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Monday, February 25, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies Handbook Volume One Published

From Anna Von Reitz

For all of you looking for a handy way to keep organized and review for yourself or to introduce people new to the topic(s)--- the first volume of collected articles addressed to the Jural Assemblies, 1-35,  has just been published as a paperback on Amazon for $12.95.

This gives everyone a solid grounding going forward and can be used by the Jural Assemblies in every State as a general guidebook and history primer:

Attacks Against President Trump - The Wrong Focus

By Anna Von Reitz

It's no news to my Readers that President Trump is acting as "President" of a foreign (British Territorial) commercial corporation that is having a hard time staying afloat.  Nor is it any news that he is acting exclusively as the Commander in Chief of a Territorial United States military junta that has been in power and operating under the Lieber Code (restyled as Hague Conventions) since 1863. 

So when you hear nasty rumors about President Trump and claims that he is forcing a war with Iran and that he has been compromised by his son-in-law Jared Kushner and that "they" have film of him "bashing in the head of a baby" --- let me remind you all of the following facts:

1. None of these bad things are happening without a helluva lot of pushing and steaming by war-mongering Generals and Admirals who have their own agenda and who want to make money "the old fashioned way" which is by going out and plundering and pillaging defenseless people. 

Therefore, if you want to be intelligent and effective in stopping these evils, refocus the glaring lights on the Pentagon and DOD where all this crappola is coming from. 

2. Jared Kushner, who is Jewish, is the President's Son - in - Law and apparently, he has been a good Husband to the President's daughter and a good Father to the President's Grandchildren.  Show some respect for the President and his family and accept the facts of life.  If we could accept Communists from East Africa in the White house for eight years, we are nailed down to survive darn near anything else.

3. With all the digital filmmaker's tool boxes available today, you could make a film that makes me look like Loretta Lynn.  Or Johnny Cash, for that matter.  They could literally make a "movie" showing me morph into Johnny Cash or a reptilian monster or a space alien.  Making a film that seems to show President Trump "bashing in a baby's head" or even more monstrous things is a piece of cake. 

Don't fall for it.  Trump has been up against it both money-wise and from ugly Generals and Admirals that want their own way like a pack of malevolent two year-olds. 

DOD has been the source of much of the ugly brush applied to the CIA, because the CIA has the goods on these same corrupt Generals and Admirals. But the CIA and NSA and other "civilian" agencies are up against it, because they ultimately work for the military. 

So there's your problem in real life: corrupt Generals and "US" Navy Admirals.

Their idea of making money is to install a puppet government in Zimbabwe, get the puppet to sign over all the natural resources of the country for less than pennies on the dollar, buy up all the existing Zimbabwean currency and bonds ---- and become trillionaires themselves when the currency and bonds are revalued and reflect the value of all those minerals.

Same thing with the Iraqi Dinar.  All of Iraq's oil and cultural heritage is to be sacrificed to "investors" and Iraq's people are to be shafted, which is why Iran is a problem. Iran doesn't approve of this.

Meanwhile, the criminals at the DOD  are trying for a currency equivalent to Cinderella.  Buy up Iraqi and Zimbabwean Junk Bonds, because that's what they are, for pennies, and then set things up so that  they are suddenly worth gazillions of "dollars" when they are "revalued".

They are so set on this idea and have so much of their own pensions and other assets invested in making it happen that they are openly defying Trump trying to get him to go along with it.

Shine the light on them and the Lieber Code and their inexcusable "occupation" of this country and their abuse of the American States and People that they are under commercial contract to defend. 

I support our Troops and I always have, but we have nests of absolutely worthless, power-mongering, politicized, dishonest, incompetent, and worst of all ---- disloyal --- "Brass" scattered throughout our military and those people need to be recognized for what they are and drummed out of the service. Double time.


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For All The State Jural Assemblies - 40 Grocery Shopping

By Anna Von Reitz

When you get a taste for baked potatoes and you go grocery shopping to buy some spuds, you don't head over to the pile of lemons, do you? 
No. Lemons aren't potatoes. You are looking for potatoes, so.... you trundle over to the potato bin and start rooting around. 
It's the same way when you decide to populate and operate your States of the Union. You don't mess around looking at the Federal Constitutions. You look at the State Archives and the documents that actually set up your State.

Why? Because you are looking for potatoes, not lemons.

You are in the process of revitalizing your States, not States of States.
Because our States entered the Union at various times and under varying circumstances, the documents found in the State Archives will vary, too.

The original States deriving from the thirteen United Colonies of America will have a slightly different history and paper trail than the States entered into the Union via the North West Ordinance up to 1860 and their records will be different from the States created after 1860. 
So there are three principal groups of States: Original, Northwest Ordinance, and Post Civil War, but all three processes result in the creation of land and soil jurisdiction States and the records associated with that entity, your actual State, is what you are after. 
These documents are normally called Statehood Compacts and they are separate from any documents related to "Commonwealths" of "State of State" organizations.

Once you realize that States are completely separate and different entities apart from "States of States" you will see that in fact most things are clearly labeled "State" or "State of State". 
The only place where this gets confusing is back during Civil War times and just before, where the original Federal States of States are all being called Confederate States, because all these entities like The State of Georgia and The State of Massachusetts were members of the Confederation of States set up under The Articles of Confederation (1781). 
People used to know (and be taught) that "confederate" meant "State of State" and that these "States of States" were commercial corporations owned and operated by their actual State of the Union. 
Know that little fact and use your eyes and ears as you research your State Archives and you won't be confused between the two. 
And stay out of the Lemon Bin. Anything having to do with the Federal Government or any "State of State" is operating in a completely different jurisdiction than you are operating in as a State National or State Citizen.


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Wet Cats - Final Word on Destry and MGJA

By Anna Von Reitz

My detractors are screaming like wet cats and spreading all sorts of nasty unfounded hearsay and gossip. 

The simple fact remains that they haven't brought forward any credible evidence that our actual States ever allowed Dual Citizenship--- that is to say, any evidence that our States allowed any form of "US citizenship" to run in tandem with State Citizenship. 

I already know the answer and I know that no such evidence exists.
I also know why such evidence cannot exist for any actual State of the Union.

So until they come back over to the right side of the law on this issue they will get no more support or endorsement for their activities from me. 


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Great Address to the Rhode Island State of State House

By Anna Von Reitz

Now, if only this young man and the Rhode Island House could be woke up all the way and educated about the actual facts--- then (1) he would know that he and his firearms are not subject to anything they say or do, so long as he maintains his birthright political status, and (2) they would know that they are a bunch of lying, traitorous, foreign hypocrites with no business in the Rhode Island State House. 

It says "State House" not "State of State House". 

For All The Jural Assemblies -39 Parting of the Waters

By Anna Von Reitz

So, the original American Government as of 1781, consisted of
 a Union, a Federation, and a Confederation of different kinds of "states" and "states of states" operating in different jurisdictions -- and there is a hard and fast demarcation between Soil/Land and Sea/Air.

The Soil/Land jurisdictions are populated by people, that is, Lawful Persons.
The Sea/Air jurisdictions are inhabited by persons, that is, Legal Persons.

And never the twain shall meet, like the land is separated from the sea. 

The only interface is located in international jurisdiction where Lawful Persons populate the land and Legal Persons inhabit the sea, and they may be converted either unlawfully or lawfully, one into the other. 

What we are doing by reclaiming our birthright political status as American State Nationals and American State Citizens and by expatriating from all presumed Territorial and Municipal citizenship(s) is to lawfully convert Legal Persons back into Lawful Persons. 

We are explicitly declaring our political status and officially returning our Good Names, our Trade Names, to the Soil/Land jurisdiction of our actual States of the Union.  We are doing this specifically and one by one serving Notice on the Public Records of the commercial corporations operating the Sea and Air jurisdictions so there can be no further "accidentally on purpose" mistaking us for 'US Citizens" or "Citizens of the United States" or "citizens under the 14th Amendment" to the Territorial Constitution reconfigured as the Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1907.

So what is a "State of the Union"?  It's the soil jurisdiction Union of republican states being referenced, which holds the underlying land jurisdiction States as possessions.  You could just as well read it as "State belonging to the Union" in the sense of ownership, while the State itself is a member of The United States of America, an unincorporated Federation of States. 

In the same way, the States of States that were members of the original Confederation of States belonged to the States in the sense of ownership.
Georgia owns The State of Georgia, which operates under Georgia's Sovereign Letters Patent.  The State of Georgia which has been mothballed since 1868 along with all the other actual Federal States of States is an American State Corporation held under Sovereign Letters Patent.

These States of States can be called Federal States of States, since they belong to States that are members of the Federation of States, or they can be called Confederate States because they are members of the States of America Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781.

This original Confederation of States of States doing business as the States of America was enabled to carry out all the business of the States in several jurisdictions: international jurisdiction of the sea, territorial jurisdiction, municipal jurisdiction, commercial jurisdiction --- the States of America was a Jack-of-All-Trades operating in all the jurisdictions of the Sea and the Air, owned and operated by the American States and People.

The Constitutions were to break up the functions of this original Confederation doing business as the States of America. 

The Lion's share of the business remained with the States of America under the actual Federal Constitution called "The Constitution for the united States of America".  To put it simply, the States chose to Delegate certain Powers to their own commercial corporations, which were then liable for providing the services stipulated under the Constitution. 

Another portion, the Territorial functions and business, including control of the Naval Armed Services, Commercial Fleet, Trade Policies, and U.S. Territories
was split off and delegated to the British Monarch under the Territorial Constitution called "The Constitution of the United States of America".  The services stipulated under this Constitution were determined by Treaties leading up to the end of the Revolutionary War and were administered by British Territorial United States inhabitants temporarily residing in our States and the District of Columbia.

As part of the Great Fraud they try to pretend that we are all "United States Citizens' who are unpaid volunteers working for the Territorial United States and its commercial corporations while temporarily residing in our own country.

Finally, a portion of the business was split off and delegated to the Temple Government operated by Westminster, the so-called Inner City of London, which is an independent international city-state and part of the Municipal Government of Rome under the Roman Pontiff and the Holy Roman Empire.
The functions of this Municipal Government affiliate were severely limited to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia.  This global Jurisdiction of the Air entity received a separate Constitution called "The Constitution of the United States". 

Thus, the Federal Government was carved out of the States of America Confederation. 

The Federal Branch of the Federal Government was operated under the States of America as an extension of delegated power belonging to the States and their Federation doing business as The United States of America. According to the duty, it could operate in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea or the global Jurisdiction of the Air. 

The Federal Branch of the Federal Government was sometimes referred to as The Republic, a reflection back the to republican states that ultimately own everything.  This entity was operated by Deputies chosen by The State of State Legislatures-- Senators elected to serve as part of the Federal United States Congress and by popularly elected Delegates serving the Federal House of Representatives.

However, please note that the Federal Congress, also known as the United States Congress, was composed entirely of Confederate "States" -- that is, commercial corporations run as "States of States", operating in the Sea/Air jurisdictions, as opposed to the Continental Congress operated by the Soil/Land jurisdiction States.

The Territorial Branch of the Federal Government was operated by the British Territorial United States as a Democracy.

The Municipal Branch of the Federal Government was operated as an independent international city-state, the Washington Municipality. This Municipal Government was entrusted to the members of the Federal Congress, who were supposed to operate the District of Columbia and Municipality of Washington, DC, as a neutral meeting ground for the States and People. The members of the Federal Congress were given power to operate the Municipal Government as a plenary oligarchy.

All of these entities, the commercial corporations making up the States of States of the Confederation that were responsible for running the Federal Congress and overseeing the Municipal United States Government, the Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government, can be called in some respect "the" Federal Government, because they are all part of the original Federal Government, and yet, it takes the sum total of all three functioning together as intended to make up the actual Federal Government owed to the member States of The United States of America. 

In 1860, this entire arrangement was torn apart. The members of the original Confederation split apart.  The Northern States of States in support of the original Confederation adopted the stance of being champions of the Federal cause and became known as "Union" troops.  The Southern States of States which were more honest simply reorganized a new Confederation doing business as The Confederate States of America.

Emerging on the other side of the mercenary conflict misnamed "The American Civil War", which was all fought by the commercial corporations that were States of States members of the original Confederation, the Federal Branch of the Federal Government was destroyed and subject to Reconstruction. 

Before that Reconstruction could be properly addressed or the population given adequate Notice, the British Territorial Government operating the Armed Forces of the Northern States of States of the original Confederation substituted Territorial States of States for the Federal States of States, a cuckoo bird maneuver that took place in 1868. 

The original Territorial Constitution called "The Constitution of the United States of America" was also deceitfully reconfigured as the Articles of Incorporation of a new Scottish commercial corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated". 

As a single commercial corporation under foreign control, the members of the new Territorial United States Congress took over as a Board of Directors.  Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation disguised as the actual Territorial Constitution didn't require ratification by the States, only approval by the deceitful traitors occupying vacant Federal Congressional offices under false pretenses.

This is why no Amendments since the 14th Amendment have ever been properly ratified by the States of the Union.  This is also how the United States Senators of the Federal United States Congress ceased to function as Deputies (Fiduciary Officers) of the States and became instead merely popularly elected Territorial United States "Senators" whose only fiduciary allegiances were to the foreign Scottish corporation masquerading as "The United States of America-----Incorporated". 

Grant, Sherman, and other Union Generals were no match for the European bankers and corrupt politicians who were equally influenced by British and Holy Roman Empire agents and the American Robber Barons -- American Industrialists, especially steel, railroad, newspaper, arms, and drug/medical empire builders who made vast fortunes during the Civil War and who fully intended to continue to capitalize on their gains after the war. 

They did so at the expense of this country and its States and its People.

And the British Monarchs and the Lords Mayors of Westminster and the Popes who all owed us Good Faith Service, sat mum and ordered their minions to do likewise.  Generations of American military and police and yes, even Bar Attorneys, have been dumbed down and told that all of this is a "matter of National Security".  They simply haven't been told which nation's security is at risk, and as it turns out, it's Great Britain, followed closely by Westminster and Vatican City.

The Gross Breach of Trust which has taken place has no equal in the history of the world and the damage done to our States and our People cannot be estimated either in terms of natural resources, lives, or money lost, embezzled, and frittered away by the mixed bag of criminals, British sympathizers, banker flunkies, and fools that have sat in the Territorial United States "Congress" ever since, all under conditions of fraud, color of law, and false pretenses. 

Called to account for it, John Paul II, apologized, but maintained that it was our fault for wanting too many government services and not paying better attention to the corruption of the commercial corporations providing those services. 

Please note that the Federal United States Congress --neither before nor after the Civil War -- ever had any authority to interfere with the States or the People of the Soil and Land jurisdictions.  We were never part of the Civil War, even though millions of Americans suffered and died then and for 150 years afterward as a direct result of it. 

As long as we claim and maintain our birthright political status, none of this skullduggery pertains to us, and we are not subject to the Queen nor the Pope nor any repugnant legislation coming out of either the Territorial or the Municipal "United States Congress", nor any of their numerous Territorial or Municipal State of State franchises.

Above and beyond all else, this is because we are Lawful Persons and they are all Legal Persons.

When Abraham Lincoln was forced to declare the Northern States of States bankrupt in 1863, he issued the Lieber Code to the military leaders of the Grand Army of the Republic.  The British Territorial United States Government has continued to operate under the Lieber Code (also known as General Order 100) ever since.  The Code has since been adopted as the Hague Conventions. 

Lincoln also began operating exclusively as the Commander in Chief of the US Military, and exercising this power via the issuance of Executive Orders, a practice which is the basis of Territorial Presidential executive powers to this day.  Thus, at the Territorial level, we have a military junta and "Presidents" of foreign commercial corporations acting as dictators and at the Municipal level we have members of the Territorial Congress grossly usurping powers intended for the Federal Congress and attempting to extend the hegemony of their largely illegal oligarchy far, far beyond the borders of the District of Columbia. 

And none of this has anything to do with the American States or the American People, except that we have been asleep for a 150 years, and we have been repeatedly raped and robbed by our erring Hired Help. 


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