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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This makes sense to me about ibuprofen and the coronavirus.

Here is what I received today about Advil, and other NSAIDS.

This makes sense to me and I will tell you why below:

My friends dad just got this from a nurse at NYU. I’m just passing it along to everyone
Information from Vienna’s laboratory studying COVID-19 say vast majority of people who died had ibuprofen/Advil in their system so do not take it!! Those who recovered did not take ibuprofen so if you have symptoms, take Paracetamol only!!! Looks like this virus thrives on ibuprofen so don’t do it and tell everyone you can!!!
Please pass this information on to everyone in each family.  I don't want to miss anyone so share as much as you can.  Or copy and paste! 
I just spoke with my friend who is a nurse at VGH (Vancouver) and they just learnt that Advil makes the virus 10x worse.  Tylenol ONLY for the time being.  She said Advil kickstarts the virus into pneumonia. 
She also said they are not releasing the correct number of cases on the news and they have patients coming in everyday and some currently on ventilators.  Soon they won't have enough room in the hospitals to treat patients and will have to turn people away.  They've cancelled all surgeries to use the ORs for available ventilators, but it still won't be enough.  
She also said she found some people in there 40s and 50s who were previously healthy to be on ventilators and having major difficulty breathing because they took Advil. 
Also 4 doctors at VGH are now infected and she said she has never seen her doctors so worried before.  So please no Advil and stay safe!!!  
There are a few articles online
No Advil 
No Advil or any NSAIDS!!!
- clay haas says this is absolutely true and to steer clear of advil, motrin, aleve, or ibuprofen


I was taught that NSAIDS work by shutting off the inflammation response in the body by shutting down prostaglandin 2 production (inflammation controllers).  The problem is they also effect Prostaglandin 1 and 3 which are our immune response controllers.

We are better off letting your own immune system create the fever.  It's the fever (heat) that these viruses are very fragile too.  Don't mess with the body's natural response to these viruses.


Public Notice to Steven T. Mnuchin and The Joint Chiefs, 1, 2, 3

By Anna Von Reitz

The Devil "mirrors" everything, so that the world of illusion can be easily mistaken for the actual world. No wonder, then, that his children, the Central Bankers, do the same thing. It's like bees building a hive for them. They create "mirrors" the same way they create idols, with much the same effect--- to fool and confuse other people, while protecting and enriching themselves.
It is simple enough to see if you are looking.

Back in 1937, the Pope's Municipal Government agreed with the Queen's Territorial (Commonwealth) Government [--- which is also ultimately owned by the Pope, because the Queen acts as his Overseer of the Commonwealth --- ]to construct such a "mirrored" government structure in America.

They provided for it with a written agreement called "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".

This document unwittingly admits that these are foreign governments in "The United States" ---- and then goes on to describe their "continuity of Government" scheme, in which they divvy up the payola.
You may have heard those words in recent newscasts -- "continuity of government" coming out of Washington, DC. I have.

Both foreign governmental services corporations (US, INC. and USA, Inc.) agreed to set up parallel (that is, mirror image) governmental structures and departments --- and of course, both agreed to charge the American States and People for this "service".

That is, they agreed to Double Dip for their mutual benefit. And why not? They both ultimately belong to the Pope anyway. They might as well collaborate, right?

So, that is how we come to have:
The U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and the United States Department of Labor....
The IRS and the Internal Revenue Service....
The DOD and the Department of Defense....

See the Schtick in action?

We have (and have paid for) at least two of everything. In some cases, like "the" and "The" and "THE" US TREASURY, U.S. TREASURY, Department of the Treasury, Department of The United States Treasury, Department of the United States Treasury, Department of the U.S. Treasury, Dept. of the U.S. Treasury..... well, you see my point.....we have paid for many more than two of everything.

Their excuse for this is to "provide continuity of government", but it is actually necessary only when one or the other goes bankrupt for the purpose of escaping their own debt and shifting the burden of their debt to their "presumed sureties" ---- their hapless, erstwhile, "apparently" unrepresented absentee Employers, the American States and People.

While the cats have been away, the mice have indeed played.

But now, we're back, and having found ourselves so far disrespected and dis-served by our purported Trustees and our Public Employees, we have lifted our hands and declared and corrected our actual political status records and have assembled our States of the Union and staffed our unincorporated Federation of States, and we have taken the field and said--- Whoa!

Not only that, we have observed that: (1) we have never been informed of all these provisions being taken "for" us by our employees; (2) we have an explicit contract and stipulations in place, the respective Constitutions, which they have no right or reason to change or abrogate; (3) any pretense that our government has ever ceased to function simply because the Confederation ceased to function is obvious bunk; (4) we do not stand as sureties for the debts of our employees apart from the services approved by the Constitutions; (5) we have not mortgaged our land or soil in their favor; (6) they have no authority to take any mortgage or hypothecate any debt against our property interests; (7) the rules, regulations, codes, and statutes of legislation apply to government workers, and not to us; (8) the only law pertaining to our relationship with any Federal Employee, whether a direct employee of one of the Municipal or Territorial Corporations, or an employee of one of their franchises operating as a "State of State" --- is the appropriate Constitution, as that Constitution existed in 1860. There has been no consensual agreement otherwise.

They have used and abused our credit apart from our consent, and for purposes never intended, which renders their actions and claims that we are standing as sureties for them and their debts invalid. These are Odious Debts, Mr. Mnuchin, and are Odious Debts on the face of them.

We don't even have a contract with any incorporated entities "doing business as" the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia, the United States, Inc. or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, etc.

Our contracts are with the actual Principals -- the Holy See, Westminster, and the British Monarch.
These Principals are 100% responsible for the actions, debts, and failure of these chartered entities to perform according to their contracts and obligations and all the harm-- physical, fiscal, and economic-- inflicted upon our persons and property by these foreign incorporated "service" organizations operating on our shores.

So now they are scurrying around making preparations for one of the "sets" of departments and agencies to disappear under a cloud of bankruptcy protection that should never be allowed.
The Municipal set of Bad Actors is being liquidated, because, of the two, it is closest to home (the Pope) and clearly was never allowed by the constitutional agreements.

The Territorial Government has at least some claim to have been granted a "custodial" role with respect to some of our property, and was granted some ability to establish federal arsenals and similar military-related facilities on our land and soil. It is also charged with providing us with physical protection under "mutual defense" agreements. So now, the Territorial Government comes forward to receive the debts of the Municipal Government as credit owed to the actual American States and People.

A shell game within a shell game, unless the assets are actually returned to the American States and People.

What you are seeing is a flip-flop, to different faces of the same Papal coin.

This version is run by the Queen as the Pope's Overseer of the Commonwealth, and is not an expression of the American Government at all, though it is under contract to serve us in "good faith".
Thus, you will no longer see references to "the" President of "the" United States but you will see references to "the" President of "the" United States of America.

The actual and factual government of this country, vested in the people, "woke up" in 1998 and has pursued correction and recoupment ever since; a plot by our employees to mis-characterize American babies as United States Citizens (Territorials) and as "citizens of the United States" (Municipals) both, was discovered.

It follows the Anti-Reformation Playbook published by King James 1, entitled "The Bounty Book".
This blackguard operation was implemented via the use of False Registrations and semantic deceit, resulting in the issuance of "Birth Certificates" and the human trafficking of millions of American Babies' identities into foreign jurisdictions, and their subjugation under foreign law, as if they had been conscripted into the French Foreign Legion.

This is crime against humanity and is forbidden as a capital crime by both the Hague Conventions and the Geneva Conventions, as well as standing against the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in violation of all three Federal Constitutions, Article IV, which requires our Trustees and Employees to protect our Persons and also forbids Bills of Attainder.

Millions of Americans have been arrested and jailed under conditions imposed by this constructive fraud and false impersonation, unjustifiably taxed and harassed under the same False Presumption of foreign citizenship obligations, their property has been confiscated without compensation, False Titles have been introduced and imposed upon their land and soil assets, and then used to enforce mortgages the American States and People never owed, and property and income tax taxation schemes that they likewise never owed, plus "Credit Card" and "Loan" schemes that "loaned" them their own credit, based on their own assets.

The Principal Trustees, the Pope and the Queen, stand in Gross Breach of Trust, held responsible for the actions of the incorporated privateers that they have unleashed and allowed to act as Predators upon us, in violation of our Treaties, in violation of their respective Constitutional agreements with us, and also in violation of the resulting Commercial Services Contracts.

They are presently engaged in what they euphemistically call a "re-venue", in which the above-described flip-flop of Servicers results in the debts owed by the bankrupt Municipal United States Government becoming credits purportedly owed to the Territorial Government ---- but in fact, all credit and all underlying assets belong to the American States and People, and any "re-venue" to the Territorial Government (International Sea Jurisdiction) must immediately pass through to their Federation of States, The United States of America (International Land Jurisdiction) and thence back home to the States and People where it belongs, together with all right, title and interest in their soil and land and all other physical assets, their homes, businesses, roads, factories, and natural resources, all lawful corporations chartered under their auspices, all patents, copyrights, trademarks, legal titles, stocks, bonds, certificates, pension funds and other intellectual property naturally belonging to them, all script issued on their credit, all gold, silver, and precious metals they are owed, all DNA collected from them, all identifications issued to them, and all other aspects of private and public property ownership that are rightfully theirs.

All Federal Employees and Subcontractors of any ilk whatsoever, including Interpol Officers, like Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin and Mr. Michael Pompeo, must come to heel and regurgitate the assets they have held onto "for" us all these years --- or be proven nothing but international criminals and pirates engaged in piracy and other acts of non-consensual fraud and theft upon our shores.

Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin, as a Public Fiduciary and as a Private Fiduciary, has been and is hereby instructed to remove all Municipal deposits being held or received to a pass through account, The United States of America 1789, and from there to collect deposits owed to The united States of America 1787, including the State Trusts styled as "Ohio State", "Wisconsin State" and so on, and to remove all those accounts--- the Municipal deposits, the Territorial deposits, the Federal State deposits, including the Federal State Trusts, and all franchise deposits thereof, to another pass through account, The United States of America 1776, organized with one main international mercantile account, and fifty (50) State sub-accounts, one each for each of the States of the Union.

Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin is hereby and in public instructed to faithfully and fully re-venue all accounts and all property on deposit and all assets and paper representations of assets, including all American-based birth and baptismal certificates, gold, silver, and other assets of Americans on deposit with any and all branches of the "United States Treasury" however styled or described, the DTCC, Federal Reserve, the IMF, World Bank, IBRD, BIS, or any other bank anywhere worldwide, to the ownership and control of the American Depositors, their States, and their Federation of States: The United States of America [Unincorporated].

We rely upon Mr. Mnuchin as referenced above and upon Mr. Donald J. Trump, acting in their offices as the Comptrollers of the Exchange Stabilization Fund to accomplish and encourage the appropriate actions needed to repatriate American assets to America and to revenue those assets completely, all the way back to the American States and People that the assets and credit actually belong to.

We likewise request and require the Joint Chiefs and their Bankers to close all commercial banks within their system and to reopen them as mercantile banks under new management no later than June 17, 2020, and to do this as quietly and with as little disruption as possible.

The Re-Venue must be complete or its not a Re-Venue. Likewise, the Jubilee must be delivered to those it applies to, or its not a Jubilee.

You have our permission to arrest and confine all members of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families pending disposition of their cases. Encourage them to cooperate, and if they refuse, try them for their crimes against humanity before a military tribunal --- and hang them.

It's down to them or you.


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Covid 19 "S" and Covid 19 "L" Are Now Accounted For

By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, the things you find in the Patent Offices of the world....

So, we have the Patent issued to the British Pirbright Institute for one "novel" Coronavirus (that is, deliberately modified Common Cold Virus) -- Virus "L" presumably, Prince Philip's Filthy. Mean-Spirited Behest to the World,  and, here we have another, earlier version, patented to the US Government, presumably Virus "S" --- both identified in China as part of the current outbreak. 

Mere words do not express my irritation, could not possibly convey my ire.

These rotten-malignant-disgusting-deplorable-sick-pathetic-excuses-for-rat-shit-morons have done this to try to cover their tracks and find an excuse to send people pathetic little settlement "offers" for their claims against the UNITED STATES, INC., bankruptcy, disguised as "help" to offset the ravages of a "global pandemic" scare ginned up by the same-useless-stupid-corrupt-nasty-inexcusable-selfish-disloyal-dishonorable-maggots.

Take the bankers out and kick the ever-loving crap right out of them.  Now!

They've ridden us like donkeys for 150 years and its  time they got off and walked!

You can tell Mr. Rothschild I will go one-on-one with him any time he wants.

I didn't fear his Father and I sure as Hell won't fear him or his brothers or any of his whelps.

The Pirbright Institute Patent has already been "fully disclosed" and posted.  And now, hear this: 

See page-9, of this 72-page, 2007 US-Patent-Application #US007220852B1 for the "Invention of CoronaVirus/SARS-CoV"::


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Point of Order!

By Anna Von Reitz

The tests being used to purportedly detect COVID-19 are yielding between 50 and 80 percent "False Positive" results.

This means that between half and three-quarters of all the people testing "positive" as having COVID-19 are not in fact infected by COVID-19.  Uh-duh.

So all those numbers?  Are bogus.

Many of those testing positive most likely have some normal influenza virus fragments drifting around their system---- don't forget normal influenza is still present and still infecting millions of people worldwide. 

So, use your silly heads.  Regular, Old Hoss Influenza, our constant companion, known as The Common Cold, is still being passed around as usual, infecting as many people as usual, causing as many problems as usual. 

Just because someone coughs, sneezes, or tests "positive" for coronavirus (Common Cold) does NOT mean that they are infected with "the" coronavirus that has been tweaked by these madmen ---those who need to be caught and hanged from very high trees.

And, even if someone really IS infected with the bio-engineered variety of COVID-19, there are two strains of the bio-engineered crud, which the Chinese have identified as "S" strain and "L" strain.   S is much less lethal than L and far more common. 

All this has been brought to us by the sicko British, again, transported by clueless Americans used as dumb mules, and has nothing to do with China. 

This is an Eff Up of our completely untrustworthy "Allies" and our own unfathomably stupid "Intelligence" Community and equally mindless "Defense" Contractors. 

With them on our side, who needs enemies? 

And in case you really want to know what is going on, who planned it, who is responsible, and who needs the ever-loving crap kicked completely out of them ---- here it is, in living color, the "Event 201 Global Pandemic" rehearsal held in December 2019 to force this "agenda" globally.

Please watch and then prepare to tear off your masks and go after every politician, every military officer, and every FAKE NEWS Mogul on this planet:



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By Anna Von Reitz

One of the worst things about the entire experience of my long trek through history and Legalese-Land and the observation of the constant, purposeful, diabolical lying associated with most of it---- is that I have had to learn how to think like the rats. 

My sympathies to Christopher Walken's Crazy Exterminator character in the movie, "Mousetrap". 

Their mode of thinking and operating can only be described as "diabolical".

It's all based on models of things that Satan did in the Bible.

His Half-Truth to Eve in the Garden of Eden: "You won't die (at least not right away) if you eat that apple...."

His non-answer to Jacob: "Who do you say I am?"  (Hint: that "Angel" that Jacob fought at Beth-El wasn't Our Father---leads to hiding identities and creating False Names and False assumptions about identities, just like they do with the whole Birth Certificate process.)

His Temptation of Yeshuah: "Hey, I'll give you all this.... the world's riches, etc..... if you bow down and worship me!" 

It's weird, but it's true, that if you study the Bible from their twisted perspective, you will learn how they think.  You will learn what they do. 

You will be able to recognize them from the way they twist and turn like worms on a hook when you address them in a forthright manner. 

If you go through and mark down absolutely everything that Satan did and said, you will have a copy of the Enemy's Playbook.  Study what Satan says and how he works things, and you will be able to recognize and outsmart his children when they come to do you wrong.

But, of course, the downside to this, is that you will: (1) quickly realize how much of the world around you is predicated on Satan's wiles instead of the True God's truth; (2) how many good people unwittingly fall into his snares; (3) how his "children" constantly and deliberately lie and set others up to make false assumptions; (4) how Satan mirrors everything, creating illusions and images that keep us from enjoying and possessing what is actual; (5) how Satan encourages and promotes idolatry "in the name of the  God"; (6) how Satan and his children always aim to get two, three, or more "birds" with one stone; (7) how they deliberately lead astray and mis-represent things, so that others are confused and the trusting are destroyed; (8) how they mock others and are so proud of their evil, believing that it will never catch up with them.

As you are learning all this and observing how clueless people are, you will find it revolting, but strangely fascinating, too.  How, you will wonder, is it possible that they get away with all this crappola, unobserved? 

We are encouraged to study the words and acts of Jesus and his Disciples, so that we gain instruction in what is right, but we miss out on the study of what is wrong--- with the result that we go like lambs to the slaughter, and are easy prey for these monsters in suits, playing their word games and deceits---including the corrupt Men of the Cloth.

Did you hear that some Israeli company is going to send us six million pills of hydroxy-chloro-quinone for free?  One for every Jewish person murdered by Hitler? 

But the gift takes on a different character when you realize that hydroxy-chloro-quinone is another name for Co-Enzyme Q-10, and there's the "Q" again. 

QinetiQ, Inc., Co-Enzyme Q-10, and we all know about "Q" and the "Q" shaped driveway around JFK's tomb, and QFS and Quantitative Easing, and QEII….

Well, you all catch my drift and see my point: Q,Q,Q,Q,Q,.....

None of this is by accident, people, and none of it is the product of "right thinking" --- it's all diabolical in nature, and it's all connected, and it all runs to and through Israel and the Synagogue of Satan and the "Federal Reserve" which isn't "Federal" and isn't a "Reserve". 

I have told you that this most modern rendition of this Galloping Criminality began in the 1850's and 60's with the ascension of Benjamin D'Israeli as the British Lord of the Exchequer and later, Prime Minister. 

I have shown you all how "terms of art" and "special definitions" of words were used to create false assumptions and false identities.  "Enfranchisement" was presented as "empowerment" instead of "enslavement".  "Person" was changed to mean "corporation". 

Strawmen, Black Magic word-poppets, were created to "represent" the estates of living men and women, then used to "impersonate" those same men and women and subject them to crimes of personage and barratry.

Oh, yes, it's all very clear where the connections run and the mode of thinking and action employed, it's all 100% Satanic, and yes, it all runs to and through the Synagogue of Satan and the Ten "Lost to God" Tribes.

Not to be confused with the religion of Judaism, or its adherents.

No, we are talking here about their erring brethren, the members of the Synagogue -- the School --- of Satan.  Satan is their Master, literally their Teacher. 

So, we looked at the beginning of the Modern Malaise under Queen Victoria and found its roots in Satanic practices and modes of thinking, and we found the Fake Jew connection, but if you go back further to Queen Elizabeth I, the Original "Q", and her mentor, Dr. John Dee, and to the Book of Enoch, and to the summoning of Fallen Angels and Demons ---you will arrive at The Great Fire of London ---- aka, the Holocaust of the English People.

You will find the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, where the government gained an excuse to seize upon private property and "manage it" for the absent owners. And to the Habeas Corpus Acts of that time period, too.  

And then, also, you will go back to the 1217 Covenant of the Commonwealth, where the Church gained the "eternal" right to possess the land and inheritance of "paupers" vouchsafed to its care by the King of England.

Always the same MO: deceit based on wordplay, theft based on illusions and false claims, destruction of books and written records, all studded with "sacrifices" raised as "Holocausts": Jerusalem, Balbek, Alexandria, Carthage, Rome, London, Dresden, Hitler's Crematoriums, the Twin Towers, Paradise, California, Australia 2019.

None of any of this is by accident.  Satan is the one who destroys by fire. Satan is the one who "loves the smell of burning flesh".  The True God is the one who says, "I did not command that you pass your sons and daughters through fire.... I never thought of such a thing!" 

We must recognize them for what they are, in their dark, hooded robes, circling around and around the giant effigy of a dead baby, attempting to seal their Black Magic.

We must raise our voices and blow the trumpets loud, disperse their smoke and crack their mirrors, dispel their word-deceits, and cast aside their would-be chains, expose their plots, and undermine their ways.

Wherever there is a bridge, let them fall into the torrent beneath it.  Wherever there is a stairway, let them fall.  Whatever they attempt, let it fail. 

Let God's True Angels dog their footsteps and take their breath. Let no peace be in them, no promise, no life, either; let no true thing at all abide with them and may they be cast out into the darkness they crave, and may the doorway to the Abyss shut behind them with a "clang!"  

I am surprised they didn't rename the Common Cold Virus Qovid-19, but perhaps even they hesitated to push it that far.


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Overwhelming Response -- With Regard to Joint Action

By Anna Von Reitz

When I invited people to join in a Joint Action to hold the perpetrators and patent-holders of the Corona-19 Virus accountable, I got an overwhelming response --- literally. It also became quickly apparent that most people were thinking of such an action at Common Law as if it were a Class Action --- which it is not. 
Common Law requires actual harm down to actual people, not "classes" of people, so claims have to be specific and verifiable claims of harm --- for example---- I am a business owner, and I had to destroy my entire stock of open-bin animal feeds, for fear of contamination.... I am a restaurant owner and the forced closure cost me the loss of at least a month's worth of average receipts.... I am a waitress and I lost my job, leaving me destitute.... I am a middle manager for a corporation that had to shut down operations due to the pandemic... I lost my job and custody of my kids.... I got sick with the virus and had to spend a month in the hospital....

The harm or cost in a Common Law Case has to be direct, specific harm to a living man or woman, or to their property, and there must be some reasonable means to measure that harm --- for example, job loss/lost income, business loss/lost receipts, medical costs, foreclosure caused by job loss, etc., etc.

To help people get a better idea of what is involved in this specific situation, we've drafted a "Joint Action Package" to explain these requirements and where things stand with addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic. This package is being made available for download and includes a Claim Form. My FB friends will need to go to either my website: or to

The Living Law Firm is entertaining such Joint Action in the Public Interest and beginning the process, but everyone needs to realize that this is a developing situation and much of the evidence needed to pursue damage claims won't be immediately available. For example, the genetic sequencing of the virus taken from patients has to be matched against known laboratory strains and patents of coronavirus held by foreign corporations. 
This is not going to be any Quick Fix, and should be viewed as action taken primarily in the Public Interest to discourage corporations from pursuing development of bio-warfare agents, profit-making based on creating disease, death, and disruption, and similar activities. It may also be used to discipline the Patent Office for clearing criminal patents and to break the corporate veil protecting military subcontractors -- allowing military subcontractors to pursue aims that are not permitted to their government agency employers, yet occurring under the guise and protection of "National Security" concerns.

There are presently two strains of COVID-19 which the Chinese have dubbed "S" and "L". Their exact relationship to each other and to the patented strains of the coronavirus and other SARS-viruses is not yet clear. 
These two different strains are significantly different in their overall presentation and impact, with the "S" variety more likely to cause a more conventional and survivable illness, while the "L" variation causes much more serious medical problems and rates of mortality.

Efforts to properly identify the virus and virus type are being hampered by the extremely infectious character of both strains, and limited medical personnel and resources available to capture base-line data on each case. Much-needed sampling and autopsy work is being sacrificed to deal with the urgent care caseload. 
This may mean delays or loss of critical evidence needed to tie the specific virus to specific cases, and may serve to weaken our ability to claim damages from the patent-holders, but we are hopeful that enough data will be collected and correlated to enable a successful Joint Action to recoup at least some damages and to accomplish our Public Interest Mission of discouraging these activities by corporations. 
We will try to re-contact those who emailed me and forward the Joint Action Package, but owing to the volume of responses, if you don't hear from us in the next day or two, please go to my website to download the Joint Action Package directly.


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