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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Progress Against the Seals of Houska and Delphi

 By Anna Von Reitz

For those following the Way, the Great Seal of the Pit is weakening by the hour, shivering and trembling under the strength of your onslaught!  Well done, people! Keep it up! 

The Great Seal at Delphi was so old and fragile, like the Great Palatine Seal, it is already gone!

For those just entering upon this work -- what is at stake?  

The release of the free flow of energy along the longitudinal meridians and ley lines of the Earth from Bosnia and Croatia in the West to the Levant in the East -- a huge swath of land taking in Finland and Karelia, Estonia, Latvia, the eastern Baltic Sea Coast, the entirety of Hungary and Poland, the Slovakian nations, Eastern Germany/ Prussia, all of Bulgaria and the Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, western Russia, Crete, North Africa. East Africa, the west side of the Persian Gulf, Western India, Saudi Arabia....Yemen, Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia.....

This is a huge and heavily populated section of the Earth that has been harmed since ancient times by these two Seals gumming up the works. 

The health, wealth, and well-being of this entire section of the Earth has been truncated by the existence of these two seals --- gigantic ancient energy dams that trap and redirect energy in unnatural ways. 

This is the largest focused effort to remove these Seals since they were put in place thousands of years ago.

By your Will and action, the energy Seals that have stifled development and peace and health for thousands of years throughout this whole portion of the Earth will be dissolved.  

The Pit will be unable to drain away the vitality of life and the Delphi Seal will no longer be able to convert the life force into perversions, superstitions, addictions, and fear. 

That is what is at stake.  The end of these distortions.

Banishing these ancient evils of drug use, poisons and superstitions, pollution, nightmares, and blood sacrifices, and removing these energy seals that dam up and prevent the free flow of life-giving energy and joy  --- this is the work we have in our vision tonight

Let your mind travel over the lands that have been laid waste and made miserable, impoverished, turned to desert, starved, and war-torn generation after generation. In your mind, see them restored to glory and life.  

See the peace of the True God made manifest, so that there is no more disease or want or crying any more. Hold this vision with the whole strength of your mind and heart and seal it in your soul. 

Know that the good that you would do, is immediately manifest in the energetic realm.

It is our will to blow these ancient obstructions away, seal these drains, and alter every aspect of life on Earth for the better.  

The Pit Seal is turned on its side and hurled deep into the Earth; it is forever entombed,  harmless, covered over by slabs of granite infused with golden light, sealed over and melting away from age to age until no trace or memory of it remains. 

The periphery around the Great Seal of Delphi is already dissolved as if it never was; like the Great Palatine Seal in Rome, it was so ancient it was already decayed, ready to dissolve away.  All it needed was a good solid push.  

The nasty reek of menstrual blood is gone from that place. The cloying incense of the snake and the nightmares of its poisonous delusions are washing away; even its memory in time and space is forced to give way. 

The morning sun appears, bright and clean, shining over the peaceful graves of the slain who will not rise again. They fell so long ago that nobody remembers them or even their time on Earth anymore.  

Still, the sadness of Delphi is like an echo. We lift this echo of sadness up, letting the pale dust of the Great Snake blow away in the rising wind; we watch it float far out over the blue Aegean, knowing that the snake is gone and will not come again. 

We finish pulling the energy out of the temple complex itself just as I mark the last remnants of the Morning Star on the horizon, its light glimmering faintly and then going out, vanishing into the greater light of day.

We are standing on a huge grave filled with malevolent darkness, in the presence of a creature that is dead, and yet alive in some other space and time.

I question what it is doing here and I hear it say, "I wait."  

This is something that should never have been on Earth at all, a monster animated and fed by the spirit of fear itself. It has no natural place here, but cannot be removed with the tools of conscious thought. 

For this, we have to go deeper and find its source--- and block the projection's energy where it enters the Earth. It will require more time and skill to remove it, but we will get it done. 

This second phenomenon is not a Seal; the Seal at Delphi has already been overcome. 

We are restoring the flow of energy to the Earth just as we restore the power of our own governance; as we do, the power of life and love returns to us all.


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Liars in Michigan -- Again and Still

 By Anna Von Reitz

When we first went to Michigan we found a group of ex-military officers and enlisted trying to put together an "assembly" --- unfortunately, it was an unregulated district assembly not a State Assembly, and they didn't know the difference.  And wouldn't learn. 

So, we soon parted ways and they became very vicious and made all sorts of claims against me and what I was doing.  They didn't bother to read anything I wrote or do any due diligence and continued to just plow ahead on the strength of their own assumptions. This is the source of the so-called "National Assembly" group. 

Some of these same people went off and joined the Reign of the Heavens Society, and proceeded to try to pull another Scottish Interloper routine by incorporating organizations calling themselves The United States of America, Incorporated, in foreign countries.  

We shut them down.  

So they came back hissing and spitting and trying to spread gossip and discredit us and our work. 

Still others of this original core group joined the first iteration of The Michigan Assembly and co-opted it, aiming to control all the computer records, membership functions and everything else, just as you would expect from an "op" run by ex-military functionaries. 

We tried to work with them to no avail. After a hopeful beginning with the actual people of Michigan, we had to give up and try again.  

And now, just in time for Christmas, these same nasty, vicious, misguided men, who have been nothing but stumbling blocks to America's progress, who have actively tried to defraud this country and access our credit under False Pretenses, have unleashed a veritable potpourri of disinformation and misrepresented facts trying to personally discredit and slander me and my husband.  

For example: they say that my husband is a "Registered Sex Offender".  He was, at one time, thanks to our drug-addicted daughter -- but he isn't any longer. 

Her criminal record is voluminous-- drugs, vehicular assault, etc. 

His actual criminal record consists of a DUI in 1996. 

These kinds of personal attacks and assaults are just sickening and have been addressed numerous times, in articles.  Just go here and search and read all you want about these supposedly hidden things you "need" to know:

They also present my role as "private attorney" for the Pope as if it were some big secret, when in fact I explained and exposed that whole circumstance in my very first book, Disclosure 101. There's nothing hidden here and never was. 

Absolutely nothing these pikers have to say is true in the way they present it, and none of it is new, but they are out there pushing the crap and slinging the slander just in time for Christmas.  

Personal attacks are all they have left, because they have lost all the battles and the phony "war", too. 

Well, as my Mother once famously said, "You can chew on my rump for a long time before you reach my heart." --- and that's a fact.  

I didn't come out into this arena with the expectation I'd go unscathed, or my husband, either, from this kind of mud-slinging and senseless gossip.  

After all, the bankers and generals have their butts in slings because of me, and they still have big budgets they can use to tell lies and spread rumors.  They can hire armies of trolls and endlessly mislead gullible men.  

How else do you think they've managed to use six (6) generations of Americans as cheap mercenaries, and never once disclosed the fact that our military was  converted into a mercenary force in 1861? 

In being a target for this kind of scumbag activity, I stand in good company, even with Jesus Christ himself. 

So if I have to go through this again and again and again --- know that you can try to bury a lump of gold under a pile of  garbage, but you're not going to change a thing.  

Long after the garbage is gone, the lump of gold remains. 

You can try to bury the truth the same way, but in the end, the truth wins. 

Michigan, you need to get your act together and  your pillars stood up. Don't let these eejits and gossips stand in your way. 

Try as they might, not one person has ever been able to prove any act of purposeful malfeasance or deceit or wrong-doing on my part. Nobody has been able to disprove my recount of the history. 

In the end, my personal life doesn't matter a fig. What matters is this country and the future of its people and your future as a State. 

If you want to continue living in darkness, just continue as per normal.  Do nothing. Sit around. Gossip. Back-bite each other. Be fearful. Believe the narrative. Wait for White Hats to rescue you. Believe any evil thing you wish. 

Just always remember I told you this: there are some things on this Earth believing in, and America is one of them. 


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The Right and Duty

 By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I wish to draw everyone's attention to the situation in Britain -- which is falling apart by the hour. 

We long ago observed that it is factually impossible for a King of England to exist.  This is because William the Conqueror divided up the spoils from the Norman Conquest among his loyal Barons, and disinherited his own sons from owning any land in England. 

Thus, ever since, the land and soil of England has been ruled by the progeny of French aristocrats, each one of whom enjoys "sovereignty in their own right" on the land and soil bequeathed to them by William of Normandy as of 1087 A.D. 

This is called the Settlement of the Norman Conquest.  

The Norman French Barons settled in as the new "kings" of England, took on the local color, and within a couple generations started looking and sounding like Englishmen -- except for their French names, like Neville, Tousignant, Belcher, Plantagenet, Dumont, ....and....Talbot. 

The Talbots were loyal retainers in Normandy and remained so throughout all of William's adventures and all that his sons and grandsons weathered. The Talbots slogged through the Crusades with Richard the Lionheart, stood guard and took arms at Crecy, and manned the ramparts at Agincourt. 

The Talbots served so well, so valiantly, and so loyally, that they were promoted to the position of Ultimate Trust: they became the Lord High Stewards of England, a position that they own to this day, even though the present Lord High Steward and Heir to his ancestral lands in Shrewsbury, happens to be living in Australia. 

Understand that each one of these men are -- within the context of their ancestral holdings -- kings of England.  They elected among themselves a "king of kings" in each generation, but that was more of an administrative accommodation ---as demonstrated by The Magna Carta.  

If they didn't like what "the" King was doing, they retained the right, as a group, to kick his arse.  They still retain that right, down through all the generations of the Kings and Queens of England --- a fact that the office holders have always chafed against and sought to evade.

Now, with this background firmly in place in your minds, you can see why the creation of a new Office for the "king of kings" to occupy was highly desired in some quarters, and you will note that this was accomplished in 1707, when the combined Kingdom of England and Scotland, came into existence. 

Though the office holder could still function as the King of England and be somewhat subject to the other "kings of England" in that office, he could now also function as the King of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and obtain considerable weasel room by doing so.  A separate degree of power was obtained by the office holder, simply by changing the jurisdiction of his office. 

The office, "King of England" is a national office tied to the soil of England; the office "King of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales" is an international office tied to the land and sea jurisdictions of these nations, and finally, "King of the United Kingdom" is a global, imperial office operated in the jurisdiction of the air.

Though we constantly hear the national and international offices referenced, the office holder isn't occupying these offices. 

Elizabeth II, for example, abdicated her vows under the Christian Crown of England within three days of her Coronation -- a fact established in the British High Courts under litigation -- and instead spent her time operating as the Queen of the United Kingdom. 

Her son, Charles III, didn't even bother to take the Christian Coronation vows and was directly crowned under the Imperial United Kingdom office. 

Try to keep this background information perking away as we move the "American Raj Conversation" to Britain, because as I have long said, the British people have suffered as long as the rest of us. The same rogue Raj elements of their own government have been used to pillage and subourne them, too. 

When we examine things more closely, we see that the same exact process of impersonation and alienation of assets was used in Britain, and it developed in tandem with the English King becoming first the "King of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales", and then still later assuming the foreign Imperial Office as the "King of the United Kingdom".  

As the office holder acting as "king of kings" successively moved their office from the soil (England) to the land and sea (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) and to the air (United Kingdom) his empowerment changed and so did the character of government, the form of law, and the social contract. 

With each change in the jurisdiction being occupied, the former jurisdiction was vacated.  

Thus, when the King changed offices and stopped acting as the Christian King of England, the soil jurisdiction was vacated.  

When he stopped operating as the King of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the international jurisdiction of the land and sea was vacated.  

The present Lord High Steward, Ivan Talbot, was aware that the land and soil of England were being vacated and that the associated High Offices were also left dangerously unoccupied --- whereupon he exercised his right and duty and reclaimed the land and soil that the late Queen abandoned and which the present King never entered upon.  

Please note that it is his right to do this, as Hereditary Lord High Steward, and that it is also his duty; if he did not do it, he would be guilty of treason against the lawful government of England as well as the Territorial Government of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 

This is similar to the situation we encountered in America, where the land and soil jurisdictions had been vacated without any public disclosure --- a circumstance that forced the Hereditary Head of State to reclaim the land and soil for the people of this country, too.  

Technically, Queen Elizabeth II was "absent" from the English throne for 70 years and never properly occupied it; her Son has similarly remained absent from the soil of England and the land of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.  They have only appeared to be present, much as our government appeared to be present --- and wasn't. 

The motivation for this ruse appears to have been a combination of greed, power-mongering, and evasion of accountability. 

While the office holder gained wealth, arbitrary power, and bore no liability, the people lost their rights and property and the "other" kings of England were undermined and unable to exert their powers of restraint against a Monarch who had slipped the leash of shared sovereignty on the land and soil. 

As a result of all this undisclosed finagling,  Constitutional Monarchy disappeared during the reign of the late Queen's Father, and all that remained of it was a shell built of the people's trust and belief that it existed. 

Like us, the people of England, and within the realm of Territorial powers, the people of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, were duped, preyed upon, and deprived of their rights and property by the Windsors and their Parliamentary Administrations. 

Of course, some members of the Parliament had to know what was going on, especially members of the Privy Council, but apparently, their devotion to the office holder blinded them to their duty to the office and to the actual government and the social contract holding it all together. 

Luckily for the people of England, and the People of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, the Talbots were no shirkers or fools, and did their duty even when nobody else did. As a result, their Lord High Steward, Ivan Talbot, entered the appropriate claims and charges in a timely fashion and cured them nearly thirty years ago.  

Talbot's claims, like our claims for The United States, prevent any wholesale disposition of the land and soil of the British homeland and Territorial holdings as abandoned property, and pave the way for recoupment and action against the corporations which have aimed at establishing a form of Corporate Feudalism and despotism in place of the Constitutional Monarchy that the people are owed.

Against all odds, by the grace of God, our nations have been pulled back from the edge of a dystopian nightmare -- by the actions of two faithful but relatively unknown servants and guardians of their social contracts.  

As you are enjoying this Christmas season and looking forward to the clean, bright New Year ahead, take a moment to bless the accretion of traditions, customs, and safeguards built into our venerable governments, and thank God that those little-known safeguards have held steady in the face of one of the most duplicitous, evil, and secretive plots at the very highest levels of our governments -- that our governments have ever faced. 

If the Corporatists had been successful, our entire world would have been plunged into a maze of lies, wars, and confusions designed to enhance the powers of faceless, nameless, and unaccountable corporations, bent on promoting their own profit above any social benefit or good.  

People would have been enslaved and cultures uprooted, religions would have been disgraced, and wisdom which has guided mankind for centuries would have been lost. The entire ethos of compassion would have been crushed under the wheels of commerce. 

You have been saved from all of that.  Give thanks. 
Let the miracles of this season renew your minds and hearts. 

And please, if you are from Great Britain, take a little time to visit Ivan Talbot's new YouTube channel; the videos posted will give you a recap and insight into his actions, his authority for those actions, and where things stand right now for the people of England and Great Britain. 

Do not be dismayed -- what is true will win over what is false, and what is good will triumph over evil. 


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