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Monday, February 25, 2019

Attacks Against President Trump - The Wrong Focus

By Anna Von Reitz

It's no news to my Readers that President Trump is acting as "President" of a foreign (British Territorial) commercial corporation that is having a hard time staying afloat.  Nor is it any news that he is acting exclusively as the Commander in Chief of a Territorial United States military junta that has been in power and operating under the Lieber Code (restyled as Hague Conventions) since 1863. 

So when you hear nasty rumors about President Trump and claims that he is forcing a war with Iran and that he has been compromised by his son-in-law Jared Kushner and that "they" have film of him "bashing in the head of a baby" --- let me remind you all of the following facts:

1. None of these bad things are happening without a helluva lot of pushing and steaming by war-mongering Generals and Admirals who have their own agenda and who want to make money "the old fashioned way" which is by going out and plundering and pillaging defenseless people. 

Therefore, if you want to be intelligent and effective in stopping these evils, refocus the glaring lights on the Pentagon and DOD where all this crappola is coming from. 

2. Jared Kushner, who is Jewish, is the President's Son - in - Law and apparently, he has been a good Husband to the President's daughter and a good Father to the President's Grandchildren.  Show some respect for the President and his family and accept the facts of life.  If we could accept Communists from East Africa in the White house for eight years, we are nailed down to survive darn near anything else.

3. With all the digital filmmaker's tool boxes available today, you could make a film that makes me look like Loretta Lynn.  Or Johnny Cash, for that matter.  They could literally make a "movie" showing me morph into Johnny Cash or a reptilian monster or a space alien.  Making a film that seems to show President Trump "bashing in a baby's head" or even more monstrous things is a piece of cake. 

Don't fall for it.  Trump has been up against it both money-wise and from ugly Generals and Admirals that want their own way like a pack of malevolent two year-olds. 

DOD has been the source of much of the ugly brush applied to the CIA, because the CIA has the goods on these same corrupt Generals and Admirals. But the CIA and NSA and other "civilian" agencies are up against it, because they ultimately work for the military. 

So there's your problem in real life: corrupt Generals and "US" Navy Admirals.

Their idea of making money is to install a puppet government in Zimbabwe, get the puppet to sign over all the natural resources of the country for less than pennies on the dollar, buy up all the existing Zimbabwean currency and bonds ---- and become trillionaires themselves when the currency and bonds are revalued and reflect the value of all those minerals.

Same thing with the Iraqi Dinar.  All of Iraq's oil and cultural heritage is to be sacrificed to "investors" and Iraq's people are to be shafted, which is why Iran is a problem. Iran doesn't approve of this.

Meanwhile, the criminals at the DOD  are trying for a currency equivalent to Cinderella.  Buy up Iraqi and Zimbabwean Junk Bonds, because that's what they are, for pennies, and then set things up so that  they are suddenly worth gazillions of "dollars" when they are "revalued".

They are so set on this idea and have so much of their own pensions and other assets invested in making it happen that they are openly defying Trump trying to get him to go along with it.

Shine the light on them and the Lieber Code and their inexcusable "occupation" of this country and their abuse of the American States and People that they are under commercial contract to defend. 

I support our Troops and I always have, but we have nests of absolutely worthless, power-mongering, politicized, dishonest, incompetent, and worst of all ---- disloyal --- "Brass" scattered throughout our military and those people need to be recognized for what they are and drummed out of the service. Double time.


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  1. Wow,I feel enlightened about the MIC + DOD. I can definitely see them planning and trying to carry out such a viscous crime against humanity and that must not be allowed. If Trump is standing in their way then good for him.

    Ben Fulford did report about video of Trump bashing a baby's head that made him get blackmailed from Jared Kushner's CHABAD Jews. And Fulford reported that the Miltay thinks they need to move away from Trump and fid a replacement soon, stating that Trump is comprimised by Jared Kushner's beloved Jew Tribe.

    However I never "Accepted" East African Commies that were run by Jared Kusher's Jews. I knew Obama and his fake man-wife were commies from day one and caught a lot of flak for that. I protested his existence in OUR White House everyday for 8 years and can't wait to see him answer for his crimes against We The People. How many times did he try to NUKE this country?

    I also do ot believe a man like Jared Kushner, who is a subversie and fights against My Country, deserves any RESPECT at all. He may be a good husband to Trump's daughter but look at how he and his fellow tribe have corrupted her already frail mind. Ivanka openly declares an end to what her jew handlers call "White Nationalism" which they then try to equate to "Communism".
    Knowing this about Kushner and other rotten deeds he has pulled I don't considerhim a "Good Husnabd" at all.
    If he were he would be encouraging his wife to be loyal to her Father and this country that she has been made wealthy from, has fame and many comforts provided to her by the PEOPLE of this great Country or maybe I should say the USA, Inc.

    If Kushner was a good husband he would not seek to undermine our way of life and freedoms. Kushner is a zionist loyalist. He is a Traior to this great nation. Nothing redeemable about him or his mentally-defective tribe that wish to see 90% of Humanity DEAD and each remaining Jew to have 2,800 Gentile Slaves each.

    1. This couple here already have their little plantation set up inside of California complete I would say with their 2,800 slaves except the people that work for them have no clue they are
      And get this the name of their company is The Wondeful Company
      Amazing how they seem to be in the right place at the right time all the time to buy up water rights, land and everything else in sight
      They also bottle and sell Fiji water, this is why Trump fumbled around with the Fiji water bottle on tell lie vision, free advertising
      They also pay nothing for the water they take from Fiji and they even went to court to make sure they never pay anything for it either
      And as Anna's article indicates about Iran - if you look at other articles about this couple they advocate for war with Iran so they can become the dominant grower and supplier of pistachios
      Found this site yesterday
      Behind the scenes they are working with NGO's and COG's to buy up all the land and water and mineral rights here in the US which goes along with their UN Agenda 21 plans for an open air prison here in the US with their FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities all of which were desinged in I s r a e l and China
      Not bashing anyone just passing along information I have found
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. Last week Fullford had Neil Keenan dead. The sad humor is it was Neil Keenan himself who personally told me this story is hogwash...a very much alive Neil Keenan.
      Like Fullford isn't in with them?

  2. According to this blogger the things that will unfold next is exactly what we are seeing - The Pope (aka Jonathan Price) will take the fall for the Catholic Church
    Next up Obama will be arrested - something will happen to the actor Trump and Hitlery will be declared dictator of the US over the plotted out FEMA Mega Regions they have already in play
    Pay close attention to the link below and all the links inside the article
    Again information I have run across
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. The End Game
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. I believe this is the article Anna is referring to

  5. Here is David Wilcock's comment on Benjamin Fulford's article which is in alignment with what Anna's is saying

  6. It really doesn't matter which shirt you wear or who you believe. There is one fact we can all agree on. The globalist. Satanist, neocons want it all. They want to enslave humanity. They will poison us mind, body and spirit to create their dystopian nightmare.

  7. Paul. I didn't realize that was posting as unknown. I know you don't like that. I am operating under the name Conscious RN to protect myself from potential termination at the hospital where I work TheConsciousRN

  8. Just put your handle in the first line before you start writing your comment and that should cover it.

  9. A lot of interesting comments w/links.