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Friday, April 26, 2024

My Personal Suggestion

 By Anna Von Reitz

People are calling and emailing and asking me for my insight into the current "pot about to boil over" situation, of which we are all more or less aware. 

Long term bond sales have tanked to lows not seen since the First World War.  

The Tel Aviv stock market calling itself the NYSE has been propped up with "self-selling" -- companies buying their own stocks -- for several years, and otherwise, by huge mostly government pension funds trying to prop up their own earlier investments. 

Inflation is at an all-time high in this country and gaining speed.  

Our country and many other countries have been attacked in a pre-planned pandemic and it's clear that NATO and its members have violated all the international treaties against biowarfare and geoengineering warfare, such as the ENMOD Treaty. 

This violation has resulted in the War in Ukraine, and has also resulted in more than a million U.S. Service Members and 27 million American civilians being murdered or diseased and disabled by injections styled as "vaccines", and unknown numbers of people throughout the world being similarly harmed. 

The same corporations and political parties responsible for this, have at the same time carried on more than twenty armed conflicts in Africa and the Middle East, not limited to the obliteration of the entire Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip following an obvious set up in which M16 sources paid Hamas to stage an incursion, and Netanyahu dropped the border defenses to expedite this incursion.  

Britain and the Vatican through their corporations have acted as Rogue States throughout, preaching one thing and doing another, using all manner of deceit and omission to overcome both Law and Decency for self-interested reasons. 

They have sought to recreate "Roman discipline" embodied as a Social Caste System and tried to rebuild the purported "glories" of Rome using the same instruments and customs Rome used --- the priests of Cybele as Tax Collectors, backed up by peonage and enslavement of "conquered" people --- apparently unaware that the rest of us regard the Roman Empire as an oppressive, unoriginal, and venal mistake on the long road of our evolution, best left behind with a determined shake of our sandals. 

For over three centuries, intellectual, spiritual, and economic growth has been stifled and largely misdirected by these same parties.  We have all been victims of a small group of intergenerational criminals who have controlled the central banks and the money transfer system as a monopoly interest. 

Central banks are bad enough all on their own, as they are institutions conceived and born for illegal purposes of commodity rigging and are bound to be abused for political and commercial purposes; when monopolized, these banks become an endless source of funding for war-for-profit and political upheaval on an ongoing basis. 

This is exactly what we have suffered through and witnessed while having the value of our labor, our physical assets, and our credit commandeered and abused by the same crowd of willing criminals. 

A few weeks ago, we witnessed the spectacle of the British King's Guard riding through London  -- one white horse, two black horses, flags furled. 

This indicated that the Government was shut down except in one jurisdiction, the same jurisdiction that Charles III was crowned in, the jurisdiction of the air, as Emperor. 

This week, we witnessed the same horses plus several others running loose through the streets of London, one horse, the white one, bloodied.  At the same time, London's iconic clock, Big Ben, stuck the hour at nine o'clock and rang eleven bells: 911. 

This indicates that some kind of False Flag similar to 911 is going down to cover another major financial crime of the same kind as was suffered here on September 11, 2001, and the banks are responsible for it.  

First, I would reasonably suggest that if you haven't already done it, you withdraw cash to live on for at least a month.  Second, I would suggest that you invest in some silver coinage if you can, as once the cash runs out, barter and trade in coins will naturally take over. Third, (and not necessarily in this order) stock up on food, fuel, medications, water, and whatever else you will need.  

The Western banking system is collapsing because it has been built on criminal foundations. 

The assets and the credit backing it all was purloined from the actual owners under False Pretenses and under color of law; this is the result of crime and financial self-interest, not politics. 

There is a natural tendency on the part of many people to blame us, "the Americans", because they don't know that we were the victims no less than they were, and that we have been set up as the Fall Guys and Scapegoats. 

The same thing can be said for average Brits. 

We've all been taxed to death, harassed, and harmed by these criminal run-amok corporations and the politicians and "uniformed officers" of the Bar Associations and Licensed Medical Professions, as well as by the unknowing Mercenary soldiers, who thought they were fighting for freedom and democracy the whole while. 

Instead, it turns out that the soldiers were lied to and kept ignorant like everyone else, and that the chief purpose of the governments has been to rob, oppress, and otherwise abuse all of us, all of humanity, for their own benefit and the benefit of their corporations.  

We have noted that it is the traditional and customary duty of the Popes to liquidate corporations that operate in an unlawful fashion, and that this has not been effectively done. 

Instead, the same Perpetrators when caught, have suffered liquidation in name only, and been allowed to immediately spawn another replacement corporation without loss of privileges to themselves.  

The corporations and especially the central and retail banks, have suffered slaps on the hand from time to time, but even such glaring issues as the monopolization of the bank transfer system and its abuse for political ends, have not been addressed. 

Neither have the more potent issues of building an entire financial system on peonage and enslavement of living people --- mostly Americans and Europeans --- which hasn't been addressed, either. 

Long after the rest of the world declared both peonage and slavery unlawful, Rome and the Holy See have continued to allow and promote these practices.  

It is plain to see that the Federal Reserve Note is based on peonage and that the "Note" itself is evidence of fraud and financial crime.  It is equally plain to see that the so-called Petrodollar, the USD, is based on illegal and immoral commodity rigging. 

The safeguard underpinning all of this, the so-called Global Collateral Accounts are all stolen from private owners.  

So we are faced with an entire world empire built of lies and white collar crimes.  

The Federal Reserve Notes are traded, but worthless, or rather, less than worthless, as they represent unpaid and odious debt.  

The USD, Petrodollar, is not worthless, but is immoral, and not available domestically. 

The only thing the so-called Central Banks could come up with, was the "Central Bank Digital Currency" which nobody believes in. 

The result is that BRICS and our Global Family Bank are the only honorable and sane banking networks standing apart from this stinking insanity and our United States Silver Dollars and our gold-backed American Federation Dollars are the only currencies this country has that are not blighted in one way or another by crime. 

Global Family Bank is the only one offering Americans any relief or restitution and is the only American Bank likely to remain safe and standing, simply because it remains outside Territorial jurisdiction and because it is trying to bring the victims back to parity for their losses. 

I fully expect that the Federal Reserve Note will be outlawed and that there will be a vicious wrangle about the true ownership of the Global Asset Accounts which have all been purloined. 

So, ask "Nature's God" for deliverance.  Think good thoughts.  Do good deeds.  Take care of yourselves and your families and neighbors as best you can.  

Anna Maria


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Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams ft. Dr. Bryan Ardis

International Public Notice: A Source of Misunderstanding

 By Anna Von Reitz

Puerto Rico is and has long been counted among the United States Territories and Possessions, but it is still a British Commonwealth.  

And the people of Puerto Rico have repeatedly refused to enter the Union as a State, when this matter has been brought to a vote. 

How, you might wonder, is such a situation possible?  

In the same way that Canada was accorded equal status with Great Britain, and at the same time retained as a British Colony.  

Great Britain itself is a Company, a realm made of paper, inhabiting a foreign and legal jurisdiction apart from the associated land mass, and in the same way "Canada" as defined by the Statute of Westminster issued December 11th, 1931, is in the same papery realm as Great Britain --- as evidenced by the fact that this declaration of equal status is invoked by Roman Statute, not British Law. 

So, it is better to say that "Canada" was made equal to Great Britain, but not equal to England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales.  

No wonder people -- including the Brits themselves -- are confused.  

Puerto Rico offers a similar situation. Originally part of the Spanish Empire, later taken over by Britain, it remains a British Commonwealth with Spanish Law. Yet, it is considered a United States Territory, because the settlement with Britain over its direct part in the so-called American Civil War required the relinquishment of "all territorial rights in perpetuity" according to the Treaty of Washington. 

Thus the "territorial" part of Puerto Rico was acquired by the United States, but its land mass remains part of the British Commonwealth and its legal system retains the Spanish Law of the Inquisition. 

This situation has resulted in Puerto Rico being (and remaining) an odd hybrid of Spanish, British, and American influences, with its government split in ownership and self-interest. 

Many people are not aware that while the British Territorial Federal Subcontractor doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated, fought on the side of the Northern States-of-States in the Civil War Conflict (for Mercenary Conflict it was), Britain itself openly supported the Confederate States (that is, States-of-States) of America -- the Southern component of that great struggle. 

Here is a very succinct recount of what happened, taken from a dissertation, "Alberta Has The Sovereign Right to Issue and Use Its Own Credit" by R. Rogers Smith, issued in 1937: 

"Great Britain had not only assisted the Confederacy from 1861 to 1865, but had
joined in a conspiracy with France, Spain and Austria to divide North America between

On October 31st, 1861 a convention was held in London attended by delegates from England, France and Spain ; they agreed to a joint intervention in Mexican affairs. 

Emperor Maximilian, brother of Franz Joseph of Austria, was to be placed on the throne of Mexico, (while) Louisiana, which extended at the time from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border, was to be returned to France. The Northern States were to be defeated and returned to England as Colonies. The Confederacy was to be free and retain their slaves.

Great Britain floated the bonds of the Confederacy; the proceeds were used to build
the (Confederate Navy Ships)  Alabama, Florida, Georgia, the Shenandoah, fast sailing ships and their auxiliaries.

These were built in Great Britain and the headquarters of the CF Navy was in Liverpool,
as all the CF ports were blockaded. They swank (sank?)  $15,000,000 worth of United States
shipping without taking a prize into an Admiralty court, and without firing a shot at an armed enemy.

(That is, a Proxy Navy built by Britain, staffed by the Confederate States of America, Inc., personnel,  ravaged $15 million of our non-naval merchant shipping very, very quietly.) 

Great Britain also spent $5,000,000 on her own navy, and at the time of the Trent af-
fair embarked 8000 troops for Canada to attack Lincoln from Toronto.

(That is, Great Britain, a Territorial Investment Company, spent $5 million of its own money and sent 8,000 troops to Canada, preparing to invade our country from the North -- thereby hoping to open up a two-front offensive on the Union Army.) 

The Spanish fleet, at the time in Cuban waters, arrived to invest (invade) Vera Cruz Dec. 14th, 1861. The British and French fleets arriving Jan. 6th and 7th of 1862. 

France supplied 30,000 troops for this campaign.

(It's clear that these European Governments were allied in a conspiracy against our country and against our lawful government in all respects; they were the Investors bankrolling the United States of America, Inc., as an Ally of the Northern States-of-States, at the same time that they were preparing as a consortium of interests to attack our country and split it up along old Colonial lines. The Holy See in charge of the Federal Civil Service stood with the Southern States-of-States in an effort to retain the institution of slavery, upon which both it and its Roman affiliates depend.) 

Quoting again from R. Rogers Smith's account: 

"The Czar of Russia takes a Hand

Still smarting from the Crimean War 1854-1856, the Czar, to disrupt the scheme of the European Allies, sent his powerful Baltic squadron to New York harbor and his Pacific squadron to San Francisco. His action had the desired effect. Great Britain and Spain withdrew their fleets from Vera Cruz leaving the burden of supporting the Emperor Maximilian entirely to France. 

He (Maximilian) was eventually taken prisoner and with two of his Generals, court-martialed and shot.

When Lincoln won the Civil War, France was informed in plain terms “that the United States would not tolerate a French force or the existence of any foreign Monarchy in Mexico”. On Jan. 14th, 1866, Napoleon ordered his General in Mexico to withdraw the troops." 

You might think that this was the end of European meddling in our affairs, but sadly, owing to the fact that the United States of America, Inc. and its immediate Successor, the Scottish corporation calling itself The United States of America, Inc., continued to exist, we have suffered six generations of illegal British Territorial occupation of our country. 

It is interesting to note that absolutely none of this history is ever taught in any American Public School. 

So far as our children have known and grown up believing, Britain, France, Spain, and Austria have always been our firm friends, and Russia has been our enemy.  

In fact, Russia saved our bacon and honored the American-Russian Alliance of 1858, and has continued to keep faith with this country through two World Wars. 

The irony of this is not lost on the actual American Government, our unincorporated Federation of States. 

Everyone should recognize that the old European Monarchies and the Popes who granted the crowns of these Monarchs have deliberately sought to misrepresent Russia and to create enmity between our nations, for fear that if Russia, The United States, and China combine, the Monarchist hegemony in Western Europe and their cozy colonialist abuse of Africa, the Middle East, and the Commonwealth countries would be at an end. 

This is why our children have never been taught World History, nor even the history of our nearest neighbors, Canada and Mexico. 

It's also why Russia has been demonized, though in fact, it has been our closest friend and most reliable Ally.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 26th 2024


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