this system was overlaid upon us using a variety of excuses of a vain and pernicious kind, mostly by pretending that the registration "laws" passed only pertained to British Tories (that is, "Territorial" citizens) living here under the Residence Act --- while at the same time broadly and purposefully misapplying these legislated Registration Acts to everyone.  

All babies born in public hospitals were registered under the assumption that the British Territorial population constituted the "public" being served; as adults, the status of the victims was confirmed by undisclosed "Voter Registrations" and their enrollment under force (induction) in Federal Employee Pension programs described as "social insurance" programs, and then, the nature of their "federal employment" as "volunteer taxpayers" was also presumed upon them.  

A "taxpayer" is a warrant officer in the British Merchant Marine Service, tasked with collecting taxes, tariffs and fees owed to the British King. 

This system is foreign to America and no American is bound to it, but millions have been entrapped by it.  When brought to task for it, the British shrug and say, you adopted this system of things voluntarily.  Nobody forced you to register your car or your baby, nobody forced you to register as a voter, nobody made you sign up for Social Security or Selective Service....

But of course, they did in effect both misinform you and coerce you to "fall in line", and they didn't at any time fully disclose the nature and effect of the web of "social contracts" they were imposing on both their own citizenry and upon you, too.  

They've been busily using these quasi-legal undisclosed contracts to press gang Americans and cashier American assets as collateral backing their own spending for 160 years.  

So.  Now, we woke up and said, "WTF?"  

And in the process a lot of Brits and Aussies and Canadians have awakened, too, and they are similarly shaking the dust off their heads and saying the same thing.  

The unpleasant reality, is that our own employees have abused their position of trust (a crime known as "breach of trust") and have acted under color of law to impose this web of sea-going deceit on the land and its people--- when we are owed a completely different form of law and social standing and never stepped foot on board a ship.  

This is where many people get confused and think, "I'm not subject to the Law of the Sea! I never signed up to be in the Navy!" 

And that is because they literally can't remember doing so.  This is because they are being bound by an "unconscionable contract" that their Mother signed "for" them when they were just babies.  Not knowing about this contract obligating them to serve the government as "citizens", they have never been able, as adults, to object to it.  

They've been entrapped and relegated to a self-denigrating political status and all its obligations, by being unaware of this "social contract", and of course, they have not been able to rebut this obligation, because they have not known of its existence, much less the genesis of it.  

Until now. 

It is universally acknowledged that unconscionable contracts are illegal and unlawful and not binding; the moment that the victim becomes aware enough to object and to withdraw his consent, that is, to "stop volunteering" to serve the King and stop acting as a good little national corporation slave, he is owed his freedom and the return of this assets from the State Trust where they have been cashiered for the benefit of the "national corporation" and the King. 

However, if one should object during time of war, when the chips are down, such refusal to serve is taken as a hostile act and the one resisting "service" is classed as an "enemy", subject to arrest, seizure of their property, harassment, suspicion, etc.

They've been getting away with this "damned if you do and damned if you don't" scenario ever since the 1860s by keeping everyone in a constant state of war and by redefining Mercenary Conflicts as "wars" and declaring "wars" on such vacuous things as "poverty" and "drugs". 

People who are simply refusing to pay taxes that they literally don't owe and resisting "voluntary" employment as a British Merchant sailor -- a "taxpayer" -- are routinely demonized and dragged through Maritime Courts, suffer illegal confiscation of their property assets, and may even suffer imprisonment under False Pretenses.  

Those running this System on our shores must be presumed to know that they are running it; in particular, judges above a certain level have to know that they are acting wildly out of school and are working for a foreign government.  

Thus, people must come to terms with what they are really facing and who is really responsible for it.  They cannot pretend that their names were not registered (as babies) as British Territorial Subjects known as U.S. Citizens or Australian citizens, etc., because they were.  They cannot hide their heads in the sand and think that these villains will give up their prey simply because they have been detected and their web of deceitful practices has been laid bare. 

Just as they claimed us as "salvage" and as "booty" one by one, using an unconscionable contracting process and all sorts of undisclosed adhesion contracts serving to entrap us in their System, they must be put in their place both on a one-by-one basis and by a massive social refusal to go along with this crap anymore. 

In fact, the American Civil War was an undeclared Mercenary Conflict and was never owed the dignity of The Law of War; all the various other "declarations" of "war" against poverty, drugs, and whatever else made by U.S. Presidents have been equally vacuous --- and when we start digging, it turns out that all the "wars" of the past century and a half, have been nothing but Mercenary Conflicts. 

So all the presumptions applied against people as "Enemies at War", have been vacuous, self-interested bunk, too.  

What to do?  Begin with our simple Declaration reclaiming your birthright political status as a Land Lubber.  Claim back all your stuff and demand its release from any and all public trusts and legal presumptions. We've made it easy for you to issue such Public Notice and record it for posterity, worldwide.  

In America, your State Assembly already provides permanent record of your claim to your birthright political status, but if they are overwhelmed, you and everyone else in every country on Earth, can stake your claim by recording your proper birthright political status on the Global Family International Land Recording and Publishing System (ILRP) available online. 

Next, begin "fully informing" those responsible for running this "System" on our soil -- the doctors, the lawyers, and the military officers and politicians.  Make them aware of their crimes against humanity so that the liability for continuing and supporting this foreign system of things devolves directly upon them, not you. 

Tell them to get their grubby hands off your "persons" and remind them of their actual obligations to serve you in good faith under the Constitutions they have been evading and conspiring against.  Tell them that you stand under the Law of the Land and that they are in dereliction of duty. 

Join your State Assembly (or its equivalent in your country) and raise your land and soil jurisdiction courts to lawfully prosecute these corporate pirates and freebooters. 

Bring an end to all "registrations" of "live births" and an end to the "Vital Statistics" Bureaus responsible for collecting and certificating you all as property belonging to a "national corporation".  Begin the process of liquidating the "national corporations" and all the "public trusts" that the bureaucrats and their industrialist cronies have created for their benefit. 

It's time, for all of this and more, but let nobody assume that this will or can be done "for" them; these "presumptive social contracts" have been created one-by-one and they have to be broken and rebutted one-by-one, which means that each one of us affected by this miasma of denigration must make a choice and either accept this pernicious foreign caste system, or adopt, in public and on the record, a different and better political status for themselves. 

People worldwide are urged to spread the alarm and bring these blighters to task for what they have done under conditions of secrecy and deceit against their employers and the people to whom they owe good faith service.  

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 14th 2024


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