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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Animals, Too?

 From James C. Belcher

This has got to stop.  

All these corporations have to be involuntarily liquidated and if the Pope won't do it, the rest of the religious leaders have to rebel against the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church to make sure that this gets done in short order.  

Certainly, our land and soil jurisdiction governments are completely appalled and against this ugly and totally unaccountable behavior on the part of the Pope and the Roman Curia, the various world military organizations, and others who have mindlessly gone along with this "agenda" of death and pollution of the genetic code of life. 

All the corporations responsible for this must be liquidated immediately without recourse.  All corporate veils removed.  All public bankruptcy protections denied.  Now. 
Everyone being addressed by this email is responsible for responding and taking action to suppress this criminality at its roots and address its motivations. 

It does no good for the Pope to wave his hand over the suffering of the Congo and at the same time fail his duty under Ecclesiastical Law.  It's his right and also his duty to put these sick, diabolical corporations out of their misery.  

Joe Biden must be removed as the "President" of the failed UNITED STATES, INC. successor organization and the Chinese Government needs their complicit corporations put out of business right along with all the other colluding criminal enterprises: WHO, INC., WEF, INC, World Health Organization, Inc,, World Economic Forum, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., and so on. 

There are those yelping like wild dogs and saying, no, no, we can't afford to trash all these major corporations!   But we must do so and do so with alacrity, before their unbridled and mindless profit-seeking behavior destroys the Earth and everything on it.  

Shut it down and do it now.  

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America 

We Haven't Forgotten

 By Anna Von Reitz

Just about a year ago, Joe Biden held a press conference and he very indiscreetly and openly threatened the Nordstream 2 Pipeline: 

To jog your memories: 

He basically said that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the Nordstream Pipeline would be toast; Russia invaded Ukraine, and a couple weeks later, the Nordstream 2 Pipeline was sabotaged. 

Now, I wish to draw everyone's attention to a little-known fact.  The Swedes are the ones who have the undersea intelligence contracts and let me tell you, those resources are top of the line.
You couldn't spit in the Baltic Sea or any body of water connected to it without the Swedes knowing about it.  

So the Swedes do know who was responsible for the sabotage and the out of control energy prices in Europe right now, but they are wimping out.  

"Ten thousand Swedes chased through the weeds and just by one Norwegian."  

No doubt any one of the four countries whose infrastructure was ruined by this and whose coastal waters were violated by the trespassers could sue the Swedish Government for disclosure, but they won't, because all their governments are "under Occupation" --- still, from WWII, by the same ones responsible for this gross, irresponsible destruction. 

Chuffer Joe really is China's puppet since the Pope and the US Trustees gave the UNITED STATES, INC. assets to China under the mistaken idea that China was owed trillions of dollars and was the Priority Creditor --- when it isn't and wasn't.  

And they had reason to know that, but the criminality has gone so far that they will pretend that Limburger Cheese smells like a tulip.  

So here we go with another conundrum caused by criminality.  The Swedes know, but they aren't telling, making them accomplices to the crime.  The German Government, such as it is, knows, but they aren't telling.  Ditto.  Ditto.  

And we all know, because we know that China and Big Oil are doing the 10-40 Two Step. Or is it a tango, with a lot of leg showing?  

Joe irrationally (unless you know that "China Joe" isn't just a nickname) sells our Strategic Oil Reserves to China.  

Joe orders the hit on Nordstream 2, thinking that the Europeans will then be forced to pay sky-high prices for American oil products.  

Instead, the Europeans break out their old coal burning dynamoes.  To hell with green anything and double on Sundays. Hypocrisy and guile have their limits, after all.  

If these people had the common sense of a hedgehog in heat, it would be different.  At least mildly entertaining.  They might display some intelligence and creativity as they attempt to avoid the obvious conclusions.  

As it is, it's just plain sickening.  It was bad enough having Americans blamed for things "the US" did, but now on top of it, "the US, Inc." is owned and operated by China, and we are getting blamed for all their little dirt piles, too.  

People in Europe want to know what's happening?  Why would "America" their good friend do this to them?  

Well, "America" didn't do it.  China did it to capitalize on US, Inc. oil refining capacity, while sucking up our crude oil reserves for itself.  And Russia?  Well, Russia had better know that its Allies, the Chinese, are the ones who -- at the end of the day --  used Chuffer Joe and his Pals in Crime to take out their Nordstream 2 Pipeline.

Here's a little one year later update from the folks at Global Research: 


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FBI whistleblower releases docs showing agency is surveilling ‘Radical’ Latin Mass Catholics

Editors note: Smear articles like the ones from SPLC are designed to paint groups with a broad brush and call them extremists, which has always been one of the hallmarks of communism.

All I can say is when we get this kind of flak, we must be over the target.

Paul Stramer

The memo cited a 2021 study from the anti-Catholic Southern Poverty Law Center to justify the FBI's monitoring efforts.
Former FBI agent turned whistleblower Kyle SerpahinIvory Hecker / YouTube [screenshot]

0:00 / 8:17


RICHMOND, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) — A document released by an FBI whistleblower indicates the agency plans to intensify its “assessment” and “mitigation” of “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” over the next 12 to 24 months due to alleged concerns that “white nationalists” are increasingly making common cause online with attendees of the Latin Mass.

The bombshell 8-page memo was released by former FBI agent turned whistleblower Kyle Seraphin on UncoveredDC Wednesday. The report, written by an FBI analyst in Richmond, Virginia, was published for internal agency use only on January      23, is titled, “Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical-Traditionalist Catholic Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities.”

Seraphin describes the briefing as an “intelligence product” that, though not being exhaustive, can be used as an initial reference point for the agency to “prop up” future investigations on the subject. He says he obtained the document from an anonymous Baptist employee for the agency.

“This is the first FBI Richmond domain product to focus on the interest of racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists in the Radical Traditional Catholic movement,” the document states. “A search of FBI databases indicates this is also the first FBI finished intelligence product to specifically address this environmental variable.”

Among the most controversial aspects of the memo is that it directly cites a defamatory study conducted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on the subject “Radical Traditional Catholicism.” The SPLC has long been rejected as a legitimate resource for the FBI, Seraphin says, but in this instance, it is being relied on as a primary source to justify its efforts. The memo also references three anti-Catholic smear articles (herehere, and here) published by leftwing websites Salon and The Atlantic to defend its monitoring.

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In general, the report shows an above average understanding of the various pro-Latin Mass communities in the church, including the Fraternal Society of St. Peter, the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, the SSPX “Resistance” as well as sedevacantist groups. It notes that the FSSP and SSPX have “houses of worship” in the Richmond area. It also says other FBI investigations, local law enforcement reports, and un-named liaisons have helped compile its findings – an indication that persons familiar with these communities have been in touch with intelligence officials.

“FBI Richmond relied on the key assumption that racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists will continue to find Radical Traditionalist Catholic (RTC) ideology attractive and will continue to attempt to connect with RTC adherents, both via social media and in-person at places of worship” it reads. It also mentions the influence of commentator Nick Fuentes, who is highly popular among young Traditional Catholic men.

The report further states that there now exists “new opportunities for threat mitigation through the exploration of new avenues for tripwire and source development.”

The report alleges that its real motivation is a concern that “Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology” possesses an “anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, and white supremacy” outlook, and that this presents a threat to the US’s domestic well-being. The report further claims that adherents to RTC ideology “frequently share language and symbolism, such as crusader references or anti-Semitic discourses” online that pro-life white nationalists also support.

The document then compares followers of RTC ideology to ordinary “traditional Catholics” who simply “prefer the Latin Mass and pre-Vatican II teachings and traditions, but without the more extremist ideological beliefs and violent rhetoric.”

The memo identifies nine Traditional Catholic organizations allegedly guilty of promoting RTC ideology: Catholic Family News, The Remnant, The Fatima Center, Tradition in Action, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Culture Wars, In the Spirit of Chartres, Christ or Chaos, and Catholic Apologetics International. These groups were all listed in the SPLC report.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas provided LifeSite with the following statement about the document:

Sadly, the experience of Mark Houck provides evidence that this type of surveillance is not beyond the realm of possibility. It underscores our societies deep ignorance of what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ or as presently stated “radical traditional Catholic.” Our Lord tells us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us. Deeply committed Catholics are the last people the authorities should be concerned about. Yes committed traditional Catholics will defend the unborn and others who are helpless but attacks of violent aggression are antithetical to what it means to be a radically committed traditional Catholic. Let us pray for all in positions of authority and especially those in law enforcement.

Catholic Family News Editor-in-Chief Brian McCall shared with LifeSite the following statement:

The release by a courageous whistleblower of this internal FBI memorandum confirms the dystopian state of the country in which we sadly live. This memo, combined with the targeting and persecution of those working to protect the lives of unborn children, proves beyond any doubt the evil people who control the levers of power in the US government are using that power to persecute any who dissent from their godless ideology. The FBI is spying on and infiltrating traditional Roman Catholic groups and even parishes for simply exercising their First Amendment Rights. The absurdity of the outrageous allegations of the FBI memo are blatant. Although the author acknowledges that white supremacists are and have always been  violently anti-Catholic (the KKK burn crosses specifically to show their hostility to Catholics),the author believes these white supremacist groups are now deeply attracted to strongly Catholic parishes and groups that they despise. Traditional Catholicism has never had anything to do with racial bigotry or hatred.  In fact the White Supremacist groups that have been active throughout US history (such as the Know Nothing Party) have targeted Catholics because Catholics have always sought the salvation and improvement in this world of the lot of those races and ethnicities despised by the white Protestant elitists. Ironically every traditional Latin Mass parish I have ever attended is more ethnically diverse than liberal Catholic parishes that segregate attendees by linguistic, and hence ethnic, lines (i.e., Spanish Masses, Vietnamese Masses, etc.). Traditional Catholics seek the conversion of everyone regardless of race, color, ethnicity, or any other attribute, to the Kingship of Christ. They seek to bring the love of Christ and His Church to all races and ethnicities. The memo’s prominent reliance on the utterly discredited and bigoted Southern Poverty Law Center, which is not a law center at all but merely a radical political leftist front, further discredits this memo and its author. The Department of Justice in its continued persecution of pro-life advocates and now simple Traditional Catholics should be renamed from its Orwellian title to the more accurate Department of Injustice.

LifeSite will provide additional reactions to this report when they become available.

We Are The Lab Monkeys

 From James C.Belcher

The forwarded information provides first-hand proof of criminal collusion resulting for-profit medical racketeering.  We demand the immediate involuntary liquidation of Pfizer, Inc. and all colluding accomplices.  Any organization, corporation, or individual who receives this message and who fails to take immediate action in the Public Interest is part of the problem and an accomplice to the crime(s).    

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America