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Monday, February 3, 2020

Trading Upon, Selling, and Giving Away What Isn't Theirs

By Anna Von Reitz

What if I offered to sell you the Empire State Building?
What kinds of questions would roll through your mind?
You'd probably be stunned and think: wow, this lady owns the Empire State Building? Then you might stop and think --- is she talking about "the" Empire State Building in New York? Or some other "Empire State Building"?
And then, depending on whether or not you were interested in such an acquisition, you might ask other questions and want to see proof of ownership, condition of the building, tax status, and all the rest of the issues that go into buying such a thing.
The Big Point is, that when someone sells us something, we want to make sure that they own it and have an actual, factual interest in it. We want to nail down exactly what that interest is and what we are talking about.
What if, instead, I offered you office space in the Empire State Building? Now, we are talking about a lease instead of a sale. Different questions arise. Now, we are quibbling over how many square feet, access, utilities, insurance, and all those sorts of things.
The Big Point is, that when we lease something we have different concerns. Please note that because it is a far lesser offer overall, our attention shifts from the Big Picture of who does the building belong to, to the details of the offer.
For some reason our logic circuits work perfectly fine when we are dealing with an individual, but slap a different name on the Seller or purported Landlord ---- a name like: the State of Nevada, or the Federal Land Office or the Federal Taxing Authority---- and all such good sense flies out the window.
We just assume that we are dealing with "the" government and that the government is legitimate and acting within the Public Law and for the Public Interest.
None of those assumptions are valid.
The actual government is just now lifting its hand and waking up and doing its job. During the last 150 years, this country has been run by a progressively corrupt series of foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing "governmental services".
They've come in here and sold everyone a Bill of Goods "in the name of" the actual government, and as a result, everything is messed up.
Can a Third Party acting in my name actually sell you my land? Without my knowledge and consent? Obviously not.
Can they legitimately act as my Proprietor/Custodian and lease my land to you? That depends on whether or not they have a contract to do so.
Over the last few days numerous people have been sending me maps showing "Federal Land Ownership" all over this country, and especially in the western United States.
People are assuming that this means that the Federal Government owns all that land as the actual landlord, but instead, the Federal corporations, including their State of State corporate franchises, are acting as custodians of land that belongs to the actual State and the People.
The Territorial United States Government has a contract to do this, under the provisions of The Northwest Ordinance, so long as the area in question is still a "Territory or Possession". And that is, in fact, the situation in much of the western United States.
Those millions of acres of "Federal Land" in Nevada and Utah and Arizona and Colorado and other places throughout the western United States don't actually belong to the Federal Subcontractors, but they are still operating as custodians under the Northwest Ordinance because the actual State has not taken possession.
The actual State isn't "organized" and "peopled" --- at least according to those who are profiting themselves at our expense. So the Federal Subcontractors conveniently retain control of land that should by all rights be directly managed by the People of these States acting under their own initiative.
The same Federal Subcontractors routinely hand out homestead land, mining contracts, grazing rights, water rights, and organize "soil districts" and "zoning districts" and districts on top of districts to milk and bilk profit out of resources that aren't theirs, by "regulating" those State resources and providing services that the People of each State should be overseeing and providing for themselves.
This is part of the reason that it is so necessary for the People of this country to wake up and get organized by declaring their correct political status and conducting their own business affairs.
Gangs of corporations led by persons like Harry Reid have been pillaging the resources of these western States for years and using every excuse in the book for continuing the "Federal" proprietorship, aka, "ownership".
Look up the legal definition of "ownership".
Here in Alaska, only 1-3% of the land is in private hands, and actual private land ownership is virtually unknown because aside from a few actual State-issued mining claims and oddball treaty enclaves, land "sales" and homestead claims are administered by a federal franchise "State of State" that doesn't actually have the authority to dispose of our land on any permanent basis.
Land sales under such a system are actually just "future lease purchase agreements" ---- illusory sales contracts that may or may not take place in the future when the actual People of this State wake up, get their State Assembly properly organized, and start taking care of their own business.
This is happening now all over the country, but especially in the western States, such action by local people is urgently necessary. Why? Because the Federal Subcontractors which are all operated as private, for-profit commercial corporations are purposefully going bankrupt --- and when the "US Trustees" come in to administer the bankruptcy of the "proprietors" it appears that nobody is left in charge of these lands and resources.
Where are the actual owners?
Where, indeed.
We are right here, half asleep.
Until we wake up and stand up, together, as the People of each State, it LOOKS like the land of this country is abandoned. It LOOKS like its all up for grabs and available to be sold or re-sold by the US [Bankruptcy] Trustees to satisfy the creditors of these foreign "federal" corporations.
It LOOKS this way because millions of Americans have been misidentified as "US Citizens" and as "citizens of the United States" when in fact, we are neither. It LOOKS this way because millions of Americans have been kept ignorant of the actual situation and therefore fail to take action in their own best interest and the best interests of their country.
And this is why, among other reasons, that you need to go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly. net --- and reclaim your identity as an American and start operating your State Assembly.


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Mia Culpa

By Anna Von Reitz

So now Kim Possible and Tommy are misquoting something I said, embroidering it beyond any recognition and imputing all sorts of vile motivations to me in the middle of their imagination.  They are frustrated.  And it never occurs to them that maybe the problem lies within themselves.  

Maybe they aren't doing the right thing for the right reasons, so they are getting short-circuited. 

The truth is that, yes, I am blocking things  --- not in the way and not for the motivations that Kim and Company have attributed to me, but yes, both Kim and I are blocking things from progressing.  

Women block things. 

Men release things. 

The more important and interesting question is why are we blocking progress that would, in theory, help everyone on this planet?  

Kim is blocking progress unconsciously.  

And I am blocking Kim, because I am conscious. 

It's time for the Earth and the people on it  to experience new energy and new direction --- it is literally time for what is called a New Era or Age to begin, and most of us have heard this for a long time: The Age of Aquarius.  We are living in a time that is literally called The Turning of the Age. 

During The Turning of the Age, new energies and new guardians come into play as one kind of energy and focus shifts into a new "key" so to speak.  Life shifts into a new chord progression.  A new song begins.  

We are leaving behind the Age of Pisces and the lingering influences of earlier Ages, too.  

Pisces is a domain of illusions and delusions, a watery world that is dim and fertile and veiled; think of trying to see underwater, and you will get the flavor of of it.   

All the unresolved struggles and aims of humanity cycle through Pisces, where we revisit our largely subconscious struggles.  

For the past two hundred years we have been revisiting the issues of slavery and control versus learning to make freewill choices and allowing others to do the same. 

This is not the first time that humanity has addressed these themes. We all know about the slavery in the Deep South, we should all know that Rome was built by slaves, Washington, DC and Wall Street were built by slaves, the Roman Catholic Church was largely built by voluntary slaves --- who called themselves Bondsmen of Christ. 

So as we have re-addressed this duality between freewill and enslavement there have been many wars and struggles that --- whether people know it or not -- were all about slavery at a very basic level.  

The powers and guardians and forces that have dominated our world for centuries have been obsessed and polarized between the energies of freedom, and the energies of enslavement, stumped by the concept of Free Men as Kings in their own right.  

Right now, there are many persons in our world who are still fixated on this -- people who have devoted their lives to creating a new system of Corporate Feudalism  in order to enslave and control everything and everyone for their own enrichment.  

They have created a bicameral Ruling Council, similar to a Parliament, where there is a House of Lords made up of hereditary princes and nobles, and a House of Bankers and Industrialists.  

Between them, they propose to own and control the entire planet, with all the real power being wielded by the same hereditary Poobahs that have been  profiting from and promoting slavery all along.  

This is just their latest iteration of the Same Old Same Old. 

They have already contrived to own everyone and everything on paper and have done this by a system of fraud and false claims in commerce and organized racketeering under color of law.  

That's really where things sit, worldwide.  We have a gang of criminals in control, but here's the point---- they have no right or authority to do any of this.  

In fact, Freewill is already Universal Law.  The issue of slavery--- or not--- is already decided.  The only place it isn't decided is in their minds. 

Bottom line --- they may still be clinging and rehashing and trying to bring themselves and their system of enslavement for profit forward, but their time to dominate the Earth is literally over and it is time for them to leave the stage. 

The new Guardians and the new creative energies have come.  The Turning of the Age has come, with their druthers or without them. 

The so-called "Indigo Children" are here for their shift and they have no notion of slavery, no tradition of enslaving others, no attachment to the issue of slavery at all.  They don't believe in it.  Slavery is no longer "the" issue for the new time we are facing, nor is it even on the agenda. 

We are now well and truly launched into The Age of Aquarius and there is no going back to the dreamy, delusional, secretive, self-absorbed, ego-driven, semi-conscious, fearful, spiteful, self-aggrandizing, insecure, hypocritical, dishonest, infantile Age of Pisces --- and all the slave and control systems that made it run.  

It's gone and every day that passes, it's influence wanes, and it's focus dissolves.  You might as well try to capture a sunbeam as try to bring back The Age of Pisces, and frankly, for my part, good riddance. 

I am sorry that there are still souls so dead and dumb that they think that they can get ahead by enslaving others, but it really is over 150 years since slavery was abolished in America, and almost a hundred years (1926) after both slavery and involuntary peonage were outlawed worldwide, two hundred years after press-ganging was outlawed....  

I am sorry that there are souls so traumatized and fearful that they think they have to control everything and everyone.  You can see them walking around anxious, hand-wringing, victims of unbalanced psychotic obsession, wild-eyed women who look as unhinged as the heroine in a Stephen King movie, mumbling about "climate change" when it's clear that they know nothing whatsoever about science and are simply scared out of their wits by these devious, self-interested, money-grubbing priests and politicians. 

Well, bah-humbug to all that, too.  

Certain people who are trying to put Kim in power and use her to control the flow of assets throughout the world -- all according their direction and for their benefit, of course, still haven't heard the news, blinked their eyes, and taken in The Turning of the Age.   

This is literally a new time and new energies are flooding through the world.  There's no point in trying to fight it or to cling to what is already gone.  

It's a new school year.  New teachers. New things to learn.  New horizons and capabilities opening up.  New subjects.  A whole new world is being born and the old world is passing away.  

Those who are fixated on slavery, and still trying to benefit themselves from it,  will have to review its evils on their own time, like a remedial reading class. The rest of us have already entered the new time-space and are forging ahead. 

This new world is not part of the old world.  It doesn't depend on the lies and mechanisms of the Piscean Age, and isn't actually growing out of those systems at all.  There is a severance in place between Then and Now. 

The new world doesn't look back to the departed purported glories of Rome with any fondness or nostalgia.  It doesn't regard the end of "perpetual war" with any regret.  It doesn't credit or condemn anyone for their ancestors. Or their color. Or their religious beliefs. 

Instead, the New Era looks at each one of us and asks in a friendly way--- who are you?  What can you contribute to a better tomorrow?  

Kim and those sponsoring her, people who have actually attempted to steal the wealth of the world and make themselves out Good Fellows by distributing what is literally other people's money, aren't functioning in harmony with the honest and logical energy of Aquarius.  They are still mucking around in Pisces. 

And yes, I blocked them.  I will continue to block them and anyone else who wants to enslave the world and use other people's money to do it.  I will pooh-pooh any bogus arbitrary "reset", too. Any chipping of people like cattle. Any intrusion into our privacy or claim of right over our bodies.  

Those are all actions and thought patterns of Pisces.  And Pisces is officially out the door now.  

That's why these Wheeler Dealers feel like they are swimming upstream against a mighty, silent tide of cold molasses.  That's why they are exposed on every side and stumbling and stammering and unable to cope.  That's why nothing works for them anymore.  That's why their methods and assumptions don't work anymore.  

The world changed for the better while they weren't looking. 

Their topics and schemes and lies don't matter anymore. That's why their political parties are falling apart. That's why Nightly "News" viewership is down 80% and the New York Times is rapidly becoming a financial Black Hole for its owners.  

Like dinosaurs they've had their day.  And now, it's over. 

I bypassed them.  And blocked them. 

And so can you.  


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