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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

For England - 2.0

By Anna Von Reitz

There, in England, as in America, the rats “enfranchised” people and convinced them that being able to vote was a great thing—- without, however, disclosing the details.

By “registering” to vote you were pledging yourself, your labor, your property assets, and everything else to the British Crown Corporation —- and you were being transported, that is, trafficked, off the land and into the international jurisdiction of the sea.

This was not a crime only because you did it to yourself, much as one might sign up to join the Navy, and because —in theory, you could always return home, though your likelihood of doing so would be remote considering that you never knew you went anywhere or changed your political status by registering to vote.

Having accomplished this deceit, the Crown took title to everything in the country, as bit by bit people unwittingly gave away everything including their freedom, their Good Name, and the value of their labor to the Crown.

It was and is a white-collar rendition of press-ganging, which has been outlawed for 200 years —and it has had the same desired result: de facto enslavement of landsmen and their transport to the international jurisdiction of the sea.

Needless to say all your land assets were seized upon as collateral for the Crown to borrow against. The first wave paid to support the Raj in India. This process of enslaving one people to finance violence and theft against another is typical and has been followed throughout the history of this “religion”.

So your first stop is a genealogist’s office to get your family history done back to the 1840’s so you can see which of your relatives were on the land before this crime spree began. For most of us, it will be our Great-Grandparents or Great-Great-Grandparents who were actually on the land and who made the initial mistake of registering to vote in the corporate elections.

These people were “grandfathered -in” and so were their progeny, so you will make your claim to the land as a Lawful Inheritor.

If you wish, once you have better knowledge of your ancestry, you can look for their names on the Voter Rolls. If they appear, fine— but if they don’t appear at all, better.

You will, of course, need to remove your own names from any Voter Registry as another beginning step, and also will need to establish your Paramount Claim on your DNA and all matter related to it, to your Good Name, and your identity as a man or woman of —for example, Warwick County.

Ultimately, your claim to land in England pertains to your own body— owning it as a free man or woman, not a “human” or someone under some condition of “personhood”.

Men and women are people. Our Good and Proper Lawful Names are Lawful Persons called People. The People owe a citizenship obligation to their County, which is a State Member of your country, called England.

The same conditions apply in Ireland and Wales; the situation in Scotland is not known at this time.
Thus, a man born in Warwick is called a Warwickshire-man and comes from Warwick County. 

The shire system pre-dated the County system and doesn't necessarily follow the same geographic boundaries, but the important point is that actual "states" whether you call them "states" or "shires" or "counties" or "parishes" have physical boundaries--- and counties have physical boundaries. This is the level of government where actual living people exist and move and have meaning. It's also the source of English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh sovereignty.

When they start talking about "districts" and 'boroughs" you have entered the Land of Nod, where only corporations and other denizens and officers and "persons" "reside" on a temporary basis. These are international and global jurisdictions that contain absolutely no living people at all.

Such "Legal Persons" occupy "Offices of Personhood" --- they are public employees, members of the Merchant Marine and military services, or "Volunteers" adjunct to these services (that's how most of you are "qualified" -- as "unpaid volunteers" known as British Citizens, and/or as Paupers working for or dependent upon the Commonwealth) and their dependents, vagrants, wards of state, political asylum seekers, and so on.

One of the immediate effects of declaring everyone's Proper Name "legally dead" is to traffick you and your estates into the realm of the dead, which is precisely where these Mammon-worshiping Baalists want you and your estate: dead and intestate, so that they can use you and your assets however they see fit.

Quite a magic trick, isn't it? But its still based on fraud, deceit, breach of trust, and other crimes too numerous to list here.

So, you have a choice, there as here.

Do you wish to function as one of the people of England, and as a Lawful Person? Or to you wish to cash it all in and slave away as an unpaid volunteer, a Legal Person aboard the HMS prison ship known as the British Crown Corporation? Or as another kind of Legal PERSON presumed to be a Pauper and a Ward of the State of the British Commonwealth?

Coats of Arms show the threads of family identity and feudal obligations that a family may have to the King and Crown to pay taxes and provide resources and fight in defense of the County and/or country—- so a Coat of Arms serves as a two-edged sword, but one that you can ultimately use to your advantage, so a bit later we will explore that aspect.

Ultimate claim to land as a non-real estate holding (“real” means “royal”— which makes you a tenant of the Queen, not a Freeholder) in England goes back to the Norman Conquest and the Norman Land Patent established by William the Conqueror.

Many in England are still reeling under the realization that they've been under a German thumb for the last 180 years, but now I must digress and teach you that an earlier French claim of a quite different nature also exists, and ironically, it is upon this earlier French claim that your lives, safety, and land and soil claims depend.

All land patents in England are derived from the Norman Land Patent— except for the lands granted by William to the Church for Commonwealth purposes.

This one exception -- the Church Commonwealth land is extremely important, and is the source of your entire dilemma, so flag that thought and keep the existence of that one exception to The Norman Settlement firmly in mind going forward.

The rest of the land was divided up upon William’s death among his elder sons and senior Barons, who were declared “kings in their own right” in England.

This is not the same as being "The King" of England. There has never been a king of England who could claim to be The King of England since King Harold, or arguably, his Predecessor, Edward the Confessor, and that circumstance is entirely by design.

William meant to kill even the possibility of a true Monarchy being re-established in England. He meant to permanently disable England in that regard and leave his own bloodlines in France unencumbered as the Kings of Gaul--- which he did.
He did this by first conducting an unprecedented and exhaustive survey of everything and everyone in the area subject to his conquest, and claiming it down to the last duck.

Next, he established Sovereign Letters Patent, making his absolute possession and ownership "manifest"---- in the sense of a ship's manifest, locking down the international legalities and doing such a thorough job of it, that his "Norman Patent" still stands.

Next, upon his death, the land and soil assets were parceled out into principalities and granted, permanently, to his Barons as sovereigns in their own right---- in effect, William created many kings of England, all of them under Feudal Oath to him in France.

This is the basis of the Norman "Barons" power to issue the Magna Carta; they weren't acting as mere barons in England. In England, they held their own land and soil and sovereignty as kings.

So each Norman Bequest is a Kingdom and you as Freeholders are Lawful Inheritors under the provisions of The Magna Carta, depending on where you were born.

Ironically, in this dark age and hour, having been thoroughly and officially conquered by the Norman French 800 years prior to the arrival of the German Interlopers, is your salvation.

You are Freeholders of these Norman-French Kingdoms and are not subjects of the Commonwealth nor, so long as you are breathing and standing in your proper political status, are you subjects of Elizabeth II sitting on her Chair of the Estates.

You, most of you, truly are the Inheritors of The Magna Carta.

Next up--- now you've got your genealogy, know who you are and where you came from (not a Stork) and are beginning to find your land-legs, what else?


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Continental Marshals

By Anna Von Reitz

Henry Kissinger once said, and I quote: "Military men are damned stupid animals."

I want you all to help prove him wrong.

I am getting calls from all over this country from good men who want to serve as Continental Marshals. They are, universally, confused. Most of them want to serve as Marshals because it is the only such service they've heard about, or because it sounds more impressive than being a county deputy or a member of their state militia.

In the vast majority of the cases, these men are not being educated about the options, and therefore, aren't being profitably employed by the State Assemblies, which is where they need to be serving.
Let's begin with the fact that once an actual County Sheriff is elected, he is the highest peacekeeping official in the nation---- within the borders of that county, he is the personification of the Public Law. Period.

So in terms of power, our elected Sheriffs, working in an unincorporated capacity, often without pay, outrank every other peacekeeping officer, including Continental Marshals and Federal Agents of all kinds. He vastly outranks any private corporation's Law Enforcement Officers.

Thus, the raw power of our law enforcement capability is vested in our sheriffs and most of these men should be concentrating on organizing the declared Americans in their counties and becoming either Sheriffs or Sheriff's Deputies, working close to home to protect their own families and neighbors.

We have loyal LEO's who have been elected by an unwittingly foreign population of U.S. Citizens, men who still obey the constitutions, and we need to interface and work with them on an ever-increasing basis, to bring "both ends back to the middle".

There is no more important or higher role than the role of a local Sheriff and his local Deputies when it comes to enforcing and upholding the actual Public Law of this country, or the Constitutions, either.

The fundamental problem is that Law Enforcement Officers (LEO's) are by definition working as Pinkertons for foreign corporations, and they are enforcing equally foreign statutory law on people who have been "presumed to be" part of a foreign population.

90% of the "presumed" foreign population are Americans who have been deliberately misidentified as "foreigners" in their own country.

Those Americans need to be fully informed about their choices, but in the meantime, the LEO's need to be fully informed about this whole situation, too.

Thanks to Mack v. Prinz, these men are ALLOWED to enforce the Constitutions, but not REQUIRED to.

The internet this week covered the story of a good cop who stood up against the culture of evil in the local police force --- and got fired.

He should be working for us, not them, on a local level.

It is our job as Americans to make sure this all gets sorted out, to make sure the LEO's understand the capacity they are operating in as "private security agents", also working with the constitutional corporate sheriffs, and getting our own organizations together on the local level.

People are crying out for the enforcement of the Public Law, for basic decency to prevail, and for their government to protect them. This happens first and foremost at the local level of the elected, unincorporated peacekeeping official known as the County Sheriff.

In terms of local power, the next men in line are the Sheriff's Deputies, who can be "sworn in" from the general population of Americans in each County, just like in the old John Wayne movies.

It does not happen at the level of the Continental Marshals, and most of these recruits should be focused much closer to home.

The State Militia is tasked to protect the borders and interests of the State, and yes, we call it a "State Militia", not a "State Defense Force" or any other new label. Remember that when names change, so may the meanings. You will find no references to "State Defense Forces" in the Constitutions, but you will find reference to our "well-regulated militia".

While County Sheriffs and Deputies are meant to provide enforcement of the Public Law and protect people in their homes and communities locally, State Militias are called upon in times of disaster and their fundamental role is to work out a defense plan for their State--- to protect its borders, assets, and people from "external" harm.

Here's where you get Border Patrols, here's where you get soup kitchens and latrines when wildfires strike, here's where you get average men booted up and working together to enforce the Public Law and the Constitutions on the public roads and thoroughfares.

The Public Law in this country is The Ten Commandments and the Constitutions dictate our relationship with the Federales --- what we owe them and what they owe us.

It really is simple enough so that anyone can be trained to enforce the Public Law and understand the limits of the federal government in a day, once you get down to it.

So this is about "getting down to it", funneling these recruits into doing what most of them really want to do --- protect their local communities, families, and neighbors, and stop all the confusion about The Continental Marshals Service.

Just as the Sheriffs and their Deputies protect their counties and the State Militias protect their States, the Continental Marshals protect the international land jurisdiction of the country as a whole.
What does that mean?

Well, what is the land? The land is everything BELOW 6" of the soil surface.

Think about that.

It's everything that underlies everything else.

It forms a vast seamless substrate underneath everything else, including the oceans. This is an international realm and it is under international law.

International law comes in two flavors -- land and sea.

Continental Marshals stand on the land, and their brethren, the U.S. Marshals float on the sea.
The first and fundamental job of the original "Federal Marshals" --- a term that encompassed functionaries operating in both jurisdictions, land and sea, was to protect the Post Offices.
Our Post Offices.

Most of our Post Offices were closed at the end of the Civil War, and only a few have straggled on with individual people serving as "Post Masters" on the land.

See the difference? Post Masters (land) versus Postmasters (sea). We have our own Post Offices, which are slowly reopening under the Civil Peace Flag of The United States of America.
One of the chief duties of Continental Marshals is to protect our Post Masters and our Post Offices. For more insight, go to

I can see most of you scratching your heads. What? That's not quite the glamor job you had in mind?
Being a Continental Marshal requires understanding Postal Law and enforcement of international law in general.

It requires understanding which "Powers" were retained under Amendment X in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and it requires being able to walk a thin line between international land and sea jurisdictions and interact appropriately with the U.S. (Territorial) Marshals who are tasked with protecting the US POSTAL SERVICE (USPS) and United States Post Offices.

This position naturally involves intercepting contraband being shipped and smuggled across state lines and stopping human trafficking, working with the U.S. Marshals to prevent illegal transport of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, apprehending illegal aliens who are engaged in criminal activities, and working with the constitutional sheriffs and State Militia leaders when violations of constitutional guarantees occur--- for example, when "Federal Agents" do things like they did when they ambushed LaVoy Finicum and murdered him in broad daylight in America.

LaVoy hadn't formally declared himself as an American State National or as an American State Citizen, so these bastards thought they had the right to set up a military-style ambush and kill him. And they got away with it by "presuming" him to be an "enemy combatant" in a war that ended in 1865.

Think about that. It's tripe, but they use it to excuse their vicious and lawless actions, such as Waco and Ruby Ridge. This is also what they used to railroad the Colorado Nine and countless others.

I say this to underline the life and death importance of the 1779 Declaration for every American, and especially all those engaged in peacekeeping or law enforcement activities at any level, and the equal necessity of recording and publishing it in Public, hopefully with your own State Recording Secretary.

We are a separate population, non-domestic with respect to the Territories and Possessions, non-domestic with respect to the Municipal Government authorized by the Constitutions.

We are not Federales, but until we make this clear and official on the Public Record, they will continue to "presume" that we are one species of Federal Citizen or another, and we will be caught in their crossfire, because the two kinds of Federal Citizen are still pretending to be at war with each other and are being directed by the Pope and his minion in this matter, the Queen, to continue this farce on our shores.

It behooves every American to stop whatever they are doing and realize the primal importance of bringing this "war" between our Federal Public Servants ---and their secretive collusion against us --- to an end.

It is especially important for anyone in any form of law enforcement to clearly grasp the overall situation and its implications.

I have given you the broad outline of the various peacekeeping functions that need to be filled and I trust that it is now apparent that being a "Continental Marshal" is not what most recruits need to be, want to be, or can be.

It should also be apparent that there is only one (1) valid Continental Marshals Service and it is uniquely vested under the authority of The United States of America, our Federation of unincorporated States.

Nobody can run off and claim to be a "Continental Marshal" much less a "Chief Continental Marshal" without training and an official commission, badge, and ID issued by us. Period.
This is for your safety and ours.

"The Continental Marshals Service" which we commissioned on May 22, 2015, is a Public Service. It cannot be copyrighted by, owned by, or defined as any kind of incorporated entity at all; it exists under sovereign patent, trademark, and copyright as an instrumentality of the States of the Union.

Anything that is incorporated and calling itself "the" Continental Marshals Service is infringing upon our prior sovereign patent, trademark, and copyright, in exactly the same way as the Scottish Interloper did in 1868, and with the same effect ---- fraud.

Anyone who is charging around calling themselves a "Continental Marshal" without having the specific training, commission, badge, and ID issued directly by The United States of America --- is impersonating a Continental Marshal and should be stopped.

I have on my desk a thing purporting to be issued as the official "Continental Marshals Oath" that is being distributed under the equally purported "authority" of the "General Post Office".

The United States of America has not issued nor authorized any such "Oath" and does not recognize any such "General Post Office".

Like many other such "oaths" and "offices" created by patriots acting out of school, it seems to have good intentions, but no lawful or legal authority, and is, in essence, a passport to jail on the same train that carried the Colorado Nine away.

There are numerous "organizations" out there that have various stories about who and what they are, pretending to represent this country in some capacity or other. Without exception, their leaders have spent time in federal gaol.

This current example appears to come from "Reign of Heavens Society". It's leader, Keith Livingway, went to a Naval Yard Auction and bought some memorabilia left over from the Scottish Interloper's 1907 bankruptcy, including an original copy of The Articles of Confederation, which he thinks confers some magical ability on his part to claim it as "abandoned property" and use it to create his own Magic Kingdom "in the name of" ….

Anyone operating under these delusions is most assuredly NOT a "Continental Marshal" of any kind or stripe, and they will also, most assuredly, be headed for jail. People who don't know who they are and who don't know the solid and logical basis of their authority and who don't understand the jurisdictions of the law, will unavoidably trespass or transgress and they will be arrested.

I am telling you all right now that The United States of America has not authorized this "oath" and is not associated with these people calling themselves "Continental Marshals" and we are appalled by both the ignorance and the danger these developments represent.

Our Continental Marshals Service is not to be confused with any such renegade and foreign effort led by Keith Livingway or associated with him in any way, shape, or form. The same can be said for any other organization attempting to infringe on our patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

If it isn't properly organized, if it isn't properly constituted, if it doesn't stand under a true sovereign patent, if it's members are not all properly declared as American State Nationals while working in international jurisdiction, if they do not hold a proper international commission, if they do not have a badge and ID issued by The United States of America [Unincorporated] --- and most importantly, if they are not graduates of a rigorous training program approved by The United States of America, they are not our Continental Marshals.

They may be patriots and they may be well-intentioned, but they are operating as outlaws and they are putting their lives at unnecessary risk by going off half-cocked and claiming to be something that they are not, and in all likelihood, something that they never intended or wanted to be, simply because they don't know what Continental Marshals are or where they fit in the overall scheme of peacekeeping and law enforcement.

To them, it just "sounds good" --- and that is not enough or any excuse or reason for anyone to claim that they are "Continental Marshals" when they aren't, and when they are not qualified to be acting in any such capacity.

Please help reach out to these people and warn them of their error, just as I attempted to warn the Colorado Nine.

Please also spread the word that they are NOT associated with The United States of America and not associated with our State Assemblies, even though they are again using the old "similar names" deceits and calling themselves after our Officers and attempting to operate "in our names".

If there is any confusion about any of this in anyone's mind, it is time to call me and not leave it to your own devices. When you enter international jurisdictions without knowing what you are doing, you're like a white boy fresh off the bus in Harlem.

My advice and stern admonition is --- recognize what it is you need and where that need obligates you to serve. Most men wishing to support the Public Law and Constitution need to be working at the local level as Sheriffs, Sheriff's Deputies, and members of their Assembly's State Militia.

All of our peacekeepers need to have 1779 Declarations at the very least, and to have State National or State Citizen political status published and in evidence on some Public Record, preferably with the State Assembly Recording Secretary, or if that is not yet possible, via the State of State Recorder's Office.

I fully realize the urgent need to protect innocent people, but that includes those who volunteer as peacekeepers, too. We owe it to them and to ourselves and to the honor of our country, to get this right.


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A conversation with Dr. Thomas Cowan:

How Vaccinations Cause Chronic Immune Dysregulation

Number one: We humans have at least two immune systems. One is called the cell-mediated response and the other is called humoral response or cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity. Cell-mediated means that we have the system of white blood cells that if you get a new invader, like a new virus, and because we’ve never encountered this before, the virus will infect, meaning get inside different cells – like a viral respiratory tract. So you have infected cells which the white blood cells have to go after them, shoot them up and spit them out and in the process you get what we call being sick. Being sick means fever, flu-like symptoms, cough, runny nose, mucus, etc etera. And the important point to remember, and this is a really important point, is that what we call being sick – fever, flu, mucus, cough, rash, etc etera, that’s because of our cell-mediated immune system. I can’t emphasize that enough. The reason why I know that is because if you suppress somebody’s cell-mediated immune system like with Prednisone and then you infect them with a virus, they don’t get “sick” like fever, rash, cough, and etc etera. They might even die from the infection, which is not likely, but they could, but they won’t get what we normally call being sick.

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Alex Jones – love him or hate him – this is the best summary

You are not living in a bad dream…2020 is reality;  

Alex interviews David Icke

Found Here:

For England - 1.0

By Anna Von Reitz

I have a great many people from England and Commonwealth reaching out to us here every day. They realize that something is terribly wrong, that they are being fleeced senseless and deprived of rights and freedoms.
Even though we are being plagued by the same evil --- what I call "Corporate Feudalism" -- it has its own unique flavor and genesis in every country, so it becomes necessary for us to deconstruct each history and the path that led to this common evil.
England became a de facto German possession in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the House of Wettin has ruled it ever since. This comes as a great shock to many in Britain. It has gone on so long that young people literally cannot remember anyone who lived during a time when this circumstance was discussed at the dinner table, but sixty years ago, people still talked about it.
In the German communities here in America it was a cause of special consternation -- here were these fake "English" kings and queens, actually Germans who owed their allegiance to the Kaiser and then also to Nazi Germany, sitting on the British throne, destroying both countries, and getting away with it?
Treason on one hand, and insanity on the other.
Victoria’s son inherited the Title to England but privately ruled as a German prince. This “tradition” has carried on through two World Wars that have decimated Germany—- because the House of Wettin wanted it that way.
This brings us to one of their predictable modes of operation: pretend to be someone else, so that they get blamed for all the evil you do. Pretend to be British when you are actually German, then attack the Germans and blame them for what you are doing to them.
Both England and Germany, to say nothing of the rest of the world, have suffered because of this “two handed game” of the House playing against itself. They had hoped to get the same kind of game going here, by pitting the Municipal Government against the Territorial Government— until we pointed out that both are ultimately controlled by the Pope.
Wettin has been draining England dry for about the same time that America has been drained dry using the same enslavement scheme. This seems to have been most recently revived by Talmudic Jews and certain Scottish Templars led by Benjamin Disraeli in Britain and Abraham Lincoln in America.
Today the High Priestess is the Queen’s Cousin, Lady Somerset, and the HQ in the British Isles is Glamis Castle, in Scotland.
In order for the people to be truly free --- (1) the entire Babylonian Slave System of enfranchisement and impersonation has to be broken; (2) the gigantic probate fraud has to be broken, and (3) the death cult religion giving rise to all this has to be eradicated.
It is a very tall order, a true spiritual war in which witches and sorcerers who engage in Black Magic and blood sacrifices, don robes and hoods and stage candlelit parades around effigies of Dead Babies at Olympic events.
For those in England, this gives a clearer view of your own more recent history and the difficulties of what we are engaged in.
As has been proven by the landmark court case, "JAH vs. Regina", the present Queen served a total of three days as a Christian Monarch, before abdicating that position and occupying The Chair of the Estates, the "throne" of the Probate Court, and proceeded to have everyone in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales declared legally dead, in order to control and prey upon the estates of the victims of this con game.
The lawful people are declared "legally" dead and the further claim is made that they died intestate, without a Will, and as “wards of the state” and Commonwealth, so that the priests can come in under the guise of probate executors acting for the government as the presumed beneficiary--- and administer the assets of the “abandoned” estates (you are considered an asset and chattel property of your own estate).
This same thing has been done around the world.
Awareness is Job One and finding ways to fully inform the people and the members of Parliament about this now largely hidden and forgotten “enemy within the royal house” and the impact this has had and continues to have on England, Europe, and the rest of the world is difficult to over stress.
The idea that a foreign (German) principality and a foreign religion have controlled the British Isles for 180 years sounds preposterous the first time you hear it and it is anti-intuitive to think that a German principality would undermine Germany in two World Wars—- until you understand that what we are dealing with is an international parasite -- more like a tapeworm than a virus, and a parasite has no true home, no political allegiance.
They siphoned everything they could from Germany and England even as they prepared their new nest in America. They began the same process more recently as they prepared to sack America in turn and move to China.
It was only the discovery that they siphoned trillions of dollars owed to the Americans and more trillions owed to the Chinese that has made it hot for them. They owe the Americans the entire American National Credit, and they owe the Chinese the entire “US-China Trade Deficit”.
That’s not even counting all that “the US”—which is not to be confused with “America” --- owes everyone else.
As we speak, “the US” is trying hard to get a war going between America (one of their victims) and China (another victim), because they could make money on that, and get two of their major creditors to destroy themselves. How convenient.
Bear in mind that these persons have no true home or allegiance to anything but Mammon, their “god” which they make with their own hands — little idols made out of various materials and called by different names— “US Dollars” and “British Pounds” and “Euros”.
This foreign system sucks the life and value out of its hosts and then moves on to greener pastures— consistently. The entire secret to their wealth is identity theft, credit fraud, never paying their debts and killing off their creditors.
Down through recorded history their pattern is always the same, so look at it closely:
Their entire historical modus operandi is to: (1) lie about everything, (2) pretend to be someone or something other than they are in order to offload the blame for their actions (note the substitution of “the US” for America, and how people are always blaming “the Americans” for things “the US” did), (3) seize title to property that doesn't belong to them, (4) use the purloined assets of others as collateral backing their own debts, (5) impersonate the victims, and (6) when they have exhausted all the purloined credit ---that was never based on their assets to begin with--- sell off the Creditor’s assets to Third Parties (Note their attempts to sell American property “as if” it were theirs to sell) then , (7) kill the Creditors or better still, get two cheated Creditors to kill each other, and (8) move on to a new host country. Start again. Repeat.
It isn’t until people look for it that they see it, and only at that point can something effective be done about it.
As a starting point, when the vampires come to your door, don’t invite them in.
So there is a start, though not an easy answer and not something that provides much comfort ----at first.
Before we despair in the face of the vast criminality set before us and run screaming into the bushes, let’s think a bit.
What, exactly, was the true nature of Queen Victoria’s Office? Did she actually have any standing or hereditary right to "take title" to private land in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales?


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