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Monday, February 3, 2020

Trading Upon, Selling, and Giving Away What Isn't Theirs

By Anna Von Reitz

What if I offered to sell you the Empire State Building?
What kinds of questions would roll through your mind?
You'd probably be stunned and think: wow, this lady owns the Empire State Building? Then you might stop and think --- is she talking about "the" Empire State Building in New York? Or some other "Empire State Building"?
And then, depending on whether or not you were interested in such an acquisition, you might ask other questions and want to see proof of ownership, condition of the building, tax status, and all the rest of the issues that go into buying such a thing.
The Big Point is, that when someone sells us something, we want to make sure that they own it and have an actual, factual interest in it. We want to nail down exactly what that interest is and what we are talking about.
What if, instead, I offered you office space in the Empire State Building? Now, we are talking about a lease instead of a sale. Different questions arise. Now, we are quibbling over how many square feet, access, utilities, insurance, and all those sorts of things.
The Big Point is, that when we lease something we have different concerns. Please note that because it is a far lesser offer overall, our attention shifts from the Big Picture of who does the building belong to, to the details of the offer.
For some reason our logic circuits work perfectly fine when we are dealing with an individual, but slap a different name on the Seller or purported Landlord ---- a name like: the State of Nevada, or the Federal Land Office or the Federal Taxing Authority---- and all such good sense flies out the window.
We just assume that we are dealing with "the" government and that the government is legitimate and acting within the Public Law and for the Public Interest.
None of those assumptions are valid.
The actual government is just now lifting its hand and waking up and doing its job. During the last 150 years, this country has been run by a progressively corrupt series of foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing "governmental services".
They've come in here and sold everyone a Bill of Goods "in the name of" the actual government, and as a result, everything is messed up.
Can a Third Party acting in my name actually sell you my land? Without my knowledge and consent? Obviously not.
Can they legitimately act as my Proprietor/Custodian and lease my land to you? That depends on whether or not they have a contract to do so.
Over the last few days numerous people have been sending me maps showing "Federal Land Ownership" all over this country, and especially in the western United States.
People are assuming that this means that the Federal Government owns all that land as the actual landlord, but instead, the Federal corporations, including their State of State corporate franchises, are acting as custodians of land that belongs to the actual State and the People.
The Territorial United States Government has a contract to do this, under the provisions of The Northwest Ordinance, so long as the area in question is still a "Territory or Possession". And that is, in fact, the situation in much of the western United States.
Those millions of acres of "Federal Land" in Nevada and Utah and Arizona and Colorado and other places throughout the western United States don't actually belong to the Federal Subcontractors, but they are still operating as custodians under the Northwest Ordinance because the actual State has not taken possession.
The actual State isn't "organized" and "peopled" --- at least according to those who are profiting themselves at our expense. So the Federal Subcontractors conveniently retain control of land that should by all rights be directly managed by the People of these States acting under their own initiative.
The same Federal Subcontractors routinely hand out homestead land, mining contracts, grazing rights, water rights, and organize "soil districts" and "zoning districts" and districts on top of districts to milk and bilk profit out of resources that aren't theirs, by "regulating" those State resources and providing services that the People of each State should be overseeing and providing for themselves.
This is part of the reason that it is so necessary for the People of this country to wake up and get organized by declaring their correct political status and conducting their own business affairs.
Gangs of corporations led by persons like Harry Reid have been pillaging the resources of these western States for years and using every excuse in the book for continuing the "Federal" proprietorship, aka, "ownership".
Look up the legal definition of "ownership".
Here in Alaska, only 1-3% of the land is in private hands, and actual private land ownership is virtually unknown because aside from a few actual State-issued mining claims and oddball treaty enclaves, land "sales" and homestead claims are administered by a federal franchise "State of State" that doesn't actually have the authority to dispose of our land on any permanent basis.
Land sales under such a system are actually just "future lease purchase agreements" ---- illusory sales contracts that may or may not take place in the future when the actual People of this State wake up, get their State Assembly properly organized, and start taking care of their own business.
This is happening now all over the country, but especially in the western States, such action by local people is urgently necessary. Why? Because the Federal Subcontractors which are all operated as private, for-profit commercial corporations are purposefully going bankrupt --- and when the "US Trustees" come in to administer the bankruptcy of the "proprietors" it appears that nobody is left in charge of these lands and resources.
Where are the actual owners?
Where, indeed.
We are right here, half asleep.
Until we wake up and stand up, together, as the People of each State, it LOOKS like the land of this country is abandoned. It LOOKS like its all up for grabs and available to be sold or re-sold by the US [Bankruptcy] Trustees to satisfy the creditors of these foreign "federal" corporations.
It LOOKS this way because millions of Americans have been misidentified as "US Citizens" and as "citizens of the United States" when in fact, we are neither. It LOOKS this way because millions of Americans have been kept ignorant of the actual situation and therefore fail to take action in their own best interest and the best interests of their country.
And this is why, among other reasons, that you need to go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly. net --- and reclaim your identity as an American and start operating your State Assembly.


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  1. Why doesn't this group get involved with other groups and we become one.
    Like team law and others in New York?
    I am preparing myself to prepare the required paperwork to free myself and have been looking into it for over a year. I do know there are other groups that I believe will enhance are efforts.
    Thanks Ken

    1. Seems Team Law disagrees with this site and others that have proven documents showing peoples successes. TL has it's agenda, none that I will ever support.

    2. Law of nature: The more people involved the more conflicts. Why? Everyone believes his/her learned info is the only truth. But the real truth may be in between. Ever wondered why we have so many religions? Same issues. There is only ONE (1) or a few Original creator(s). MOST ppl are unaware humanity is controlled by the original Creator at DNA level, not the presenters whom people called God / god. The presenters can manifest magical power too, that’s why ppl are confused.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Unknown, your belief that there are others who can enhance our efforts, well, it correctly reveals you have missed much of the point of the process necessary to re-populate our states, which could, and eventually will, lead to the undoing of our federal antagonists. But it is clear they will never stop what they are doing to us until they meet with the force of law. Until we become that force of law no group has any hope of even making a dent in their encroachment upon our lives. Until we the people manage the whole of each State of the Union little can be lawfully accomplished by anyone and the feds are completely aware of it. You need to come to grips with what it is we stand for as state citizens. I think your approach is very shallow and therefore not worthy of consideration by anyone. When you are willing to lay down your need to be heard and make the choice to grab onto the necessary substance of historical change in the making, you will then feel what it is like to beat your wings into the air resulting in a refreshing lift off. At some point you have to abandon the fence or be knocked off by your own folly. Since you have not completed your paperwork to this point, and after a year of entertainment, you very likely would not possess the necessary will power to see this to it's eventual culmination. I can assure you, since it took 150 years for us to wake up to our failures, it will take that long (or close) to implement our remedies throughout the country. Most of us who have committed our lives and fortunes to the restoration of our country to the people of the states control, as opposed to State of __________ control will likely not live to see the effectual conversion amounting to the rising of our States to their former glory. But unlike you, we have a deepening vision as we pursue the knowledge of what it will take for us to lay the proper foundation for those prepared to come along behind us and carry the torch. This journey with Anna may turn out to be the toughest climb any of us have ever imagined and undertaken. It is either in you, or it is not. In you? I think not.

    5. Read Team Laws website on the many myths in the patriot movements. I started to read the material and went straight to the myths.

      One myth... "you cannot copyright your name" Reason: There are more than one John SMith in the world. Well, I believe there is only one John Smith with that John Smiths DNA.

      Another myth: No such thing as a "strawman" it is a myth. Well, the birth certificate is a securities certificate and is evidence of a unlawful conversion, the source of the problem.

      After reading those two... I quit reading. IMO Teaming up with team law... would not be a good "marriage"..

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Unknown, please use a properly registered "name" while commenting on this blog, it will get you more respect here.

      Your question is simple to you, the answer not so much. Most groups that support patriotism have missed a step that Anna and others found to be critical to having proper (lawful) status and standing as a state-of-the-union national. Most groups get offended by Anna's work... probably cause they are so far into their own study, their own path, that they don't want to have to start over. And what Anna teaches, would force most groups to shut down and start over literally. Most groups have missed the first step of reputing the "gifted", "without consent", "not fully disclosed" citizenship with-in the corporate U.S. and the corporate UNITED STATES. USC Title 8 Section 11-01 a 21, is an interesting read. Some groups think they can win without it... I, of course, am here, with Anna.
      Just like everything in court, you first must refute any and all false or fraudulent assumptions of your citizenship and establish the proper status, standing and jurisdiction. There is a life-time more learning you will need to do.
      Once we ALL can agree on that, we will be on the path of re-construction and control of America, as it should be, as it needs to be. Stay vigilant, Net is right about how hard this journey is.

      @Net, I mean no offense big guy. Your bedside manners really really need some work. I am only one of many many people that would shake your hand, give you a hug, or want to assist you with whatever... to honor you in all your past efforts my good man.
      But no where can I believe for one second that you have any right to judge someone else's interest into a topic you are deeply tied to. And as with your sour disposition, I would think you would be happy to chat with others in helping you achieve a mutual goal you hold so dear. Please, brother, think on these words. All are needed in this journey, ALL.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate, Educate your Family, your Friends and your Neighbors, We the People NEED Unity! And we need it now!

  2. Maybe it's time to consider relocating to

    'Trump Might Trade Alaska To The Russians!' Cries Schiff During Closing Impeachment Remarks

    Bill Barr Indicts 8 For Illegally Funneling Foreign Money To Adam Schiff And Multiple Dem Senators – Daily News

    1. Bill Bar has NO authority to meddle with Americans business, to restore America. Bill is a long-term foreign agent.

    2. This is interesting from our trajectory research into our true history. Prior to 1776 we were under Tartary/Russia, when we're told it was not claimed, not cultured, but there were long existing advanced cities w magnificent buildings, roads, railroads.
      Speaking of railroads, much of what was claimed by railroad barons were rails that already existed & were dug up from mud. We see photos of them digging it out, more than building it.
      The true timeline of history is greatly reduced becuz 1000 yrs was falsely added to out timeline & names & events duplicated & sent back into history.
      Theres no Dark Ages, its a 'filler'. Same happened to our America, it has a history prior to 1776 of entire civilizations, culture. All the magnificent buildings weren't 'built' by horse & buggy. They & it were here prior. We've been LIED TO by JEWS who inserted themselves to destroy what existed for their control & profiteering.
      Alaska was acquired from Tartary/Russia. The Romanovs were usurpers upon Tartary, aided the JEWS in their capture. Maybe they knew of it all, maybe didn't know of it all.
      WHAT IF:
      "...when and how the USA was established. 'During the War of independence of North America in 1775-... an independent state – the USA was formed'... And here we realise, that it SURPRISINGLY COINCIDES WITH THE END OF THE WAR WITH 'PUGACHEV' IN RUSSIA. 'Pugachev' was crushed in 1775. Everything falls into place. 'The War of independence' in North America was the struggle with the weakening Russian Horde. The Romanovs attacked the Horde from the West. And from the East in America - it was attacked by the Americans 'fighting for independence'. Today we are told that the Americans purportedly fought for their 'independence from Britain'. In fact it was a battle for the parcelling of the vast American land of Moscow Tartary left without any central administration. In order not to miss the carve-up, the American troops were eager to get to the West and North-West. George Washington became the first president of the USA in 1776 ... It appears that he became the first new ruler in the American lands of the Russian Horde. The facts of the war with the 'Mongol' Horde were wiped clean from the pages of the textbooks on the American history. As was the fact of the existence of Moscow Tartaria on the whole. The war between the USA and the remains of the Horde continued up until the second half of the XIX century. Alaska, which remained Russian for a particularly long time, was 'bought' from the Romanovs by the Americans only in 1867...
      Thus, the USA was established in 1776 from the American splinter of the 'Mongol' Empire."

    3. IF one begins reading Fomenko's corrected history, there are terms, geography, people, events etc which have been reversed in meaning.
      -"Mongolia" is in reality a little distorted Greek word "Megalion" which means "great-Asia-Land. This name certainly can be applied to the Russia (from the point of view of western chroniclers). By the way, the name ASIA is possibly the variant of the name Jesus = Isa. In this case Asia-Land means simply Jesus-Land = Isa-Land."
      - Also, the whole of Tartary Russia was called India in the past, but was reduced to its current India geography. So as historians continue to mistake the LIES for true history, the LIES are perpetuated endlessly, folded into more lies.

    4. WHAT IF: from my previous post: "Also, the whole of Tartary Russia was called India in the past, but was reduced to its current India geography. So as historians continue to mistake the LIES for true history, the LIES are perpetuated endlessly, folded into more lies. "
      >> Columbus’ discovery of already known occupied lands occurred in 1677, not 1492. He went to India Lands = lands held by India/Tartary = Americas, it wasn't a folly. In some documentation the 'Promised Land' = Americas & Columbus is Noah.
      Upon these lands were also NATIVE WHITE TRIBES with White Chiefs, some spoke Welsh too. America's coasts had towns, then cities of magnificent architecture. Other tribes move in on these already occupied territories, but we're lied to = White Guilt by JEWS (just as JEWS ran African slave trade NOT Whites).

      There was a "V" shaped area North mid West which wasn't traversed, & there northern tribes roamed. And previously much of the west was a sea, California an island -1650 map: island. >>> Something happened to Earth, caused liquification, mud-floods, burying much, railroads too. When this happened exactly am not sure, but seems more recent.

      Apache, Navajo from west Canada, came after Whites were here. Natchez Choctaw, Chickasaw & Muskogee fled from Mexico=>Montezuma Empire. Whites rode horses, 'Indians' ate them, didn't ride them until much later. In chronicles I read, Indians were born White, lathered in oils producing a tan. Some invading tribes were tan, darker. Add: many, many Mexicans are Filipino-mix.

      "XVII century historians took the name “India” away from Russia, or the Horde, and made it correspond to a tiny part of the former Great = “Mongolian” Empire, namely, modern India"

      What is damned by JEWS but Aryans & a worldly used symbol of good, prosperity = swastika. What If India/Russia Whites were also Aryan. Amerindians use swastika!! Any wonder why JEWS criminalize it?? Why JEWS damn Aryans?? Why Germany's claim of its root people are demonized? Why Aryan languages are demonized into 'Indo' languages, but the JEWS fakery Hebrew/Habiru (Yiddish was their cryptic tongue), is very primitive, is blown way beyond proportion in relevance, like all things JEW??
      The original Japanese Samurai were White & Japanese women painted their faces White, some still do as historical culture.

      Just to blow some dust away, not to add confusion. Our history is much, much shorter timeline than we're told.

    5. still got info for you wink .

    6. Altered timeline

      1300 years of oral history that developed in to the Kabbalah, Talmud

      Those doing all these vile things upon the earth and to all of mankind will soon find out that they too have been duped and that ROME will turn on them

      Their fortunes and lands will be taken too, mark my word

      Like Mel Gibson a crypto who has a 500 acre spread in Costa Rico
      Or Ted Turner who thinks he will be left alone too

      When they turn the money supply off it will affect the cryptos too they just don't know it yet

      They were put here to do exactly what Rome intended to destroy all mankind and Rome get the whole earth including Greenland all to themselves

      Rockefeller, Rothchilds, Bundy's, Astors, DuPonts - all of them will be caught in the ROME trap as well and disposed of - ROME (aka Greenland, Atlantis, North Pole, Antarctica) will keep all the earths treasures for themselves

      Why they destroyed the Hindenburg
      Why flight paths are carefully monitored
      Pan Am Flight shot down because it was in Greenland airspace
      Drones and warning systems abound to protect Greenland

      All of these minions are working for the demise of all

  3. An update for those interested

    Have a look at a hulu special they got coming out listed within the link above

  4. I suggest that people start reading
    Created as part of NDAA

    Orders are given out at Davos, the crooks in DC only carry them out and the military is front and center in performing their given orders

    Anyone know about the G8 Sea Island Summit??

    Know how much money they have received to carry out their global objectives? Have a look

    GPOI was launched in 2005 as the U.S. contribution to the G8 Action Plan for Expanding Global Capability for Peace Support Operations, adopted at the 2004 G8 Sea Island Summit. With a total budget of approximately $1,225,000,000 from Fiscal Years (FY) 2005-2019

    Switzerland is the home base

    Rome is calling the shots out of Greenland also known as Antartica or the North Pole

    You see Rome never died

    all records have been falsified PERIOD

    Altered timeline

  5. Read the parts in the link below about the name

    Not sure if this means anything or if it helps in the efforts in any way but thought I would point it out

  6. Interesting & lets see where it leads:
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Submitted Historic Case Against U.S. Government for Wireless Harms
    WASHINGTON, Feb. 3, 2020 — Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is leading a historic legal action against the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for its refusal to review their 25 year old guidelines, and to promulgate scientific, human evidence-based radio frequency emissions (“RF”) rules that adequately protect public health from wireless technology radiation. The Petition contends the agency’s actions are capricious and not evidence-based. The Petition was filed on 2/2/2020 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
    The Petitioners include parents of children injured by wireless devices, a mother whose son died from a brain tumor from cell tower exposure, physicians who see the epidemic of sickness in their clinics and Professor David Carpenter, a renowned scientist.
    “This action represents the first time in 25 years that we finally can expose the FCC fecklessness in court, and give those who have been injured by the FCC’s disregard for human health a voice,” says Dafna Tachover, CHD’s Director of Stop 5G & Wireless Harms.

  7. Putin and Russia

    Better watch this one listed below

  8. I cannot stress enough that their needs to be full disclosure of contacts of all that Anna and the Living Law Firm have and are working on
    Every week, everyone waits for Anna to provide updates
    What if Anna is hit by a bus???
    Everything she is working on needs to be recorded and provided so that those entering this process has a detailed list of those she is dealing with at the STATE OF STATE level and all other levels
    The STATE OF STATES are implementing UN agenda acorss the board at all levels - for instance check out Illinois
    They are all private memberships associations, UNELECTED, and there are layers of them across each state
    Need to address these groups in this process - below is just a sample of those groups
    The Regional Planning Act of 1965
    670 Regional Planning unelected associations with Board of Directors carrying out the UN Agenda behind the scenes
    Regionalism -----
    From the regionalism article above
    The map outlining the ten federal regions created by the federal government, with ten mini-Washington D.C.’s setting in the federal regional capitols, and now you’ll see how state legislators began politically erasing state borders, by entering into compacts with other states and nations. Thus, bi- and tri-state regions were created, along with bi-national regions
    These would be what are called the FEMA Regions
    10 mini washington dc's (federal reserve banks)
    ***Interesting article I found regarding these 'banks'***
    THE COUNCILS OF GOVERNMENTS (unelected private boards)
    Read this from the wiki
    The dissolution of county governments in 1960
    9 Councils of Government (started at 16)
    Greater Portland Councils of Government
    Executive Committee for this area alone
    ----North Carolina----
    16 Councils of Government
    10 RCP's, Regional Planning Councils
    So it is FRCP then 10 individual RCP's under that FRCP
    ----South Carolina----
    10 Councils of Government
    24 Councils of Government


      NDAA, NAFTA, USMCA deal all of it is part of the regionalism planning and they have passed 'laws' to accomodate their planning
      Read the links below - SPY HIHGWAY SYSTEMS
      As they have planned for green global serfdom for all, they have deindustrialized the entire continent for the purpose of disposing the people
      You have to understand the layers as and how they have rolled this out
      Each of these private organizations needs to be addressed and know that their involvement is moving this entire continent towards a new world order of complete degradation of the entire populace
      Going to your city council or your local level minions means nothing because they are taking their orders from regional planners
      This is how they are privatizing water rights and stealing or rerouting the water to relocate people off the land
      They did this is Palestine, Israel is turning green because they are rerouting the water from the Palestinians to their coffers
      Doing the same thing in Australia, hoarding the water, setting fires and removing people from the land, blaming it on mother nature and spouting climate change, global warming

    2. HOA's is how they are herding people off the land and in to contained areas
      HOA's all over North Texas, $500,000 homes on 1/4 acrea lots piled on top of one another, no yards, no room for gardens or anything and this is how they direct people to the grocery stores of which they have a monopoly control

      KISSINGER, control the food control the people, control the money, control the people

      Thousands of acres of land being utilized right now to create the mega region as per their UN plans

      Hundreds of thousands of acres of land up for sale right now
      All these areas are situated around the Texas Toll Way which is yet another way to fleece the public of more of their monopoly money
      Also not to mention that these are the spy highways now equipped with a camera every mile, toll tages that have rfid tracking
      devices to automaticlly deduct tolls from your bank account

      Stack and pack housing on a scale you have to see to believe
      Hundreds of apartment complexes built cheap and part of the concrete jungle they building for their human chattle property
      No doubt this is where they are moving the immigrants to
      No jobs in the area outside of shit service jobs like McDonalds, 7-11's and their other monopoly owned fast food shit places for the upcoming green global serfs to work off their 100,000 student loans for the shit education they got in their monopoly owned public schools which by the way they are teaching kids 'death education' teaching them to not preocreate or kill themselves to save MOTHER EARTH
      One of the links as in the above link


      I post things to inform

  9. Huge comment of mine that went with the CONTINUED ONE ABOVE had disappeard?

    Paul can you see if you can find it?

    Full of information that needs to be reviewed by all

    I can try and rewrite but it had so much information??


    He wrote the following book

    As I have stated before, there is much more to this

    Constitutions, Geneva conventions, whatever other documents or agreements means absolutely nothing to these psychopaths

    I will add, I have nothing against anyone and want to live in peace

    What is happening on a world wide scale is sickening and we as a whole must try and improve it for everyone and that should not include the extermination of 95% of the population so that the greedy can have everything for themselves

    Love to all

    1. A look at the planning and the preprogramming of the masses

      I cannot stress enough that everyone realize that this is much much bigger than anyone is led to believe

    2. Anna spoke of the American southwest in her call last evening

      Everyone be aware of the staging grounds in the American southwest as indicated in the link I left above

      Pay close attention to the military commands depicted in the map within the below link

      And remember the Denver airport and IRON Mountain, just like Switzerland, they have dug themselves in

      Denver, from what I have read, is to become the new capital once east capital is destroyed??

      You can review the information or not it is your choice

  11. Interesting note as to their potential planning of 'presidential race coup'

    Both are 527 tax exempt organizations

    Don't forget about Bloomberg either - another snake slitering in the shadows

    His headquarters in London

    Have to review everything, this is not as cut and dry as most think it is - many many many layers of deception going on here

  12. The best way to deal with the devils is to walk away? Not really. There are devils Destroyers who can help us, if the Devils don't want to use their common sense.

    1. The Vermins use our tax dollars hiring the programmers to constantly manipulate the Public Record display, to conceal our public Docs, against their Bogus foreclosure Multi-Docs, to make their DOC’s stand out un-obstrucled. They’ve been warned repeatedly, on their violation of 18 U.S.C 2071, and they don’t care.
      18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation ...

  13. I'm tellin you that there is something amiss with all of this

    Keep them busy else they will revolt

    And if no one thinks that these folks are not batshit nuts, think again

    And tell us again who the so called soverign nations are?

    Who's really calling the shots, vatican or switzerland

    Read in the below link about the Bundy militia

    The Bundy ranch thing was set up, it was planned and carried out to gauge the response of the populace

    And I don't care what anyone says, funny how they just happen to be able to film all this stuff and make a tell lie vision documentary about the whole thing

    Psychological operations across the board including on the internet most if not all are sponsored by the very same entities
    Religious, new age, satanist, and dozens of other categories all harping and redirecting the audience

  14. Be sure to look at number 18 on the list of their planning and secret meetings prior to 9 1 1

  15. Funny how Greenland all materalized after WWII

    They practice home rule and only 57,000 people live there, huge amount of land and yet only 57,000 live there???

    Notice the read and white flag
    Read the book and see all the connections

    Also note on the wiki page Climate Change this is to sell the story of melting ice caps to the gullible public

    Sun up 24 hours a day on Greenland

    More trickery by those who are writing the stories

    Let's all go to Greenland where we can home rule

    Seriously wonder what they would do if thousands of people started booking flights to Greenland, lets go see what is really at the Arctic Circle otherwise known as The Top of The World, aka Heaven


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